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Gavin rolls his eyes and followed her to the kitchen. He should have known she'd want something more substantial to eat. Her appetite had never been an issue, even when she was sick. [b "I'll eat the crackers, then,"] he pretends to huff and snatches the bag of saltines from her hand.

He watches her sway slightly and grab on to something for balance. He wants to help her walk, but doesn't want her to think he's questioning her ability to take care of herself. [b "Should I move one of the bar stools over to the counter so you can sit while you get everything ready?"]

Even if she disagrees with it, he puts it there anyways just to be safe. [b "In terms of what injuries you had, I can only list the external ones. I'm sure there are some bruised, if not cracked, ribs. There is also potential for minor internal bleeding, if your bruises are anything to go by."]

His jaw clenches as he recalls caring for her upon their return home. [b "Most definitely a concussion, so that would partially explain why you feel so off-center. It honestly looked like you were on the receiving end of an Incredible Hulk tantrum."]

He doesn't like the grimace that flicks across her face every other minute, no doubt caused by the immense pain she must be in. [b "There are morphine shots in the medi-kit. Should I get you one?"]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 26d 17h 8m 14s
Oddly enough it was music to her ears. The girl loves watching storms pass by. It’s like a watch the gods fight or something like that. It’s just enjoyable in her opinion. [#af18ae “I bet its beautiful without view…”] she whispers walking towards a window. Everything outside looks calm and peaceful.

Serena looks at Gavin as if he’s crazy. Why is he feeding her crackers? She’s not a bird… she isn’t Polly wants a cracker… [#af18ae “How about I go make some soup. I really don’t want crackers.”] the fur babies follow her to the kitchen. She takes a seat really quick to compose herself. She feels so weak. It’s disgusting. She hates herself for feeling this way. Not that he has seen this side of her, but weed sounds so good right now. It helps her in situations like this. These rare moments of her being betrayed.

The girl gets up after feels better. [#af18ae “So my fake grandma taught me how to make a chicken noodle soup and it tastes like the Progressive soup. I love her. she’s the best fake grandma ever.”] she says pulling out the ingredients. [#af18ae “Babe, so besides the gash in my head what else was wrong with me? I feel like I got hit by a car and I’ve been there, don’t that.”]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 28d 11h 45m 23s
Gavin was quite content to let her sleep. It had been a long, difficult day for her and she needed as much rest as she could get. He stayed in bed with her the entire time, only moving to use the restroom when needed. Occasionally, he would rest his head near her heart just to remind himself that he'd found her in time and she was there with him, alive.

When the storm hits, he's forced to deal with the cowardly dog inching his way up the bed in a panic, pinning Gavin to the mattress. He'd purposely left the curtains open on the window so he could watch the storm raging outside. Lightning lit up every inch of the sky, casting a grim light in the room.

Linus started whimpering at the first crack of thunder, attempting to bury his head in to Gavin's armpit. [b "You'll wake her up, you brute,"] the man whines, trying to avoid the dog's leg hitting a rather sensitive area.

The rest of the time passed rather peacefully, and he dozed off and on with her. When her eyes finally open the next day, he offers her a sleepy smile. [b "Welcome back,"] he answers. [b "You missed the start of the show, but I think you'll catch the second act."]

The storm was still pelting the town, but Gavin manages to ease Linus off of him so he can get her some water and crackers. [b "Start with this for now, and we'll see how your stomach handles it. I don't want to feed you and then have you throw it all up,"] he hands them off to her when he returns to the bedroom.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 32d 17h 47m 4s
It is a tough choice. She pretending to think too by tapping her chin with her index finger and staring towards the ceiling. Although she should be thinking about what he’s thinking about, she was craving sweet and salty popcorn. Serena chuckles at Gavin and their fur babies. They actually listened! Everything in her body ached. A soft huff escaped her. It felt heavenly to be laying down with her fur babies, Gavin, a tequila bottle and some pringles. Okay, so that sort of sounds bad but she’s in heaven at the moment so who cares!

