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[b "The older guy at the poker table. Grey hair and kind of sunken eyes? He's a little too interested in me,"] he informs her. [b "He's been watching me since he sat down."]

Gavin takes a breath and peaks back out to get a look at the table. He has to hold back a wince when he sees the stranger staring right back. [b "Yeah, he's on to something. We need to be careful. The dude has at least two guards with him. I don't know if he has any on the rest of the yacht."]

It's infuriating that he still doesn't know who the man could be, or why he'd be after them. His best guess is that his family used their connections to blast his picture on all sorts of media trying to find him, and this guy just happened to come across the photos. When they get back to the house, they'll have to look up any missing persons reports.

Who knows when they would be heading back to shore. Right now they're stuck in the middle of the ocean with a potential stalker and nowhere to bail. [b "Think he'd be stupid enough to try anything out here with everyone?"]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 80d 23h 33m 33s
Serena snooped around some more, while she ate. She found little random things. Safes, hidden spots, money, knockoffs and more. It's nothing she was looking for. Soon enough she went back to a different room to scan the room again. More hideen things. Except they were illegal things like drugs and cigars.

The girl was in the middle of trying to open a safe when Gavin came in. He scared the life out of her and choke on the food she was chewing on. She had to take a shot of whisky. It made her shiver. It's been forever since she had some hard stuff like that. [#af18ae Thank you jesus. I came up short. Well... I may come back to take a few things, but what do you know?] She asks sitting on top of the desk after fixing the safes hiding spot. Gavin is learning quickly. She's proud of him. So proud that she can do him right then and there.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 81d 22h 42m 10s
The game wasn't giving him any leads at first. The men drawled on and on about their companies and investments while Gavin did his best to appear interested. His jaw irked slightly when one of the males commented on Serena, having seen the two of them dancing. [b "Well, money does tend to attract people, doesn't it?"] It practically gags him to say the words.

He's about to leave when another joins the table. Not a word is spoken as the older gentleman drops a stack of cash on the green felt. Gavin locks eyes with him, and he swears he sees a flicker of recognition in the man's face.

As the hand is dealt, Gavin can feel the gaze on him. [b "Do I look familiar?"] he throws a casual smile towards the stranger.

[i "You must have one of those faces,"] the man shrugs him off but doesn't look away.

[b "I've heard that,"] the younger male snorts. [b "I guess I just stand out around here. New blood and all that."]

[i "Must be."]

Unsettled, Gavin downs his drink and rises from his chair. [b "Duty calls, gentlemen. I'll be back soon."]

His eyes scour the boat for Selena. When he manages to locate her, he grabs her by the arm and pulls her towards a hallway. [b "I'm not sure, but I'm pretty confident that I have a lead."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 100d 2h 59m 58s
Serena chuckles. He is a sweet talker. [#af18ae “Are harder. They’re cocky little things who thinks they know how the game is played until one of them old farts show them who’s boss.”] True story. Lesson learned. Not to mention it’s a story for another time.

His idea of owning their own yacht sounds good, but of course not a smart move for the moment. He did give her an idea. They can buy a small boat and travel. Hide out in the big ocean. They should talk about it later. It is a good idea. In case this location is a bust and their cover is blown or is someone tries to kill them more than once. [#af18ae “See ya.”] she said winking at him with a smile.

It’s sad that the song ended which ended their sexual dance. She was starting to get into it. A little longer and everyone would have a sneak peek of what was to come. Serena swayed her hips away. She went to grab a plate of food and disappeared. It was a brilliant plan. She ate little by little. Search different rooms. One was taken because someone was getting busy. There were loud moans echoing through the tiny hallway. It made her chuckle. So far there was nothing. Serena was close to giving up. She sat down in a random room to finish eating. What is happening? Who knows about them besides what’s his face? Gavin isn’t going to like this.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 105d 16m 11s
Gavin smirks back. [b "It shouldn't be this much of a turn on when you go all 'mean girl'. You've ruined me, woman,"] he teases.

Pressing himself a little closer to her, he tightens his hold. [b "I'm going to see if I can talk with some of the younger men. They might be easier to get info from. They love to brag. Maybe they'll spill something."]

His lips turn smoothly to attack her neck right under her earlobe. [b "Maybe we should get one of these. We can throw our own parties, just the two of us. We could have some fun of our own,"] he nips at her neck.

The dance ends far too soon for his liking, but they have work to do. Giving her one last deep kiss, he pulls back and gives her hip a squeeze. [b "See you soon."]

It wasn't hard to find the loudmouth newcomers. They younger men had all crowded around the poker table, smoking cigars and downing whiskey sours like water. [b "Mind if I join, gentlemen?"] Gavin holds up a stack of cash.

They slide to give him a seat and he drops some cash on the table. He's careful about what information he gives them, but it's enough to get them on the hook.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 111d 9h 29m 44s
Serena's lips curved into a wicked smile. It is indeed a needed break. She doesn’t know if she wants to punch them and kill them. Females can be nasty little things. She made sure it was clear to the money hungry skanks that he belongs to her. Their bodies were pressed against each other. [#af18ae “Relax. Don’t let them know you get jealous easily. They would mess with you.”] Serena quietly whispers, kissing him near the jaw line and earlobe.

