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Serena played with the end of her skirt. How many times is he going to read the resume? Assuming he even finished reading it. As much as she wanted to get up and look around she can’t. Not unless she wants to somehow blow her cover. Sighing she glances up at him. He began to talk once her eyes were directly at him.

Of course the resume is golden. Half the shit that’s there is a lie. She is going to spend the next few days reading. Joy. It’s going to feel like school all over again. Normally Serena would laugh at what he is saying. She loves a challenge. Besides his siblings isn’t haven’t seen what she can do. She can get so many of their dirty laundry out in the open to get some fresh air.

“Oh don’t worry about me. I actually like challenges. It’s like I surprise myself with how well I accomplish any challenge that’s thrown at me.” Serena fixes her glasses. “I won’t disappoint you sir. I can handle anything. I won’t quit without giving you a head up and if that ever happens I won’t leave until you find someone to replace me but like I said I can handle it. You can say I’m a pushover kind of gal so nothing would really bother me as much… unless if something inappropriate was to happen of course. I believe in not seeing anyone I work with. I think it complicates working together…” In the inside she was dying of laughter. Maria is the opposite of who she really is. Gavin is going to hate her forever if he finds out Maria is actually her.
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"Yeah, well, work always finds of way of following me home," he answers, gesturing for her to follow him.

His house was a large villa, with high ceilings and windows that let all of the sunlight in. Gavin prefered the brightness of the house, compared to the dull, dim office he was always stuck in at work. Everything was modern and sleek, including his home office. "Thank you," he responds to the compliment. "It's my little getaway from board meetings."

Taking a seat behind his desk, his eyes scan over her paperwork. It was an impressive resume, but he has to admit, he doesn't much care for what's written on a document, as long as the person can perform the basic tasks that come with being his secretary. "Well, you already have some experience, which is good. I mean, if you've done one job like this, you're pretty much golden. Truth be told, the biggest challenge of working for this company is putting up with all of the bullshit between my office, and those of my brother and sister. It can wear you down quickly. I've had two interns quit in the last month."

He leans back in his chair, meeting her gaze. "I'm not going to sit here and grill you with a bunch of different questions that are really going to have no relevance to whether or not you can do the job. I've had four people apply for the job, but I've yet to find someone who can convince me that they'll be able to handle it. So, can you convince me that you'll be able to stick with this job for the long haul?"
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Serena watched Gavin handle is doing. He always did have a mentality of a baby. She did love running with him, even when he would see a squirrel and run a different direction. She tried not to think about the past for it would make things complicated once again. Not a lot of people have seen her nice side. To me exact not a lot of people know she has one. She doesn’t need to be feeling anything but determination for accomplishing her own task.

Maria aka Serena fixed her composer. She tried to do it fast before he turned away but he turned around fast. Quickly, she wiped up a shaky smile hoping Lombard doesn’t come back and ruin her disguise. This is easier then she thought it would be. He was always candid. “Oh wow… This is kind of embarrassing… who knew I would bump into my boss of course if I get the job. I hope this doesn’t ruin my chance on getting the job” she says taking back the paper.

Serena didn’t bother locking at the little box where he was pinching in his code for the gate. There’s a chance it could still be the same but hey she will find out one way or another but not now. Serena steps inside a few seconds after the gate opened. She looks at the oversized pup as he reassured her he won’t be bothering them for about a good hour tops. “I never understood why dogs have a fascination with squirrels. I highly doubt the interview would take more than an hour so I have nothing to worry about. I hope your companion doesn’t mind me entering your house and have an interview at the home. I know some people despise bringing work home.” Serena took out a one out of the five copies she got of her resume and cover letter. Sad part is she is going to have to learn half the shit she lied about on this resume. Unless she could use her looks or seduce someone to doing it for her, male or female.

Seeing that they are now inside, after her babbling, she looks around before focusing on the target and handing him her papers so he could glimpse through them while walking to his office. “You have a lovely home Mr. Rollo.”
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"Well, he's not entirely all there," he says, tapping his temple with a finger. "He's a little slower than most dogs. Might be why I got him for free, come to think of it," he frowns slightly at this.

When she hands him the papers, he catches sight of the company logo, and raises an eyebrow. Then it hits him. His secretary was retiring after being with the company since he was a toddler. She must be applying for the position. "Actually this is my-" he's cut off by her yanking him off balance.

Catching his footing, he sees what she's looking at. "Lombard! Stop!" The dog, however, proceeds to continue in their direction. "Go find the squirrel! Go look for it!" Gavin yells, managing to get the dog to stop and bolt in the other direction, where he perches under a tree, staring up intensely with his tail wagging.

"Stupid bulldozer," he mumbles, turning around to face her again.

