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She couldn’t believe what he just said. His reaction was all the proof she needed. She looks at the tony thing in his hand seeing it flash red for a few seconds before he breaks it. Her mouth dropped. Sort of. Her lips parted just a bit. Speechless. For once she was left dumfounded.

[#af18ae “What kind of question is that? I’m beyond amazing. It was one of the first thing I picked up quickly.”] she admits to him. She takes the chip. [#af18ae “It’s different. possibly handmade.”] she points at one of the edges. [#af18ae “Not to mention there’s a signature. We’ll need a magnify glass to see it clearly, but that is definitely a signature.”] Serena puts it in her bra and collects the smashed go pro looking camera.

Serena couldn’t believe what he said next. She trusted her works. She did a background check on all of them before hiring. It’s been ages since she checked on all of them and the bakery. Anything and everything could have been compromised by now. [#af18ae “It is… I need to do a background check on everyone again. They were trustworthy back then. I don’t know about now.”] being with her family made her forget about her businesses. [#af18ae “We should get out of here before we get a visit or a surprise.”] she grabbed two bottles of water before walking to the front. Her face is serious. A million of things running through her head. She’s going to need to get the contract proving she’s the rightful owner of her bakery, get it back and remodel everything. Only to make sure there’s nothing hidden in her store. She’ll say she wants everything to be up to date and secured.

She locks up the store once when they got out. She wasn’t paying much attention to anything. She simply got in the car. All bothered and what not. She drove in silence to their next location. She parked in the open space near a wood shop. It was one of the best ones around. [#af18ae “I’ll be here if you need me.”] she said grabbing anything from the bag to eat it.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 175d 4h 17m 37s
As she descends the stairs, Gavin grasps the camera and gives it a sharp tug. It's no bigger than a GoPro, with a tiny antenna sticking out the back. [b "Someone's been waiting for you,"] he grits his teeth, holding up the webcam.

The little red light blinks at them as if to say [i smile]. With a growl, Gavin slams it down on to the counter. It breaks apart with a crunch, and the light dies out. He lifts the receiver chip and examines it. [b "How good are you at tracking? We might be able to lift where this was streaming to. The chip is still intact,"] he tilts it for her to see.

Whatever sense of security he has felt since arriving is gone. Who knows how long the camera had been set up, just waiting to catch a glimpse of her. [b "This is a big fucking problem,"] he rubs a hand over his eyes. [b "Can you vouch for everyone that works here? No one would try to screw you over at this place? This sure as hell isn't a security camera."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 175d 6h 38m 30s
[#af18ae “Tell me about it.”] she mutters back.

There is so much she’s going to need to do in order to restore balance and peace back to her bakeries. Not to mention getting rid of everything negative. With a few tweaks she saved everything on CD… only because she didn’t have a USB drive. Just as she was about to head downstairs she noticed something. There were new things on the bookshelf. Everything was rearranged. There’s always an order. Always. Instead nothing made sense. Everything was scattered. [#af18ae “Coming…”] Serena shouts back after hearing him call out for her.

She immediately turned off the computer and went downstairs. The CD’s were in her hand. She was getting ready to tell him what she found weird upstairs, but his face stopped her. [#af18ae “What’s wrong?”]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 177d 33m 0s
Gavin's nerves are on edge from the minute she notices something off. He follows orders without question, looking around for any evidence of disturbance. [b "Okay so security cameras are definitely being added to more spots. I'm not liking this at all,"] he tells her as he moves towards the stairs to the main entrance of the bakery.

His steps are careful and his eyes are peeled for anything that could be out of place. It was oddly silent, despite someone clearly having been in earlier to prepare the fresh pastries and bread that rested in the counter display. Grumbling to himself, Gavin grabs a paper bag and starts filling it with baked goods.

Out of the corner of his eye, he catches a glimpse of a red flash. [b "What the hell..."] he murmurs, dropping the bag on the counter and crouching to get a better look.

[b "Babe? You better come take a look at this!"] he calls out, staring straight at the lens of a miniature camera mounted on the underside of the counter.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 196d 20h 58m 47s
[#af18ae “Sounds like a plan boo.”]

