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Levi saw the guy leaving, but still not learning his place. So Levi grabs his shoulder and spins him around. His fingers digging into his shoulder and his pale ice blue eyes glaring deeply into this guy.

"No. You are the asshole. You aren't getting it. I catch you around her. I will cut your tongue out, and shove it down your throat. You understand? Watching you choke on your own spit and blood. As it runs down your neck. Stay the fuck away from her. Then I will bust your teeth on the curb of the street. You, don't know who you are pissing off. You understand? Now beat it." Levi gave him hard shove to the door. His eyes firing with rage and something about them. Gave it a he was serious about what he said. Sure enough he turns around to see her coming up to him with all smiles and he gives a soft one.

"It was nothing and just had to show him there are people stronger than him. And he ain't nothing but a piece of shit." Levi gave her upper arm and soft pat and then walks over to the counter.

"Since I am here. Can I have a black coffee to go?" Levi was asking all casually and starts getting his money out.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 174d 7h 25m 41s
The more Levi spoke about being in Ricky's business, the more he didnt care what the hell he was talking about. All Ricky wanted to do was use Rayella however he wished because he thought she was sexy and she's always been really submissive. Every man just wanted their girl to do whatever they pleased and he thought that's how Rayella should be treated as well.

"Look man, I dont know what your deal is but Rayella wouldnt tell on me. You know nothing about us and you dont know what you're talking about. Just stay out of it because if she hasnt mentioned you, you're no one important either. I dont want to get Ray in trouble here, so just stay out of my sight asshole" he stood up from the table and then he shook his head disgustedly before walking outside of the diner and heading somewhere else.

Rayella was peeking through the kitchen doors and she watched Ricky leave. She sighed in relief and then she grabbed her things, making her way outside towards Levi "Oh my gosh! What did you say to him? HE never leaves me alone. Thank you Levi"
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 179d 20h 42m 24s

Levi stood there, blocking this idiots way to the back room. This guy thinks he was proving Levi wrong, but was only proving him even more right.

"I dont need proof. Suspicion is plenty enough when it envolves domestic violance, or the harm of someone potentially. Besides, I am sure if she removes the makeup on her body to cover up those man hand size handprints on her. Thats enough. And when the cops do get here. WHats to stop her from telling them everything? When I will be right there next to her, to protect her from you. And the reason why you haven't heard about me. Is because you're the nobody. Not worthy in her eyes to tell you about the people in her life. Thats why dumb ass. Now, you can leave, or this can get ugly real fast." He says one more time and just to show he means buisness. Levi reaches in his pocket to pull his phone out.

"Am I have to call? Or you gonna do the smart thing and leave. Oh, and just so you know." Levi opens the left side of his jacket up, and there tucked in his pants was the hilt of his gun.

"I pack heat twenty four seven. Liecened and allowed to use for defence of myself or others." Levi didn't want to use it for something as stupid as this. But to help this girl, he would.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 180d 6h 53m 45s
As Rayella readied herself to go home for the night, she looks at her phone, waiting for a reply because she really didnt want to go out there. She was not only afraid of being unconscious again, but Ricky was always taking advantage and she never could do a thing about it. If she ever did, then she would get badly hurt and she was sick of always covering up her bruises.

WHen she sees Levi's text, she had a huge grin on her face, feeling so much relief now that he was willing to help. SHe simply did as she was told, taking another coworker with her in the back as she waited for some kind of signal to come out.

As Ricky sat at his table, he watched the door, waiting for Rayella to come out, but when he was suddenly faced by Levi, his eyes widened in surprise and he just stared blankly at him, laughing towards the end of his speech. "Ha! YOu think you're all tough just because you're big? Look man, Rayella and I have our own business and we dont want any outsiders bothering. Im going to do whatever the hell I want. If you have no proof, the cops wont do shit. Go ahead and try all you want, we'll see what happens. But who do you think you are? You arent someone she's told me about, that means you're a nobody. Just stay out of people's business asshole and leave me alone"
  ellocalypse / 5y 180d 23h 57m 41s
Levi's day was mostly all scouting out the Saint's land. It came to his head, that he has to do what his Boss wants. Of course he wasn't happy with himself! Of course it wasn't easy for him to come up with that solution! He drove around for hours first just thinking about it, and then he thought of his family, that if the boss knows where he lives, he must know where they live. So he has too.

