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[b "Well, you were unconscious for a good forty-eight hours. Your blood sugar is probably still low, and you're practically dehydrated. It'll take a bit longer to get your strength back up. Just keep eating, and your energy levels will be back to what they were,"] he accepted the fork to take a bite. [b "This is a good way to do it. It's delicious,"] Gavin grinned, reaching for another bite.

The idea of going for a run wasn't nearly as appealing as just relaxing in the backyard hammock, but it had to be done. He wouldn't pack on any muscle or cardio skills by lounging around all the time. Besides, she was recovering from a major assault and she was still in better shape than he was. [b "I think I can part with the love handles,"] he grabbed at the little fleshy bits on his hips.

He stepped closer to press a kiss to her temple. [b "Gonna get changed and stretch so I don't pull every muscle that my lower body has."]

While not quite spandex, his training shorts were still a tighter than regular basketball shorts. The remainder of his brief time practicing MMA to try to get into shape after their big break up a few years back. He forwent the shirt. Might as well try to seduce her a little bit, if he has to exercise.

Gavin dramatically does lunge steps into the kitchen, hands firmly on his hips. [b "Future Olympic athlete, at your service."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 312d 14h 26m 11s
Serena chuckles. Of course he would choose coffee. He gets to add as much sugar as he wants. It was a mistake on her part for even suggesting it. He was quick to brew some up and make himself a cup. He couldn’t even ask or make her a cup. The girl gets up to make herself one. Pure black and a spoon of sugar just to sweeten it a little.

[#af18ae “Where whatever you want. Just don’t complain if whatever you wear is heavy, suffocating you or if you decide to run in the nude or in your boxers. You don’t have to come but you do need to start working out. I can’t bring you into missions if you’re not fit or know how to protect yourself. Things are changing and so should you. You can still have your [i fat cakes] though.”] she adds winking at time.

Serena pulls out the tray with the experiment breakfast. It smells amazing. So good that she’s salivating. The girl licks her lips and bites on her bottom lip gently. [#af18ae “I think since i lost so much blood I’ve been more hungry. I’m going to make some dumplings, egg fried rice with vegetables, and broccoli and chicken. Traveling has it perks...”] she says smiling at him, already planning dinner. What about lunch? If they eat lunch. Maybe she’ll skip it. She needs to get into more shape. The girl got her ass handed to her so it makes sense. [#af18ae “Okay try it. It’s pieces of biscuit dough, eggs, chopped bacon and lots of it, cheese and green onions. Got the recipe offline.”] she says carefully pulling a piece it out but it was too hot. Instead she grabs a spoon to take a small piece out and offers it to him before getting a spoon of her own. She’s starving!
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Gavin was grumbling under his breath by the time she joined him, freshly showered. [b "Nothing since we last saw him. No accessed documents, no new contact with sources, and no tinkering on my computer. It makes me more suspicious than when we know he's being a corrupt prick,"] he answered.

The mention of coffee perked his ears right up. [b "Coffee. Definitely coffee. The only good smoothie is a milkshake,"] he rose from his chair to make a fresh pot.

He added far too much sugar to his mug while they waited for the machine to brew. [b "A run sounds like pure evil at the moment, but I suppose I'd better join you. Cardio and all that. The hills are going to be a cruel bitch on my lungs but I suppose that's what I get for canceling my gym membership to stay home and binge watch television the past few years."]

Mercifully, the coffee is ready before he can whine too much. [b "This is better than sex,"] he sighs dramatically, cradling the warm mug to his cheek. [b "Truly, the nectar of the gods,"] he took a long sip.

Leaning against the counter, he peaks an eye open at her. [b "Should I wear spandex shorts and a tight shirt on our run to seduce you? Maybe do some provocative stretching in front of you, to get your heart rate up?"] he teased.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 319d 12h 26m 33s
Serena laughs hearing him. The dog probably made it under the covers imposing as her. That's hilarious. [#af18ae "That's okay. I guess I need to tune into my mermaid abilities and sleep here for now on."] She says flicking some water at his directions. Her head gently nods when he said he's going to check the computers. When he left she got up so she can properly shower. Luna jumps when she heard the shower head.