[#af18ae “Oh read me a story would ya?”] she says in a little kid’s voice, [#af18ae “Nope, let me just…”] she opens the bottle and tilts her head back as her lips touched the tequila bottle. Three huge chugs later, Serena face loos like she ate something extremely sour. It was a beautiful burning sensation. She closes it before getting comfortable. [#af18ae “I’m surprise she remembers me. We left soon after getting her.’] she yawns. They’re going to talk to whenever she wakes up. She could feel herself drifting away quickly.

Hopefully Gavin remembers what she said; not to worry if she slept in for a few hours to possibly four days give or take. Serena didn’t wake up for a good 29 hours straight. She most likely didn’t move an inch besides having her chest from breathing. The first thing she did was go eat. [#af18ae “Did I miss the storm?”] Serena asks staring at the floor. Her eyes were taking a while to adjust and her muscles to start working. She was walking like crippled zombie. [#af18ae "Food... I need some food and a game plan. I want revenge..."]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 33d 13h 26m 36s
[b "Let's see,"] he pretends to think. [b "Go out on my own on a dangerous mission with an imminent storm coming in, or stay in bed with you and our two children with no intention of getting up? Tough choice."]

He takes her hand and carefully hauls her back up, leading her back to their bedroom. [b "Linus and Luna, let's go. Your mother needs your affections!"] he calls to the animals.

Like the loyal little fuzzballs they are, they come trotting after them and make themselves cozy on the bed. [b "Linus, stay on my side. We don't need you crushing her,"] he tugs the large beast over.

Gavin adjusts the pillows and makes sure that she's comfortable before he lets himself settle. [b "Do you need anything to relax? A movie? I can read a book out loud for you. Or I can recite Shakespearean poetry to you,"] he's only mildly joking.

The cat kneads against the blanket, trying to gauge where the softest spot is. Naturally, it's deemed Serena's stomach as the best place. [b "I think she missed you,"] he notes, reaching out to rub Linus' giant head so he doesn't get jealous.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 36d 18h 9m 47s
What hurts more? Being betrayed by someone you call family? Having your own father telling you to shoot the person you love? Actually shooting your first love? Watch your first love life change and you don’t even know how to help him? Or it could be the pain she’s feeling from being shot and having her mind filled with a little bit of everything?
Well it’s the last one.

Serena looks at him giving him her best smile. [#af18ae “How about you give me at least a day before we hunt her down?”] It felt weird having all eyes on her. Not only all eyes, but all the attention. Their fur babies followed close by. Isn’t she supposed to be the protector? She’s the one with the skills and experience. The tables have turned… for now. For now, they should eat or at least she should. Only if they how close they are or getting would be helpful. Who’s on track? Her, him, or both?

It amazes her how much he has stepped up this past few hours. Serena is a pretty good teacher if he’s keeps improving the way he is. The first thing Serena grabbed when they got to the kitchen was a bottle of tequila and pringles. [#af18ae “A storm is coming by the way. A few shops began putting sand bags in front of it so it doesn’t flood. My shop never gets flooded, but we shouldn’t let the pets out and we have time to figure out our next move. Gwen hate storms so she’ll isolate herself until it’s over.”] Serena sits down on taking a big swig and hiss afterwards feeling it slowly burning down her throat and into her stomach. Right now, Serena doesn’t know if she wants to eat, drink or sleep. They all sound great. [#af18ae “Can we be like otters and have a cuddle party? I think I need more rest. Don’t be alarm if I’ve been sleeping for more than 8 hours. I’ve been through a lot… you can just place a finger under my nose to make sure I’m still breathing.”] she said chuckling towards the end.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 37d 13h 1m 51s
The name sounds familiar, and Gavin's eyebrows furrow as he tries to think back to her old friends that he'd met. [b "Is the the one that was really intense? Always looked like she was expecting a brawl to break out?"]

He steps aside so she can rise to her feet, hands ready to catch her if she stumbles. [b "I almost did take you, but I figured they'd ask a lot of questions that I couldn't answer, and it would be suspicious. I also may or may not have googled medical videos and step-by-step to take care of someone after blood loss and being unconscious."]

