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Gavin was more than happy for a break. Grumbling to himself, he rose to his feet. [b "I think we could both use a cuddle. This is giving me a migraine."]

He dimmed the lights and practically curled himself around her. Gavin was careful to avoid her injured areas, and settled for pulling her back against his chest. [b "We were never destined to have an easy life together, were we?"] he murmured.

Even when they had previously dated, there was a spark of danger. She'd always pushed him out of his comfort zone into new territories. Hell, her way of helping him get over his fear of heights was taking him skydiving. Ordinary was never their thing.

[b "When we get married for real, I demand a boring life in the middle of nowhere on a farm. No one trying to kill us, no corruption. Just us, a kid, and farm animals. We can learn how to run a ranch,"] he spoke like a true grump.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 246d 19h 16m 5s
Serena arches an eyebrow when he mentions Emma. Who the heck is Emma? Crap, why can't she remember her? There's no way this girl can be important. She may have to be taken care of. Emma who?

[#af18ae "Well then we can go ruin that arrangement. What do you say?"] She says smiling wickedly. It would be fine to sabotage something. They can even frame him or ruin his reputation. They do go crazy with allegations. Perhaps they can hire hookers and have him do drugs and take pictures of it. Then there's transferring money around to make him look shady. [#af18ae "This may be a bad time, but your injured girlfriend would like to cuddle."] Right now they need something positive. Something to relax them. Some cuddle time would be nice.
  Gabriela / Simply_Random / 248d 14h 21m 47s
It wasn't a terrible idea. He knew a few people that Byrnes wouldn't be able to buy off. It was just a matter of choosing one, and then convincing them that it would be a good idea. As much as he trusted his friends, it would have to be a careful decision. [b "Do you remember Emma?"] he looked at her. [b "I went to university with her. We shared a few classes, but she majored in Public Relations. After school, she did some work for the military as a liaison to the locals. Clean record, and she'd be an easy addition to the communications branch of the offices. She wouldn't be easy for Byrnes to break, if he even did suspect her."]

Gavin was still swarmed by his thoughts when she called his attention to the laptop. [b "Son of a bitch!"] he crouched down beside her chair.

Byrnes seemed to know exactly where he was going, and somehow had a key to do so. Gavin's desk had been locked since he'd been gone. Still, he sat there helpless as he watched the FBI agent swiftly produced his own key to unlatch everything. [b "I don't even remember what those papers are for,"] he tried to rack his brain. [b "Something to do with the last deal Dad made. He'd been negotiating with an embassy in Europe over a security contract. But what the hell would Byrnes need with it?"]

Whatever it was, the smug look on his face made it clear that he'd found it. [b "If he gets access to an embassy, then he could be pushing for diplomatic immunity. If he's granted that title, he can't be touched by law enforcement in other countries. If he's planning to embezzle funds and then disappear, he's got all the ammunition he needs."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 252d 17h 2m 15s
Oh yea, she can totally hear the hurt in his voice. She would be hurt too... wait, she was hurt. It has happened to her a few times. However, it was best she didn't jump into things she wasn't prepared for. Then again that's simply her. [#af18ae "You're not trained for this Gavin. You can get hurt. You haven't been taking the training seriously."] It took a while for Serena to get off the Hammock. When she did she sat down besides him. [#af18ae "It was just an idea. We have time to think of what we're going to do. Now if you excuse me I have to clean the dishes."] She kisses his cheek fore getting up. Luna curls up next to him, taking Serena's spot. Halfway through cleaning she got an idea. [#af18ae "Hey, what if we hire someone to work there and keep an eye on thing? Someone attractive so they can be apart of every gossip or use their sex appeal to get shit done. What do you think?"] It is a great idea. There's a lot of whores there. With a certain amount of flirting she managed to bug a few things, set up cameras... the cameras! Serena runs to the bedroom to get on the laptop. They still work! [#af18ae "Gavin... the douche-monkey is there, right now. In your office."] she shouts getting up to meet him half way.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 253d 16h 28m 10s
Gavin sighed and let his head fall back against the wall. [b "Is that your professional opinion on what's best?"] he looked at her. [b "To send me home so we're separated again?"]

It wasn't his favourite plan. He knew he wasn't the most capable partner in a situation like this, but he felt better that he was at least near enough to try to help her if there were any danger. But, it wasn't the worst idea to be in the thick of things where he can keep an eye on everything from the inside.

[b "It makes sense to have an inside view of everything,"] he acknowledged. [b "And we could have a correspondence every night to go over whatever we find."]

Groaning, he rolled onto his stomach and buried his face in his arms. [b "Nothing ever goes to plan.']
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 253d 17h 54m 41s
Serena was enjoying the site and the kitty snuggle warmth. She sort of forgotten about the nachos. Why is it so hard not to get her act together? She is struggling. Gavin must be her kryptonite. Her brain is in smush. For once she can’t handle all of these things. She twitches hearing Gavin. For a moment she thought he was sucked into the computer. Searching up people can be interesting.