[#af18ae “Nothing but that they’re money, Prada, cosmetic hungry sluts and that they each slept with each other [Ii banks].”] she continued to talk after the turn, [#af18ae “I’m going to go wander around for a little after this dance. You should try their food. It’s amazing. I was stuffing my face when the mean girls attack. Of course, I snapped back.”] Serena said sending a wink the group of guys staring. [#af18ae “Then I’m going to pray on each girl. One by one. Maybe we can even have some alone time somewhere private.”] She can’t wait to snoop around. Maybe even bring some food and if she gets caught she’ll say she wanted to eat in peace and not have the scarecrows staring. It seems like a valid excuse. For now she’s going to dance with her man, be flirty and sexual and of course seal everything with kisses. Maybe even a quick make out towards the end. Who knows!
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 112d 1h 54m 2s
Gavin pretends to roll his eyes exasperatedly. [b "Excuse me, gentlemen. My services are needed."]

Downing the rest of his drink, he accepts her hand and escorts her to the designated dance floor. [b "This is a much needed break,"] he steps close to wrap an arm around her waist, while the other takes her hand.

[b "I haven't found much at all. Just inflated egos and business cards. I'm sure one of them was almost about to faint with joy at the mention of a trust fund. You weren't kidding about them,"] Gavin sways them softly, keeping his voice low enough for only her ears to hear.

His jaw tenses when he sees a few men staring at Serena, but it's nothing more than lustful eyes. Nothing suspicious to worry about. [b "Anything on your end? I noticed a few ladies hanging around you. Did they say anything odd?"]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 125d 2h 47m 49s
Having someone with her at an event like this is amazing. Fun. Better than normal. She kept to herself until a group of pricey bitches came up to her. Trying to start something. Serena quickly shut them all down. Not only by telling them how much they have but that she knows how to fight professionally and how she doesn't need to see a doctor to look good. While eating some delicious food. Something a man would pick for himself. They're just mad because they eat like a dinosaur. All greens. Lame!

Serena grabbed a champaign glass. Once when she did, she saw her husband raise a glass. She raised her before going to him. [#af18ae "Dance with me my love."] Serena tried walking all seductively. But her voice was cute and seductive. She even gave Owen a look and two random ugly mofos.

The music was boring. Something rich people like. Well depending who you are of course.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 132d 6h 6m 23s
[b "So bring up money whenever possible, and try to act like I'm ready to drop thousands without batting an eye. Sounds like something right up my alley,"] he murmurs back, pocketing the cash. [b "Is it bad that I'm turned on over the fact that you brought a taser to this?"]

The party is exactly how he remembered them to be. Wealthy men strutting around with gorgeous young women glued to their sides. He almost wants to ask them how much money they were offered to show up. Half of the men don't even pay attention to them, too busy wrapped up in whatever pissing contest they're currently in.

[b "I didn't miss the smell of egos and cheap cologne,"] he glances at her over the rim of his champagne flute.

Small talk comes easily after having done events like these for years. Gavin chats up a rotund bear of a man with an oil dynasty, and a real estate mogul with homes on almost every continent. He recites their backstory flawlessly, the words spilling from his lips without hesitation. He has their attention the minute he drops a hundred dollar bill on the bar top to buy them a round.

Glancing over to Serena, he raises an eyebrow with a smirk, giving a faint tip of his glass her way in cheers.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 132d 10h 33s
Right now is one of those moments where Serena can dress up and be seductive. It's one of her favorite things to do. Use her body as a secret weapon. She follows him to the room and starts digging for something to wear. A nice black tight dress with a dark red pumps [i (heels)], gave her hair some volume, makeup, dark red lipstick to match and a black purse. She was set.

[#af18ae "Yup, try not to sell your soul."] she said jokingly, [#af18ae "Everyone on the yacht knows English. If they say they don't then talk rich. Money means everything to them. And power of course. Oh and women. I'll make you look good. Just be careful what you tell them. Remember the story we came up for our aliases."] When she was done she searched her closet for her Fujifilma camera to take a picture of them. When she found it she walked up to him and took a picture of them. She waited for it to pop up and placed it down on the dresses with the camera. By the time it drys they'll be on the road. [#af18ae "Ready when you are."] She's going to drive them in her car and pay the bouncers to get it.

At least that is what she was going to do. Owen arrived when they arrived. He got them in. It was him and a wife. [#af18ae Here."] she said opening her bag handing him 5k in cash. [#af18ae "To keep up with the rich act. I got more if you need some. I also have a taser."] she whispers in his ear.

[center [ the dress]]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 140d 3h 3m 43s
A yacht party? It's not exactly the ideal location to get information from the guy, but at least Gavin was experienced in events like this. Obnoxious parties were his expertise. He can't count the number of events he'd attended to represent his family, and schmoozing was something he'd gotten quite good at. [b "Even if we don't find anything, at least there'll be food and drinks,"] he answers.

Glancing down at his now dirty clothes, he sighs. [b "I was getting used to wearing comfy clothes."]

