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Ricky wanted this man to know that Rayella was his territory and that he wasnt allowed to just step in here and disturb them. He didnt know who this man was, but he obviously wasnt someone that was trying to win over Ray because she was still not dating anyone obviously. "No I've been her boyfriend. We've been going out for a while and take some breaks a few times, but they're only breaks" he saw Ray coming back out to help out this man and he realized that she was just helping another sick person.

The girl was working on Levi until he tells her to stop. She didnt realize she had a hand print on her cheek and that just made her look up at him curiously. "Huh? I have something on my face?" she didnt remember what happened, but then she touched her cheek and then she winced, feeling it sting. "I dont remember where I got this.....but..." she looked up at Ricky, and then he narrowed his eyes at her as if signaling her to lie otherwise she'd be in for it later. "No, no.....Im fine. There's nothing wrong with me and Ricky isnt hurting me. He's just staying for a while..." she knew that getting Levi into this would be bad, so she didnt want to start anything. "It's fine. I can handle it...."
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 183d 23h 22m 46s
Levi hears this guy, say he is Ella's boyfriend and he cocks an eyebrow and rubs his chin.

"Huh? She got a boyfriend in the last 24 hours I saw her? She told me she didn't have one. Huh." Levi says in a tone, that was calling this idiot out on his bluff. Sure enough Levi was ready. Give him one good reason not to bust his jaw. And sure enough, there comes the good reason strolling in to help him out. She was telling him that would hurt him and he just laughs it off.

"Nah nothing hurts like a bullet-I mean. It hurt like a bullet. Who the hell knows what a bullet feels like." He laughs off his joke, and while he was laughing she started taking out the stitches.

"Oh!" He closed one eye in a wince, and his free hand just resting on his stomach, his nicely toned in shape stomach. All out for her to see. Pissing this guy off, was going to become a new hobby of his. Real fast. Smirking away, thats when his gray blue eyes saw her cheek, and then neck. His eyes widen in shock.

"The hell happened to your face Ella? Whoa! Stop!" He took her hands and made her stop. He would be damned if someone was hurting this angel on earth and he looks up at, HIM. His eyes narrowed sharp and he bursts up to his feet.

"This the guy from your old place? You hurting her?" Levi goes to take a step back. If it his or not. He was making it clear, that this man better not hurt her.

"Is he why you were weird in the morning?" Levi was short tempered, always has been, even before his big life change.

"And dont lie to me. I know a hand print on a face when I see it. And you did not have this morning." He stood up, and was standing in front of Ella to keep her away from him.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 183d 23h 50m 32s
Rayella felt so stupid for showing up to the door in barely any clothes, but she didnt even know what was going on. The last thing she remembered was that she was working her part time job, but then she woke up here in her apartment and apparently Ricky was still here. She didnt remember Ricky slapping her so hard across the cheek, or her head hitting the ground, so she didnt even realize that the bruises on her neck and cheek were showing as well.

Ricky just stared blankly at him and then he crossed his arms and then he shrugged "Im a guy too. Im Rayella's boyfriend, why else am I here? By the way, you were kind of disturbing out little session" he said irritatedly before ignoring him.

She hurried into her closet and then she put on some of her lingerie and then a shirt and jeans. When she stepped outside, she made sure to gather up all that she needed, some needles and stitches, some bandages, warm water, alcohol and even some paper towels. She then carried the things outside towards the table in the living and then she put her hair up in a bun, looking at the two of them curiously. "Okay, here, let me see Levi" she grabbed the towel and then she dipped it in warm water, wiping clean his wound before looking up at him. "This is going to hurt. Im going to remove the old stitches" she told him, hoping he could stand all the pain as she began removing the threat. ONce it was gone, she dabbed some alcohol on his wound, cleaning up well before she began stitching it up once more with new thread.

Her hands were more steady this time and she was focused since they wasnt really a time limit this time. When she finished, she dabbed it clean and then she smiled up at him. "There you go, all fixed"
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 184d 11m 23s
Levi stood there at her door, really needing some help and fast. He saw that man from earlier, once again in his boxers answer the door. Right away Levi couldn't help but give the guy some stank eye. WHo the fuck answers the door in their underwear? After showering or sex doesnt matter. SOmeone people slip pants on at least or a robe. It wasn't shortly after, he sees Ella come out, half decent and he quickly pulls a hand out to sheild his eyes and looks the other way. Then her words confused him. SHe was shocked to see him there? THey obviously were being sexual right? HOw she not know he was there. THats when he knew something wrong was going on and he wanted to make this guy swallow every tooth in his mouth. But he grinds his teeth and waits till she was more covered.