He waits outside of the bathroom door for her, giving her at least a little privacy during his overbearing panic. Arms crossed over his chest, he leans back against the wall. [b "If we're getting close to something, that just means they're going to try hitting us harder. Should we try hunting down Gwen? She may not get so lucky if there's more than one of us."]

When she rejoins him, he holds out his arm for her to take. [b "For now, lets get some tequila in you, and maybe a little bit of food. You need to get your strength back up. I've set all of the alarms and sensors, so we'll be fine to sit so you can rest. If anyone tries getting close to the house, we'll know about it."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 59d 18h 4m 23s
Serena chuckles. Their fur babies are hilarious. All three of them stops when Gavin walks in with a gun in his hand. She tilts her head to look at the gun. After noticing the safety switch is on. She was about to laugh hard until she felt the pain on her head. hesitantly she touches it. The girl has never wished that something was a dream so badly before. The first one was shooting Gavin many years ago. Yea, she shouldn't have chuckled or went on her own. However, who would've thought a childhood would betray you? They were like sisters! They shared a lot together.

[#af18ae “I’m sorry… but you found me…”] Serena moves so her back was pressed against the bedframe. Sighing, she continues. [#af18ae “I had a lead. Turns out it was a trap. My guard was down because I pumped into a friend. We were so close we used to say we were sisters… she’s looking for you babe… pay back is going to be a bitch. You met Gwen once. She loved those plastic clips for the hair that comes in different shapes and colors.”] Serena slowly got out of bed. It was a lot slower since the fur babies wouldn’t allow her to get out of bed. [#af18ae “No, no I need tequila. Mexican tequila or Fireball… Then again food and water also sounds good.”] Serena had trouble catching her balance for about a minute. Do to the recent surprise attack, it has her moving like a snail. [#af18ae “Gavin, thank you for saving me… I’m surprised you didn’t take me to the hospital or see you passed out in my blood…”] she adds with a light chuckle and a wince towards the end. [#af18ae “I think one of us may be getting a bit closer to finding something good because if we weren’t Gwen wouldn’t be here to try to stop it. Someone hired her. if given the right price she would kill her own kid.”] she said while peeing.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 63d 2h 19m 19s
Gavin had been dozing off and on after sitting diligently in the chair by the couch. The sound of the door crashing against the wall sends him to his feet, reaching for the gun on the table. His hands stops when he sees it's just Linus. It's then he noticed that Serena is awake.

[b "You're good at scaring the hell out of me. Please stop,"] he tries to joke, sitting on the table to be closer.

Her wound is still shut, so he breathes a sigh of relief. The swelling in her face hasn't gone down much so he grabs her an ice pack from the fridge and presses it to her cheek. [b "What the hell happened? You never came home, and then I tracked you the middle of goddamn nowhere."]

Gavin tries to keep the anger out of his voice. He's not mad at her, but at the fact that something had happened to her without him knowing. Who had gotten to her and overpowered her? [b "You're definitely gonna be sore for a few days. There's some morphine shots in the first aid kit, if you're in pain,"] he offers.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 63d 21h 26m 55s
This dream is never ending. Not to mention she could feel everything. In her head she is literally screaming her head off as if someone is killing her. Her cry was ugly. Screaming bloody murder.

Within time her body began reacting. Little twitches, groans, and other movements. Although all of that is happening it took Serena to regain consciousness 16 hours later. It was sometime after noon when Serena sat up. Luna instantly began to purr. Her purrs mad Linus coming running. The bedroom door hit the wall cause am echo. [#af18ae "Is this what happens when you die?"] she says chuckling. Serena didn't have the strength to calm him. Or the voice. Luna on the other hand made him relax.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 66d 17h 25m 5s
Gavin doesn't even bother cutting the engine off before jumping out of the car and racing her carry her in the house. [b "Linus, move!"] he orders, laying her on the previous dog-occupied couch.

[b "Med kit..."] he murmurs to himself, emptying the closet until he locates it.

[b "Go lay down, bud!"] he nudges Linus out of the way from where he stood at her head, licking her cheek.

