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Serena sort of got lost in her own world as she counted everything. She was up to her fourth set, pulling down for the ninth time and holding it for three seconds. Her eyes darts to Gavin hearing him speak. He sounded out of breathe as if he just ran a marathon. It made he laugh. She knows he can finish. From where she is she can see his lips moving but yet hear nothing.

Watching him trying to revive his arm was hilarious. It made her lose count so she stopped. Gavin's question simply made her smile. He knows the answer to it and eventually he would figure... wait, he just got it. Serena didn't have to finish her thought. [#af18ae "Okay so legs it is. Unless you want to make your cake abs pop some more but in a sexier way. Question, how long and fast can you run? Knowing how to run and jump, slide, shoot and so on is extremely important. Tomorrow I'll teach you how to shoot, pick a lock and maybe how to jump start a car."]
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The burning muscles come far sooner than he would have liked. Gavin tries not to let it show, keeping his breathing steady, and struggling to get the weights up fully, before dropping to full extension again. By the time he finishes the second set, his arms feel like jelly. So, he puts the weights down and wanders to his glass of water, as if he just wants a quick break. [b "See? Piece of cake,"] his voice is more out of breath than he wants it to be.

The third set is a pain in the ass, and more than once he mutters a stream of curses under his breath. Twice, he nearly drops a weight on his foot, only to regain his grip at the last second. He tries to casually glance over in her direction to make sure she doesn't notice, only to scowl when he sees the ease in which she's doing her own sets.

It feels like his arms are going numb, and the last few curls don't even make it half-way up. Setting them back down, his wiggles his arms to try and get the blood flowing. [b "Question. Are you insane? Why the hell would you do this willingly?"] Pausing, he remembers her profession. [b "Nevermind. I just answered my own question."]

Taking a seat next to her machine, he sips on his drink. [b "I think I'm warmed up now. Time for you to teach me something. And please, for the love of God, let it be something that doesn't involve my arms."]
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Serena shakes her head. He isn’t kidding. This is going to be so much fun! He got up and pulls his shirt over his head to show off his body. As he flexed she rolled her eyes.

[#af18ae “Let’s go find out if you can.”] Serena replies poking his chest.

The girl practically skipped to the room that stored some workout equipment. Gavin started to work out first. He grabbed two 25lbs dumbbells. For now she isn’t going to say anything. Hearing what he said she stuck her tongue out at him. Sadly it may be happening again but this time she isn’t going to let it show. [#af18ae Do 10, take 10 second break and repeat. Try doing three sets for now.”] The girl skipped to the other side of the room. She stretched for two minutes before sitting down on the lat pull down machine. She changed the weights to 200lb and started doing her normal sets. Twelves pulls in each set, ten sets. [#af18ae “Oh before you do anything else don’t forget to stretch. If you don’t you can hurt and possibly injury something.”} Serena tells him slowly, trying to control her breathing.
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He raises an eyebrow at her. [b "You're laughing? Seriously? I'll have you know that I've worked out before. Maybe not your type of workout, but it's still a workout! Just one that normal people do,"] he points his fork at her with narrowed eyes, though a smirk tugs at his lips.

True enough, he had been to a gym and ran the treadmill, but that was just about the extent of his exercise. Cardio was about all he was really good at. Lifting weights had never appealed to him, since he didn't really need the added muscle. Still, he feels like he needs to prove himself, and show her up. [b "You don't think I can keep up?"] standing from his chair, he tugs his shirt over his head. [b "This is sheer power,"] he even flexes dramatically for good measure.

While he's a fit guy, there's only a faint trace of abs, and his arms aren't the most impressive. [b "I've just never lost my sweet tooth, that's all,"] he defends himself, patting his flat stomach as though it's oversized.

When they are standing in front of the equipment shortly after, Gavin isn't sure what he should start with. Pull-ups were definitely out of the question, and bench presses were likely to embarrass him. So, he grabs two 25 lbs dumbbells to start curls. [b "Try not to gawk too much, or I might think you're falling for me,"] he taunts her with a smirk.
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Serena laughed. She’s going to have to teach him how to cook because if she didn’t come with food he would have probably starved. She didn’t bother putting anything on a plate. She just ate from the tray. Gavin mentioned the workout equipment. What he said next made her choke but laugh at the same time. She had to spit out the chewed food into a napkin. She looks at him. Is her serious? [#af18ae “Are you serious? Do you even workout?”] Serena uses a robber band to tie her hair up. [#af18ae “Gave Rollo what’s a workout to you because my kind of workouts may kill you.”] Serena gives him a big sweet, innocent-ish smile.