"I..I need stiches sorry for interupting...but..but it wont stop. The wound reopened." He said, soon hearing her say that he can come in and she will fix it. As she left to go get things, he sat himself down carefully on her couch. Taking his shirt off completely, and using the clean parts to sit on, so his blood doesnt get on her couch. Levi hears this jerk ask who he was and he looks up with a raise eyebrow.

"A guy. Why? Who are you?" Levi can be ass, this he knows, but this guy, this guy has it coming. He just feels it.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 184d 3h 5m 39s
When Ricky took the elevator up to her apartment, he opened up her door and then he led her inside as he kicked it shut. Ricky then placed her down on the bed, his eyes scanning her body as he smirked to himself "You're too easy to keep Rayella. No matter how hard you try, I always get what I want" he said with a smile on his lips. His eyes scanned the unconscious girl on the bed and then he reached down and then he began undressing her.


By the time Levi had knocked on the door, Rayella was beginning to wake up. Her head was hurting and then when she put her hand to the back of her head, she noticed a little blood. "Ouch....what happened?" she spoke, hearing the knock on the door. When she looked over, she saw Ricky walking down the hall to open it, looking up at Levi when he made eye contact. He was in nothing but his boxers once more and then he crossed his arms. "What the hell do you want? It's really late at night" he said irritated.

When Rayella stood up, she realized that she was completely naked. Her eyes widened and then she wrapped a blanket around her waist as she walked down the hall to the door "Ricky....what the hell happened? WHy are you still here?" she asked, seeing Levi at the door. Her eyes widened in surprise and then she pulled the blanket around her bare shoulders, hoping he didnt see. "Uhhh! Levi? What are you doing here?" she saw the blood on the side of his wound and she frowned. "Oh my gosh! Come on in. Ill help you out....just let me get dressed" she said hurrying towards her room and into her closet.

Ricky just narrowed his eyes at Levi and then he let him in before closing the door "Who are you?"
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 184d 18h 1m 40s
There they stood, glaring for a show down. The two guys still held the girl, as they watch Levi and Dale look like they were ready to fight.

"Pointing a gun at a fellow member? Whats your problem, Levianthan?" Dale mocks his title any time he gets the chance.

"Only when they are breaking the rules."

"Please you know they are more like guidlines. As long as we aren't really fucking the boss over. He wont care what we do to her. Huh boys." He looks back to his little buddies, and they look more scared of Levi than Dale.

"Seems like they are smart and get the picture. Let her go. Now!" He says again, and Dale grinds his teeh and tell the other boys to let her go. The girl grabs what clothes she can, and looks to Levi, then runs off. Thats when Dale pushes Levi's gun away and the two of them start slamming punches where ever they get the chance. Levi was quick, and was fast can do back flips and shit like that. While Dale, can just punch hardly if that really. Levi slams Dale to the ground and starts twisting his arm.

"Get back to the HQ. And not a word of this is spoken. You understand?"

"You want me? TO kee a secret from the boss?-AAHH! FUCK!! You crazy mother fucker!! OK!!!!!! Now stop!!" LEvi breaks his arm, just so he knows he meant business and then pulls him up to his feet.

"Good. You two, say a word, and you suffer too.When we get back, tell The Boss we just ran into some Saints, and they snuck up on you, and broke your arm. But you got to pop some caps in their domes. Got it." He straightens up his jacket, and looks over to the creek, and looks at himself. He hates what this life has made him. He hates himself, he hates this violance, hates how fear is calling his actions. But they get back to HQ and their boss gives the res of the day off and not to come back unless he needs them.

So Levi gets home, as he walks down the hallway to his aparment he was ripping his shirt up to see the stiches were fucked up from when Dale punched him there. The swelling came back and he was bleeding pretty bad. He grinds his teeth, and sees her door. So he knocks at her door.