After hours of scouting and thinking how he is going to do this. His phone goes off, and saw that it was her. Levi takes his phone once he parked on the side of the side street, and read her text. What he read made him grind his teeth and he didn't have to think about it. The man rushed over, luckily knowing where it was,and that he wasn't that far. I'll be there in ten. Stay in the back ladies room, and have another girl with you if you can. He hit send, and was off.

That car ride there was a blur, all he could think about was her safety. Some girl, he hardly still knows nothing about. COmes into his life, and saves him, so now he feels like he is always in her debt. But he wasn't complaining, it just came naturally to him.

Finally there he parks in front of the diner, and walks in. Seeing him in the back, Levi made sure when he was looking in the menu he walks over to the counter to talk to the person there.

"That guy over there. Is causing the girl Jess, who works here, problems. I am going to get him out, and Jess is in the back somewhere. I am going to do this, with out causing much problems, and if anything breaks in the process. I will pay you back." Was all he said, so casually, calmly. And with that, he walk up to Ricky so boldly.

"You need to leave. Now, she doesn't like you. And I know you rape her. So, I can get the cops in this. Or you can leave. You feel like such a man hurting a woman? Huh? you get off on that? Unconscious woman make you all hot? You're just a pig that needs to be put in a cage. And I will make that happen if you dont leave now. Or,I can knock your ass out so you can see what its like? I'll leave you in an alley where some homeless man can rape you? Leave." He stood to the side, blocking the back door so Ricky cant get past him, and arms folded over his chest. Levi wasn't going to let anything happen to her. Rapist, make Levi angry. They are sick weaklings in his head, perverts.

"Go on. And oh, I catch you around my home. I will kick your ass. There are families living around me with children. I don't want you around children. So go back to your home town. You aint welcomed here." Levi, in his kindest way, was warning this man.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 181d 3h 57m 13s
Rayella was expecting him to say yes and that maybe she could spend more time with him at work....if he'd let her. For some reason Levi made her feel safe, and at ease. She hasnt really felt that way with anyone before and she kind of liked it. Still, she felt like she was kind of prying into his life, so she tried not to be so pushy about it.

"That job sounds really dangerous and rough. Hooks and carrying around 60 pounds all day? Just be careful Levi. I dont like seeing you getting hurt" she felt him nudge her and she chuckled softly, brushing her hair behind her ear before getting up and smiling "Okay, Ill text you if I see him again. See you later Mr. Hardworking" she waved and headed to her car as she drove to school. Luckily she didnt see Ricky all morning, but that heaven was soon interrupted when she saw him sitting at a booth at the diner. Great she thought to herself as she walked past him, feeling herself getting tugged back and then into his arms. "Heeey baby! Im here to have dinner since you dont have much in your apartment that's cooked. Mind giving me a discount....or even making it free?" he asked her and Rayella just pulled away "Im at work Ricky. Go back home and leave me alone" she spoke through her teeth with such irritation before she tried working her best even with his obnoxious behavior.

By the end of her shift, she felt to embarrassed that even her manager was telling her to just give that man some attention so she didnt drive him away. When her shift was over, she grabbed her things and then she waited in the back room, not wanting to head out there to see Ricky again. INstead, she pulled out her phone and texted Levi If you're free.....Ricky is here at the diner on the corner close to our apartments. He wont leave me alone and I was wondering if you can maybe make him leave? she sent and hoped Levi would reply.
  ellocalypse / 5y 181d 20h 40m 47s
Levi hoped she just left, he didn't want her getting involved with his work at all. But she sat down and started talking to him and he looks up to her. Unable to hide the soft smile on his face. But she asked to go and help him at her and he shook his head.

"Can't. Boss wont let just any oh person in the factory and loading docks. He isn't trying to be mean. You just have to take a few month's courses and such, and be able to lift heavy loads for periods of times. I'm talking like 60 pounds, all day. More than 20 times a day. ANd I know you are tough. But come on girl. I think we both know you cant do that." He forces a little teasing chuckle and a soft push to her upper arm to be playful and to keep the act of him working at this place more real and alive for her.

"Dont worry about me. I'll be fine. I am just mentally getting ready for the long job. That's all. Really. I'll be fine. You go and get your life." He stood up shoving his hands in his pant pockets. and then looks down to her.

