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Gavin grins. "That would be ideal. Wouldn't want to come in to work and there's a psychotic stranger breaking in to my office."

Her question makes his smile disappear, and he looks around the room quickly. "As quick as possible, if you can. These insurance guys are on my ass about everything, so I just want to get the paperwork done and sent to them before it drags out in to this huge mess," he lies quickly, finishing off his drink.

He still isn't sure what the hell he's going to do with the information, once he finds it. Whatever Serena was hinting at, it obviously had to be important. That being said, he doesn't want any prying eyes or ears around during this conversation. Gavin can't tell who to trust, given that Serena had come to him so easily. Who knows who else might be watching him?

Gavin pays for lunch and gets up, taking one last look around. "If you could also just keep the copies between us, I'd greatly appreciate it. There's a few senior executives who would kill to get their hands on any records that will aid them financially."
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Serena watched Gavin as he turns to look at the unknown male. A small chuckle escaped from her lips when she’s trying to act… what’s a good word to describe how shy girls are supposed to act with things like this… frightened or maybe even embarrassed. The girl knows first handed how her brother is like. What Gavin doesn’t know won’t hurt him but his brother had tried to hit on Serena which is why he would always give her a certain look when he would see them together. Don’t get her wrong he is cute but he isn’t her type. She dealt with guys like him and didn’t want to deal with the cheating, secretive bullshit.

“Oh that’s alright sir I always have one in my bag.” Serena quickly replies tapping her bag.

The guy seems to be making her job easy, now. Gladly she accepts the key. This new key is her new best friend. Now all she has to do is find a way to tap into the company’s security surveillance without hacking and of course getting caught. “That means I’m going to need to be very careful with where I put this key.” Serena puts the key in the purse pocket. “How soon would you like the copies of your father accident?”

  Serena / Simply_Random / 4y 111d 22h 12m 54s
Gavin frowns and turns to look at the guy who appears to be heading for the door. "He's probably just some douche looking to get a date. I wouldn't worry too much about him. There's, unfortunately, quite a lot of guys around here that are like that. My brother included."

He shoots the man a glare, but the guy just goes about his business. "We might have to pick you up a can of mace. Never know when you might need it. Plus, I think a few dudes could use it," he smirks.

As he reaches in to his pocket to grab the money to pay for their food, his fingers brush against cool metal. "Oh, right! I forgot to give this to you this morning. Every employee gets a key to the building, that also gives them access to their floor. This'll get you in to the tower, and basically any room on our floor."

The silver key slides across the table to her, attached to a plain black keychain.
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Maria aka Serena smiled. She remembers that they went to Rio once. It may have been the last trip they took before she had to so call kill him but her for the love she had for him wouldn’t allow her to do it. Honestly she thought she did kill him but he’s still here. “Ah of course. Everyone tends to get drunk on vacations from school. Especially college when you’re old enough to drink and is most likely away from home.” She says with a chuckle.

Serena was trained for certain things. It would take a lot of drinking heavy liquor to get her tipsy or drunk. Her eyes flashed with excitement hearing that her new job pays for vacation expenses. Since the Maria character is a good girl she’s going to give him a week or two heads up before going. Although it most likely won’t be for pleasure but for his own sakes in order for him to keep living and not end up like his old man. “That’s wonderful. So there is more benefits for dealing with some of the stupidity and annoyance from the others…” Serena tried not to glance at the guy. Her head and eyes darts down with Gavin asked if she’s alright. She clears her throat before answering. “Y-yea I’m alright just feeling a bit uncomfortable. Some guy keeps staring. Do I have something on my face or teeth?” Her head snaps back up, her nails picking her teeth. Through her peripheral vision she caught him talking on his cell phone as he starts to leave.

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Gavin takes no notice of her wandering gaze. His own are too busy searching the dessert menu. That is, until she mentions Rio. A fond grin appears on his face. "I spent a few Spring Breaks in Rio during college. According to pictures, it was a lot of fun. In my head, it's nothing but a drunken, blurry haze. But, definitely a fun spot."

He left out the fact that one of those trips had been with the same woman who had shot him, and had ultimately ruined any chance of him returning. Still, it was a great vacation spot. "You're pretty much free to take your vacation whenever you want, by the way. I don't really keep a schedule, or whatever. Just tell me what days you won't be there, so I know ahead of time, that's all. It's paid vacation, too, so feel free to head back to Rio and the company will cover it. Unfortunately, we draw the line at jacuzzi rooms, so you'll have to suffer with a standard resort room," he jokes.