"Ella...its me Levi...can..can you stich me up again....Please....its..bleeding.." He winces not caring if his shirt was ripped open all the way, blood was all over on the side of his wound.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 184d 21h 51m 40s
Ricky was just really annoying her at this point and she honestly didnt know what else she was supposed to do. SHe's tried her best to avoid him, but no matter what she did, he just appeared there in broad daylight like some stalker. "Look Ricky, I already told you. I dont want anything to do with you okay? Just go back home. We're done and I dont want you here" she narrowed his eyes and was going to head back into the car once more, but he closed the door on her.

"Well you may think that we're done, but we're not Ray. Im not leaving here unless you're with me" he pulled her into a hug and she tried to shove him off, pulling away from him. That was when Ricky slapped her across her face with the back of his hand and then she fell back, hitting her head against the pavement and then she blacked out.

Ricky carried her body into his arms and then he placed her into her car as he took the keys from her bag and started the engine. He drove her back towards her apartment and then he held her in his arms as he carried her back to her room for the night.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 185d 24m 50s
Levi saw this girl, she was maybe two years younger then him. Fresh out of highschool looking. She was tough girl pretty. And he feared they they saw too much. Her killing a Saint, is usually only meaning a few things. That she had personal beef with them, or she wanted in.And he stood here too long not saying anything about what they saw. The guys were glaring at him again.

"Well, you gonna say something? You're in charge here." Dale says glaring at Levi. Levi knows what he is supose to do. Grab the girl, tie her up, point a gun to her face, and demand why she is on their turf, why she killed a Saint. Or, what these two clowns want to do, hit it, beat it, and leave it. Levi was starting to feel sick to his stomach. And Dale pushes him the side.

"Worthless." He shoves Levi hard and walks up to the girl.

"Why you hear girl? Do you know who you just killed." Dale held his gun tightly in his head and has it aimed at her head, while his eyes were clearly else where. She flips her long brown hair out of her face and held her gun right up too.

"I came to ask to join the Reaping. I already killed a saint. That proves Im for real. And already pledged my loyalty to you. I dont have a life, I aint smart with math, or writing and books. Trouble, is my living. Doing what others dont have balls to do. People fearing me. I love it. And no one is badder than the Reapers." She says putting her hands on her hip, and Levi wished she didn't open her mouth and just left. Dale looks back to him, and Levi knows he is supose to be some bad ass leader right here. But he isn't. Thats not him. Dale rolls his eyes and then with the held of the other two guys, they pin her down. The girl is a bit confused. And fights them some. Levi bit his lip and looked the other way. He didn't know what to do, he didnt, if he didnt stop them the girl was going to be raped...if he didn't join the boss very well could question his loyality and kill him. Biting his lip harder, he hears her asking them to take them to their boss, that she really can be of use. But they cover her mouth, and he hears the ripping of her clothing. He looks away more and starts thinking.

"You cant do that! You need boss's word first. You know that..he has to call the shots if she is set back home or if she can join. Come on, just take her back to the boss." Levi says walking over and yanking Dale up. But Dale gives Levi a nice good punch to his wound. Knowing Levi was just shot there a day ago.

"Shut up you bitch. If you were loyal you would be doing this too. You know the boss damn well doesn't let female in the crew. And when they come too close they get put to very good use." Dale smirks down and the girl realizes her terriable mistake and tries to get them off. Levi was down on his hands and knees by this point, and when he looks up, he quickly looks back. Knowing that Dale was taking advantage of this, and sure enough the others were in on it too. He slams his fist on the ground and was done with this. He grabs his gun and shoves it hard up against Dale's dome.

"Get the fuck off her, and let her go. I mean it." Dale stops and slowly stands up to face him with the gun to his face. The other guys just the hold the girl. Levi knows he is going to die for this. But maybe he can save this poor girl.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 185d 21h 15m 26s
When Levi brought up the idea of dealing with her ex, that was exactly what she didnt want to happen. Her eyes looked into his grey ones as she bit down on her lip. As much as she wanted that man out of her apartment, she didnt want to get Levi involved with this at all and she knew how violent her ex was when it came to other guys. "No, no. It's okay. You dont have to feel like you owe me anything....I just did what any person would do" she smiled, wondering why in the world he would suggest she run to her door and scream. DId he hear her last night? Or maybe he knew somehow? No....he couldnt have. She was forced to keep quiet.