Gavin pushes the coffee table aside and dumps the contents of the kit out, rummaging through to check the supplies. [b "This is going to suck, babe. I'm so sorry,"] he winces as he unscrews the cap of the rubbing alcohol.

He douses a pad of gauze with the liquid, and wipes away at the gash on her head. [b "Fuck, I'm sorry,"] he says again when she snaps her head away at the sting. [b "It'll be over soon. I just need to clean it."]

It's an ugly wound, and not a clean cut. Stitches wouldn't keep it shut. [b "What the hell do I do?"] he mutters, digging through alternatives.

He finds the glue hidden under a pack of bandages. [b "Hold still, okay?"] he tells her, even though he can't even tell if she's awake or not.

He takes her face in his hand, tilting it towards him. As carefully as he can, he squeezes the tube of glue into the wound. Pressing the flaps of skin together, he holds his breath as he waits for it to dry. It probably dried quickly, but Gavin was still hesitant to pull his hand away after a few moments.

Thankfully, it appears to be doing its job. The gash stays closed, and he busies himself with taking a damp cloth to clean the rest of the blood off of her face.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 67d 18h 11s
Everything felt unreal. In her head, her world collapsed. She was just there sitting in darkeners. Her head between her legs and arms wrapped around them. Gavin’s voice did reach her. It started off with some whispers but eventually grew louder with a feeling of floating in a pool. She spent a long time screaming and all it did was have her gasp in real life. It was the only thing she did so he would know she’s still there. Fighting.

Supplies. Medical supplies? They’re in the closet. It even has instructions on what to do. It’s not exactly a manual but on actually how to pass on from her family. There are four several types, give or take, for the procedures. One would think she would’ve been find considering she’s good at what she does. However, it was a friend who betrayed her. she didn’t think it would happen since they grew up together.

Serena did feel everything. It’s like the scene in Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1, where Bella Swan is screaming because of the venom but on the outside, she looked like she was peacefully sleeping. Maybe he should take her to the hospital. He could pass out or give her the only scar. He could use MAR glue. It’s just like putting a coat of Krazy Glue when you want to join two pieces of broken china. MAR glue, surgeons can put the skin tissues directly together, and the body heals itself without any clots in the way. Other advantages: The glue dries in 30 seconds; it's unusually flexible; it can be stored at any temperature. It’s also biodegradable, so it dissolves automatically whether it’s inside or outside the body. The rate at which it dissolves can even be programmed: 30 days for a quick-healing wound, or 90 days for a wound that needs more time. It is the latest and simplest and quickest way to close a bleeding wound. It is also her favorite.
  Serena / simply_random / 1y 69d 20h 23m 3s
The deeper Gavin gets in to the trees, the more apprehensive he gets. His phone's flashlight does little to light up the surrounding area, proving him only small bits of light at a time. [b "Serena?] he calls, forgetting to use her fake name in his panic.

The air was growing colder and his t-shirt was doing little to keep him warm. He'd already been scouring the woods for nearly an hour. His heart hammers in his chest as he fights back a panic attack. He could hear the chirps of bugs surrounding him which does little to ease his anxiety.

He doesn't so much as find her as he does trip over her. [b "Stupid log,"] he grunts, getting to his feet.

It's when he sweeps the light over her that he realizes what he's tripped over. [b "Hey! Serena, look at me,"] he drops to his knees and takes her face in his hands.

She's far too cold for his liking. He presses a finger to her carotid to feel her pulse, which is weak and fluttering. [b "Serena, I need you to wake up,"] he speaks louder, flashing a light in her eyes to see if her pupils respond.

The laceration on her head is deep and flowing blood. He pulls his shirt over his head and tries wiping away as much as he can. Keeping pressure on the wound, his free hand slaps at her cheek to try and rouse her. [b "Can you hear me? Serena, answer me,"] he demands.

She needs medical help and fast. Gavin ties the shirt around the wound and tucks his phone back in his pocket. [b "I got you. Come on,"] he breathes out as he lifts her in to his arms.