The girl was excited to teach him out to work out. Although it may kill him. He is going to be so sore in the morning. Serena covers her food and pushes it. [#af18ae “You know what let me see what you got Gavin.”]
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Gavin snorts. [b "Normal doesn't seem to be the common factor these days,"] he chimes in from behind the thick book he had been reading when she burst in to the room.

The mention of food makes his mouth water, and his stomach growl. [b "Lombard eating table scraps is the least of my concerns. The dog used to steal alcohol from my glass when I wasn't looking. That mastermind is indestructible,"] he retorts, somewhat as a playful reminder before catching himself and closing his mouth. Feelings of normalcy aren't exactly what he needs right now.

Making sure his plate has a heaping portion, he puts the plate in front of his spot, grabs himself a beer, and digs in. At her question, he shrugs. [b "Not much to do around here. Played with the dog. I'd rather not admit just how much reality television I've actually watched. It's rather embarrassing, as a man."]

The conversation lulls in to a silence, with the only sound coming from their forks scraping against the plates. [b "I was checking out the rest of the house, and I saw some of that workout equipment. I think it'll be good if you train me. I'm not the biggest guy in the world, or the strongest. It might be good for me to put on some muscle. What do you think?"]
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Serena was being diligent. Anything can be traced, from calling to checking your emails and even searching certain things up. Thankful she has a fake I.D as a FBI agent. If she plays her cards right she can probably go inside a police station and search for the information she needs. Her other alias name is Jennifer Jareau. The only twist with this one is that she’s [i married] and the guy is another con-artist. They teamed up because they both had the same target and he was good at hiding. After checking the surveillance on her building and block she started to search for Mrs. Jareau box. After stuffing her cheeks with cotton to lift her cheeks a bit, putting on loads of makeup and the wig she got dressed.

Her finger brushes against the fake agent’s gun when her alarm starts to go off. Without thinking she gather all of her personal things, freed the bird had, and ran to her computer. Owen’s brother and a few men just broke into the building. She couldn’t help but to curse under her breath. Typing a few codes her screen glitches. It’s secretly ready to self-destruct when someone tries to use her computer. Before running to levels up she turned on the hot water from the shower and turned on the radio. Serena locks her door and runs upstairs. This isn’t good. If they are after her for helping Gavin out must mean someone was watching. That someone could be anyone. Once on the 8th floor she picked the lock to one of the house she secretly hide weapons in. thankfully the guy wasn’t around. She took some of his hidden money, went to the bathroom and grabbed the duffle bag filled with weapons and made her way to the room. Roof hoping is occasionally fun. Only when you’re working out but if it was for training or in this case running for her life it’s always a pain. Especially with have a purse, backpack, a full size duffle bag filled with weapons and a small duffle bag with personal sentimental things.
The fourth building to the left usually has the roof door open. Luckily today is one of those days. She locked it on her way in. Serena walked towards one of the large vents and went in. yes, Serena was prepared for things like these. Just don’t ask how many apartments and studios she hid weapons in.
It took her a few extra minutes to get to the parking lot. She never thought she would have all of these bags with her. The girl broke into a piece of shit Honda. To be exact it was 2010 accord sedan ex in black. Serena hates Hondas. She’s more of a Dodge, Nissan, Lexus and GMC kind of gal. She even has weird things for trucks. Today is going to suck for Serena. She’s already exasperating. After driving a few miles away from home she ditched the car and took a cab to a restaurant. From there she walked to a storage space. They don’t have surveillance which has its pros and cons. Serena has two storage places with different names. In one of them she has an Audi A8 6.0 W12 that’s been personalized. Its bullet proof, code protected and well it’s her baby. She cleared out both storages because they will be going after it and set up a trap in both. Poor Gavin is going to hate having her as a roommate. Although since she has her black box and a few other things she can hack into the FBI database, break through their firewall and get what she needs.

Without thinking or hesitating she drove, once again, for a few hours and once again she stopped to buy more food from a grocery store and a restaurant before going back to her beloved secret home. One that isn’t on the maps or any of her used aliases so they should be good. The car is registered to someone who’s being paid to pretend she has the car. The girl is living wonderfully. Offering a prostitute a deal she can’t turn down has its benefits.