"IM sorry Levi, I have to go so he wont catch me, but maybe ILl see you later. Thanks" she waved and headed towards her car, driving towards school for the day. Her classes werent so bad, but she was just too focused on what to do with Ricky.

When she finished, she began heading towards her work, changing into her uniform as she got into the car. All she needed to do was head to work and hopefully lock her doors so that Ricky couldnt get in this time.

When she started working, she saw Ricky sitting down at one of the tables as a customer. HOw in the world does he know where I work? she frowned and then asked for someone else to be his waitress. During her shift, she would walk around carrying trays and Ricky would try to mess around with her. His hand would find its way up her skirt, he would grab her by the waist and pull her towards his table. Rayella didnt want to cause a scene so she tried to shrug it off, but it wasnt helping.

When her shift was over, she headed out the door only to see Ricky there by her car. "What do you want from me? I told you we broke up. Leave me alone Ricky" she was about to climb in when he hugged her from behind. "Oh come on Ray. You know that was just some phase. YOu're the only one I want and IM here now" he said, trying to get her to face him.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 185d 23h 22m 55s
levi hears her telling him how that was her ex that she left back at home. And from just how she was acting he knew all too well, she wasnt liking this surprise vist of his. He narrowed his eyes and looks back up to their floor. Then down to her just as the elevator stoped. He puts his arm up to talk to her for a second.

"You want me to go deal with him? Really, its the least I can do since you saved my life I am pretty sure." Levi was seeing a totally different girl now. This was not the Ella who made him, HIM, laugh and smile yesterday.

"I am right across the hall Ella. If you're ever in trouble just at least get to your door and shout. I'll come." He says to her, and then let her go. He will have to deal with this guy later. For he too is running late, and being late in this job could cost him his skin. Levi has a few hunches about what happened last night. But he cant just go around beating guys up, with knowing the facts. For all this could mean, she is just really tired. But he doesn't seem to believe that. His gut is telling him other things.

Once he was in his car, he checks the time and sees that he isnt running that late. Making it to some wearhouses, he gets what he needs, the boss not even caring that Levi was alive after taking that bullet. He is a little glad he didn't lose one of his best men, but on the other hand, still didn't care about over all being. Levi got to the dealing spot, and did the usual. Held the gun in one hand, and the drugs in the other. The buyer happily gave him the money and the deal was done. That was it, not wanting to run into any Saints, he quickly gets to his car and drives the hell out. Going back to his boss, and gives him the money.

"Good job...good job. Here halfs the pay." The boss slaps five, hundred bills in LEvi's hands and tells him to go scouting the terroritory. Levi sighs, and shoves his money in the pocket to go with some boys on scouting buisness. He hated these jobs. Something always happens. He nevers knows, but he knows something does. Saints might try and take their HQ, might try to kill them for fun, come and take their product, their money, who knows what. LEvi just wanted to go home. Just wanted his life over he hates it here.

And his face must have been showing it, for after an hour of walking around with three other goons they slam him up to a tree and narrow their eyes on him.

"Whats up? You dont seem to care if some Saints come and take what's ours? Whats wrong Leviathan?" The goon mocks his name the boss gave him. He was jelous of Levi, they got into this mess at the same day. And this guy, Dale, loved this. He didn't have to have a real life to make money. HE loved beating up the weak, shooting takeing women. He loved this life. Levi wanted nothing to do with him. But he knows how to live to keep his nose off the ground.

"Stop it, Im like third in control, so Im incharge of this group. Want me to report you to boss? Hmm?... I didnt think so." He shoves them back and fixes up his jacket, and goes back to scouting. Levi didn't mind some of the perks that came with third in command. He is glad he wasn't second though. He would have to make some choices that he knew he cant make. Third command is just for show really, but the boss trusts,and is higher than the rest of the goons. Once he shut them up, they back to scouting with ease. And after an hour more. THey came across a woman, with a gun pointed up at a Saint. And shot him point blank between the eyes. LEvi knew just what the other three guys where thinking, and he dreaded being in charge now.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 186d 10h 24m 22s
Rayella was definitely shaken up today because she couldnt even sleep last night. Ricky had always exerted his authority over her and simply just used her whenever he pleased. She didnt want to be in that kind of relationship and she thought that she was done with it for good, but here he was taking over her apartment.