"Anyways, I was saying this is my family's company. If you're applying for Sarah's job, I can just save you time and interview you here. No sense in you driving all the way to the office to sit in the lobby when I'm the one you'd be working for, anyways. Might as well just interview you myelf. Get your things together, and we can go inside. I have an office there," he says, handing her back her paper.

He steps back to punch in the code to unlock the gate, waiting as it slides open, gesturing for her to follow him. "Don't worry about Lombard. He'll be distracted for an hour, at least," he says, shooting another glance towards his dog.
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Serena tried to hide the look of anger and disgust when Gavin finally walked to the front of the gate. She quickly stirred a small smile that kept turning into a frown seeing her new bag destroyed. “It would have been adorable if he didn’t chew up my bag like a squeaky toy… Although I do believe puppies destroy everything in sight right? I never had a dog…” Serena or should we say Maria said. She dealt with dogs but she put them to sleep but not permanently. She loves animals. In fact she owns a kitten now and a bird.

“You don’t have to buy me a new bag. I barely used it…” she wasn’t lying. She had it for a few days. The day she decided to use it, it gets ruined. Serena took out a few napkins to clean up her bag. She couldn’t be happier to be an owner of kittens and not an oversized dog that acts like a puppy that drools and destroys things.

Serena takes out a piece of paper. That had directions of his cooperation building. “Actually if you can give my directions… I sort of forgot the directions at home. I got a job interview that’s in a few hours. I just wanted to be around the area when the time comes.” Serena looked up seeing something running towards them. The stupid mutt must recognize her scent. Serena pulled Gavin in front of her and points at his dog. “Your buddy is coming back. Big dogs kind of scare me and after what he did to my bag he gave me a reminder as to why I fear them.” She was facing the back of his head. Oh how much she wanted to run her fingers through his hair, whisper and nibble in his ear and do the things they use to like in the past. He probably hates her and is planning on getting even for what she did.
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Gavin hears the dog, but doesn't really pay much attention. For all he knew, Lombard was just distracted by a squirrel or something. What does get his attention, however, is the yell that follows. Opening one eye, he sees a woman fighting his dog through the fence, trying to grab at whatever Lombard had stolen from her. "Great, the dumb dog is going to get me sued," he grumbles, getting to his feet.

"Lombard, stop!" he calls, walking towards the front gate, adding a whistle to distract the canine.

The dog was more interested in the girl holding the ball, than in his owner. He didn't move until it was thrown across the yard, dropping her bag in a slobbery mess on the driveway. Great, he thinks, now I'm going to have to replace the bag. "Sorry about him. He's a bit of an overgrown puppy. I'll reimburse you for the purse," he says when he's close enough, leaning down to scoop up the bag, handing it back to her over the gate.

Something about her face, even with the sunglasses on, looked slightly familiar to him. Then again, he's had quite a bit to drink, and has just been paranoid. "Can I help with anything?" he asks, trying to play the part of a friendly neighbour, though he hasn't seen her before on his street.
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Serena sat in her car. Why can’t she focus? Playing with her blonde wig, she saw his family leave his property. His sister looked like a bigger bitch. Serena never really like her for some reason. Is sister glanced towards her direction. Even though she was glancing towards her she wasn’t really looking at Serena. The girl went on about what she has in store for her little brother and how she hates an old bat that he is apparently close to. If something was to happen to the old bat she can easily get a job close to Gavin.

After Gavin family left she got out the car with her big black bag filled with random things and two copies of Maria’s resume. Slowly and carefully she walked towards his house. Lombard ball rolls out of the fence. Serena sets her bag down to pick up the ball. The dog grabbed her bag. “Bad dog!” She shouts trying to get her bag from the dog from the other side of the fence. Serena shows him his ball. He stopped trying to tear the bag. She tossed the ball as far as she could/ he did drop her bag but it was out of reach. Serena sighs banging her head against the gate. “Why does everything got to be complicated with this dude?” Serena takes a another deep breath before she tried to get Gavin’s attention so he can give her, her now messed up new prada bag.

(#af18ae “
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Gavin had arrived home in a sour mood, and maintained his attitude all through dinner, until his family finally left. He was well in to his second bottle of wine, and had been pacing the main floor of his house for the last hour. It had to have been her! he thinks to himself. It couldn't have been his mind playing tricks on him. He had pushed all thoughts of her out of his head, and now they all came flooding back.

Get it together. He scolds himself repeatedly, running his hands through his hair until it is a wild mess. If she was back, it meant she was after something. Perhaps she wasn't quite through with him, yet. If that was the case, he needed to be careful, and wary of her if she came back around. She was dangerous, and he wouldn't let himself get caught off guard for a second time.

