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Rolling his eyes, he turns around, only to get bopped on the nose with the spoon. [b "Why would you-"]

He stops when she pecks him on the lips. His brain stops functioning. Was he still drunk? Looking at her again, she's teasing him and disappearing around the corner. He had to be imaginging it. Shaking his head, he continues his stumble to her room and collapses on the bed

The first thing he notices is that it smells like her. The same shampoo she had always used while they were together clings to the pillows. It's this more than the alcohol that lulls him in to a deep sleep.

The sun has long since set when he manages to open his eyes again. Blinking furiously until his eyes adjust to the dark, he feels the pressure on his abdomen. Looking down, he sees an arm thrown across his stomach, and her head resting on his chest. When did this happen?

Not wanting to wake her, he lies there, awake. [b "We could have ran away..."] his voice is a quiet murmur in the otherwise silent room, as he watches her shoulder rise and fall with every breath. Battling his thoughts, his lips lightly graze her hair before laying his head back down, to stare at the ceiling.

The kiss replays in his head. It was innocent enough, and a playful retaliation to his own flirting. Why were they making it harder on themselves? [i Oh yeah, because you're a stubborn jackass], he reminds himself.
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Serena ignored him whenever he asked for sugar. One of these days he is going to get diabetes of he doesn’t stop being a fat ass when it comes to sweets. To make sure he is drinking the coffee she watched him through her peripheral vision. She tried so hard not to laugh or smile seeing him suffering for his stupidity. That’s what he gets.

She lowers the bowl to sneeze. Gavin took the opportunity to steal a filled with her ice cream. All she did was glare at him. They are so going to shoot things tomorrow to make him suffer. Serena quickly moves her legs when he stands up. [#af18ae “That’s fine with me. I may not even sleep tonight. I’m going to work out some more.”] Serena sticks her tongue out at him. How hard he tries when he’s drunk. It’s adorable. Serena got up quickly. [#af18ae “Hey Gavin you forgot something.”] Serena took her time walking over to him. She tapped his nose with her spoon of chocolate ice cream. She smiles before stealing a kiss and jogs away. When she was a few feet away from him she turned around smiling with the spoon in her mouth. [#af18ae “Go to bed. You need the rest. Sweet dreams twinkle toes.”] Serena said when she removed the spoon from her mouth before entering the gym room.

Turning down the volume she plopped down on the floor. Serena just kissed him. First. Her… in an adorable way she tilts her head. Maybe she should go to bed. Just to cuddle with him like old times. Then again he smells like whiskey and may barf everything out his system… shaking her head like a toddler Serena set down the bowl of ice cream to begin a light workout. Her body was already sore but like they say no pain no game. That’s the family motto.

After a good extra thirty minutes she went to go clean up, make sure everything is locked and secured before going to her room for about the six shower of the day, got into a new set of pajamas and crawled into bed next to Gavin. Serena was so whacked she didn’t notice nor cared that she rested her head on his shoulder, nuzzling, and knocked out.
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He snorts out a laugh. [b "Wouldn't want that, now, would we?"] He can't even think about holding a gun right now.

When she comes back with the coffee, he is slumped forward with his forehead on the coffee table in front of him. [b "I hate black coffee. Too bitter,"] he grumbles, lifting his head to glance inside the mug.

Even the smell makes him nauseous. Wincing, he takes a sip. [b "This needs about seven spoonfuls of sugar."]

At the mention of Lombard and the treats, Gavin snorts again. [b "If you think I'm going to get between that fat ass, and his snacks, you've clearly hit your head as well."]

More than once, he nearly gags on the disgusting flavour, but she refuses to let him sweeten it up. Momentarily she puts her bowl down, and he's quick to grab the spoon and shove a bite in his mouth to try and coat the coffee with something better.

Damn her for being right. He can feel himself getting drowsy as the alcohol wears off. [b "Well,"] he says, starting to stand up. [b "I'm going to nap. But if Lombard is in my room, then I guess I'll just have to sleep in yours."]

The look on his face is one of innocence and mischief clashing as he backs down the hallway, winking at her. [i What the hell am I doing?]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 4y 234d 3h 54m 37s
How embarrassing is this situation. He walks in seeing her holding her tongue while laying the floor. This is something a drunk person should be doing. It made her laugh. [#af18ae “Apology accepted.”] She said prattling. Serena turns her head to point to his room where she last seen the dog running to.

