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Serena didn’t want to talk about what happened. Even if it came out the way they both hope it would. [i ‘Or until it ends us…’] she thought to herself.

The girl was stayed outside. It is nice and relaxing. The sunset is beautiful. Not to mention their view made it even better. This was a worthwhile investment. [#af18ae “I may go to bed sooner. There is a lot to do tomorrow.”] she says eventually getting up to clean up and put away the left overs. For once they have left overs. It didn’t take long for her to go to bed.

By the time it was four in the morning she was up and moving like a ninja so he wouldn’t wake up. It took a while to get where she wanted too and pick up a few things. She stopped by the house to drop off the package. Serena got more guns, ammo, gadgets, and their fur babies. Her car was left at the house this time. She walked for miles and miles. She hit a few spots before going to her bakery. She hung out in the upstairs office for an hour before heading home with some goodies.

[#af18ae “I’m home.”] she says heading to the kitchen dropping of the baked goods. She was greeted by the dog. It took him forever to calm down so she can say hi. The family is complete.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 229d 6h 29m 48s
[b "Well clearly you have better survival skills than I do. Growing up, I couldn't even be a boy scout. I quit after the first camping trip because it was too exhausting,"] he says dramatically.

Gavin is up and in the kitchen after she announces dinner. He fills a plate and joins her on the patio, taking a free seat next to her. [b "I'm feeling better now that there is food,"] he teases.

After a few bites, he settles back in his chair. [b "I really do feel a bit better after correcting the problem. If I pay him $2 million, that still leaves a few million in my account. Benefit of having a filthy rich inheritance, I guess."]

His eyes drift closed to relax and take in the sounds of the birds in the trees. When she offers to take him home, however, they flash back open. [b "I'm not safer or in better hands than I am right here. I'm not going anywhere. I know I've made a few big mistakes, but I promise I'm going to get better at this."]

Gavin reaches out to grab her hand with his. [b "I'm in this until it's over."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 236d 7h 27m 34s
Hearing Gavin shout scared her. She jumped. [#af18ae “You almost gave me a heart attack!”] she walks towards the living room to toss an oven mitten at him. She heads back to finish cooking. When dinner was done she went to go take over the computer since he moved so she can Google a few things. She laughs hearing what he said. [#af18ae “I grew up learning how to survive this lifestyle.”] On the screen, there were pictures of a few ex-military, FBI, CIA, etc. discharged or fired skilled people. Casper is very skilled. Too skilled. Too good to be true. It only made sense. [#af18ae “Dinner is done by the way.”] she says printing out the pictures and their info. She is going to set up a board and start hunting each one of them down. See what they’ve been up to within the past eight years. It is going to take forever considering there is about two dozen of these people.

Serena didn’t want to take too much time doing it. She got up to go eat before the food got cold. [#af18ae “Feeling better?”] she asks before going outside to eat. She’s in love with this house. Their house. The location and everything. Her heels were on the edge of the seat, making the side of her body touching the table making it easier for her to it. She didn’t want her barefoot to touch the ground. [#af18ae “In all honesty, if this is too much for you I can take you back and that guy can be your bodyguard until I end this or it ends me and then you…”] she is confident that they can handle this. It won’t be easy. None of these is easy. He actually makes it harder but he is learning. Serena is actually ready to go to sleep. She has a big day tomorrow.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 239d 23h 50m 26s
Gavin sits guard at the computer, refreshing his page every few minutes to see if anything new has come in. So far their plan was going to shit, and it is 98% his fault. If he isn't more careful, he's going to get them killed. [b "Maybe I should just sit here and look pretty from now on, so I don't end up getting us murdered by some hitmen,"] he grumbles, rubbing at his temple where a headache was coming in.

After nearly an hour, he finally gets something.

[i $2.5 million. Nothing less.]

He melts in to the chair with relief. He could do $2.5 million. [b "Problem solved!"] he calls to her, typing away his confirmation.

A simple wire transfer would do, but he'd have her take care of it so they know it's encrypted enough to cover their tracks. [b "He's never screwed me over before. While he's psychotic, he's a man of his word. I don't think he'll do anything to jeopardize us,"] he tells her.

Gavin gets up long enough to collapse on the couch, groaning in to the pillow. [b "How the hell did you do this for so long? I'm exhausted and we're not even a month in to being on the run."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 257d 5h 20m 56s
Serena didn't say anything. If she was to open her mouth there would be no telling what would come flying out of it. He is already beating himself up. She decided on making Chicken Parmesan with mach potatoes and a light salad. [#af18ae "Please relax. It's a rookie mistake. Send him a message telling him he can get half now and half after he delivers or something."] Good girl... she was nice about it.

