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[center [font constantia Serena couldn't wrap her head around this. Why is this bothering her so much? If he wants to leave so let him. They could go back to living separate lives. Go back to hating each other... Right?]]

[center [font constantia Serena rand her hands through her hair. They rested on her shoulder when they got to the point. Her eyes were still shut. Her head tilts up allowing the warm water to hit her face now. The girl turns slowly to it could hit her back now. Her shoulders definitely needs the steam. Her hands drop only to fold under her breast.]]

[center [font constantia Gavin startled her. The poor girl jumps. Her eyes quickly opened. [#af18ae I was on my way out, so you can.] she said giving him a smile. Only if he knew his brother has tried finding her. It didn't work. He almost found her once and even held her captive for about an hour. [#af18ae He won't. Not again.] Not again. She scarred him so he should know better. Hopefully. Luke seem to like the chase. The challenge.]]

[center [font Constanta Moving out the way, Serena squeezes the water out of her hair. [#af18ae Just let me know what you wish to do by tomorrow night Gavin. If you want to throw in the towel you can. I may or may not go with you.] She then gets out, grabs the towel and starts drying herself. It would be nice to talk more about it, but they're tired and most likely say things that would hurt and/or upset the other.]]

[center [font constantia Once dried the towel was back in place. The girl went to the room to put on some comfy clothes and lay in bed.]]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 362d 19h 55m 50s
Gavin was silent for most of the way home. His brain wouldn't shut off. Constant thoughts of Luke and what he was planning kept passing before his eyes. His brother was as slimy as they got. He'd never had much care for his younger siblings, especially for their safety. Gavin wouldn't be surprised if Luke had given the order to bring him in dead or alive.

When they get back to their house, he lies down on the sofa while she goes off to shower. His head was throbbing and he's positive that he ingested a few pints of salt water on their swim back to shore. [i Don't let Luke get to you,] he thinks to himself, remembering all of the times his brother had bullied him growing up. This was no different.

Hearing the water in the bathroom is the only things that relaxes him. Rising to his feet, he walks down the hall, removing clothes as until he reaches their bathroom door. Gavin doesn't knock as he enters, letting the steam of the hot water rush against him. The heat would be good for his aching muscles. [b "Got room for one more?"] he asks over the sound of water against tile.

He could tell that something was bothering her. She hadn't pressed him for any more information, and she'd been just as quiet as he had while driving. Stepping in to the shower behind her, he brushes a wet lock of hair away from her face. [b "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound like I was quitting. I just don't want Luke to get you."]
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[center [font constantia Since he didn't say if there was close or not in the back she took it as there isn't. She starts the car and puts on the heat. She's not dying for anyone.]]

[center [font constantia Serena isn't surprised that Luke knows a few criminals. Not surprised at all. But someone this good? That's unbelievable. He must be putting in a serious amount of money for Gavin to be found. She slows decreases the speed when he suggest that he gives himself in. [#af18ae What... I'm okay with this. No one knows where we live so we can stay at the house for a while. Make them think we left.] she said feeling hurt. Why would he suggest such a thing? It's like everything they done, everything she's done, was for nothing. He'll be an easier target. She can come up with a reason why he left. But the only thing that made since was him getting married and is on his honeymoon. That or a close friend of his died. She can make up a person. Make it legit. It took her a while to bring up the options. Her ideas. They suck, but she can think if something better within time.]]

[center [font constantia They stole three different cars and walked for two hours before finally getting home. She made them go slow in the forest. It is boobytrapped. She went straight for the showers and put on something comfy. She still hasn't wrapped her head around it. Maybe he does wants to go back? He's not used to running and playing hide and seek. It's whatever he wants to do now. Like it or not. Hell she may not even go back with him...]]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 18d 22h 17m 42s
Gavin was shivering before they even made it to the first car. He was starting to regret his own idea. [b "He said something about my brother. The family put a bounty on me. You know how Luke is. He's got connections all over. I can only imagine how much they're offering to bring me in."]

He presses the palms of his hands over his eyes. [b "Leave it to Luke to have ties with crime families. I'm not even surprised."]

He willingly gets in the passenger seat and has to force himself not to slam the door. [b "This just got a whole hell of a lot harder. We're being tracked on both sides. Should have just faked my death."]

Gavin turns his head to look at her. [b "Or I can give myself up so I'm not weighing you down. It's bad enough having one person looking for you. You don't need my family causing you trouble."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 19d 23h 38m 16s
Serena didn't know now what to tell him. She doesn't know. She doesn't know where they're at. She simply doesn't know. She copies him and takes off her dress. It felt good because it felt like it was glowed to her, but now she's cold. She takes off her heels and starts walking aimlessly. It took a while to find a car. But it was locked. She kept moving to find another car and this one was unlocked. She pops open the trunk. [#af18ae Please tell me they have extra clothes.] she says to him looking to see if there's a spare key. She couldn't find anything inside so she starts checking under the tires. She laughs finding the keys. [#af18ae We should go before the owner comes back.] she whispered to him. She's going to have to sketch the person he saw. She needs to find out who they're dealing with and fast. [#af18ae Hey do you have any idea who that guy was?] she asks folding her arms for a few seconds before getting into the car and starting it up.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 24d 19h 9m 36s
Gavin is positive that his body has never ached this much ever. Muscles he didn't realize existed were now throbbing painfully with every move he made. It hurt just to lift his arm to swipe his hair from his eyes. [b "I never want to look at a pool again,"] he agrees.