Curling her legs up, she slowly sat up. Her hand never leaving her tongue. From his facial expression he is regretting drinking. [#af18ae “Good because I’m not letting you leave until you learn how to shoot.”] Realizing she sounds like Donald Duck or Sylvester she let go of her tongue. Serena got up to make him his cup of coffee. [#af18ae “I don’t have any aspirin. Drink the coffee straight black. It should help a little but you need some sleep. Although you may have been banned from your room. He took the entire bag of bacon strips. I bit my tongue trying to jump on him, jumping over the sofa… Don’t judge.’] She said smiling. [#af18ae “Now if you excuse me I’m going to eat some ice cream to numb my tongue.”]
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He feels like a child being scolded. Then again, he slightly deserves it. Gavin's always been a bad drunk. Dramatics are a drunk Gavin's specialty. He doesn't tell her that he had been about to kiss her in the pool, when Lombard decided to crash the party. Stubbornly, he doesn't want to give her the satisfaction.

Grumpily, he sits on the doorstep when she disappears to the kitchen. [b "Always making it worse, Gavin,"] he sighs under his breath.

His eyes are bloodshot from the whiskey, and his hair is wild from gripping it in his hands. He knows he has to apologize. She'd always hated when he had a drink. His brother would always talk him in to more, and he'd get exactly like this.

He isn't sure how long he's sitting there for, but when he enters the kitchen, she's not there. He has to hold himself straight by keeping a hand on the wall, but he eventually finds her with her hand on her mouth. Bracing his hands against the back of the couch, he looks down at her. [b "First off, I'm sorry. I was a dick...again. Secondly....what are you doing?"]

A headache was working its way in, with the familiar hangover. Usually, however, it came after sleep. Then again, she had been shouting at him, and that tends to make anyone start sobering up.

Walking around, he sits on the floor in front of the couch with his back resting against it. His head falls back on the cushion, lolling to the side a bit so he can look at her. [b "I don't really want to leave."]
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Serena felt like smacking him sober. After grabbing the half empty bottle she went to the bathroom to feed it to the sink. Gavin kept talking and impressively walked away. Mentally she answered his question. He is being both, a jackass and if he tried he can be happy but he isn’t trying. He would rather die like Romeo. Look how well that story ended. She faked her death to be with him. Only to have him kill himself during her slumber. She wakes up to the love of her life dead and bam she kills herself. Oh how romantic. Disney movies have better endings.

Following his voice and the smell off whiskey. Lombard followed her. Even he didn’t like drunken Gavin. It doesn’t suit him. She pets him as the drunken fool talked, telling her what’s what. [#af18ae “If that’s what you want. I’m not going to fight with you. You loved the old you not the drunken fool. By the way you’re damaging a lot more than just your liver. You’ll get alcohol poisoning, high blood pressure, stroke, a heart related disease, nerve damage, permanent brain damage… I could go on but I’m starting to love you a bit less. This isn’t you. I don’t want to be with you when you’re like this. If you want to leave go pack your shit. You’re becoming one of those drunken fools who destroyed their life because of something so stupid. You could have kissed me when we were in the pool but you didn’t. When you’re done acting stupid I’ll be in the kitchen making you coffee.”] Serena left him and his dog outside.

Did she admit she has feelings for him? He could have kissed her. She could have kissed him but when it comes to lovey dovey things she never makes the first move unless she wants to make love to him. Serena did as what she told him she was going to do. The coffee was brewing when Lombard came back inside. She searched for bacon strip treat. The oversized dog snatched the bag once when she opened it. [#af18ae “Bad dog!”] She says chasing him. Serena never could catch him. He is like a weasel. [#af18ae “Bad dog Lombard! Give me the bag of treats!!”] Serena jumps over the couch to only land on her stomach. What hurt her most was accidently biting her tongue. Serena flipped to her back holding her tongue.
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[b "It's my liver to destroy. Leave me be,"] his words are slightly slurred. He tries to keep the bottle close, but her sober state allows her to over power him.

Oddly enough, Gavin starts laughing. [b "What do you want, Serena?"] he asks, pulling himself to his feet, though he wobbles slightly. He'd gone through almost the full bottle. [b "You wanna tell me that I can be happy, if I let myself? Or that I'm acting like a jackass?"]