"And dont worry about that Ricky guy. I'll get him away from you. Dont worry. If you think he is in your place, text me, and I'll go deal with him." He gave a smile to her, and turned the corner to go get in his car. THe second he was out of her site, his face was back to stress and fear. Sitting in his car, he sighs and continues to think of what he will do about this all.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 181d 22h 59m 23s
As Rayella sat beside him, she looked at her watch and then she sighed, shaking her head. "I only have biology, dont worry about me. You're the one in a slump and I want to help you out" she thought that she could be of some use to him and since he made her have a great day at the festival, she wanted to try and repay him also for helping her out with Ricky.

As he explained his situation, Rayella wasnt so sure what she needed to do, but she did have some time on her hands maybe for lunch and after her first class "Well if it's too much for one person....why not ask for help? If you want...maybe I can stop by and help you" she suggested.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 181d 23h 46m 28s
When he got to the stoop of the of the apartment building, he thought she would have left for school already. So when she came up to him, he was shocked.

"You running late again?" Was all he said as he hung his head low again. Today he was just out of it. Not sure what he is gonna do. Its kill, or be killed. He doesn't know, this is something for someone like him. Cant just decide with the snap of his own fingers. He doesn't want to kill no one, but he doesn't want to die. The man already feels bad for the girl. Her life is probably over by now. Levi hears her talking and he just shrugs his shoulders.

"It's work...nothing new. Want me working over time like really crazy hours...the pay is fine..its just...the job requires alot...for man.." He sighs heavily trailing off from his sentence. He knew who his target was, yeah. He has been causing problems for the Reapers for years. He is just hard to get to. Thats why they haven't done anything about him yet.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 182d 8h 58m 6s
In the morning, Rayella just felt so exhausted. Her eyes were a little red and her cheek hurt. More bruises to add to the list of bruises that she had from Ricky, but this time she had to cover them up so that no one would see them at school. When she sat up, she took a quick shower and then she covered up her bruises with makeup and then she tied her hair partially up before grabbing her backpack. When she made her way down the stairs, she saw Levi sitting at the bottom of the steps.

Walking over, she smiled a little "Hey. What are you doing here on the stoop? Dont you have work to do or something? Or is something wrong?" she wondered, looking at the time and seeing that she had time to spare. She took a seat beside him and then she ran her fingers through her hair gently.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 183d 24m 45s
Levi slept in late the next day, too almost one. He woke up, went to the bathroom to shower, and he saw his eye. WIth a sigh he just ignores it and hops in and lets the hot water run down his body. The Boss knows where he lives, what does he know? Dropping his head on the tile wall of the shower, he just sighs and stands there for what seems like forever before finally washing himself off, and slips into some clean dark blue jeans, and black wife beater. His hair wet and in his face, the man needs to think. Getting his shoes on, he goes out the building and sits there on the stoop. His head hung low, and his arms resting on his knees.

"What are you going to do....what cant kill a person..." he was muttering to himself and just sighs. Then Ella pops in his head, how she wants him to help him with Ricky. If he ever sees that guy again, he will make sure to give him a piece of his mind. Thats for sure.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 183d 19h 45m 26s
To be able to hear that he will help her out made her smile a little. Anything to get Ricky out of her life would be a huge help because she was sick and tired of his games. The last thing she needed was someone taking advantage of her at home while she worked a part time job and went to school. It was bad enough to deal with all of that everyday and now she's got a Ricky problem.

When she headed back to her apartment, she sees that Ricky was still on the couch looking up at her. "Ricky, what happened? Why is there a handprint on my face and why wasnt I wearing any clothes? What the hell are you doing? YOu cant just come into my apartment and do that, get the hell out of here!" she was furious because she had a faint idea of what happened after work. This asshole did it to her many times back home and she was sick of not being able to escape him.

"Oh please Ray, you should know by now what happened. I wanted to have some fun so I took you here. You made it easy by passing out" he crossed his arms and smirked to himself. "Besides, I need to make sure that punk next door knows his place. He cant just waltz in here and having you help him. It's too obvious that he likes being around you" he said irritatedly.

"I dont care Ricky. Levi is just a friend and we've been over. We're not even friends so just leave" she held the door open for him and Ricky just sighed and stood up onto his feet, grabbing his jeans and a jacket. "Look, just cool your head and ill see you tomorrow. ILl be in town to keep an eye on you" he told her before grabbing his things and then leaving her apartment.