Turning on his heel, he marches to their room and starts digging through his closet. Crisp blue trousers and a fitted white button down will do the trick. Not overly formal, but at least he'll look like he belongs there. These things are usually full of pompous businessmen flaunting their money. No doubt they'll be looking for new blood to sink their talons in to. Especially if he can't speak the language. [b "Anything I should know before we get there?"] he casts a glance her way while he checks himself over in the mirror.

The last thing Gavin wants is to blow this by not being well-versed with information regarding Owen. They would have to think on their feet for the other party guests, but if he ends up alone with Owen, he wants to at least be able to handle himself as well as she can.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 140d 3h 22m 23s
Serena isn’t liking any of this. Not anymore. It’s beginning to annoy her. Maybe them finding a place like this was too easy. Maybe it was planned? Maybe she messed it up by visiting her families place and coming back as Mia… [#af18ae “They are. It would ease our mind.”] She said getting on her laptop, [#af18ae “Remind me to make your laptop more secure later.”] She said typing in the speed of light.

They never received any big amount of money or received the same amount of money within a year. That is good. Apparently, Oliva gave birth a few days ago. Thank god. She was huge! One two of the business stuck out a bit. It’s hard to tell what is going on. She’s going to need to dig deeper into both of them and maybe even hack into them. She went so deep into the family’s history she knows about both their great, great grandparents! Serena sighs. [#af18ae “They are clean. Except for Olivia’s great grandpa. He is wanted for multiple murder. Too bad that they didn't have technology back then. I could’ve gone deeper…”] She got up to get something to drink, [#af18ae “But two things stuck out. A charity group and a business firm.”] She adds while getting something to drink. [#af18ae “They have exchanged money about four times within three years. Loads of money.”] She couldn’t help but think about Owen. Not because he’s a good lucky womanizer, but because he did help them. He could’ve leaked anything out. [#af18ae “I think we should visit Owen. Maybe he knows something.”] she quietly adds.

Serena started to looking into Owen. Owen Salem. Married to, now, seven ladies. A dozen kids. He did receive three big amounts of money. Two accounts were impossible to track. She isn’t going to stop trying to track it, though. [#af18ae “He’s attending a yacht party tonight. Shall we crash it? Just know we may have to swim out of there if things get sour…”] There is also going to be a lot of Portuguese chatting. Poor Gavin is going to be clueless!
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 143d 5h 26m 6s
Gavin follows her lead and starts ripping his things apart, looking for any kind of disturbance that shouldn't be there. From his clothes to his luggage, he searches every nook and cranny with his flashlight. He even checks the soles of his shoes, but comes up empty.

The cabinets get ransacked, as well as the light fixtures. It only gets more frustrating when nothing comes up. If the house isn't it, what the hell could it be? [b "Yeah, we need to look in to them. If they have ties with anyone and recognize you, we may be royally fucked,"] he runs a hand through his hair in frustration.

Grabbing his laptop, he starts searching the names listed on the paperwork for the house. [b "They're involved in a lot of businesses here. Different committees and things. What do you think?"] he hands the computer over to her for a second opinion.

It would only take one person to screw them over, but it comes down to finding out who that person is. Gavin has no clue the kind of ties their enemies have, and how far their reach goes. They could be screwed no matter where they go. [b "Are they worth looking deeper in to?"]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 155d 8h 50s
Serena wasn’t sure how to react with him slamming the car door. It isn’t her car, but it still irritated her. [#af18ae “Until we know more you shouldn’t get all worked up for no reason.”] she said debating on starting the car. She ended up starting the car when he closed his eyes and took off.

[#af18ae “When we get home we need to check everything we brought with us and see if it’s bugged. If nothing is bugged, that is how we are going to know if we’re majorly screwed.”] she said watching everything and everyone as she drove. She didn’t spot see anyone following them. However, to be on the safe side she took a million of turns before getting home.

Once when the car was off she got out. [#af18ae “Ready?”] Serena asked before jogging into the house. She started searching from top to bottom in every room in the house. Every item they have. She couldn’t find anything. At one point she came across the papers to the house. When they couldn’t find anything she sat down on the couch and started reading everything. Word for word. [#af18ae “Nothing. Should we check on the previous owners? Maybe its them?”] She asked setting the papers down.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 157d 2h 5m 39s
[i Fuck fuck fuck,] he curses to himself internally. It's looking like their situation has escalated much more than they had thought. He brushes past the people he had previously pushed out of his way and ignores the pissed looks they shoot him.

It takes him a bit to navigate back to the car, but when he finds it, he gets in with a slam of the door. [b "So we just went from fucked to ultra fucked. I'm about ninety-eight percent sure that we're being watched. Some dude was waiting for me when I got out of the store. He took off when I confronted him."]

Running a hand through his hair, he lets his eyes fall closed. [b "I think the repairs to the shop are going to be put on hold for a bit. I'm going to have to search that place from top to bottom. Who knows if they've been watching us since we got here. Or how the hell they know we're here."]

He goes through his head for anything they might have missed. They left their credit cards behind, as well as cell phones. As far as he knew, they had nothing on them that could trace their location. So what the hell was he missing?
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 164d 10h 1m 33s

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