He sits on the sand panting for a few minutes, trying to keep the nausea at bay. He could officially say that he worked out so hard he nearly threw up. [b "I don't suppose there's a store nearby that will accept IOUs. My cash isn't looking so good,"] he pulls sopping wet notes from his pocket, watching as they fall apart in his hand.

[b "I'm sure there's gotta be a car here somewhere with spare clothes in the trunk. Surfers always carry extra stuff with them. It's unlikely that they'd think to lock their doors, either,"] he suggests.

Hauling himself to his feet, Gavin pulls his shirt off, and his pants, to leave himself in his boxers. [b "Less suspicious if people think we were just out for a late night swim."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 27d 22h 34m 36s
[center [font constantia [#af18ae I'm always born ready.] she says jumping in the water. It's cold. Nothing too crazy. She tried to make sure Gavin is in sight.]]

[center [font constantia She could hear music from the distance. Possibly from the boat, which is good because then they won't notice they're missing. Unless it's a cover up. What if there were actually innocent people on the boat who's fate just took a turn? Serena stops swimming to go under the water. When she pops back up she continues.]]

[center [font constantia What only took about almost two hours felt like a life time. They're going to ache real soon! [#af18ae I don't think I'll be swimming any time soon.] Serena said squeezing the water out of her hair first and then the dress. They need clothes and a ride to go home. At the moment she doesn't know where they're at or if they're safe. Her mind is blank. [#af18ae I'm starving and cold like a wet dog. Should we rest before making our next move? Oh and for the record I'm proud of you. I didn't notice him. I'm just upset that I couldn't take a few souvenirs.] Serena said smiling.]]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 29d 20h 40m 59s
[b "Fuck, okay. We have to jump. We aren't exactly armed well enough to take on an entire boat of criminals,"] he moves to the window and yanks it open.

It would be a bit of a squeeze for his larger frame, but they'd have to make it work. [b "You first,"] he gestures to the window.

There's no sound of immediate danger outside their door, but Gavin wants to rush anyways. He keeps an eye out while she clambers out, following suit. The water is a cold shock to the system, but he'd rather be a bit chilly than have bullet holes in his body.

[b "See? I figured we weren't that far,"] he stares out to the faint lights of the city, still in sight. [b "They must have just shut the engines off to coast out here."]

He was feeling a little water logged and out of shape, but he starts paddling his arms, feeling the burn within a short distance.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 29d 21h 20m 1s
[center [font constantia [#af18ae If you think that was beautiful you should see me sword fight. My father loves sword fighting.]] Serena pulls herself out. She peeks her head inside when he suggests swimming. [#af18ae Maybe we can. Are you willing to ruin your clothes? In more worried about this necklace. It's real and worth a lot.] The girl simply smiled. She pulls back and sits on the side line waiting for him to get out.]]

[center [font constantia Serena looks at the water. It doesn't seem like they were going too fast, but she thinks they're pretty far from sore. They could still do it. She's good at holding her breath. What can they do if they decide not to swim? Where could they hide?]]

[center [font constantia It didn't matter though because they need to figure out like now. Maybe even ten minutes ago. They're going to find that guy unconscious. They'll start mayhem. She's heard of something like this going wrong once. The evil and powerful covered it up. Only evil villains knows about it. Shit bit her bottom lip. [#af18ae Alright. Whatever we're going to do we need to it now.]]]

[center [font constantia She's going to look like a wet dog. Hair messed up. Makeup running down her face. The dress is going to be super tight and heavy. Whatever happens, happens. She's ready. Hell she may jump now. Get it over with. But it's terrifying her. Last time in she was in the water she almost died. Shrek was impossible to kill. It was like that scene from the titanic were a guy tried drowning Rose because he wants to live and couldn't possibly swim.]]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 31d 20h 48m 35s
He raises an eyebrow as he looks at her. [b "As devastatingly beautiful as you are, and as amazing as I look, I think we'd better get the hell out of here first. Keep your hands to yourself until we're not under the threat of guns."]

Gavin pauses and smirks. [b "Is it bad that this is kind of hot?"]

He presses one last kiss to her lips before searching the guy for any other weapons. Other than a pack of gum and a switchblade, he's unarmed. Gavin pockets the knife just to be safe. [b "Any idea on how we're going to get off this damn ship without catching any more attention?"]

They could get rid of whoever was still standing guard, but they still have an entire party going on out there. [b "Should we take our odds with just jumping ship and swimming back? I'm sure we can't be that far from land."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 53d 20h 47m 6s
Well there it goes. He knows Gavin. Possibly knows who she is. He also rudely interrupted them. She's not a fan of this guy or the ones outside their door. Not to mention she doesn't like to have a gun pointed at her. It irks her to the core. After he taps her to get off him she puts in her thong. She listens to them.