It was one of the perks of the job. The company had plenty of money at their disposal, so his father had made it policy to pay for the vacations of employees. He would fly them out to an all inclusive resort, and cover the costs. It definitely boosted work morale, and gave the employees little to complain about.

As he looks up, he just catches a flicker of something in her eyes as she looks away. "You alright?"
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Serena is going to have to look up everything he owns. How could she have not known about this? Is she really slacking off? Her family would be disappointed with her if they were to find out about all of this. Maybe even disown her.

Just to be nice she smiled hearing everything she already knew about him. Well all but the recent trip. Talking about this gave her an idea to look up his father’s past business trips. She only looked for personal things. How stupid of naïve of her.

Gavin asked her another question. One that she defiantly have to think about. As she thought about it her eyes wondered around. She noticed a few things like his plate being completely empty, the restaurant isn’t as packed as it was and of course a poorly disguised spy. One she slept with once upon a time and beaten the crap out of few times. He just grinned at her waving hello slowly with four fingers. Either he knows her true identity or he is simply trying to flirt with her only to get close to Gavin.

“I’m going to have to say Rio. I had an amazing time there. Have you ever been to Rio?” Rio was fun. Running and jumping off roof tops, racing at night, making friends with people who “owns” certain parts of poor places and of course the food there is delicious.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 4y 121d 23h 38m 2s
Gavin sighs thoughtfully. "Traveling sounds amazing right now. I bought a vacation home in Ireland, and have yet to be able to actually use it."

In response to her question, he shrugs. "Typical guy stuff. Hockey, baseball, that kind of stuff. I live up to the stereotype. Travel is definitely up there for me, as well. I was in Germany not that long ago. It was technically for business, but the pubs didn't make it feel much like work."

In his hangover state, the food disappears quickly. Before she's even done her salad, he's got a slice of chocolate cake for dessert on the way.

"What's your favourite place you've ever visited? I got to see Pompeii a few years ago, and it was absolutely crazy," he finishes off his drink.
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He said to be honest and she was but everything was sugar coded because of how Maria is persuaded. Either way he liked how she was sort of blunt about what she thinks of his sister. “You did say off the records.” she says chuckling. In her mind she couldn’t help but wish she had wine or something to eat with her salad while eating with Gavin.

Serena was caught off guard when he asked what she does for fun. Is he really interested in Maria? Serena mentally answered. “Well… I love baking, going to the park, travel. I also enjoy going to the movies and trying new things. I don’t really watch sports but I occasionally play certain sports like badminton and volleyball. What do you like to do?”
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Gavin smiles, and nods, raising his own glass to clink against hers. "And to keeping it that way," he adds.

He laughs at her description. "That has to be the most honest answer that anyone has ever given me. And it's scarily accurate," he takes a bite of his steak."She's been that way most of her life. Being the only girl, she developed a 'princess' complex. Dad kind of fed in to it. He wanted that daddy's little girl relationship with her. Got her a car for her fourteenth birthday, too. No surprise, Lucas has pretty much always hated her for it."

Gavin himself had long-since learned to just ignore Cassidy when she got bratty. As the baby of the family, he could technically do no wrong in his parents' eyes, so he was always saved from his sister's temper tantrums.

"What kind of stuff do you do outside of work? Sports teams, movies, that kind of stuff. There's gotta be something fun."
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Her eyes squinted for a few seconds when he snorted. She couldn’t have been more dismayed. Everything was real until the day she had to kill him or else someone else would have done it. If someone else was to do it he would have suffered a terribly. Serena forced a smile on without any hesitation. Her eyes shut in order to keep the tears in her eyes. Having emotions sucks big time. Doing this job or favor, whatever it is now, is going to be a real mission because she’s emotionally involved.

Hearing his question she giggled but her giggle wasn’t really a giggle but a weep. “Oh no. I’m not romantically involved with anyone. My ex was sort of a nut job as well. He lied, cheated, and impregnated someone he was dating sometime after we started dating but yet he didn’t want me to leave him. I had to move away, change the number I had since high school and obviously start fresh.” she picks up her glass of water. “”To no longer having psychotic people in our life” Serena did describe an ex. He was just like her which the life style and it happened a few months after shooting Gavin. It was only to forget about him and it worked due to the fact he did cheat and get someone else pregnant. He tried to keep her but her family wasn’t having it and they knew she was ready to shoot someone else. Especially if she is dating the dude so they hired someone else to do it.

Serena sighs in relief when there food showed up, along with their drinks. “Off the record, she’s kind of bitch and has the only attitude. She reminds me of like the head cheerleader who thinks she runs the school because she’s on top of the pyramid.” She starts eating her salad. It doesn’t taste too bad because of the mango and chicken although it is a weird combination.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 4y 155d 2h 23m 56s
Gavin snorts in to his drink. "The misses would have to exist in order for her to get upset. Last relationship I was quite a while ago, and put me off dating for the forseeable future. She turned out to be quite the nutjob."

