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The of them sat there waiting for the owner to come back with their food and drinks. Tapping his hands with the beat of the Irish music in the back ground of the pub. He still manage to hear her answer his questions from earlier. Saying how she doesn't have a boyfriend and she just cut it off with some jerk. He nods in understanding, and glad that she doesn't have to deal with a jerk. THough when she asked if he was seeing anything he just looks at her shakes his head no.

"Nah..I dont...really date. Just...ummm too busy for dating." He cleared his throat a bit as his bottle of some Irish ale and what she ordered to drink too. For appitizers it was just a basket of some fried veggies with ranch on the side. Right away he licks his lips and goes for the fried zuccinni and munches on it while it was hot and fresh. Just as he was about to take a second, she asked what he did for work. Levi froze, and munched another bite to give him some time to think of an answer.

"THe docks. Loading up creates and Im sometimes sent to factories to work on big engens and stuff like that. Tools flying everywhere, hooks hanging around. WHat about you? WHat do you do? Or why even move to this little boring sleeping and yet dangerous city?" He said clearing his throat and taking a good gulp of the ale to calm him down some.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 198d 18h 52m 38s
She kept her hands on her lap in his car, just watching the block party drive by as she looked around. When He said that he had the day off of work because of his injury, she was a little curious. That wound didnt look like an injury from something anyone's work could do, unless it involved bullets. Rayella has seen that type of wound before and she wanted to ask where he received it from, but maybe when they were in a more relaxed atmosphere.

His question about a boyfriend kind of surprised her. "Boyfriend? No, I dont have one right now. I just broke up with my last one because he was just treating me like some object. Now that I've moved here and am on my own, I didnt see the need to continue that relationship" she told him before wondering if he had someone. "What about you? Are you dating anyone?" she wondered, looking outside of the parking lot to see where they arrived at.

She saw an old looking bar and was beginning to question his tastes until they headed inside to the bar. The place was lively with friendly people having a good time. "This place looks great. The outside is a little misleading though" she looks through the menu and then wondered about his work. "Hey Levi, you mentioned working before. Where do you work if you dont mind me asking?"
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 204d 23h 16m 43s
Levi smiled as she spoke about how this car reminded her of her highschool years. He didn't have much of any highschool years. Since his life changed only when he was halfway through his freshmen year. He just kept his eyes on the road, and the side streets. To make sure no one he knew, saw him. SO far, it was going good. No one was out. His boss probably thought he was dead from the shot in his hip anyways. He doesn't have to call him till the morning.

"Uuuhh..yeah..highschool. Good times." He says to try to sound normal, like nothing was wrong with his life. Then she said she had fun and he smiled more, a real one again too.

"I had fun too Rayella. Really I did. I dont get out much cause I just had today off cause of my injury I got on the job." Levi says keeping his cool, becoming good at lying. He has to in this world. As they stop at a red light he turns to her to ask her again.

"No boyfriend is going to come and track me down is there? Cause if you have one, I dont want to step on some guys toes when it comes to his girl." He asked seeing the light turn green and he makes a right. ANd just down that street he parks on the side of the street and gets out first and goes to open her door. THere was a plaza with all kinds of shops, but there was this little old rustick looking bar. The O'l Charm. Thats name of it. It wasn't pretty, but it had history its as old as this city, and the drinks and food were to die for. They have awards, have been on numerous shows for their redcord yummy food.

"This is it, trust me. You will be impressed." Levi smiles excitedly to eat her, and leads her on in first. It had some old people, young people, people in between, people with their kids or grandkids. And the bartender was the owner and his wife.

"Oye! Levi! You're back to pub lad! Good to see you! I'll let the Mrs. Know you're in town." The man in his late fourties smiles, he was a good jolly man, and shouts to the back where his wife cooks. LEvi looks over to Rayella and leads her to the bar.

"They are like second parents. to everyone who has ever been here." HE smiles as he grabs a menu and hands it to her. He of course already knowing what he wants. This place is known for their corn beef subs, that are huge, a full tray of fries that can have anything you want on them. Huge hot dogs with as many beef patties you want. And everything was home grown.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 204d 23h 26m 32s
Rayella was excited to be going out to dinner for the first time in this big city since she's moved here. The only two places she really knows is the way to her apartment, work, and school. Other than that she didnt know anything else besides the few buildings she passed on her way. She was more than excited to be hanging out with Levi more and the thought of being taken care of until she made it back to her apartment was sweet. This was more than enough to make up for the stitches in her mind.