Being approximately 2 miles away Gavin is probably shitty bricks seeing glowing red lights. Buy now the TV changed to hidden cameras on the road. If he dares to shoot her car, Gavin better sleep with an eye open. Once when she approached gate she waited a few seconds before slowly getting out the car forgetting she’s disguised as Jennifer a FBI agent and prudently walking to the gate to enter the code and walking back to the car. She didn’t bother parking her car in the garage. All she did once getting inside is grab the food bags and went inside. Eventually after putting the bags on the counter she would go close the gate. Once entering the house she was querulous out loud as she put away a few groceries and munched on the Spanish good she ordered for them. During her complaining/venting out loud she didn’t even notice her surroundings. Since she knows the place she didn’t have to watch where she was going or look at everything. Although she was looking around but not really looking in a way. Her complaining started to die down. She started to mutter under her breathe sitting down at a chair near the island. Her head smacked the island as she kept muttering. The missions suddenly turned into mission impossible. Where’s Tom Cruz when you need him? With her head still being smacked down on the island she took off her wig and placed it on her lap. Her fingers brushed through her hair long wavy hair. Is it bad that she felt like cry? Perhaps felt was the wrong word considering her tears were staining her dressy pants. The place she recently rented is now blown up and she lost her bird who’s probably flying to god knows where.

[#af18ae “Why couldn’t I been born to a normal family. Life would have been better. Even if we were poor… then again that’s the reason why my family is the way they are. For money and power… after this job is done I’m going to change my name and open up a candy shop and live a normal life. Until someone finds me and ask for my help or tries to kill me like today.”] Serena sits up rubbing her eyes. Lambert stood up on his back paws to try to lick her face. He always did try to comfort her when she’s anything but happy. [#af18ae “I know, I know I shouldn’t be sad…”] Serena smiles. [#af18ae “I hope you too are hungry because I got us some Spanish food and Lambert has his own food; rice, green beans, sweet potatoes and salmon. Don’t worry Gavin dogs are allowed to eat it. Salmon gives him omega-3 fatty acids which is good for his immune system, skin and coat. The sweet potato has vitamin B6, vitamin C and I forgot what else. Green beans are a good source of plant fibre, vitamin C and K and I also forgot what else.”] Serena got up to hand Gavin his dish and hopefully he still likes it. Lambert was served a portion of his meal in one of his doggie bowl. [#af18ae “So what did you do all day?”] She asks sitting back down.
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Gavin rolls his eyes. Of course she would be condescending about it. Either way, he knows she's right. It would be too hard to discern who was an ally, so it's just easier to rely on each other. Although at the mention of his family, it's his turn to smile wryly. [b "I didn't trust my family [i before] I was nearly killed. I have no reason to tell them anything."]

Walking her to her car, he jams his hands in his pockets. He isn't sure what he's going to do for the few days he's left alone here. It wasn't exactly like he could wander around the property. He doesn't even know where the hell they are.

Within the first hour, he's bored out of his mind. He's tossed Lombard's toy around in a game of fetch, but the dog has long since lost interest in running. Gavin's roamed the house twice over, and snacked from the fridge before flopping down in front of the TV for some old movie he's seen countless times before.

It isn't until he wakes the next day that his stomach sinks. [i Maria!] What the hell is he going to do when she shows up to the office, and he isn't there? He almost reaches for his phone before he remembers he's been forbidden from using it. Sitting at the dining room table with his phone in front of him, he taps his fingers anxiously. [b "There goes another assistant,"] he grumbles to himself.

He isnt sure why, but he ends up flipping through his photos, until he finds one that he knows he should have deleted a while ago. It's of him and Serena at some concert, their backs to the stage, and her arms extended to take the photo, while his are wrapped around her middle. He's not sure why he's kept it, but old feelings start stirring in his chest before he shuts the phone down and walks away from it before it gets worse.
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Gavin made her night. He not only accepted her help but thanked her. [#af18ae "Aww I get a thank you."] the girl replied after grabbing her bag. She was about to say something before she ended up yawning. [#af18ae "From now on we can't trust no one but each other. No secrets between us. With that being said...] Serena thought about telling him that she is Maria but he may flip out. They did talk about personal things. He even said she was crazy. However if something was to happen at the office when he gets back in a few days anything can happen. Maria is the only one who can get close to everyone at the office. [#af18ae "Be very careful what you say to everyone. Your phones, computer, office and everything you own and go to may be bugged. Don't even trust your family. People are money and power hungry."] Serena went back to the kitchen to get her other traveling mug.