During this cooking, semi alone time, she took this time to start thinking about everything. Mostly about things she knows about Casper. Well heard. The faster they take him down the faster Gavin can go back to living his life. He may have been an ex-military or a rouge CIA agent. He knows too much. He is good at covering his tracks. But is anyone that good? Shaking her head, she decided to focus on what happened tonight. They were attacked somewhere where there were high ballers. She may know someone who can help. That is if that person is still alive. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for her. Not to mention Gavin is going to be even more upset because she isn't going to bring him. She's leaving him behind.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 264d 47m 37s
The look on her face tells him that he'd just fucked up. [b "Shit,"] he frantically tries to log back in to Skype, but Oliver was already gone. [b "I just made a big fucking mess, didn't I?"]

Gavin drops his head to the desk, feeling like an absolute idiot. He was still new to this, and if he continued making rookie mistakes he was going to get them killed. He tries and fails a few more times to reconnect with Oliver to negotiate, but nothing goes through.

[b "Goddamnit,"] he shoves himself back and stands up, storming out to the back patio.

[b "Gavin, what have you done?"] he mutters to himself, grabbing a fistful of his hair in frustration.

Oliver may not even be willing to renegotiate. As soon as he lessens the amount of money offered, he could very easily back out. [b "Fuck!"] he shouts, booting a bucket in to the hedges.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 276d 23h 55m 28s
Talk about being on the sidelines. She couldn't believe what she heard. He's giving up all of his money. That's bad. A bad move. A very bad move. Do you see how bad it is? No? His friend could die! Someone is after home. It can be traced. They can try to trace the video call from that guys computer. That's bad!

[#af18ae Are you sure you want to do this? Giving him all your money can cause a lot of problems. Is there something else he wants? I can get him a army tank or something."] Serena isn't too crazy about the plan.

Things are just getting harder. Maybe moving would help or she can go hunting at night when he's sleeping. She knows how to make a few things out of everyday life things. She began to chew her bottom lip. [#af18ae Now we wait...] she mutters.

Serena got up to make something to eat. It's what she needs to in order to keep herself busy. When she overthink things happen and it isn't always pleasant. Right now she's hoping her guy finds this dude before Gavin's guy.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 280d 23h 51m 29s
[b "I'm on it,"] he says, and replaces her at the computer.

Oliver wasn't exactly a difficult person to get in contact with, but it would take a bit of sweet talking in order to get him on board. [i "Let me get this straight,"] his southern drawl pours through the speaker. [i "You want me to track some guy who's trying to kill you, but I don't get to know why he wants to kill you?"]

[b "Essentially, yeah."]

[i "You understand that the little bits of information you've given me are not helpful at all?"]

[b "Look, it's some guy that Luke hired. You get to fuck over my brother in the process of helping me out. I'm willing to pay whatever you want. I'll give you access to my bank account, just take it,"] Gavin pushes.

The gruff man on the screen runs his fingers through his beard. He looked at terrifying as Gavin remembered. [i "Alright. You wire me access to your bank account, and we have a deal. You get your stalker taken care of, and I get a hefty sum. Everyone is happy."]

Breathing a sigh of relief, he looks over to Serena. Flashing her a thumbs up, he signs off and pushes back from the desk. [b "One problem solved."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 294d 3h 34m 11s
[center [font constantia Serena laughs. Ben has a baby face, but he is young. Not that young though. He won't give her up either. He actually took a bullet for someone because he kept saying he didn't know so and so. So she trusts him. Not to mention she helped him out twice. Now it's time for him to pay back the debt. [#af18ae Yup. I vouch for him. If you can vouch for your ex-marine guy give him a call.] She told him.]]

[center [font constantia It is a plus that the guy hates his brother. If he also hates the sister then he would become her new friend. She moves out of the computer chair so he can get in contact with him. Right now she's trying to get over this brain fart thing that's happening right now. [#af18ae Okay so I'll go into town tomorrow to do some recall. You can stay here. I don't need you running after anyone again.] She not ready for it. The girl just wants to relax. However, Gavin seems like he wants to get this over with and take down this guy once and for all.]]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 300d 33m 46s
Gavin watches the whole exchange with a raised eyebrow. Ben seemed harmless enough, but if Serena trusted him to track someone, he clearly has to be skilled. [b "Did we just employ a teenager to do our dirty work? I feel like this is cheating somehow, but can't bring myself to care."]

He takes a seat away from the camera view, since she protected his identity already. Sorry Ben, rules are rules. [b "I have a contact that I met in college. Guy went off to the marines and got pretty high in rank. Honorable discharge and everything. Now he does bounty hunting for a living. If Ben can track the guy who tried to kill us, maybe Oliver can hunt his location?"]

Oliver wasn't exactly one to follow rules. He did what needed to be done to get paid. But, he also wasn't one to rat to the cops. Out of everyone Gavin knows, he's the one he'd trust the most, outside of Serena. [b "He's honorable, wouldn't go running to Luke or anyone about where to find us. Actually, he can't fucking stand my brother, so he's even less likely to screw us over."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 300d 3h 47m 18s
[center [font constantia The first person who came into mind was Own, but he'll want something in return. Like always. Maria. Maria was the second. The girl did help her get out of the hospital. The only thing that worries her is her loyalty. She isn't the brightest. Like she said the day of the hospital, Serena doesn't know how she's still alive with her ditsy self. Then again she doesn't really use computers. She uses seduction to get what she wants.]]