[#af18ae “Well... we can send you back. Hire a bodyguard. We can pay good money for someone who’s willing to give up their life for you or hire someone on the other end of the law who can spot something shady. I know people who would it if the money is right. Then I can focus on everything else by myself. Of course I’ll keep you in the loop.”] she says before grabbing a cold chip. [#af18ae “It’ll be good because you can keep an eye out on that end. For all we know he probably took over one of your siblings share. Either they willingly signed it over or sneaked attacked it and won’t play his cards until he gained everything he wants.”] she hads looking at him.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 255d 6m 18s
Gavin didn't pull his eyes away from the computer as she went to workout. [b "Don't hurt yourself. Don't wanna run low on first aid supplies,"] he called after her.

The son of a bitch had been working behind his father's back for years, by the looks of it. The files didn't seem to be ending. [b "What the hell did you get yourself into, Dad?"] he murmured under his breath.

He didn't want to blame his father for whatever Byrnes was behind, but Christopher Rollo hand-picked the FBI agent to work for the company. Gavin hated to think that his dad had been either stupid enough to be blind to the betrayal, or willfully ignorant about it.

He pushed back his chair and went to join her. [b "I think Byrnes has something to do with the bounties against us. He may be taking my disappearance as a threat to whatever his plans are. When I was home, at least he could keep tabs on my whereabouts and schedule. By me being gone, he's lost an advantage."]

He leaned against the wall and slid down to sit. [b "He's in the FBI, so the bounties could be listed across the globe. Shady people have no problem kidnapping or murdering if it means they get paid."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 258d 16h 59m 27s
Serena is surprised that’s he’s getting all of this information in his own. She feels like a proud mom again. All she did was sit back and watch as she ate her chips. [#af18ae “Alright... well we can see if he has anything sent to places that’s isn’t in his normal day to say bases. For all we know he could be dead.”] she says with a mouth full of chips. Eventually a yawn escapes her. Doing nothing is making her tired. The fact she lost a lot of blood not too long ago makes it even worse. [#4682b4 “Let me know if you need help. I suggest you get some more chips because I may grab some more and train to keep myself occupied.”she fist pumped him since she didn’t want to kiss him with her messy lips. Luna follows her while Linus took her spot.

It’s hard to work out when you’re sore and would rather eat. Serena caved and went to go eat her second serving with her fur baby on her right shoulder, gently swaying on the hammock. It feels wonderful out. The clouds covered the sun. The breeze feels amazing. Nothing can go wrong. Hopefully.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 259d 16h 32m 37s
Gavin listened, for once, and did as he was told. His eyes flicked over each page, growing frustrated at the amount of information Byrnes had redacted. [b "I hate him now more than I did before,"] he grumbled under his breath.

A familiar name caught his eye and he scrolled back up the page. [b "That's...not even remotely normal,"] he said slowly.

Calling her over, he pointed at a name on the screen. Cliff Barton. [b "This guy hasn't been employed with us for nearly four years."]

Gavin tried to recall what exactly it was he'd been fired for. Fraud maybe? Definitely some kind of gross misconduct. [b "This guy used to work as our international consultant. We let him go after he'd been spilling company secrets to competitors. But these payroll stubs are going into an account attached to his code."]

He sat back in his chair. [b "Byrnes is either paying this guy off for business information, or he's embezzling funds from a null and void payee account."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 265d 18h 2m 23s
When Serena was done she put everything on a plate, along with two beers for them. She watches him type. In her head the girl was judging him all the way. She has a file that has everyone’s information. It’s very detailed. It has passwords to their social media, emails, places where they go too a lot, and a few dirty details that should be locked in their closet but what can she say she loves to blackmail people from time to time. But she’s going to give this to him. [#af18ae “You got this. Start with locations. Look for places you don’t associate with or CEO’s... Ohhh or check if for documents that aren’t within business hours.”] she suggests to him while stuffing her face. [#af18ae “You can have some. There’s more in the kitchen.”] she adds taking off the beer cap with her teeth and spits it out. Serena went checked a few people out. She doesn’t remember seeing anything bad with this dude. But as Gavin went through a few things she noticed a small pattern. It may not mean anything but she isn’t too sure. [#af18ae “Do you think it’s weird that he has certain people sign things for him? I feel like there can be an acrostic code. Maybe he has a bank account in the Bahamas in a different name or maybe has a account in that persons name...”]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 267d 23h 12m 2s
He raised an eyebrow as he frowned. [b "You know, I want to be upset that you used me to tap into the company's system, but it's far too impressive to really be angry,"] he said, stealing one of her chips.

