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New girl moves into town after finally being old enough to live on her own. She finds herself a nice apartment and begins her job as a waitress at a city diner. What she doesnt know, is that living on your own can prove to be difficult both financially and lonely.

Living a few doors down is a male with a secret past. He is part of a gang and keeps to himself. What happens when these two strangers meet face to face?

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Finished 5/27/14

  ellocalypse / 5y 114d 12h 25m 27s
Levi sat there at the little, old, and nothing special of a table and chair. In his even more less of a nothing special kitchen. Sitting there, his pale blue eyes couldn't help but to watch her as she would scoot from one spot to the next making them a meal. It smells better than anything he could cook. He just usually ate out or cups of ramen. When her eyes looked over to his, and she told him it was the least she could do. A soft smile came to his lips.

[+red "Well, as long as it's not really a bother to you. I am not about to complain. Thank you again."] Levi told her with gratitude and waited for her to join him at the table before he took his first bites. With a lick to his lips, he smiles a bit brighter.

[+red "I don't know what you did. But it's better than my food. I would have burnt, or under cook everything."] Levi laughs a good hearty chuckle and gulps down some juice. Sitting back in his chair after he scarfed everything down. Every so closely watching her eat.

[+red "Soo, what now?"] He asks looking at the clock above the tv seeing it was getting close to eleven.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 114d 15h 15m 7s
She was in the middle of making a lovely breakfast for the two of them because she knew it was the least she could do to repay him back for making Ricky leave her alone and for letting her stay the night here in his apartment. Breakfast was something easy, but she could still put all of her gratitude into making something. As she plated the cooked bacon and eggs, she grabbed the toast that popped out and buttered them nicely before finding the jelly in the fridge and smothering them as well.

When she saw Levi right beside her, she nearly jumped seeing him in just his pajamas. "Good morning Levi. No, dont worry, It's my pleasure for you letting me stay the night. Come on, here, Im almost done" she sets the plates down on his little table and then she happily took the glass, taking a seat as she sat across from him. Rayella grabbed her fork and began taking a bite, smiling at the taste. Hopefully it was to his liking.

Her eyes fell onto his face, looking down at his toned upper body. There were a few scars and she wanted to ask where they had come from, but she didnt want to pry. Instead of staring, she shook her head and then looked back down at her food, taking in another bite as she swallowed. "Did you sleep well? Im sorry if the couch wasnt so comfy" she laughed a little at the sight of his messy hair.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 138d 5h 40m 49s
Levi slept like usual, no dreams, nothing, wakes up a few times, tosses and turns, and finally he wakes up from not the sun in his eyes. But the smell of food? It was confusing him, and he woke up sitting up, and then opening his eyes. He had wild hair sticking up, his raven locks in all directions. One of his ice blue eyes opens, and he looks to the kitchen to see her there cooking. With a yawn and stretch he stands up scratching his stomach, not caring if he was shirtless and just in some pj pants. The girl stitched him up, she has seen by now. One more yawn from his lips, he walks over to the kitchen and reaches into his cabniets to get two glasses.

"You didn't have to cook if you didn't want to Ella. Really. I don't want you feel like you are doing work you don't have too." He smiles at her with a sleeping grin and his eyes barely open. Now he was in the fridge grabbing the orange juice and pours two glasses. One for her, and one for him. Levi sets her glass near her, and he takes a seat at the little dinky table in the dinning room next to the little kitchen. After a few sips he was still sleepy and just seems at ease for once. Not all tense and Mr mysterious no smile guy.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 138d 6h 28m 19s
She didnt mean to make him feel like his life was embarrassing or anything, she just didnt need to know his entire life story. Still, Rayella thought that he was sweet to tell her more than she needed to know. That meant he was either honest, or he just liked to say what was on his mind at that moment.

That night, Rayella was able to sleep peacefully in his bedroom, knowing that he was just outside protecting her in case Ricky ever came back. She felt safer here than she did at her apartment.