Getting comfortable, he turns the question on her. "What about you? Should I be worried that a boyfriend is going to make this a misunderstanding? I don't know if you can tell, but my office is already a hotbed for pissed off people. I'd hate to be attacked for being a decent boss," he jokes.

A plate of appetizers arrive, and he wastes no time in digging in to his portion of the crabcakes. "What did you think of Cassidy? Off the record, of course. I'm not going to get mad if you insult her. I may even encourage it," he grins.
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Serena walked to her desk. There were a stack of papers on her desk. When she finds out who gave her their work, she’s going to give that person hell. Nothing to serious just the person probably losing their job. With her being her she’s going to install cameras around her desk, Gavin’s office and the lower and upper floor from their floor. She may even tap wire his phone but that may be too much for her to keep track. Once when she reached her desk she started to get information for him. The same site she read on her own time before coming up with this entire plan she’s going to give to him. As she was about to check her email to print out the real evidence she got Gavin came out. She coudnt be thankful for not signing in.

‘Maria’ looks at him. He really was a sweetheart. “Oh okay…” was all she said before putting the research away in her desk and locking it. She made sure she logged off the computer and anything personal was locked away. Serena followed him to the restaurant. Everything in the menu does sound delicious. She always tends to have difficulty to pick something but she makes sure he doesn’t take her sweet time picking because it does tend to drive people crazy. The only thing she picked so far was dessert. Serena is one to eat anything but seafood and salad. She actually started to eat her veggies a little. Gavin doesn’t know about her changes obviously. Most of the female workers have a salad next to their computer screen. Might as well try to blend in. "Have you tried the grilled chicken salad with avocado and mango, it sounds delightful.” Even though it’s a salad it does sound amazing. Once when the ordered their food she looks at him. "The misses wouldn’t get upset if she was to find out about you taking me out for lunch right?” she asks before taking a sip of her water.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 4y 161d 20h 18m 7s
"Hm? Oh, yes, pictures, too. They want us to be detailed in our file. Probably to make sure we aren't exaggerating anything," the lie comes fluidly.

He dismisses her, and sinks lowly in his seat. It was barely time for lunch, and he's already wanting to go home. At that thought, his stomach growls loudly. Gavin gets to his feet and walks out of his office, stopping at her desk to pull his jacket on. "You can do that later. For now, I'm starving. Let me buy you lunch, for your first day in this hell hole," he offers.

The restaurant is nice and posh, located just down the street from the office tower. Gavin quickly guzzles down his first glass of water as he scours the menu. "Get whatever you want. Everything is delicious, and worth trying," he encourages, selecting his own t-bone steak meal.
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Serena or should we say Maria is going to have to get some information on this Tony Domingo guy. They way Serena is playing Maria is too sweet. She can’t allow any guy to walk over her. Even if she is pretending to be someone else. he seems like a shady person wanting to just gain power. He probably wants to be the most feared and powerful person around. People like that ticks her off. They act like certain celebrities who gets away with certain things because they’re well known and can use their money and fame to get out of sticky situations.

“Sure thing sir. Would you like pictures of it as well?” Serena is going to print out the copies she has and pretend someone mailed it to him. Along with the real information she’s there’s going to be a note from her. Serena learned different penmanship’s so of course Maria has her own handwriting, a nice extra curvy script. Serena’s real hand writing is regular print that sort of looks script because she writes sideways. Although she is going to have to go hunting for a different folder or at least one that doesn’t have to company logo on them.

Serena waited for Gavin to allow her to leave to set her plan in motion. The things she does for this man and he isn’t even her man!
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Gavin laughs again. "Yeah, that's Domingo for you. He's always had that entitled attitude, as long as I've known him."

When she sits on his desk, he gets a flicker of familiarity, but brushes it away. The last thing he needs to think about is Maria right now. Clearing his throat, he shrugs. "It's just a greed thing. He's our largest competitor, so he wants to buy us out and merge the companies, to build himself one giant empire. But, we're not about to just let him have our father's work, just so he can reap the benefits. He's just a corporate douchebag who needs to be told 'no' once in a while."

Gavin shakes his head, offering her a smile to know that he's not angry with her. But, he pauses before he answers her. "Can you look me up everything you can find on my father's car accident?" He didn't want to do this, but with the meetings all day, he wouldn't have time to do it himself. "I just need more information, to deal with insurance, and company regulations, that's all."
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