As the girl stepped into his car, she liked the charm of it. There were many sentimental attachments to something you've had for a while and since she was only twenty one, she didnt mind that the car was older than most. It seemed like he took great care of it. "I feel like a teenager again. I used to ride in these cars in high school" she laughed at the thought of those crazy nights. She was in a new town and in a new city so Rayella wasnt dating anyone at the moment. She recently just dumped her jerk of a boyfriend before moving here to be free of his grasp. He basically just treated her more like an object than something he loved really and Rayella had enough of it.

As the car drove out of the garage, she couldnt help but feel excited. He was taking her out somewhere that was a surprise. It was already more than what her ex ever did for her. She peeked out the window, glancing at all the city lights as their reflections sparkled in her eyes. "Everyone's having fun today. Im glad I got to enjoy it and IM glad you showed up today to Levi" she smiled and then wondered where he was taking her.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 205d 14h 53m 46s
He stood there all nervous, for this is usually when people want nothing to do with him any more. But that spark in her eyes, that brightness to her smile. Made him feel like, she wasn't hating her time with him. She said yes to dinner and he felt relieved, excited, and a bit flattered that she would be ok still hanging out with him. Watching her leave, he leans there against the rails going up the stairs. Now was the tricky part, a place that would be safe to eat at, knowing he wouldn't be caught.

Levi's brain starts thinking of the best place to eat, and there is this little joint, has the best food. He thinks it would show an interesting side to him. Just when he got done thinking of where to take her, she came hopping down the stairs all ready to go. Levi found himself staring at her for a moment before shaking his head and then walks her to little appartments garage.

"My car is nothing special look wise. But she is my first car, and I had her since I was 16. She works better than half these fancy new cars out there." HE smiles opening her door first, then walking to his side. Waiting till she was buckled and himself, then adjusts everything and starts her up.

"Alright, its a surprise. Ok? And dont be so quick to judge the place either. Ok?" He chuckles seeming more, alive around her now. Levi didn't seem to tence, didn't seem to be so closed up. More relaxed and comfortable. The man pulls out and starts driving off down the street that wasn't blocked off.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 205d 15h 15m 31s
Rayella did feel the need to get home, after all it was getting darker and maybe in about an hour it would be dark! She couldnt risk going out on the streets with the gangs and the rapists and pedophiles. She needed to be safe in her apartment for the next day since she did have work and school tomorrow.

So when he said that he had fun, that at least put a smile on her face before she turned in the other direction and waved "I had fun too. Thanks for showing me around Levi" she held onto her stuffed dragon and then as she walked towards her apartment, she hated to admit it, but she was feeling down that she had to leave so soon. He was like the first friend she made in this new city, if only she didnt ruin it. But as she walks towards the apartment building, she looks up to see him blocking her way.

He mentioned dinner, and her eyes brightened up and a smile planted onto her lips. "Y-Ya! Sure Levi. Dinner sounds great. Just let me drop off this big guy and Ill meet you back down here in a minute?" she hurried up the elevator and then she made her way towards her apartment, unlocking her door before she placed the dragon down onto the table. She then ran into her hallway, grabbing a sweater before pulling it over her head and then heading back down the steps to where she left Levi.

He was offering her dinner and a ride back home. He really was a gentleman in this dangerous town. When she spotted him, she hurried to his side. "Okay. Ready! So where are we going. Im still new to this town, so anywhere sounds good to me really"
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 205d 15h 26m 24s
Levi wasn't sure how he will keep talking to this stranger girl. Though just as Rayella came and swoop her arms in, the woman had already writen her number and shoved it into his from pants pocket. He bit his lip as she left and then felt Rayella tugging him away. His pale blue eyes look down to see the work and he nods with a smile.

"Wow, not gonna lie. It looks real. That guy must do real tats too." He says before he now hears her saying it's getting late, when it really wasn't? Though something must have been on her mind? Was she feeling bad? Did he do something to upset her. Levi didn't want to upset her. She was too sweet and has her life going for her.

"Oh, ok..I..I had fun really. I am glad I got out and lived a little after all." He says looking at his hip where she stitched him up last night. Feeling as if he still do anything to really thank her yet he bites his lip, not sure why he wants to do this. But he was just having too much fun for the first time in his life. SO he is probably going to be reall selfish right now. LEvi quickly caught up to her and stood in front of her to block her from going up the stairs to the apartments.