In the morning, Rayella slowly opened her eyes tiredly. She saw the sun shining through the blinds, so as she sat up, she brushed her messy hair back as she yawned, making her way towards the bathroom to fix herself up. She finished combing through her hair and washed and brushed her teeth before making her way outside into the kitchen, still seeing Levi fast asleep still. She decided that she should try and make them some breakfast, so she took a peek into his fridge and grabbed some bacon and eggs before beginning to cook them on the stovetop.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 142d 6h 36m 50s
Levi hears her say he didn't need to tell her that much, and he sunk into his couch embarrassed. He didn't know how to talk to women, specially women that were Ella. He just bit his lip and rubbed the back of his head. Feeling stupid, he was nervous, trying to keep his life as private as possible, and ended up ranting about it.

"Sorry, I..I didn't mean to. You can shut me up if I ever do that again." He chuckles softly, and sees her getting ready to go back to bed. He nods, says good night, and then sighs of relief that she was gone for now. Laying back down on the couch and flipping through more channels. He looks to his bed room door, and couldn't help but smile a bit. The greatest person he has ever met was sleeping in his bed. It made him smile brighter and then turn to his good side and start to fall asleep for the night. Hoping tomorrow will be good.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 142d 9h 23m 18s
Rayella was curious to see what he was watching and she didnt want to go to sleep in his bed so soon. Sure she had no choice where to sleep, but she still felt like she should at least keep him company until he fell asleep, so she looked up at the screen and just sat back into the couch. His clothes were very comfy, but she couldnt help but wonder where he got those clothes from, so she tried asking.

When he spoke, she was a little shocked to hear what he had to say. She didnt need to hear all of his personal information and she didnt think it was right to pry, so she felt bad for asking. " didnt need to tell me that much Levi....I just wanted to know they came from your....previous partners" she shrugged, unsure of what to think about all of this. So he just messed around with girls because his life was tough? Wasnt too bad? But then that meant he couldnt really commit to a relationship either, so she just kept quiet for a while, letting the show fill the silence as she relaxed.

"Are you tired? You should get some sleep. Tomorrow's Saturday, maybe we can sleep in and then try and have some fun to forget about all this today" she suggested before making her way back to his room. When she lied back against his bed, she could smell his scent in the sheets. It was nice and reminded her of that safety he brought her. She curled up into the sheets and soon passed out slowly.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 159d 1h 2m 56s
Levi was just flipping through the channels. He only had like five channels and some show that busts cheating girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives was on. The host was talking to the one hiring his team's work when she sits down next to him. His eyes saw her in his clothes, and then she asked that question. What was he to say.

"'s not that bad....ok..we are adults here. And...I've..had....hook ups....uhh..with work..I don't really have time to whoo women and earn their love. I don't...deserve that kinda thing anyways. I am not all that active ok? Shoot..I've only slept with like three women..and the last time...was close to a year ago. Ok? And they all left before I woke up. And left their dirty clothes in my hamper. It's...not like that...ok..." Levi sighed heavy and looks down at the beer on the table. He knows he probably just grossed her away for ever.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 159d 16h 51m 47s
When Rayella headed into the shower, she started the warm water and then she shed out of her clothes and stepped inside. Letting the warm water run down her body, she felt a little embarrassed that she was spending the night in Levi's house especially since she barely knew him, but she did trust him more than she trusted Ricky and that was saying something.

As she was in the middle of washing up, she heard his voice and then she bit down on her lip. She did remember him saying he wasnt dating anyone, but how did he have woman's clothes in his apartment? Maybe he was a player? Or maybe they were a friend or family member? Either way, she didnt feel comfortable wearing something that belong to someone she didnt know, so when she finished, she grabbed a towel and then she dried herself off, picking up the small shirt and shorts that were Levi's and then she slipped into them, seeing they were still a bit big, but they covered her enough.

After drying her hair, she headed outside to see him on the couch and then she gave him a sincere smile "Thanks so much Levi. I dont know what I would do if you werent here" she said happily as she walked over and took a seat beside him, wondering what he was watching. She still didnt know much about him, but seeing that he had a beer in his hand and women's clothes, her impressions were confusing.

