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Serena laughs. [#Af18ae You canbhbe one. Your earned it after the ride wake up call.] with the way Gavin was looking at the fruits he was like a kid staring at vegetables on his dinner plate. Hilarious.

[#Af18ae I’m not but there’s nothing we can do. I’ll see if Owen can let us use his plane or I can sweet talk the wife he has out here. Say I’m his sister. I’ll contact my normal black market guy for a new identity. I’m thinking about being a hipster. Put on a grey wig. Maybe blue contact lense. Oh some temporary tattoos. Kind of exciting. But we should get going. We can just do it on the plane. You’ll love it since it’s Owen’s and you seem to hate him and all.] now that she wiggles her eyebrows too. Sounds like a good plan. She can maybe just take it. Of course she’ll hbe to owe him big time. Perhaps Ganon would enjoy learning how to fly a plane. They’ll be okay if it’s on autopilot for a little while. Ripping a piece of the pancake to pop it in her mouth she sat up having a seeking feeling. Grabbing a pancake she goes to the computer to check the monitors. One of the cameras is out. Great. [#Af18ae A big chance you may use you what you learned today in someone else. Time to grab what we can and go. A camera is down.] she says rewinding it to see what happened. She doesn’t see anything but it’s been out for about an hour. Serena runs to the bedroom to gear up and pack. [#Af18ae I’m going to check on the cars. Stay here. Armed. Packing.] she says putting on clothes.

Serena decided to exit using a window. A gun in her hands as she walks crouching down getting ready for anything. Their cars are fine. Nothing was placed on the car. Tires are fine. Engines doesn’t seem to be tampered with. She started her car first. All good. His was fine too. She runs inside. [#Af18ae So far so good.] she says grabbing all the valuables, laptop, deleting everything off the the computers. She shoots the hardrive a few times just to be safe. Carefully and slowly she sets up a timer bomb on the computer desk. They can repair the house another time. She has the documents on her bag.
  Simply_Random / 98d 18h 7m 43s
Gavin snorted a laugh. [b "Hey, at least you get fancy chocolate chip pancakes. I'm going to make do with that shiny apple over there,"] he glanced at the damn fruit that was going to be his tiny snack.

If she was leaving it in his hands, the sooner they left the better. He was eager to get a jump on things, and work past this hiccup in their lives. A goddamn peaceful vacation was what they deserved after all of this. [b "One last round of special training before we go tomorrow,"] he winked at her like an idiot.

With dramatic flair and a bow, he set the plate of pancakes in front of her. [b "For your highness,"] he faked a British accent. [b "And for her court jester,"] he grabbed the apple from the counter.

He fell into the chair beside her, reaching down to pull her feet onto his lap so he could use his free hand to give her a thank you massage. [b "I'll fly back home with the pets, and leave them with my cousin at my house again. That way they'll be safe while we investigate. Who knows what we're going to find when we get there. This could take weeks of constantly being on the move. Are you still okay with the plan?"]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 99d 14h 47m 10s
Serena was trying to control her breathing. This is too much. The house need to find him a trainer. It bothers her that she’s beating him up. Her father would love it thought. Hell he’ll want to teach Gavin the ways of their life. Of course with a very [i generous donation]. [#Af18ae I didn’t win. I tapped out.] she rolled to on to her belly. Her arms folded, head rests on them.

[#Af18ae Sorry that my training andleanring how to cook is fancier. The perks of pretending to be high class... but you are getting better. Let’s jusy see if your diet changes. You can go bag to all the sweets you want once when you get used to working out and have a routine.] it took her a while to get up. The Peet’s followed her to the kitchen. She is going to feed them. [#Af18ae Oh. Chocolate chip pancakes. Fancy.] she says jokingly before kissing his cheek. [#Af18ae We should be leaving soon. Unless you want another day if training. The decision is up too you. Just know if you do decirte wait maybe we can have that other practice before and after we leave. Maybe even a preview of what’s to come. Some time after we eat or course.] she says sitting down to serve the fur babies their food. Maybe going back to sleep would also be something they should do. At least she wants to sleep. He can do whatever he wants.
  Simply_Random / 99d 16h 11m 40s
Wrestling was the only advantage he had. Gavin had once upon a time been on his private school's wrestling team in high school, so grappling wasn't unfamiliar. However, that was at least ten years ago and he'd long-since lost the agility he had as a scrawny teenager. She was still stronger than he was in terms of forcing an opponent away, and he barely had time to register the turn of events before his face was pressed into the floor.