The only sound for a few moments was the flow of his fingers on the laptop keys. [b "So at the time of my dad's death, we had about five hundred employees. He wanted to keep it as close knit as he could, while still running a fortune five hundred company. So, our employees were given a code to identify themselves in the system. So their login information is their employee number, plus their department name. So, our IT guy's code is 001TECH. I just have to find Byrnes' code."]

He scoured the page, thankful that the departments were fairly manageable. For Byrnes, there was only roughly thirty people in his department, Government Clearance. Gavin has to go number by number into the files until he finds which one belongs to Todd.

[b "Gotcha!"] he slammed his hand on the table. [b "Todd Byrnes, login 239GOVCLR. All of the documents he dealt with will be saved under that code,"] he drummed his fingers on the desk. [b "We just have to find all of the illegal shit."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 268d 14h 50m 32s
[#af18ae “Planning is my specialty. The only thing that wasn’t planned was falling for you and having sex for the first time with a target... what’s different now is that you’re here and you aren’t exactly a trust worthy partner since you’re new to this. No offense.”] Serena began to make some nachos. A small bowl of cheese and chili. He’s going to what? She stops and walks out the kitchen. [#af18ae “I don’t and don’t hate me but I got that building hacked in every level and corners so it’s super easy to access it without being detected.”] she scratched Linus head before going a hidden folder and doing a small hack to access every computer in his family business. Since he wouldn’t know if they got caught or is getting hacked into she set up an alarm that would flash bright enough for her to see from the kitchen and a siren. Thank god they live in the jungle because it’s going to be semi loud. [#af18ae “I don’t think he can learn how to be a guard dog. He’s too spoiled.”] she tells him going back to the kitchen to finish their snack. She did eat a few strawberries as she waited.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 269d 14h 58m 28s
[b "To be fair, planning was never our strong suit. We had a bad habit of just being spontaneous with everything. Coming up with strategies is new territory for us,"] he said, shrugging out of his jacket to drape on the back of the armchair once they were inside the house.

He let Linus out back to roam the yard and grabbed a beer from the fridge. [b "If your laptop has the tech on it to hack into corporate systems, I can try to tap into my office desktop. I had a list of employee codes saved in the hard-drive in the event of shady dealings. I can't think of anything more shady than what Byrnes is doing."]

He downed the bottle faster than he probably should have, given he was trying to be better about his drinking. He grabbed another one and then let the dog back inside. [b "If you don't need the computer for anything, I'll get started on that. I may need your help hacking in though. You're more tech savvy than I am."]

Linus trotted right around him to get to Serena, brushing against her legs like he saw the cat do, begging for a hug. [b "Maybe Linus needs boot camp while we're at it,"] Gavin snorted, moving to the desk and turning the computer on.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 270d 17h 56m 32s
[#af18ae “Well it’s most likely connected to the internet. She was never good with hacking, so I can always hack into her server and do a loop. As for the guy, I’m not worried. She likes to sleep around like a little whore.”] She says with a cocky smile. She did keep an eye out for wires, hidden traps and cameras. So far so good. They got to the car okay. She even checked for bombs and tracks. Everything was still peachy. The ride home was quick since she speeded. The plan is to sketch the guys face to see who he is before she forgets. Then to cook something.

[#af18ae “I hate not having a plan… or back up plans… What should we do first? Healing isn’t an option. We have too much things going on and we can’t stop or slow down.”] right now it would be amazing to ask someone who knows what to do in situations like these. Part of her wants to reach out to some family members but her parents and only living grandpa are in jail. She doesn’t know anyone else. [#af18ae “Anything from your guy?”]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 271d 14h 39m 24s
Gavin was more than happy to follow her lead as they tracked down where Gwen was hiding out. As in shape as he was starting to get, the hiking over uneven ground was enough to wind him. He made a mental note to add extra cardio to the next workout. [b "Should we be concerned about him too? Maybe he's a guard for her. She seems paranoid enough to not be alone."]

He gave the scope back to her. [b "We should have packed food,"] he said wistfully, feeling his stomach growl at her mention of eating.

He stopped and squinted back at the house. [b "Let me see that again,"] he reached for the scope.

Crouching down enough to stay hidden behind the bushes, he raised it back up to his eye. [b "Well fuck me,"] he sighed.

In the far end of the room Gwen was in, Gavin could faintly make out the edges of computer screens playing CCTV footage. [b "They've got security cameras set up. I can't tell where they're positioned, but I wouldn't put it past her to set them up in the trees too, and run wiring back to the house."]

He looked up at Serena. [b "If we're coming back, we may want to look into a couple sets of UV light glasses. We'll be able to spot the cameras' infrared lights to avoid them."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 271d 15h 4m 5s

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