The girl began to sing 'All She Wants' by Ace of Base. Luna meowed to a few parts. It didn't take long for her to get out. With a towel wrapped around her body she walks out to the bedroom to put on a large baggy shirt and an underwear. [#af18ae "Anything?"] She ask walking to the kitchen to start making breakfast. She decided to try something new. Pillsbury pull apart breakfast that consist with flaky biscuits, eggs, bacon, green onions, and cheese. The most annoying part was breaking each biscuit into four quarters. [#af18ae "I'm going for a run an hour after we eat. You're welcome to join me."] She says sitting down, waiting for it to bake in the oven. She had two days to do whatever she wants before she has to go see if the gangsters did their part. If not she's going to get her money back and maybe kill a few.

Serena rests her chin in her palm as she stares out the window. Everything is green and slowly moving in waves. It's like a green ocean of waves. It's pretty. Maybe they should plant flowers to add colors around this place. [#af18ae "Do you want coffee? I don't know if I should make coffee or a smoothie."] she says breaking her gaze. Luna purrs and jumps onto a chair and on the table to be closer to the window.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 320d 9h 55m 10s
He let himself drift off again, under the warmth of her body and even breaths. When he woke up the next morning, the bed was cooled and Linus had his head on Serena's pillow, panting in Gavin's face. [b "Why Serena,"] he called out playfully. [b "You've grown quite hairy overnight. And your breath smells like Milkbones."]

Rising out of the bed, he found her in the tub with Luna perched carefully where should could avoid the water while supervising. [b "I'm not entirely sure, but I think you just lost your half of the bed to my dog. We may have to invest in a king size, so he can sleep in the middle."]

Luna reached out with her paw to catch his hand, almost as if demanding for a head scratch. He was more than happy to comply. [b "I'm going to check for any updates on the computer. See if Byrnes has done anything worth noting over the past day."]

He kissed her cheek and gave the cat one more scratch before wandering to boot up the laptop. Fortunately, all seemed quiet on the Byrnes front. Gavin set up a small protocol so that any time Byrnes accesses files under Gavin's hard drive would send an alert to the laptop.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 321d 11h 52m 57s
Serena playfully rolled her eyes. Only if he knew she was thinking about him. Maybe that’s how he sensed them because it’s about him. If he would’ve ignored it a little longer she would’ve went back to sleep. [#af18ae “You must be speaking for yourself. I can work out longer than this.”] she says grinning. Kissing his forehead.

[#af18ae “You’re dog. You train him. Now go back to sleep.”] she whispers pulling the blanket a bit higher to cover her bare shoulders. With a flick of a lightening it began to pour again. Then the series of lightening and thunder began. She closed her eyes shut, pulling herself closer to him. They not a fan of thunder. Lightening on the other hand is a prettt scene. The way it lights up when it’s pitch black giving it either the nice purple or dark blue effect. Lovely. Thunder on the other hand scares her. Past experience. The girl whispers I love you before going back to sleep.

By morning it stopped raining. Serena was in the tub soaking. Luna was like a guardian or a peeping-Tom watching her soak. The cat was sitting on the edge of the tub. She needs to get up took to make breakfast.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 323d 14h 6m 5s
Regardless of how rough the storm outside was, Gavin was delightfully tired and cozy warm in the bed. He barely woke to Serena stirring beside him, only peaking his eyes open long enough to stretch his arm around her. [b "Go back to sleep. You're thinking far too loudly,"] he grumbled, rolling slightly to nestle his face in her neck.

Linus took offense to his movement, taking the opportunity to push back against them. [b "I think we did far more exercise than we ever would have, had we gone on that run you suggested,"] he teased playfully, dragging his fingertips up and down her hip.

It was dizzying how quickly she made every coherent thought leave his head. Gavin knew he'd been taunting her before their bedroom excursion, but he instantly turned into an idiot when her lips were on his.