For a second, he contemplates calling the security service that had been assigned to his family. He could have them sit outside of his house, just to monitor the property. Then again, if Serena did come back, he didn't want her to have the satisfaction of knowing she got to him at the bar. So, he puts the phone back on the table, and pours himself another glass.

Lombard, his large Saint Bernard, watched Gavin with a look of sheer boredom. He huffs a few times, before finally barking and getting his owner's attention. Gavin stops and looks, noticing the dog sitting by the door with his ball. "You're right. You're absolutely right. Nothing to worry about. We'll just go outside, and relax, and get her out of my head."

A benefit of his house being closed off by a fence, he lets the dog in to the front yard, and takes a seat on his front porch swing. Closing his eyes, he takes a swig, while moving the seat in a calming motion.
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Serena quickly escaped. She practically ran for her life. The girl didn’t run home, or her uncle’s home, or a family friend house. Instead she acted like she didn’t see Gavin at the bar and she is still doing her errands. Serena went to the laundry mat on time, took her clothes out, folded them and out them in the laundry bag she had drying along with her clothes. However she was more causes walking home. Regret hit her hard for not taking her car and for deciding to walk everywhere. Thank god she only lives a few blocks away.

Gavin hit her mind like a hit and run. Once when she closed the door to her studio the past hit her and hard. His eyes seemed the same but yet different in a weird way. He seemed stressed or upset. Serena is going to help Gavin. Not for him but for herself. It could benefit the both of them though. Gavin would be safe and whoever killed his father would either be in jail or dead and his family would be safe. Serena is going to have to get a few fake ID’s and dig into his father’s past. The black laundry bag sat near her locked door. Her herself was sitting on the beige sectional sofa, on her laptop research anything and everything about Gavin’s father. She even made a quick call to get more private information but of course it came with a price. One she didn’t agree with since the bastard knows her uncle isn’t there so he would get extra cash but she is going to deal with him later. Right now Gavin and his family are in need of her help even though they don’t know it yet.

It’s been an hour and she still didn’t get anything which automatically deducts money from her source. Serena would do it herself but she doesn’t know how to hack. She only knows how to hack into computers that are password protected but that’s about it. Another ten minutes passed and she received an email with everything she needed to know. Gavin’s father was one powerful and rich guy. To think Gavin could inherit his father’s power and money got her excited. Though according to what she’s reading Gavin and his sister are fighting to win his father’s power and money. His father’s death was ruled as natural death. If they are dealing with someone like her or anyone in her family, he was most likely given a shot between his fingers or in his fingernails. His blood work was a bit strange but nothing that needed to be double checked. They are dealing with pros.

Taking a deep breath she glanced at a family photo. “Gavin, Gavin, Gavin you don’t know how much fun we are going to have together. Better than the past. Maybe if the time comes where you need to die you would actually die but until the time comes mama needs you alive…” Serena then chewed on her index finger.

After reading half the things she received she wired some money to her source. As she turned on her stereo while getting off the sofa she danced around her apartment. The lyrics to the song playing cheerfully rolled off her tongue as she sang and packed a few things. Serena felt like it would be best if she was close to Gavin. Even if it meant being in the same room as him. Serena put on a blonde wig and a few make-up on. Serena even changed her outfit, created a fake identity, background and a resume. His family business seems to always be hiring.

It would be a miracle if she was somehow working close to Gavin’s office. Serena repeated her fake name as she left her studio. “Maria Vega. Maria Vega. I’m Maria Vega.” Each time she said her name she tried changing her voice. Serena slipped on pair of non-description glasses. Even though she saw Gavin at a bar she is debating on what she should do. She could go to the office building or simply go straight to his house and talk to him. Serena sat in her car a block away from his house. She tapped her fingers on her cheek. Maria what are you going to do? Think girl. Should you be blunt or a shy pathetic girl? He does have a soft spot… “

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He can feel his phone vibrating relentlessly in his pocket, knowing that his siblings and mother would be looking for him. Rather than answer, Gavin just shuts it off and takes another swig of his beer. He doesn't pay much attention to the bar patrons around him, his eyes staying locked on to the flatscreen above the bar, where a hockey game was playing out.

When Joe slides the drink towards him, Gavin looks at him, confused. "I didn't order this," he says, only for Joe to smirk, and point over his shoulder.

It only takes a second. The smile is what he notices first. The same one that used to be flashed at him every day. His heart hammers in his chest as their eyes lock. The sound around him seems to muffle, and his throat tightens. In a second, she's gone, and he stumbles off of the bar stool.

Gavin's eyes dart around the crowded pub, but he can't seem to pinpoint where she's disappeared to. The scars on his chest burn as though they were fresh wounds again. She didn't look the same, but he knew he wasn't seeing things. There was no mistaking those eyes.