Knowing Gavin he is going to be mad when he finds out about Maria. [#af18ae "In a few days I'm taking you home. You need to act like nothing happened. Do your normal routine. If whoever is watching you sees your acting weird they would have to change the game and since we don't know what the game is it could be bad.] As much as she doesn't want to leave him she has to. For two reasons. One being he doesn't want her there or a part of his life. Secondly, she needs to go get as much information about "he who shall not be named". [#af18ae "I'll be back in a few days. "] she tells him entering the garage and into her car. After starting it and rolling down her window the girl looks at him. [#af18ae "Also once when everything is over and we survive I'll leave like you requested. I'll even change my number and maybe my appearance. Just a little. Maybe I need a haircut."] with that she took off. What she said about getting a haircut made her smile a little. They both know she would never cut ner hair. She did it once. Serena cried during and after she got a "trimming". The old bat cut her hair so short Serena brought about ten different products to make her hair grow back. After using all the products for about a week she got so sick that she nearly went to the hospital. Never again! With her being so sick she lost a lot of weight. She remembered how scared Gavin was for her health and life. He's the reason why she eats health and works out. Serena may also be the reason why he has a sweet tooth. Depending how much sweets she would eat determines how long she would work out for. Serena is going to have to teach him how to shoot a gun, break loose from being tied up, pick a lock... Lets just say he may become a con - artists whee she's done with him.

Serena wasn't sure how long or when exactly she b ot home. All she knows is that she slept for almost an entire day. The office probably thinks Gavin and Maria are sleeping together since neither of them showed up for work. Serena went to het desk to do some research.
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In his line of work, Gavin is used to corporate owners trying to bullshit him to benefit themselves. He knows the body language, and the way they speak. That's why it's bothering him to hear her explain everything.

He can't find any trace of her lying.

His eyes drop to the floor, leaning against the counter opposite her, crossing his arms over his chest. He's not sure what hurts more: the thought that he had only been a challenge, or that she had shot him, despite her feelings. Neither options are especially nice to think about.

Gavin had to admit, the relationship had been great while it lasted. Until the secrets came out, he had no complaints whatsoever. He had fallen quite easily for the gorgeous woman who seemed to always have his attention. As he feels a stirring in his chest, he clears his throat and changes the subject. [b "A ghost who wants me dead. This just gets better,"] his eyes close and he leans his head back against the cupboard.

He doesn't have a choice. She had led him this far, and even helped clean up the crime scene. Despite the fact that he doesn't understand her motives for helping, he has to accept that she [i is] trying to help.

Locking eyes with her for the first time in the past few hours, he gives her his answer. [b "I need your help, Serena."]

Before she turns to leave he lets out one last statement.

[b "Thank you."]
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Serena drank two cups of coffee and barely felt the caffeine kicking in. with everything he said she knows now that he is never going to forgive her. Even when she’s here trying to help him. Maybe she should just take him to a hotel and just have ‘Maria’ watch him. Gavin doesn’t want to be in the dark anymore. Now it’s the time to tell him everything. Like it or not.

As she finished making her third cup of coffee she heard him as when she’s leaving. [#af18ae “I’m trying to get energized with caffeine but if you want I can leave now.”] She says turning around to face him. Before clearing her throat she sat on the counter. She carefully twirled her semi full, hot travel mug. [#af18ae “You want complete honesty. No more being in the dark. What I said a while back is the truth. We constantly moved and when they thought I was old enough to help the family they gave me you as my first mission. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love but it happened and you were supposed to inherit everything. The well was probably switched with the real one. Your sister is a sucker for hardcore… intimacy but she dumped a family friend because he too fell in love. But… anyways I think what we had changed your father’s mind. Due to the fact owning a business is a lot of work and time.”] Serena couldn’t focus. Her heart was racing like the time she first spoke to him, said I love you and of course did the deed. [#af18ae “Everyone has a reason for everything. The guy loved how your sister did certain things. As for me I…] taking a deep breath and get off the counter taking a small sip of her coffee she walked towards the garage. [#af18ae “Forget it. Anyways Xavier is wanted in lots of places for many reasons. Thanks to everything holy I’m not wanted anywhere. Xavier is like Voldemort to con artist, killers and other things. We are dealing with someone who’s been since a few times but yet there are no pictures or records on him. So practically we are dealing with a ghost.] Serena went decided to go get her bag before going to the garage. She kept talking as she walked. [#af18ae “He can do things without getting caught. If someone sees him and lives to tell the day that person would be dead by the end of the week. I don’t think you truly want my help because of what happened. So it’s up to you. Do you Gavin Rollo want my help? I’m not planning on helping someone who doesn’t trust me, probably won’t listen to me and might kill me in the end. That is if Xavier doesn’t kill me or us first”]
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[b "You think bringing me here makes up for everything you've done? All of the manipulation and lies, and pain you've caused me and my family? I thought I'd found peace after you disappeared and then you show up at my home and everything goes to hell all over again!I'm supposed to believe that's all part of your plan to 'help me'?"] he snaps bitterly, rising to his feet and towering over her, though she shows no signs of being intimidated.