"So....where did you get the girl clothes if you dont mind me asking?"
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 160d 1h 2m 42s
She did the cute guest thing, on insisting that he keeps his bed. And then what kind of host would he be if he did? He would be rude. Levi told her it was final that she was sleeping on the bed. So when she went to go take a shower, he looks through all his clothes and stuff, and managed to find a few woman's tank tops, and little shorts. That have been left here over. He didn't know what she would thin of him bring such things to her. They are clean, the only way he found out he had these is when they popped up in his clothes when he is folding his clean clothes. So he grabs the tank top, and the little shorts, and then one of his tshirts and some of his pj pants. Levi walks back to the restroom and goes to rest them on the sink. Not daring to look the shower.

"Ok, sooooo....don't, hate me. I brought you options. But before I get to that. They are all nice and clean. But! I found some woman's clothes, but. If you don't want to wear them, cause well they are other women's. I brought some of my smallest things for you. Ok? So...umm...yeah...uhh...bye!" He quickly ran out of there, so nervous about that. Like, embarrassed for some reason. As he walks back to the couch he removes his shirt and looks at the stitches on his hip, and lifts his arm up and tries to look at the stitches on his back. It was a long ling on his waist all across his side and ends at his back. The bullet just grazed his skin. It didn't go through him. He was lucky for that.

It looked like it was healing nicely. No more random bleeding. It was itchy, so that means it's healing. After rubbing some more ointment on it. He sits down on his couch with one bottle of beer and flips through the channels to find something, anything.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 160d 13h 50m 27s
When Rayella finished cleaning off the tables, she took off her uniform and then she hung it back in her locker, grabbing her purse as she stood beside Levi as she waited for him. She rubbed the side of her arm nervously as she peeked out the window, trying to find any signs of Ricky. When the coast was clear, she followed his lead, walking out of the diner before smiling up at him and thanking him. He was such a gentleman and Rayella couldnt help but feel safe whenever he was around. Even though he was still mysterious, she enjoyed his company and hoped that maybe they could hang out more in the future.

Once they were walking towards his apartment, she looked around the plain space and smiled to herself. Usually guys didnt deal with decorating, but Levi's place was tidy enough. "No no! I dont want to take your bed....let me take the couch. I really dont mind. You need to sleep on your bed Levi, Im not taking no for an answer" she shook her head, already feeling bad for bothering him this late at night.

She headed into his bathroom and then she started up the shower, "The doors open, just leave some clothes on the counter if you can. Thanks again Levi, I owe you one" she smiled and then she headed behind the curtain, stepping inside and relaxing beneath the warm water.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 162d 6h 41m 57s
As the man sat there to himself, eating and drinking his coffee. He couldn't help but glance over at her now and then as she was cleaning tables and such. She was so sweet and too nice to be dealing with creeps and jerks. He knows he could never have a chance with her, but that doesn't mean he can't get rid of one jerk, so that someone who is perfect for her can have her and let her be happy. Levi sits there pushing food around thinking of where he sees himself in the future. There could never be love in his future, never a woman he could call best friend and love. Kids, forget about it. He knows he doesn't think he deserves such wonders like that. When she pops up on his side, he jumped and looks up to her, to only smile gently to her.

"Yeah I am sure. I don't want some creep hurting you. I am all finished here, so lets get going. It's late and you need rest." He stood up before her, and his pale blue eyes look down into hers. She really was adorable and beautiful in his eyes. Swallowing hard on his spit, he smiles more and then walks over to the front door and held it open for her. Then the same for letting her into his car, and drove her off to their apartment building. There he guides her up and unlocks his door and lets her in.