It didn’t take long for her to hit the road. On her way to civilization she noticed a weird path. She slows down and points at it. [#af18ae “On our way back we should check that out. Maybe we can check it out later when we get back.”] once when they were further away she drove faster.

Serena wants to get to her bakery. She needs to continue to find out what’s been going on with her bakery. Not to mention she’s a little bit hungry. Something sweet would be amazing right now. She knows Gavin would enjoy something sweet too. It didn’t take long to get to the bakery. She parked in front of her bakery. To her surprise it was close. It should’ve been open by now. Since six as a matter of fact. Spanish people love coffee and something bread like or sweet with their coffee. Not to mention there’s a lot of early birds so it’s a done deal for everyone. She grabs his hand and leads him to the back. Another surprise, there’s a metal gate closing the path.

[#af18ae “Boost me up.”] she whispers.

Once when she was in the other side she looked for anything that would help her pick the lock. It took her a while to find something to pick the lock. It took her even longer to unlock it to let him in. it was easier to lock it though. The girl searched for a hidden spare key she kept outside.

[#af18ae “There’s nothing fishy about my bakery being closed today.”] she said sarcastically.

The place was clean. They had everything baked and ready yet it was closed. She jogs upstairs to check out the surveillance footage. A random guy came in raising hell. She sent herself the video and looks at Gavin. [#af18ae “Want to be fat and grab a few things for the road?”] She's going to do some conning later on tonight.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 201d 1h 14m 49s
[b "Let's eat out. I think we can handle indulging ourselves for one day. Besides, I'm tired of cooking. I'll be happy with no dishes for one night. We can hit the bakery first, and then the hardware store. It'll probably take me longer to pick out some of the stuff I'll need,"] he answers from the drivers seat, turning on to the road to take them in to town.

Gavin figures it'll take him quite a bit before he gets used to the claustrophobic feeling that he gets every time they are in town. Everything seems so much closer than back home that it practically felt like he was touching someone wherever he went. It was probably good that they would have crowds to blend in to, but his personal space wasn't something he was overly happy to give up.

[b "I say we buy a castle in Ireland next,"] he mutters. [b "On a secluded cliff with no neighbours, and plenty of room."]

Parking the truck outside of the bakery, he gets out and takes a look around. It was oddly comforting that no one paid them any attention. Still, they can't be too relaxed. [b "Think we should put some security cameras up?"] he murmurs to her as they walk inside, looking for spots they could hide them.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 224d 7h 12m 42s
The girl kisses him back. [#af18ae “Serena could wear pink things time to time if you want. Just don’t get used to it.”] she told him with a semi straight face. It was hard to keep a straight face. [#af18ae “But don’t worry I can help you fight guys off this sweet ass.”] she said smiling wickedly.

Serena went to go get the car keys. [#af18ae “Of course. Where should we go first? The wood shop? Bakery? Hardware store?”] she walked outside. Her ankle was already starting to bother her from the run last night wearing the stupid heels. She isn’t going to say anything to Gavin. Not unless it gets worse or it starts to swell.

They got in his car. Just in case they buy a lot of things. His car can carry hold more things than hers. Today shall me a good day dispute her ankle hurting. It would help them keep their minds busy and being sexually active free. Not that she’s complaining, but they do need a break. Once when she started the car she automatically lowered the windows and turned on the AC. It was crazy hot in the car.

[#af18ae “Think we should also eat out? We are out. Even though we weren’t supposed to leave our place for a week.”] she shrugs. [#af18ae “Neither of us has to cook and clean so it’s a win, win.”]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 228d 20h 19m 36s
Despite the seriousness of their conversation, Gavin snorts a laugh. [b "Pink? You actually own something that is pink? I gotta see this."]

While she wanders to their room to get ready, he pulls a pair of dark jeans and a charcoal button-down from the suitcase he'd yet to unpack. Ready in less than five minutes, he puts away the rest of the food while he waits. Might as well be useful.

Hearing her voice join him again, he turns and lets out a whistle at her outfit. [b "Holy hell, that's hot,"] he comments with eyebrows raised. [b "I'm going to have to fight off every guy that looks your way."]