The woman who almost killed him, but managed to let him live. While he was still bitter and resentful about it, he knew she could have hit a better target to make sure he didn't wake up. Maybe it was all a sick game she wanted to play.

Bursting on to the street, he looks around to see if she somehow managed to sneak out with him noticing. "You've gotta be fucking kidding me," he mutters to himself, blinking against the harsh sunlight to try and see.
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Many months have passed since the girl shot the one she secretly loved. Her family always remind her not show feel to conceal everything in. Feeling isn’t a part of the job description. Her second target was a rough one. Her family saw her getting attached which was how the toughest order she received came about. Till this day she could hear his last words followed by the three echo of her gun going off.

Serena never looked back. You could say she changed a little mentally but mostly physically. Her hair was no longer shoulder length and she grew in certain areas. Her broken family has faded. Her father is in jail thanks to her mother for not sticking to the plan. Serena have been staying with an uncle who miraculously shown up at the worst but yet best time. He was just like his brother except he is apparently more skilled because he never went to jail, got caught and well never fell in love. He hasn’t harassed her to do anything, yet. There’s always a yet, but and must with her family.

Serena have stolen and sold a few things since. She killed a few people but mostly injures them were they would dye on their way to the hospital or her uncle would finish the job since he has a thing for beating people to death. Her uncle was out doing a personal mission. Serena is on her own, being able to do whatever, whenever she wants. She has been living on her own for some time now. There are many alternatives to escape in case something was to happen. She even stashed a few things in order peoples studio apartment and regular apartments. Not only does she has access to the building security cameras she added a few more covering the blind spots. Her uncle hooked her up with radios to listen to any police scans that are within 6 miles of her home.

What he doesn’t know is she is living somewhere where should shouldn’t be. Everyone including Serena believes Gavin is dead so she didn’t think much about living somewhere she thought was a wonderful neighborhood while dating, somewhat, with Gavin. Serena went to go run some casual errands. Her laundry is being dried at the laundry mat, she already went grocery shopping and now she’s just walking around waiting for her laundry to be done. Serena spotted a guy walking reading a newspaper. Mr. Rollo death was on the front newspapers. Her family has a few people they go too to get information. One guy they trust owns a bar. Serena ignored everyone and went straight to the back. A few of the staff members know not to stop her unless they want a free trip to the emergency room. He informed her that there are people who are trying to get the families power and money.

It was when they were walking that Serena spotted Gavin sitting at the bar. She leans over the counter and told Joe to give Gavin a glass of white sangria. Serena moved as people kept passing to enter or leave the bathroom. The girl seductively smiled and wiggled her fingers hello as their eyes locked for a moment. She broke the focus blinking and looking away trying to figure out how on earth is she going to leave without having him stopping her. Before she could have thought of anything and he could have gotten a chance to do anything, a group of giggling girls exited the bathroom Serena took that change to escape. Something is going to happen but Serena doesn’t know when or how. If she couldn’t get Gavin’s power or money no one could. He still belongs to her like it or not. He doesn’t know it but hey everything is better that way.
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If he ran his fingers over the fabric of his shirt, Gavin could feel the raised patches of skin where the puckered scars rested. Three separated marks, scattered across his torso, where the bullets had entered his body. Only one had gone cleanly through, and out his back. The others had caused him to go in to surgery, where doctors were able to remove fragments from muscle and tissue. Another month in the hospital after that for observation, and he had been released to his own home.

Standing in his living room now, the chatter of his family tugs him from those thoughts. "Just shut it, Lucas, you don't know what the hell you're talking about," his sister snaps at their brother.

As usual, bickering over some business deal. It did, however, give him a chance to exit without much of a hassle. "I gotta pick up wine for dinner. I'll be back later," he casually throws over his shoulder as he heads for the door, not bothering to tell them he already had about six aged bottles sitting in the basement.

Sliding his sunglasses on to his face, and sighs and gets in to his car. It had been like this since their father had died the year prior. The company remained without a CEO, as it had yet to be determined who would be taking over. Lucas and Cassidy had endlessly fought over taking claim to the spot. However, since their father had neglected to leave in his will who would be taking over, an executive had been placed as temporarily in charge until the siblings could reach a decision with their lawyers. As the youngest, Gavin had pretty much figured he wouldn't be the one to inherit the position, so he hadn't bothered very much to fight for it.

Having plenty of time before he had to go back home, he parks his car on the main strip of downtown and tries to relax as he walks down the sidewalk. He would have to make another stop for the wine, but he felt it was safe for him to just duck in to the pub for a quick beer before he bothered with that errand.
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