In the elevator, Levi was acting really friendly and she was glad that he was, but at the same time, she wasnt in the mood right now. Not when her ex was just trying to get with her again. She had been trying to avoid him since last night. Honestly she didnt want to tell Levi what happened because she didnt want him getting in the middle of the two. She hesitantly rubs her arm and then avoids eye contact. "H-He's my ex from back home. I dont know how he found my place....but he showed up last night and......and now he wont leave me alone" she didnt say what happened and instead hoped that Levi didnt bother at all. "Im sure he'll leave soon..." she hoped.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 186d 19h 36m 13s
Levi saw her jump, and it made him jump a little with her. His eyes widen and he was confused. She wasn't this jumpy yesterday. She seems, a bit out of it too. And she is late for school? Levi didn't take her as the girl late for school. From how she told him, she sounded like she loved her school.

"It's ok. Everyone has a late day now and then. Shoot, I'm running late for work myself." He chuckles, but soon hears a man's voice, and looks down the hall seeing a guy in his underwear charging for the elevator and calling her name. He sees her, trying to get away faster than anything. And didn't seem to want anything to do with this guy. And the fact he came out of her place, in his underwear. He lifts and eyebrow and looks down to her.

"That guy troubling you? Ella?" He is looking at her, and she seems shaken up, and he seemed, rather like he was the boss and controlling. He waits to see what she says. She saved his life. If he has to crack someone's skull for her, he will gladly do it.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 186d 21h 17m 54s
When she stood in front of the elevator, she was waiting for it to show up so that she could leave before Ricky even notices that she's not there. The last thing she wanted was that asshole following her at school the whole day. She was still pissed off that he found her apartment somehow and now she didnt know what she was supposed to do, or how she could get him to leave.

When she heard a voice behind her, she jumped up in surprise to see Levi "Oh god! Thank goodness it's you Levi. I'm running late for class" she stepped inside the elevator and then she saw Ricky just heading outside of her apartment in just his underwear "Hey! Ray! Where are you going?" he called out, walking towards the elevator as she quickly tried to close the button. No no, hurry up and close! she saw the elevator beginning to close and just as Ricky was going to stop it with his hand, it shut closed and Rayella sighed in relief.

She ran her fingers through her hair and looked up at Levi "Uh...please just ignore him" she waited for the door to open again before she headed towards her car.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 186d 21h 24m 56s
Levi didn't dream, that was usual for him. He was going to keep sleeping till his phone goes off and he groans, soon knowing the ringtone and it was his boss. He jumps up and reaches for his phone on the coffee table, and flips his phone open to talk to him.

"Yes sir?.....N-no I'm alive and fine......a deal to be done....a big the Saints hour...I'll get going now...." He sits his phone down and sighs heavily. He had to make it out the door and now if he didn't want to be late. He had to go pick up the product, and deliver it himself. It wasn't a member of the Saints. Its just, the Siants could have found out about the deal, and might try to take the money and drugs for themselvs. He didn't have time to change, he just heads out the room and was going to run, when he saw her there waiting at the elevator. He bit his lip, and slowed down. Trying not to seem so stressed and worried. He held his jacket on his left side over his hip, to hide the bulge of his gun in his pants. And stood next to her waiting for the door to open.

"Uuhh..good morning Ella." He cleared his throat and with his free hand held the door open once it opened, letting her in first and him following her.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 186d 21h 52m 45s
The fight was long and tiring, but poor Rayella couldnt do a thing to stop him. The next morning came by really slowly as Rayella slowly sat up from her bed, her lower half was aching like hell, but this wasnt the first time Ricky's done something like this to her. She slowly pulled herself up off the bed and wrapped herself in the blankets. Ricky was still fast asleep on the other side and as she stood, she just ran her fingers through her messy hair and sighed softly, heading into the bathroom for a long, warm shower. She needed to get washed off because she felt so dirty and used, not to mention being unable to do anything about it.

When she finished cleaning herself off, she noticed she had a few bruises on her wrists and neck. The look disgusted her so she tried her best to cover it with makeup before she changed into some jeans and tank top. She then covered herself up with a cardigan and put her hair up into a ponytail. She was already late for class, but she still tried to make it so she didnt miss anything else.

As she rushed outside of her apartment, she hurried down the hall towards the elevator, waiting for it to open frantically.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 186d 22h 23m 58s

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