Her words do nothing but agitate him. [b "You lied to me for years, and now I'm supposed to believe you actually felt something? I was nothing more than a pawn in your game that blew up in your face. Don't try to feed me more lies, Serena. I'll play by your rules, for now, on the condition that I'm not kept in the dark. I have every right to know what's going on. And after this is all over, I want you to disappear from my life, do you understand?"]

He doesn't get an answer, but Gavin stands his ground. As she retreats back in to the bathroom, he takes his own leave and wanders to his room. Carelessly, he throws all of his clothes in to the empty dresser drawers. He wants to be out of here as quickly as possible, without getting too acquainted with the place. So, he makes do with laying on the bed and just staring blankly at the ceiling. That is, until she comes to find him sometime later.

Gavin's actually surprised by how much precaution has been taken with the structure of the house. No matter where you go, there is a camera watching your every move. He takes the tour in silence, only giving a nod of his head to show he understands. It felt more like a prison than anything, but it was honestly better than staying at his house in a panic.

[b "When will you be back?"] his voice breaks the silence when he locates her in the kitchen.
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Serena got out the shower wrapping a towel around her wet naked self. Her hair was tied up into a sloppy bun. She walked to the mirror cleaned the mirror with her hand in a circular motion. An uneasy feeling started to crawl all over her skin starts from her toes. Her ex is probably planning a way to kill her. Revenge maybe. Perhaps he thinks she killed his father. After all she did try killing him.

Her eyes were staring at the floor as she stepped out of the bathroom. Waiting for what’s probably expected. [b “Why are you doing this to me?”] Gavin asked sitting on the bed in her room clutching on to the bed sheets tightly.
[#af18ae “Why am I saving your life? Well because I can or simply because I felt guilty for what happened years ago. It wasn’t my idea to harm you. Honestly I was supposed to just do a quick con… it was my first mission considering my family are con artists. However my heart decided to do something that wasn’t a part of the plan. When I took too long they decided to see why and they did. The plan was to get you to fall in love with me, get married, somehow get you to cheat on me, divorce and get half or all of your money but my heart decided to change the plan.”] She wasn’t sure why she is telling him this. He won’t believe her. Let along forgive her. [#af18ae “Believe it or not but I do have a heart. Now that my family is slowly disappearing I thought I would come back to the place where I was able to be normal. I didn’t think you even survived that day. You were my first everything. Mission, kiss, love, lover, kill, regret … I-I just want to help you. When I leave just remember what I said. Don’t try to get into contact with anyone. I’ll leave you a burn phone. You can only use it to call me if and only you need something or if someone is here. No one knows about this place.”] Serena went to go grab her bag from floor near the night stand. She didn’t bother looking at him.

Her mouth opened to say sorry and that she did fell for him but she was speechless after explaining everything. It was like a cat caught her tongue. Sighing, she went back to the bathroom gently closing the door with her foot. With Gavin being in another room Serena got dressed quickly. Serena gathered her things quickly left the room ignoring Gavin and skipped to the kitchen to grab a snack and make coffee. With him knowing things about who she really is and why she was with him years ago he could explode and try to hit her. With the coffee brewing she went to the garage to put her bag and the snacks on the passenger seat. Before she leaves she needs to show Gavin everything. As much as she doesn’t want to she has too. [#af18ae “Mr. Rollo let me show you around and pay attention.”] Serena showed him one of the emergency buttons that’s in a cabinet under the island that’s across from the sink. There are guns hidden around the house. One on each side of the couches well hidden, one in the master bed room closet in an old shoe box that has photos of places she been and one in the secret room. The secret room is also located in the master room bathroom. The side with the mirror wall is the secret room. The button so happens to be on the outlet above the sink counter. Underneath it has a small gap and if you press it hard enough the mirror parts open and in it is the safe room. There’s a screen for each camera, a burn phone, two guns, six ammos, a pillow and a blanket. The mirror is one way so only he can see the person on the opposite side. It is bullet proof but sadly it’s not fire proof. In the office there is a desk with an old laptop and a few movies. Of course they’re action, horror and some Disney movies. Even though she’s supposed to be so call heartless, a killer, con-artist... etc. she loves Disney movies.