"I still haven't really thanked you enough for fixing me up. Let me..take you out for dinner. Right now. Some spot in town, and I'll drive you home and make sure you get to bed safe. I mean....that is if aint stepping on your toes...or..if there is a boyfriend...that...wouldn't want you hanging out with me?" He gulped down on his spit hard, feeling stupid for risking this, he hates how he isn't allowed to make friends, its getting tiring. Its the same thing day in, and day out. And till she came here, she has spiced it up a bit.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 205d 16h 2m 35s
Rayella was beginning to notice that Levi was trying to distance himself from her and she wondered why. She was nice to him wasnt she? She helped him stitch up his knee and even offered to help him out when he needed him, but she could feel that he was trying to still stay away. Maybe she shouldnt try so hard? SHe thought about all of these things as she laid against the bed they had and when they finished her tattoo, she sat up and then she looked at the mirror. It looked really cool.

"Wow this is great. Thank you" she thanked the artist and then she stood up, looking at Levi and the woman speaking to each other. "He's kinda shy with his body, Besides, we're kind of in a hurry" she linked her arms with his and then she led him out of the tent towards the opening. "Looks like you attract a lot of girls' attention" she smiled a little before looking at the time. It was getting a late and the sun was setting soon. The last thing she wanted was to be out at night after what happened. She was kind of paranoid about it now.

"It's almost night time Levi. I think I should get home. Thanks for hanging out with me today. It was fun" she looked up at him, wondering what else she could say. She wanted to hang out with him more, but at the same time, she didnt know if he wanted that.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 205d 23h 1m 48s
He hears her say she would love to see them one day, and he just nods. Nothing wrong with that? Right? Showing his tats off to a pretty girl? As he saw her lay down and get to work he still looks around at them, not sure what to get. She then says he should get one on his hand or wrist, and he fears that his boss would see, or a fellow member. They would ask why he got a fake one, when he has real ones, and who would he have been with to get a fake one anyways.

"Eeeeehh..nothing is really speaking to me. I'll just stick to real ones for me." He says rubbing the back of his head and chuckles. THat one girl though, she wouldn't leave him alone. Her eyes were attacking him.

"You have real ones, can I see? Come on." She bats her eyelashes and pouts her lip out. Levi doesn't get this girl.

" shouldn't. We just met and such..and...I dont wanna take all of this off." He says gulping down on his spit. There are cops around and walking, to make sure things stay safe. If they see his gang symbol, they would attack him on site. He bit his lip down, and just realizes, he shouldnt be haning out with this sweet good girl. He doesn't want her getting hurt cause of him.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 206d 1m 11s
Rayella didnt know that Levi had any tattoos maybe because she was only focused on stitching up his leg and his upper body was always covered anyway. It was rare for her to see guys without tattoos anywhere, so when he said he had some, she wasnt too shocked to find out. She didnt know he had a lot "Oh really? You'd have to show me sometime because I didnt get a chance to notice it. They sound really cool" she didnt know exactly the meaning of his tattoos, but a death reaper holding a soul was either cool to him, or had some hidden meaning behind it. She did still know nothing about Levi besides the fact that he was nice and tough.

As she looked at the different butterflies, she was amazed at how beautiful the artwork had been done. She wanted to get the light blue butterflies and then she decided that she would get it down along her side and lower back, having them scatter up her sides would look great. "That's a good idea Levi, I think Ill do that" she decided to go with what he suggested and then a male took her in as she sat down on the seat. They planned out exactly how the tattoo would look like and then they began getting to work. She knew that an airbrush tattoo only lasted a few days so she didnt mind going crazy.

The tattoo artist got to work and Rayella just looked around the little tent as she lifted up her shirt for a while, revealing her bare side. Her white and pink striped bra could also be seen, but only the strap as she felt the tingle of the ink on her skin.

When she glanced back at Levi, she smiled "What are you thinking of getting? Maybe you should get one on your hand or wrist? It's only temporary anyways" she chuckled.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 206d 10m 24s
He hears her teasing him about his fear for heights. Levi just rolls his eyes and makes a fake laugh. Letting her lead him around the place to find one of the stands she likes to get some air brush tat. When he told her he has some, she seemed confused, she must not have seen them from when she was too focused on stitching him up, and not exploring his body. He nods causally.

"Yeah tribal stuff from my right elbow, up to my shoulder. On my chest, then some death reaper thing holding a soul on my left shoulder blade." THat was his gang's tat, though he didnlt really tell her that.

"I want more, but not sure what to get." He tells her about his ink while she picks out something, and then she sees one she likes and wants it on her neck. He looks at the size and the style of it, and he rubs his chin some.

" looks more like something that goes on an ankle or foot...or lower back? Or hip? On the neck...maybe. Get it where ya want it." He smiles looking over birds. But like wild and free birds. When a gilr standing next to him, sees him looking at birds she giggles.