[#af18ae Honey I told you to tell them.] she approaches the guy a little, [#af18ae Listen there's some kind of miss understanding. We eloped. We're on our honeymoon. We're going back in a week...]
"Shut it bitch. We know little about you Serena Teller. If that's your real name. His family thinks you're the one who's clouding his judgement. They want him alive. As for you it doesn't matter how we return you. Go sit down before you break a heel." Serena didn't take that too lightly.

She takes off her heel. She acted normal. Cool. Casual. She didn't look up from the floor. It was time for a plan. It may not be a good one but anything would do. With full force she pierced his skin with her heel on his arm. He pulls the trigger making a bullet shoot out. Tugging on her heel he moved closer and she jabs him on the throat. [#af18ae Thank god he had a silencer.] she punches him in the face to make sure he's out cold. She grabs her heel and runs to the bathroom. She got on top of the sink and opens the window that's above it. [#af18ae Come on.] it's time that they get out of there. Maybe he could collect the cash first? She could take the guys down. Maybe even have the old farts help. Everyone carries a gun now and theses days. [#af18ae Should we finish first or try to escape now?]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 59d 23h 32m 4s
Gavin's hair is messed from her grabbing it in her hands. Her lipstick is smeared across his cheek and lips, giving him a perfectly scandalous appearance as he looks to the intruder, who wears a wolfish smirk. [b "If you want to give me ten minutes, I'll be right with you."]

He gives her leg a light squeeze in warning. He doesn't like the way the man is looking at them. There's too much familiarity in his eyes. [b "Is there something you need?"] Irritation is evident in Gavin's tone.

[i "You can sit still and stay quiet,"] the man retrieves a gun from his waistband and takes aim. [i "I wouldn't do anything stupid, Mr. Rollo."]

Gavin's blood runs cold and he stiffens. Whoever the hell this guy was, he clearly knew who they were. [b "How the fu-"]

[i "You say one more goddamn word, and I'll blow her pretty brains out, do you understand me?"] the hammer is pulled back and the gun turns to Serena. [b "Be a good boy and stay put."]

He turns and the door shuts behind him, a lock clicking in place. [i "Don't let them get out,"] the muffled voice comes from the other side of the door.

[b "Fuck fuck fuck,"] Gavin slides her off of him and he begins to pace the small room. [b "He's gotta know my family. They're all about publicity and flashing their fucking faces everywhere. If they've put a notice out on me, I guarantee there's a fucking reward. Holy shit, we gotta get out of here."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 59d 23h 54m 34s
Serena couldn't believe he found someone. Someone suspicious. She normally is good at finding things. [#af18ae I can't believe you found something. Are you stealing my job?] she whispers to him.

She follows him out to the door to take a peek. She could tell they are having a stare down. [#af18ae He actually looks scary. Mob status. But if he does have some balls maybe he will start something. I always start something.] she decides to lighten up the mood a little, [#af18ae And I always finish what a I start if you catch my drift.] She ends up winking at the guy as she grabs Gavin by the tie, gently tugs on it so he'll turns around, kick the door shut and have some [i fun]. It's was simple and exciting, but they were interrupted. Thankfully she still had her dress on and all they saw were there legs for she was on top and her dress covers them. She looks down at him. She has no idea who he is. [#af18ae If you need my husband is occupied at the moment.] He didn't say anything but chuckles. Serena started to getting a bad feeling after that.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1y 63d 23h 11m 2s
[b "The older guy at the poker table. Grey hair and kind of sunken eyes? He's a little too interested in me,"] he informs her. [b "He's been watching me since he sat down."]

Gavin takes a breath and peaks back out to get a look at the table. He has to hold back a wince when he sees the stranger staring right back. [b "Yeah, he's on to something. We need to be careful. The dude has at least two guards with him. I don't know if he has any on the rest of the yacht."]

It's infuriating that he still doesn't know who the man could be, or why he'd be after them. His best guess is that his family used their connections to blast his picture on all sorts of media trying to find him, and this guy just happened to come across the photos. When they get back to the house, they'll have to look up any missing persons reports.

Who knows when they would be heading back to shore. Right now they're stuck in the middle of the ocean with a potential stalker and nowhere to bail. [b "Think he'd be stupid enough to try anything out here with everyone?"]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 77d 20h 44m 17s
Serena snooped around some more, while she ate. She found little random things. Safes, hidden spots, money, knockoffs and more. It's nothing she was looking for. Soon enough she went back to a different room to scan the room again. More hideen things. Except they were illegal things like drugs and cigars.

The girl was in the middle of trying to open a safe when Gavin came in. He scared the life out of her and choke on the food she was chewing on. She had to take a shot of whisky. It made her shiver. It's been forever since she had some hard stuff like that. [#af18ae Thank you jesus. I came up short. Well... I may come back to take a few things, but what do you know?] She asks sitting on top of the desk after fixing the safes hiding spot. Gavin is learning quickly. She's proud of him. So proud that she can do him right then and there.
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