After showing him around Serena left him to go back to the kitchen. She started to make her coffee in a travel mug. As she did she told him where everything is at considering they always did have a problem with finding things in each other’s kitchen since they organize things differently. Serena yawned once again praying that the coffee would keep her up so she can drive back home. Only if finding someone who doesn’t want to be found would be easy she can get Gavin back home safely and they can move on. Again.

[ Outfit]
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Gavin just nods in agreement to her demands, more than ready to take a break from all of this chaos. With Lombard in the back, Gavin settles in to the passenger seat and slumps low, resting his head in his hand. The world passes quickly outside the window, but he's still dazed and unfocused. All he can see is the gun going off in his hands, and Owen falling to the floor. He was officially a killer. He was no better than Serena.

[b "I'm not hungry,"] he spits out bitterly, yet she gets out of the car regardless.

The motion sickness of being in the car for so long isn't really helping his system. [b "You know, if you're going to kill me, you might as well just do it now. You don't have to drive me out to the middle of nowhere,"] he throws at her in a monotone voice.

When they actually do reach the house, it's more extravagant than he had been expecting. Without a word, he grabs the bags and follows her inside. Lombard trails lazily along beside him, not caring for the change of scenery.

Gavin finds one of the closest bedrooms and drops his bag on the bed. It was nothing fancy and had no decoration, but it allows him to relax that he isn't at home.

Without really knowing what he's doing, he wanders down to the room where she disappeared in to. He can hear the shower running next door, and the steam pouring from the crack. Sitting on her bed, his hands grip the sheets tightly, and hot tears stream down his face silently.

[b "Why are you doing this to me?"] he asks when he hears her enter the room.
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Serena started to breathe heavy moving the dead guy as she tapped certain parts up. She kept doubling checking to make sure she didn’t miss a spot of blood. After making sure everything was back to normal she started dragging out the body. The mother fucker felt like he ways over 250 pounds. She can bench-press about two hundred. After putting his heavy ass in her trunk she went back into his house and went to go put everything away. On her way out she saw Gavin and his pup. The both of them looked frightened.

Frowning a bit, she walked besides them. “Considering you look scared as shit and you hate me I’ll just let you stay somewhere that I know is secured and isolated. Just know you can’t call, email, video chat or simply get in contact with anyone because it can be traced back to your location.” Serena gestured for him and his dog to get in before going in the driver seat.

Just to kill time and lose anyone, if anyone is actually following, that is following them. Gavin is going to be the first person to see and stay at a place she purchased under a false name. The ride is dead silent and a bit awkward. Only a few more miles away Serena decided to stop. I’ll be back. You’re going to need some food over there.” Serena grabbed about four of everything she knows he likes or liked and some extra things like desserts, light booze, fruits, vegetables, yogurts, three dog toys, two dog bowls and dog food and dog treats. Serena made sure she hurried because in the state he’s in he could do anything that can get them arrested. Quickly stuffing the bags in the back seat she got the car ready and started driving. The only bad thing about this place is how far and long she has to drive but since the place is isolated and secured it is worth it.

It took her two more hours to get to the isolated secret place. She stopped in front of the gate to enter the code. After pinching in the code she ran back to the car, drove inside and inside the garage and jogged back out the car the quickly close the gate. “Do mind helping me with the bags?” She grabbed as much as she can before leaving entering the house through the door that leaves them near the kitchen. She placed everything on the island before putting things away.

“So there’s three bedrooms and each room has a bathroom, there’s a bathroom down here, an inside a pool, office, two living rooms, obviously a kitchen mixed with a dining room and a garage. You may relax. I’m here to help believe it or not. I’m going to take a nap before leaving because that drive was long. Don’t worry there’s camera’s everywhere. When you’re done settling in I can also show you the secret emergency button and the secret emergency room.” For some reasons she has a feeling she’s talking to herself.

Hopefully he heard her. Serena set down a water and food bowl for Lambert. After everything is done she sat on the island. Lambert was having fun sniffing around. After relaxing for a few minutes Serena went to her car to get her duffle bag that has a few spare clothes. She even hid the Maria’s wig and work clothes. With her duffle bag on her shoulder Serena went to one of the rooms to go take a shower and change. The smell of Clorox was driving her insane. The bed room door to the room she was in was cracked open. Along with the bathroom door.

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