"Are birds your thing handsome?" He looks down to her and goes back to looking to the birds. THey werent girly, more flow and powerful looking.

"Whats wrong with freedom? TO go where ever you want? I envy birds...and wish I were more like them.." He said to her looking down at somemore not sure, what kind of bird he is yet. Right now he feels like a bird with clipped wings and is stuck in a cage. Only to be told what to do by his owner. Not allowed to make his own free choices. With a sigh, he just looks at some cool dragons. Probably more of what people see him getting anyways. The girl couldn't help but love his answer and starting scooting closer to him.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 206d 46m 3s
Even though he tried to hide it, Rayella could tell that he was afraid of the ride and she didnt know if they could ride anything else since most of them were high off the ground. She didnt mind it though, maybe she'd go next time the block party came around. "Dont worry, I wont tell anyone that Mr. Brave and tough Levi is scared of heights" she smirked and then motioned her hand in front of her lips to pretend to be a zipper closing shut.

When he suggested the tattoos, she nodded her head in excitement "Sure that sounds fun. You have a tattoo?" she asked, wondering where because she hasnt seen it. She then made her way past a few of the stands and then she saw the tattoo booth. When she stepped towards that direction, she reached over and tugged on Levi's hand. "Come on slowpoke, help me pick out something" she smiled and then she looked at some of the designs they had on display.

As soon as her eyes stopped on a bright blue butterfly, she grinned. "Oh cool look at that one. Maybe I could get that one on my neck"
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 209d 13h 10m 40s
He saw her face the whole time she was in line. All excited and ready for this. He thought he was doing a good job on hiding the fear. But she called him out on it, the second she saw his face. He bit his lip, and felt embarrassed Mr Tough guy scared of a little ride. He looks up one more time.

" scared? Naaaahh-Oh God!" He saw the loop and his face went white. The man was so glad when she pulled him out of the line. He quikly catches his breath, and then rushed over to a stand to get himself, and her a fresh squeezed lemonade. Levi guzzles it down so fast. And then wipes his forehead.

"My only weakness..dont tell no one." He smiles with a chuckle, and then looks around some to pick something out.

"Maybe...we go get those air tats you wanted. I gots a few myself. But I'll be cute and get one with ya." Levi grins and waits to hear what she has to say to that.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 209d 13h 54m 2s
Rayella was really excited to be going on the rollercoaster. She was squeezing the dragon like there was no tomorrow just thinking about the twists and turns on that right. SHe could see the drops and she bounced excitedly, spinning in a circle before waiting in line. She was clueless that LEvi was afraid of heights, so she just kept tugging him towards the end of the line until she heard him begin to speak.

The look on his face was priceless and Rayella never thought that she'd see a brave soul like him make that face. She knew that he was afraid and he probably had his reasons, so she just listened. "Oh really? Im sorry about dragging you to all this Levi. You did win me a stuffed animal, why dont you pick the ride then?" she suggested, walking out of the line and then holding onto her dragon cutely, a smile on her face. She didnt mind not going if he didnt want to.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 210d 13h 54m 50s
He say her face light up, and it was just too cute, too sweet to ignore. Levi didn't know he was smiling so much. One of the neighbor mom's saw the two of them smiling, and she goes on giggling herself before calling for one of her boys to get off a table and out of the trash. Levi was happy with just a thankyou, but when her arms wraped around him. He felt unsure of what to do next, uncmortable really. The man hasn't hugged, or been hugged in years, five he last checked. He just, doesn't do that. She must of have felt him being all stiff and shy. He just let her step back, and he nods rubbing the back of his head.

"It was nothing. Really. I can't help but get ya the best of the best stuffed animals." Levi grabs his beer, and listens to her talk about rides. He didn't mind like little ones that stay low and spin. But there she goes, pointing to the biggest freaken one, and his heart just dropped to his stomach.

"I....I..ummm..oh boy." His hand grabs at the fabric on his shirt. Mr. Invinecable, had a fear after all. Heights, he just, doesn't like them. Its the one place he wouldn't be really safe, that he wouldn't feel like he would be untouchable. It scares him, not being able to watch out for himself. But she was excited and already hopping in line and talking about air blown tats. Nods his head, but finds himself staring up at the top of the ride. Then the screams, the bolts and ride it self shaking. Made him drop his bottle.

"I-I should tell you something.....I...uuhh.....really am scared of heights. Specially if Im going to be spinning and looping at death defying speeds in a metal death trap, miles above ground." He bit his lip, and wasn't lying to her at all. Levi was already starting to break in sweats.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 210d 14h 42m 13s

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