"I only have one bed room, so you can take the bed for the night. Don't worry it's clean. If you need to shower, I guess I can lend you some of my clean clothes if that doesn't bother you. I'll take the couch. It's only fair to treat guests nicely." Levi smiles and walks over to his fridge to pull out a bottle of water and guzzles that down before walking to his couch and laying down with his feet up one end, and his head on the other. One hand tucked behind his head, and the other setting the bottle down, and then reaching for the remote to turn it on. Waiting to see if she was going to bed or wants to chat or something.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 162d 15h 6m 55s
Rayella felt really grateful to Levi and she really did want to give him a free meal just to say thanks for freeing up his time to come down and help her out. He was probably busy and sometimes she felt like she was only bugging him, but he always had a smile on his face whenever he was around her, so that made her feel happy.

She saw him speaking to her manager and she had a light blush on her cheeks, feeling like she was a burden that needed to be saved all the time. She was grateful, but she hoped her boss didnt make this a routine or anything. She liked it better when she wasnt the center of attention.

When Levi ate, she cleaned up a few of the tables, wiping them down as she put away her things and grabbed her purse. When she made it back out to meet him, she was surprised to hear him say that she could stay over. As much as she wanted too, she was worried that Ricky would be at her apartment.

"If you're headed back....Ill just follow you. I brought my car anyways. But if you dont mind....Im worried he might be at my apartment. Maybe I can just stay for one night? If Im lucky Ricky will think actually think I wont want to be around him and use some sense" she shrugged, hoping he really didnt mind her staying over. "Only if it's okay though. I know you're just as busy" she waited for him to finish before she headed outside towards her car.
  ellocalypse / 5y 163d 2h 37m 56s
By the time she came out all smiles and giggles, he had already forgotten about that joke of a man. His icey blue eyes look down to hers and he smiles softly.

"Naaahh. It was nothing really. Just here to help out when I can. I wish I could do more for others." Levi feels like, if he wasn't stuck in this life, he would be like a doctor, or in law or justice. To punish those who hurt and harm the innocent. But sadly, that dream was burned years ago, and is just a dream, and will only be a dream. Him a cop or a lawyer? Just can't be done when he is stuck in a hell of a life like his.

Walking up to the counter, he hears the manager talking to the others, glad to hear that they are ok, and that anyone who makes his employees nervous, needs to leave. But he is glad that Levi helped and did it so well. He thanked Levi, and gave the meal on the house. But Levi paid anyways.

"I just wanted to make sure she was ok, and the fact that he was here around other women. Was nerve racking. He's a jerk, I know he is. He wont come out and say it though. Cause he is a weak jerk." Levi said, just as he was handed his meal and coffee. Happily he sips it and smiles from the relaxation of the coffee.

"Mmm..this is good." Looking over to her again he looks into her eyes.

"You need a ride or something? Will he be back at your place?" He asked her in a whisper so the others dont hear. He didn't want her going back home, if he would be there. But what could he do? His crew and such could come over to his place when ever they want. But, knowing she was going to be with that guy possibly. Freaked him out more.

"You can stay at my place tonight if you want? Even though I got him out, I dont feel like he got the point. I fear he might just...hurt you some more Ella.." He said biting his lip, not meaning to sound like he cares so much.
  Leviathan(Levi) / IrishBlood / 5y 163d 12h 29m 59s
When Levi grabbed Ricky, he looked back at him with a glare, his bright blue eyes just staring in irritation, wondering what this guys problem was anyway. All he needed to do was get out of there, but this guy was like a thorn in his side. "Dude, you've got some problems. Do you have like a crush on her or something, cause that's too bad bud. Ray only likes one person and that's me. Keep trying all you want, but she doesnt see you that way" he chuckled, ignoring the man's threats as he left the restaurant.

Rayella was glad that Levi was able to make Ricky leave her alone today. She didnt know what he said, but hoped that his absence would last. "THanks again Levi. Um, here! Let me get you a coffee and a meal if that's okay? I want to make it up to you" she said with a bright smile, walking over the counter and then handing him a menu as she patted the counter for him to sit up front. She knew she could repay him before her shift ended and since she hasnt had her dinner yet, the food was free.
  Rayella / ellocalypse / 5y 169d 6h 51m 36s

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