Walking towards her, he presses a quick kiss to her lips as he moves past to get his keys. [b "I still like you in your badass clothes though. Much more Serena."]

Seeing as they're already planning on staying out most of the day, he wonders if she'll mind making a little stop on their way home that evening. Maybe some place where they can dance. It might be a while before they can enjoy themselves freely with all of this chaos going on. Better take advantage of their time alone while they can. [b "Do you want to drive? I don't know where you want to go first. We have all day."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 231d 7h 5m 27s
Serena isn’t going to accept that. He needs to accept it. Why wouldn’t he accept it? It could be considered her dying wish. [#af18ae “You’ll get used to it. Try surveillance watching for 6 months and you only go out at night here and there after those 6 months. That old fart liked girls who plays hard to get and barely goes out. One of the most worse target I’ve ever had. Ever.”] true story. Boring story. Easy mission.

She kisses the top of his head. He’s not the only one who needs to go out and venture. Her herself is getting bored of being in this new house. It is time to doll up to stay in character. As she was about to let go to go start to long process he pulls her into his arms. [#af18ae “I will do my best. That’s all I can say.”] she replies using his own words against him, hopefully.

The feeling of knowing that they’ll both most likely will ignore the others wish and go back to save the other is as great as wanting to start a family with thus guy. Despite her being scared of course. [#af18ae “Alright. Time for me to become Mia and be girly. I think I may wear pink.”] she scrunches up her face. The girl herself hates the color. Yes, she may look good in it, but she hates it.

Serena went to start the make-up process first before getting ready. She tends to watch YouTube videos on make-up tutorials to keep up with the new make-up trend. She even curled her hair. Once when she was all dolled up and girly. [#af18ae “Ready when you are boo.”] she said twirling making her skirt twirl as well.

[center [ The outfit]]
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Gavin doesn't think that's a promise he can make. If there are no kids to live for, what point is there if he loses her again? He doesn't want to go back to that life of being without her. He's done it once, and he refuses to do it again. Still, he knows she'll never give in if he doesn't agree. So, he gives her a tense smile. [b "I will do my best to run. That's all I can say."]

He leans back against her and closes his eyes, breathing in her perfume. It was still comforting, after all of these years. [b "We can go today. I'm starting to get a little stir-crazy. It's going to take me a while to get used to living in secrecy. I'm used to never being home."]

Getting up from his chair, he turns and captures her in his arms. [b "Since I know how you get, I'm also going to need a promise that you'll get out if something happens to me. No brave revenge heroics. No going out guns blazing. I'll only agree if you do."] His eyes flash at her, as if challenging her to disagree.

It's not an image he'd like to picture, but it's something that is entirely possible. While they're going to fight as best as they can, who's to say that one of them won't get caught - either by authorities or enemies. If his inexperience gets himself killed, then he wants to know that she won't do something stupid. The woman has a hot-head, and he doesn't doubt that she would try to avenge him without thinking of the consequences.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 238d 7h 8m 19s
Yet again her question got to him. She’s going to give him all the time in the world to answer it. It didn’t even bother her that he’s more hesitant to answer. There’s no need to make him rush and say the wrong things. The longer it took the more scared she got. It’s like he’s contemplating about everything. Like if he’s starting from the beginning. Once he started to speak she sighed in relief. That was until she heard what he was saying.

Serena removes her hands from the table and sticks her tongue out at him. Now he agrees and possibly always did, but still wanted to try to start a family. Even in this consequence. But he knows this is how they need to live. For now.

[#af18ae “If things get hard and if I know I can end it and it also guarantees your safety, you need to run and never look back. Don’t even go back. If I die you need to take care of Nyx and keep on living. Don’t make my death be for nothing. Do you hear me? Promise me you’ll leave when I tell you and do go or look back for nothing.”]