[b "I don't suppose there is any chance that we can just stay in this room for the rest of our lives? I'm sure we can train Linus to go and bring us food from the grocery store whenever we're running low,"] he let his eyes fall closed once more.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 323d 14h 45m 40s
Serena turns around, still in his arms. She pulls he is head down into a deeper kiss. She could feel him smile against her lips as her hands cross his chest. Her eyes closed feeling his lips trailing kisses down her neck, letting one of his hands slide her thighs. She grasp the bottom of his shirt and helps him take it off tossing it on the floor. Except it lands on Luna who was walking by like an innocent bystander. She continues to help him undress adding the clothes onto a pile. She could feel his hands wonder from her neck to his chest. A moan escapes her. They couldn’t make it to the bedroom when his hands got lower.

When she woke they had a blanket on them. The fur babies nest to them. It was still dark out but the storm seems to be passing. Her lifts up a little to turn to look at Gavin. A smile grew on her face. Maybe all they needed was a second chance to try to make things work right and normally. She carefully shirts to give him a kiss on the nose without pulling the blanket to go back to sleep.
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He snorted a laugh. [b "Two kids with our genetics are going to be absolute monsters. I can see it now. We'll be getting phone calls from the neighbours demanding for us to come get the toddlers off the roof because they're trying to catch birds to keep as pets. We're in for trouble no matter how many we have."]

He followed her out of the bed and caught sight of the storm clouds brewing in the distance, with flashes of heat lightning flickering behind them. [b "I'm not sure I know the area well enough to be driving in a downpour, let alone a full on storm. If its anything like last night's, I'll end up in a ditch somewhere with four flat tires and a concussion, at the very least."]

Gavin stepped up behind her at the window and wrapped her up tightly in his arms. [b "I'm liking the idea of baby practice. If you can promise that you're not in pain and in need of drugging to sleep it off,"] he buried his face in her neck.

[b "I also hope that you're aware of the inevitable spoiling that will happen to our kid, no matter the gender. I am going to be absolutely useless at sticking to my guns. You may have to toughen me up,"] he dragged his teeth lightly along her skin.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 324d 13h 52m 58s
Serena began to laugh. Her hand had to cover her face because of how hard she’s sleighing. [#af18ae “Two. Two kids would be fine. Not a truck load. Half of them would be criminals... but that wasn’t a proposal. I have a real romantic side so I’ll be romantic about it or super kinky to make you say yes and then regret later.”] the girl says grinning. Is he expecting her to propose to him? There’s nothing wrong with it. She’ll jist have to wait until she’s a hundred percent better before doing so. [#af18ae “But you do have to wear pants. We’re not getting married in Vegas. That’s something that happens in Vegas.”]

The girl carefully got off the bed. [#af18ae “You’re right though. I’m normally a few steps ahead of you. You better catch up before someone decides to catch up to this.”] she says placing a hand on her hip posing. She lets out a chuckle and runs out the room in case he decides to react to what she said. She goes to close the doors and windows since it began to look like a storm is coming. [#af18ae “I think you neee to go into town with a hat and buy candles and if there’s a power generator, that too. A storm is coming and I don’t know how well this place can handle it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”] she says turning off lights to the rooms they aren’t in. Then again maybe he should stay. What if it starts while he’s on the road? She can’t have him die like Left Eye from TLC. [#af18ae “Or we can fall it a night early. Maybe even practice in making a baby for fertility research and for... exploring ourselves research.”] she says trying to hold back a laughter.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 325d 13h 52m 15s
She knew the way to his heart. Gavin didn't exactly consider himself outdoorsy, but if you gave him a sandy beach with sun and alcohol, he'd be there in a heartbeat. [b "We're talking a totally pants-optional wedding, right? Because you might not be able to get me in anything but swim trunks if we go to Jamaica."]

The topic switched from wedding to babies quickly, but he began smiling like an absolute moron. [b "Ready to put a ring on my finger and make an honest man out of me? Is this your way of saying you want a truck-full of my babies? Mini Gavins running around, causing absolute mayhem with adorable curls and dimples and your pension for causing terror wherever they go?"]

He tried to flex like Hercules, but it didn't produce anything more than a minor bump in his arm. [b "How can I say no to an offer like that?"] he returned the kiss.

Pausing momentarily, he pulled back. [b "That was a proposal, right? You just proposed to me? I feel like that's how it would go down between us anyways. You always beat me to the punch."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 325d 14h 39m 42s
His reaction was hilarious. She knew that he was going to react that way. She would’ve too if he said something like that to her. Maybe instead of a gently butbyet kinky hair pull a punch would’ve suffice.