[center [font constantia [#af18ae We don't got a lead though. No photo. The guest list is on a clipboard. There's no guarantees that he actually put his name on the list or was even invited. There weren't any surveillance. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. Either we find him somehow and take care of him ourselves or we leave.]]]

[center [font constantia Serena doesn't want to leave. It's a home [u they] purchased together. Plus he is supposed to open up his own business. She's slowly fixing her corrupted business. They are doing too much right now to just end it all and move. Not to mention she has a little surprise for him and it's coming here. If they aren't here it'll be for nothing and the surprise won't last long without someone caring for it.]]

[center [font constantia Serena went to their computer room. There's a hackers code of conduct and she's going to use it to get in touch with Ben. Ben is an average nerdy kid who's on the watch list because he tried hacking into the governments files. He actually succeeded but didn't nothing. He just wanted to test his skills. The girl isn't crazy enough to do something like that. A little tab opens up on his screen with a few codes. Followed by a username he would recognize. Ten seconds later they were on FaceTime.]]

"It's been forever Serena. I honestly thought you died in a ditch or with gun in your mouth."
[#af18ae That hurt Benny. We... I need help.] she said while grabbing a piece of paper to try to sketch out what the guy looks like. [#af18ae This guy tried to kill us and I have no idea who he is. Think you can do a girl a solid? You can search for him online and I'll do my own work out here.]
"I can try, but who's we?"
[#af18ae Don't worry about it. The less you know the better.]

[center [font constantia After showing him the picture they video cam chat ended thirty seconds later. Serena starts tapping her fingers on the desk. What can she do? How can she help? [#af18ae My brain is fried... I know there's something I can do, but it's not popping up in my head...] Serena said spinning in her charge looking at all of the cameras that's around the house.]]

[center [pic]] [center [b [sub Maria]]]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 300d 8h 31m 28s
Gavin rubs his eyes tiredly. Being on the run was exhausting. [b "Is there anyone you know who could help us? Someone good with computers who could find the guy from the boat?"]

As much as he doesn't want to admit it, the guy is going to be a problem. [b "Whoever he is, he knows we live on the island. If we can find out who he is, and take him out first, we're safe for a little while longer. He didn't seem like a local."]

It should worry him, how easily he's slipping in to this lifestyle. The idea of killing a man wasn't causing him as much guilt as it should have been. Then again, he was willing to do a lot if it meant keeping them safe.

[b "I might know a guy back home, but I can't be sure if Luke has been to see him yet or not. He's a genius with computers."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 315d 1h 34m 45s
[center [font constantia Serena folds her arms. His answer may set her off or would make her shut down. As she listened she felt like it was her fault. She should've stayed away. Never caught feelings or try to protect him. He's new to all of this. Yet he's thinking he's Super Man or BatMan.]]

[center [font constantia [#af18ae You are new to all of this. Don't do this to yourself. You're not trained for this. Not like the way I am. Maybe you should go back as painful as it sounds. You can't take all the blame. I wasn't focused either because I didn't notice him...] by then she was playing with her hands. Her eyes were down, staring at the ground like a kid who can't face their parents. Sort of annoying. Love is pain.]]

[center [font constantia After a while she went back to the kitchen to munch on the crackers she pulled out. What she said hurt. It's not what she wants, but what else can she do? They do? [#af18ae I think we should stay low for a while. Recover. Think. Sounds good to you?]]]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 317d 5h 30m 5s
Gavin had been awake for nearly an hour, courtesy of the damn birds that wouldn't shut up. Still, he hadn't bothered to move from his place in this hammock. Partly because he was comfortable, and partly to avoid an argument with her. He shouldn't have been surprised when she sought him out. [b "'Okay' is not exactly how I'd describe myself right now, but since I'm not being held hostage on a yacht at the moment, I'd say I'm much better than last night."]

He rolls slightly to look at her. [b "I lost focus last night, and we could have been killed. I knew something was off about him, but I still got distracted."]

He carefully extracts himself from the hammock and runs a hand through his hair. [b "I was angry with myself for allowing you to be in danger, even for a second. I'm afraid of slowing you down. I don't want to be the reason that you get hurt."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 356d 52m 0s
[center [font constantia Why does it feel like everything is crumbling into tiny pieces? Again. She doesn't know how to feel. Grabbing a laptop she made sure no one was around while they were gone or in their house. She even tried to see if there was any sort of camera around the boatyard to see if she can get an image of the guy who held them at gun point. She needs to do something. Right now she's in a low point right now.]]

[center [font constantia Gavin didn't say anything to her after that. She was okay with that for now. However it's bothering her. She's conflicted. Taking a pause she went to get woke crackers. [#af18ae Are you okay] she asked him. Serena wants to squash it. Anything to get rid of the feeling and get back on better terms.]]

[center [font constantia Serena walks outside and leans against the doorframe. She didn't want to step outside.]]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 359d 5h 18m 37s

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