She gets up and hugs him from behind. [#af18ae “Besides all female con-artists and other criminal’s will think you’re a hot shot once when the rumors about you surviving Capers grasp begins.”] She kisses his cheek. [#af18ae Nyx would fuck them up for me if I don’t make it.”] she adds smiling. [#af18ae “However, I’m alive and we got things to do. Should we go into town today or tomorrow to order the things? I would rather go in person than to do it online.”]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 242d 20h 44m 4s
Her question catches him off guard, and his pencil scribbles slightly off the page. He doesn't look up right away. It's a tough question, but then again, they're in a tough situation. While this isn't exactly how he'd imagined his life was going to turn out, there are few things that would send him running at this point.

[b "The short answer is no,"] Gavin speaks after another moment of hesitation. [b "I'm not okay with us being on the run for our lives, planning our future children's nursery while also planning a steel bunker and deadly traps around our home. If I had my way, we'd be living on the coast somewhere, in a craftsman home with a white picket fence, doing all of that cheesy family stuff that I never got. But we don't get to have that choice."]

Dropping the pencil, he runs a hand through his hair. [b "We're doing the best with the hand we've been dealt. And even if it gets dangerous, and hard sometimes, I won't give it up. I won't give you up again. I won't go back to drinking every night to put myself to sleep so I don't think of how miserable I am. That isn't living either."]

He reaches across the table and flicks her hand. [b "Besides, this is only temporary."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 244d 7h 17m 57s
[#af18ae “Exactly. See you’re getting the hang of this.”] Serena said smiling. There’s a slim chance he may be cut out for her lifestyle. She watches him add things to the list. Everything they’re going to get is going to cost them an arm and a leg.

[#af18ae “Whatever we order can be shipped to both our business so people won’t suspect anything.”] they are going to need to be careful with the things they are planning on doing. People will notice and they WILL say something. Gossip travels like a wild fire. Gossip isn’t good. Someone will get suspicious and then they’re fucked.

[#af18ae “How about flowers? We tend to catch on when we see markers. We can plan certain flowers in different parts for the woods.”] To think Gavin is innocent… he most likely got the idea from a movie or something. [#af18ae “I think you’re secretly liking this.”] she put a leg up to rest her chin on her knee. [#af18ae “Random question… Are you okay with all of this? The running away, hiding, change of identities, learning how to protect yourself and other, and practically becoming a criminal.”]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 249d 23h 47m 58s
[b "We'd best get everything today. If we're going to have to order in some of the supplies, the sooner it gets done the better. We don't want to be waiting longer than necessary,"] Gavin's eyes scan the list of items.

It might take them a while to get everything they need all set up and prepared, but it'll give them something to do so they aren't sitting around spending time thinking about kids. They'll need a distraction, and this one is definitely welcomed. [b "I'm just going to add some things here,"] he takes the pen from her and gets to work.

One of the most important items he marks down is bamboo. Being surrounded by woods, they have to use it to their advantage in the event of being attacked. By sharpening the bamboo shoots, they can lure their attackers in to a pit filled with them for quick elimination.

Drawing up a quick sketch, he slides the paper around to show her. [b "If we place these small pits strategically around the woods, we'll have areas to use if we have to run. We can use a marker so we know where they are, but any enemies won't have a clue."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 254d 3m 13s
Serena scuffed. [#af18ae “The bathroom, kitchen, living room and garage. If possible.”] she said smiling.

The numbers on his sketch threw her off a little. It took her a while to figure out what they meant. She pretended to date an architect once. He was an okay guy, killed for his own pleasure and over charged the people. He had to go. She took care of it.

It was nice knowing he knew what he was doing. He came up with an idea real fast. It was impressing. It made her want to do the same. She came up with more ideas. Some were backup plans in case her original plans somehow failed. She put a leg on her the chair and rested her chin on it. They’re going to be busy for the next few days. The things she does to keep herself and others safe. She normally doesn’t go this crazy. But since it’s her first love and most likely the las, she as to go up and beyond to protect him.

It was now time to make a list of things she’s going to need. The list was long and the amount she needed for certain items were crazy. Even though they said they weren’t going into town for a week they are going to need the supplies for traps and hidden furniture departments.

[#af18ae “We need to go into town later or tomorrow to get some supplies.”] She told him after she was done with everything she was doing.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 258d 19h 52s

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