Serena poker out one of her pink to give him that pinky promise. [#af18ae “Alright. I won’t look back to see you suffer. If I finish my run and you’re not there within five minute I’ll come get you.”] she says smiling before giving him a kiss. Serena felt bad for making him go on a quick emotional ride. To make him better she knew what to say. Hopefully. [#af18ae “Whay would you say to a wedding in Jamaica? Maybe we can stay there an extra week or two. It wouldn’t be bad to have a honeymoon where we get married. Then maybe we can find a nice place and start a family... or should we get hitched while I’m pregnant? Best of both worlds.”] she says caressing his arm oh so gently. She closer she got the more her voice lowered. Then her lips pressed against his. A small smile grew on her face waiting for him to answer.
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Gavin raised an eyebrow. [b "'No matter who's the father?'"] he quoted with disbelief. [b "Are you planning on securing a few more options?"] he tugged playfully at a lock of her hair.

The mention of Lucas threw off his train of thought. He hadn't considered his brother within the past few days. With all that had been going on, and with Serena being kidnapped and brutally attacked, his brother had been at the very back of his mind.

It truly wouldn't surprise him to find out that his older brother was behind one of the bounties taken out on him. Lucas had their mother's temper, and their father's stubbornness. Not exactly an ideal combination. Especially when his brother was going for Gavin's share of the company.

It should bother him more that Luke would stoop so low as to order his death in exchange for money, but with how dysfunctional his family was to begin with, he just found himself numb to it all.

[b "If I join you on a run, you have to promise not to laugh when I get very winded and grumpy,"] he held out a pinky for her to swear.
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Serena nods. She's going to show him the proof if he wanted to see it. It is unsettling knowing she's pregnant. Gavin doesn't even want to know by who! His sister barely sleeps and is always working. Not to mention she's nasty. Not in a disgusting yucky way, but in a horrible type of person way. Gavin may be the nicest one. Maybe his mother is nice, but she doesn't know much about her. [#af18ae "She has an appointment two weeks from now. I got spies everywhere. Plus I know the person who does abortions on the down-low for the right price."] she says petting Luna to show her some love.

Right now, she doesn't know how he's feeling. She doesn't really know how their relationship is like since the last time she saw them. It could be a love hate situation, but once again her main focus is him. This time for a good cause. [#af18ae "Well reasons like this is why I'll probably keep my pregnancy a secret, no matter who's the father. No offense. There's no telling how things would turn out..." ] she tells him honestly.

[#af18ae "I have someone checking on your brother. He's been too quiet for my liking. Unless he's the one who sent that guy from the yacht."] Luna began to purr. Serena lets out a sigh. [#af18ae "So first thing in the morning tomorrow I'm going for a run. I'm only telling you in case you would like to join me."] she says looking up at him. So much is going on, yet it seems like they aren't getting anywhere.
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Gavin snorts out a laugh. [b "You'd never get any peace and quiet,"] he agrees, thinking of a whiny dog, cat, him, and a baby all striving for her attention. [b "Dear god, you'd kill us."]

He has to admit, he was wholly unprepared for her next statement. He pushed himself up so quickly that he nearly knocked the dog off the bed. [b "Are you serious? She's pregnant?"]

Well fuck him sideways with a sandpaper dildo. Of all the things he'd ever picture his sister being, a mother was certainly at the very bottom of the list. Even in high school, she'd somehow managed to kill the robo-baby from the parenting class. [b "That is both horrifying and slightly hilarious,"] he couldn't seem to pick his jaw up.

A quick thought makes him frown. [b "If she doesn't go through with the abortion, then she'll be a new target for Byrnes. He wouldn't hesitate to kill her if she gives birth to the heir to the family fortune."]

He felt bad that he wasn't bothered by his sister's potential murder, but his stomach knotted to think that her baby could be brutally murdered if she keeps him or her. Poor kid didn't deserve that fate, no matter how fucked up their mother is.

[b "Byrnes is probably watching her every move to make sure she goes through with it,"] he considers.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 332d 14h 45m 13s

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