Rayella only sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, locking her door before making her way back to bed for the night.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 183d 20h 21m 46s
Before Levi even walked into his house, he remembers talking to Ella about Ricky. He knew that guy was trouble. But right now, he cant help her if he isn't alive. He told her he will help. And he hopes his boss didn't hear him talking outside his door.

"Come Levi, come sit." THe fact that Levi had to be told to sit in his own place mmade him uncomfortable. And the naked bound up girl wasn't helping either.

" know where I live?" This made him, very nervous, and no longer safe here. Levi gulps at his spit hard.

"Of course I do. I know where all my men live. But..I'm not having loyality issues with the other am I?" The Boss man, was big, bold, scared face, all hard bulging muscle. All in black and white, their colors. Levi kept his face stone. Not showing any emotion, its what he is known for.

"You dont have any of that with me either Boss. I swear it. I gave you my life years ago, and haven't done anything to prove that I wasn't for the crew." He goes to say, but a gun was aimed right at his face and he sways his head in annoyance.

"Is this cause I let a girl go? Look, Dale and them didn't want to take her back to you, and were already starting. I didn't see it as a fair innuation for the gal. So I let her go. Thats all Boss. Swear it." He says to the stubborn man. hoping he buys it.

"I am going to be watching you Levianthan. CLosely. I wont have no backstabbers here. Prove your loyality." He grabs the girl by her hair and pushes her at Levi's feet.

"Go on, give it to her, then carve our lable in her. Go on, slap her around, kill her. DO something." THe Boss was getting pissed, and Levi hung his head. Thats not him, he cant. He cant. He has not let this life change him for the worst.

"Boss..I cant..I am loyal..I swear it... I know thats not me." Before he could finish his words, the Boss punched him straight in the eye.

"You have five days, to bring me Saint Joe's dead body. THats how I know your loyal. Five, days." He punches him in the chest to knock the wind out, and then they all leave covering the girl up, and then carring her away. She will be dead in the morning or they will keep her as a slave. He sighs heavily, hearing them leave down the elevator and he hears their car speed off. Thats when he starts flipping furniture, shouting, punching the walls, not caring that his left eye is busted up. The man was pissed, scared, shaken up. Knowing if he doesn't do this. He is dead. But to kill someone, he has never really done that before. The gun, his gun, is for show. He just beats them bad. Never killed anyone. He sits on his couch with his head hung and goes silent.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 183d 20h 43m 57s
When Levi says that all she had to do was tell him if something was wrong, she nodded her head and forced a smile for her. "Okay, thank you Levi. Ill make sure to come to you if I need anything" she bites down on her lip and then she sees that Ricky had a smile on his lips, glad that she was able to get Levi out of here without suspecting anything. The male pissed him off and he wanted Rayella to himself. That meant that she didnt need any other guys in her life and he'd make sure this Levi guy just stayed next door.

"Good night....oh Levi, I need to ask you something about how you should care for your wound. Ill be right back Ricky" she stepped outside of her apartment and closed the door, walking towards Levi as she walked towards his door. "If you really want to help Levi....can you at least help me get him out of my apartment....I dont want him anywhere near me honestly....but he's much stronger than I am...and I cant really do anything about him" she told him, glancing back to see if Ricky was there.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 183d 21h 7m 36s
Levi hears both of them and then folds his arms over his chest not buying it at all. His stories not matching at all.

"Fine. I got my eyes on you though. And yes, you should be afraid." He says taking his seat back, and allowing her to finish. Levi hopes she comes to him. He really does. IF only she knew he could get rid of this guy for her. He stays silent, but glaring at the other guy the whole time. Once she was finished he stands up and looks it over.

"It looks ten times better. Thankyou Ella." He gave her a bright warm smile and starts walking for the door. Glaring at this idiot as he opens the door. He knows he is hurting her, he thinks even more than just hitting her around. But he cant do anything with her truly asking for help.

"I mean it Ella. If you need anything. Just come on over. Day or night. Good night." He leaves, and walks over to his place. When he opens the door, he closed it, and knew this wasn't going to end well with his Boss, Dale, two others, and that girl from early tied up, gaged and naked on the floor. He gulps, and waits to hear what the boss has to say.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 183d 21h 54m 48s

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