He brushes past her, focusing hard on standing straight as he walks the hall. [b "I'll tell you what,"] he calls to her, throwing the front door open.

As he steps on to the gravel drive, he turns to look at her. [b "You don't want it all back, fine. Take me home, then. No guards, no protection, nothing. Take me back and leave me, and let Xavier do whatever the hell he wants. Bribe me, kill me, I don't care. If he wants the company, I'll sign away my share, and disappear from town, without a word to anyone. I'll be secluded for the rest of my life."]

Gavin's gaze drops before look back up, his voice wavering. [b "Just don't let me feel all of this, and be so close to you like before, just to make me lose you again. That's not something I can do again."]
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Tears just poured hearing him say somewhere down the road; in a few years he is simply going to end his own life. They can’t be together. They aren’t meant to be. She is used to living the life style she grew up in. Serena shakes her head. Even though he isn’t in the mood she is. It’s the way she copes with things. Her eyes never left him. It followed him until he was gone.

Serena went to her room to shower and get ready for training. With her black sport bra and short black yoga pants with a baby blue waist band and running shoes he grabbed her iPod and walked to the gym room. To get things started she plugged her iPod on the iDeck and started blasting music. Pandora wasn’t helping the situation. The first song they started playing was JLo – I luh ya papi. Rolling her eyes she began her work out. She made sure she challenged herself. She isn’t leaving until her mind is clear, she’s dripping in sweat and something hurts. Psychical pain gets rid of mental pain. Lombard kept checking up on her. It freaked her out. It was like he can sense there’s something wrong between them. About two hours later she left the room. the music was still blasting. Serena tried checking on Gavin but his door was locked. Serena went to go get the master key for the house and unlocks the door.
[#af18ae “Please stop drinking.”] Serena says trying to take away the bottle. Pandora always seems to play the worse music at the worse time. The song ‘I Swear’ by All-4-One started playing. They are trying to overlook their ancient affiliation.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 4y 234d 6h 10m 56s
Gavin squeeses his eyes shut at her confession. Those are memories that he has buried deep inside him for the past few years, and it hurts even more to know that it never had to happen. [b "Please stop,"] his voice is practically pleading.

Her dream had been what he'd wanted; the kids, the wedding, and a happily ever after. Of course, they were both fucked out of it. A hand reaches up and clenches at his hair, and he feels some tears drip from his eyes. At this point, he doesn't even care to wipe them away. He wants to fight with her, to sign the company over, and disappear with her. Things he knows will never happen.

[b "So we're both going to live miserably for the rest of our lives, is that it? No need for Xavier to come after me, then. The way I see it, I'll probably end up blowing my own head off in a few years anyways. How's that for a 'happily ever after'?"]

He feels exhausted with everything running through his head. Pushing himself off the wall, Gavin meets her eyes with a blank expression. [b "I'm not in the mood for training."]

Without waiting for any response, his back is to her and he finds his room. Locking the door behind him, he pulls his duffle bag out from under the bed. Rooting around inside, he finds the bottle of Fireball Whiskey he'd remembered in a daze to put in the pocket.

Sitting with his back against the bed, he unscrews the cap and lifts the bottle to his mouth for a swig. The burn of the cinnamon in it is a welcomed distraction. His thoughts soon drift, however, to the family he'd never have, because of her fucking family; the son he'd never hold, or daughter to spoil. It takes a few more swigs before their pictures swirl in to a muddled mess before his eyes.
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Serena had her hands behind her back. She played with her superhero underwear tag since she is stull shirtless. Why is she still shirtless anyways? This isn’t easy for either of them. She didn’t think he was hurting just as bad as her. He used alcohol to cure his pain. She battered the life or almost their life out of people and got paid for it. What caught her off guard was that he wanted to marry her. Marry… her?