While he'd been walking for an hour, thankfully the truck wasn't an hour away. He had been zigzagging in the trees to search for her but hadn't wandered too far from where he'd parked. He hurries as fast as he can to get her in the seat, propping her against the door. He cranks the heater on the car and aims the vents towards her to try and warm her up.

He pulls the laptop in to his lap and sets the GPS to take them home. She'd kill him if he brought her to the hospital. [b "Stay with me, alright?"] he speaks to her as he drives. [b "Just stay with me."]

Gavin breaks just about every law there is to get her home. He only stops once, when he has to get gas, and in his rush he nearly forgets to pay. When they're back on the road, he keeps trying to talk to her. [b "We're almost there. Hold on, alright? We have medical supplies at home and we'll get you all stitched up."]

He's nauseated by the amount of blood on her clothes, and he doesn't even know what other injuries she may have. Her face is swollen where she'd taken punches, and bruises lined her arms. [b "Just don't leave me,"] he says, more to himself than anything.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 71d 18h 13m 42s
Serena was still unconscious. Her body growing cold. Her mind was floating. Whatever is happening in her head was freaking her out. Serena was herself standing on a neon glowing path and millions of random collided squares of all sorts of memory rushed passed her. each side going a different direction. It was as if she was waiting for a train and the minute the train comes that gush of wind blows you back a little. The minute she took a step it stopped. With a touch of a finger a random memory opened wide as if she expanded it to fit the screen and the memory played. She could swipe them left or right and go back to the collage of memories. That was until her body began to slowly shut down. The ‘room’ got dark and she was able to see her breath. Each square dropped one by one shattering into a million of pieces. Her head has a deep laceration. The amount of blood she’s losing will eventually lead to hypovolemic shock.

[center [i 'Sorry writers block']]
  Serena / simply_random / 1y 73d 17h 20m 58s
Gavin grows concerned as the day gets later and Serena has not returned. His eyes fly to the window at every sound, hoping to see her car pulling up in front of the house. Linus does his best to keep him company, which is really just flopping on his lap for belly rubs. The cat sticks close by the boys, as if sensing something is off.

[b "Luna, your mother is going to give me grey hair before I'm thirty-five,"] he grunts, burying his hand in Linus' fur.

The dog gives a big stretch and Gavin takes the opportunity to slide out from under the hefty beast. [b "You two stay put. Luna, protect the house. Linus...use your weight if someone breaks in, I guess."]

Snatching his keys, he makes sure the alarms are all set before getting in his truck and driving in to town. The only problem, aside from finding no sign of her, is that he has no idea how to navigate the town without her there. [b "This is how I die,"] he mutters, backing out of a street that was actually someone's private driveway. [b "Getting lost and getting shot for trespassing."]

By the time he calls it quits, he'd already been out for hours. Banking on the chance that she's gotten home while he's been gone, he heads back to their place. [b "Serena?"] he calls through the hallways, stomach knotting in anxiety when no answer comes.

He throws himself in to the desk chair and rips the post-it note off, crumpling it and throwing it aside. A quick Google search for local news couldn't hurt. When the laptop kicks back on, he finds the program she'd been working on before she left. His eyes narrow as he glances down at his own ring, and then back to the screen where it flashes his location. When his gaze drifts to Serena's location, his paranoia kicks in to high gear when he sees the tracker flashing in the middle of nowhere, timed over the last hour.

[b "Fuck!"] he bolts from the chair and runs to his truck again, dropping the laptop in the seat next to him to follow the tracker. [b "Fuck fuck fuck!"] he slams his hands against the steering wheel.

He's not even sure how he manages to follow the GPS signal without wrecking the truck. His eyes flicker between the road and the computer, being careful not to make a mistake. He prays to any god there might be that his gas doesn't run out.

It's pitch black outside hours later, when the signal finally chimes that he's close. [b "Holy hell,"] he murmurs, sliding out of his seat and listening for any noise, only to hear silence.

He treads carefully, boots crunching on the twigs below his feet, cradling the pistol he'd hidden in his glovebox. [b "What the hell have you gotten yourself into, Serena?"] he breathes quietly.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 74d 16h 44m 31s

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