[#af18ae “That’s how I was raised. We both come from different worlds. You had a golden spoon given to you as a child. I got ammo and fighting lessons. Kill or be killed. If I lose a fight I would have to challenge the person over and over and over again until I win. Even if it cost my life.] Serena folds her arms to cover her chest. It’s kind of awkward talking to him like this practically naked. [#af18ae “It was real for me too. You know how I always told you I never wanted it, us, the way things were to end? I meant it. I felt free. I felt normal. It felt so damn good. After dating for a few weeks I stopped trying to hurt you and your family. Because I stopped and took so damn long my family lost their money and thought by then I would be on my fourth con and loaded. If they knew how to save they wouldn’t have tried to look for me. They saw how happy I was but I wasn’t their little girl. I was someone who they would can and they didn’t want that. They hired people to kidnap you. The just took me for a ride and said they got a mission for me. How it was personal but I had to do it. They reminded me I had to kill in order to survive. That no one would want me. They even had a video of your parents trying to get rid of me. Not the way my family gets rid of people but he still didn’t want me. They even had a video of you talking bad about me. But hours after shooting you I found out the truth. Your tape was tweaked. Your dad’s wasn’t but they didn’t play the whole things. He did see how happy you were but he knew something was up with me. That’s why he would also bit at you for buying me things.”] Serena sighs. [#af18ae “Since that night I shot you with my vision being blurry because I was trying to hold back my tears, I actually had dreams and flash backs of us. The one that kept repeating, even till now, is getting married with a big belly and we actually had Lombard walking down the aisle with a wagon and there was a little boy about three or four years old with your face but with my hair, nose and smile. He was helping a blonde girl throw flowers while a pillow with rings were on his lap… once the dream went on till the day I gave birth to a girl…”] Serena chuckles as she stared into space thinking about it. Shaking her head and damped hair she looks at him. [#af18ae “It’s a stupid dream. Love can only go so far. We can’t be together. Even if there are still feelings lingering around. We can be friends until all of this is over. I’m going to keep my promise and leave after all of this is over. I apologized before and I’m apologizing again. I’m sorry for everything. I honestly am. I tried to leave twice. The first time I couldn’t because it was the day we were out all day. We went from riding bikes to walking on the beach side walk and running when it randomly poured, got pizza to wait out the rain, magically got lost, broke the back seat of your car that night and just stood somewhere looking at the stars right afterwards… The second time you didn’t let me. A family member did die. It just wasn’t my parents…] Serena stopped talking after she realized she was babbling. He probably doesn’t want to hear all of this. He most likely wants to just end this. [#af18ae “For the record I told you everything I know about Xavier aka Casper. If you want I can just get you guards for your house and a body guard for when you go out. I can try to end this myself. If I don’t, well you don’t have to be seeing me again so you should be good. Now that you know everything you can move on and marry a red head name Crystal and live happily ever after.”]
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The shove catches him off guard, and he takes a few steps back with the force. [b "I'm making it hard for [i you]? First you try to kill me, and then show up fucking three years later and make my life a living hell yet again! You left me in the middle of fucking nowhere with little to no explanation about the guy who supposedly wants me killed. Excuse me, Serena, for trying to make the best of a shitty situation!"] he yells back.

Her meltdown stings a little bit, considering she makes a jab about only wanting to con him. [b "I'm sorry that I ruined your plans to run my family in to the ground, but it's not my fault that you led me to believe everything was real, and reciprocated. I fucking loved you, and wanted to marry you. You think it's easy for me to be around you again? I'm struggling just as much as you are. So, I'm doing what I've always done. I'm trying to keep it together by making things as lighthearted as possible."]

She continues her rant for another few minutes before they both lose all energy. Gavin leans back against the wall, and rubs his own eyes wearily. [b "Training doesn't mean you have to be a robot,"] he answers quietly.

[b "Look...all I know is that my life the last few years has been hell. I wake up in the hospital to find out my girlfriend shot me, and was actually some kind of con-artist. Everything changed that day. I didn't know what to do, or think. Alcohol made the pain go away, and I tried so hard to hate you,"] his eyes look at her. [b "And now all of this is happening. I didn't think I'd ever see you again, let alone under these circumstances. I just want a little normal for a while. If I could joke with you, and try to act like everything was okay, then for a while I could pretend that nothing ever happened to us."]
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Serena twitched. He did not just do what he just did. He really is growing a big freaking pair of balls. Sadly it’s the wrong time to act tuff. Not when she’s trying to think things through to save both their sorry asses. She turns around and pushes him. It wasn’t a hard push where he would fall down.

[#af18ae “You Gavin. You’re the freaking problem. Why can’t you just let things be? Why do you always have to make things hard for me without even knowing you are doing it? Why do you gotta be you? Why couldn’t you be like your brother or sister? Conning them would be so fucking easy like making a paper airplane but no you just gotta be you. I’m trying so fucking hard to do what I do best but I can’t. you’re making old feelings resurface. Why can’t they just fucking die? Do I have to do for them to go the hell away? I’m trying to keep us alive but I can’t focus and because of it I’m giving you the easy lessons. Life isn’t easy. You should be learning the way I learned everything. Get hurt like I’ve got hurt. Fuck… just… ugh! Forget it.] Serena exploded. She passed while she talked. Her hands kept switching places from her hip to her forehead, or having both hands on her forehead, hips and neck. Towards the end she started to choke. Tears freely ran down her cheeks. Though she didn’t notice them until the very end of venting or bitching, whatever it is that just happened.

Serena banged her head against the wall near the door to her bedroom. She takes a few deeps breaths. [#af18ae “I’m sorry. I lost my cool. I shouldn’t have. I should have known better. I’m trained.”] She slowly turns around wiping her tears. He always did want to see this side of her. It took years for him to actually see her really cry and not fake cry because he wanted it. Although he didn’t know she faked cried.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 4y 235d 6h 54m 48s
[b "Spoiled the dog is more like what you did,"] he mumbles under his breath, taking a seat to dip his legs in the water.

When she gets out of the pool, he notices the clouded look on her face. [b "What's wrong?"] he calls out, but she ignores him and the door slams behind her when she retreats to the house.

[b "What the fuck got in to her?"] he thinks out loud.

They hadn't been doing anything that should have pissed her off. Ironically enough, Gavin finds himself getting angry, as well. Was it [i that] painful to make the best of this situation, instead of living the next few days in a state of moodiness. To make it worse, she barks at him about training the second he walks in the kitchen.

Suppressing a growl, he follows behind her and puts his hand out, blocking the door before she can shut it on him. [b "You wanna fill me in on what your problem is? Or am I gonna get an attitude for the rest of the night for no good reason?']
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 4y 235d 7h 12m 8s
Serena laughs. Maybe the dog does still love her. At least someone does. Her family loves her only when it benefits them. Oh and her bird that’s all gone. Flying freely to god knows where. Serena played with her hair, giving her something to look at besides Gavin. Hearing him talking to the dog made her smile again and glances at them for a few seconds.

[i 1, 2 - 14, 15, 16] She started counting. Waiting for that... [i splash.] Then Gavin said how she turned his dog against him. She rolled her eyes. When or how did she even have the chance? [#af18ae “Well I always did give him treats, whatever I didn’t eat, took him out early mornings and late night, and of course allowed him to sleep with me.] Serena said smiling.

Lombard got out the pull after swimming her way. He started to shake nonstop and took off. Serena got off the noodle and dived under. Since she’s in the pool might as well try practicing holding her breath longer. Her record so far is a little over four minutes. Her goal is at least ten minutes. After being under for thirty seconds, and counting, she resurfaced. Serena smacked the water. Being in love or out of love or back in love, whatever it is, is getting in the way of training and remembering everything. Serena swam to the other side, got out and left, running a hand through her hand through her hair as she cursed under her breath. Being a bitch to him would be good for them both. He would hate her, talk shit about her, curse her out and of course hate her. Wait, she already said it. That’s what she needs. For their sake.

Serena went to the kitchen. Lombard was there eating the food that were still on the island. Honestly it made her chuckle even though she was mad and hungry. She just grabbed a bag of poptart. Sitting on the island facing the sink she started to eat the poptart. By her second one she got up and started walking to her room. [#af18ae “Training in twenty minutes.”]
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Gavin grumbles and swims away. [b "No fair. He hasn't seen you in how many years, and he still loves you more. Way to ditch me, Lombard."]

It takes everything in him to not look her way. He knows she's trying to get under his skin, to make him cave first, but Gavin wills himself to remain strong. He's a grown ass man, not a shy high school kid.

Lombard is oblivious to his interruption, and continues his paddle around, going back and forth between the two. [b "You betrayed me, buddy. I don't know if I can ever trust you again,"] Gavin tells him dramatically, pushing the dog's hair out of his eyes.

He merely gets tackled in retaliation, and the dog's claws scrap his stomach as he tries to move out of the way. [b "You've turned him against me!"] he cries, pulling himself out of the pool to inspect his barely visible cuts.
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