[b "I surrender, grandmaster!"] he used his free hand to tap the floor. [b "You are the champion."]

He thanked every god there was when she finally released him to wallow in his loss. He tried to stretch his neck back and forth to loosen up the muscle cramp. [b "Unfortunately, your prize of iHop will have to wait. I don't think there's one anywhere around here. And I am not driving around in the dark trying to find one,"] he aimed a warning finger at her.

He rolled onto his knees and then feet. [b "I'll make you pancakes. That's at least one thing I'm better at than you."]

Simple foods were his forte. If it didn't require much thought, he could manage whipping it together like an expert. And thank god they'd remembered chocolate chips during the last grocery shop. Gavin added a gratuitous amount to the batter as he stirred everything. [b "At least tell me I'm making some kind of progress,"] he called to her. [b "I might die of shame if I haven't at least improved slightly."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 100d 14h 58m 47s
Is he trying to get you to your belly? He’s smart to do something he’s familiar with. Wrestling isn’t something she practiced. He does have a upper hand which sucks. Although she may be able to beat him. Hopefully. [#Af18ae God I hate wrestling...] she says trying to think of how now to get pinned down. [#Af18ae Sorry, no. You learn not to get distracted. Stripping down does work if your opponent finds you atttactive. But I’m in training mode so it won’t work.]

Right now all she knows it that he can’t get on top. That’s a wrestling thing right? She has to be quick enough to scramble free. She shuffle her legs to gain more support. Taking a deep breath she uses her core strength as best as her sore body can and places her hands on his head and arm, pulls them down onto their face. She tried to do it quickly and forcefully. [#Af18ae God... I think if I continue I’ll pop my head stitches or something.] Serena was getting tired. Plus she feels bad for waking him in the rudest way. She still thinks he’s going to hate her when all of this ends, one way or another. [#Af18ae I can so go for some iHop right about now.] she says laying on the floor.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 101d 2h 34m 33s
Gavin was, at heart, a weak man. So, the sight of his lover standing before him with no pants whatsoever was enough to render him stupid long enough enough for her to land a solid smack across his face. [b "I'd like to say this is cheating, but I have a feeling that won't help my case,"] he argued, remembering to plant his feet for a sturdy defensive position.

It was almost cruel, really. If she didn't have such goddamn amazing legs, maybe he'd be able to focus. Bitching would get him nowhere, however. So, he did his absolute best to not let her near-nakedness get too much into his head. Except, you know, when a kick came close enough that he could admire the view before it landed.

Gavin tried to lock a half-Nelson hold on her, but she was out of the hold before he even managed to get a good enough grip. All he had to do was pin her for ten seconds. That was it. Ten measly seconds, and the fight was over. Unfortunately, she was a goddamn expert at sparring matches.

[b "Is pants-less fighting a thing now? Can we make that our Friday night date night routine? As much as it hurts getting kicked in the stomach, this is hot,"] he panted, temporarily getting his arms around her from behind.

The suplex wasn't exactly great quality, but he managed to get the upper hand if even for a moment. [b "If men could use sex appeal to win fights, would I be winning?"] he wrestled to get her arms pinned to the floor, knees braced on either side of her hips.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 101d 13h 24m 32s
Look at him trying to negotiate. He should be good at it since she’s a business man. [#Af18ae If you can take me down and keep me down for ten second we can do whatever you want [i boo].] This time around she won’t tell him what he did wrong. She’ll simply strike. What she’ll do is turn down the crazy just a notch. He won’t be able to handle her full force.

Grinning she blocks his punch, twists his arm, closes the space between them to kiss him before backing away. Tying up her hair she quickly drops down to the floor and swipes his legs from under him. [#Af18ae You’ll probably deal with kickers.] she says giving him an excuse as to why she did what she did. To motivate him the girl took off her pants. [#Af18ae Think this should help. I never did get anything to motivate me so this should help you.] she says fixing her underwear before smacking him. [#Af18ae I’ll refrain from punching. A snack would hurt but not for long like my punches.] she says jumping like she’s about to start a UFC fight.

[center [i Sorry for the short post. Brain isn’t focusing. More bs came up...]]
  Simply_Random / 102d 16h 48m 49s
[b "I don't recall anyone telling you that you had to get out of bed,"] he put his hands up and adopted a defensive stance.

Gavin dodged two punches before her third one lands. [b "As a matter of fact,"] he tried to throw a counter-attack. [b "I can think of no less than four workouts we can do in that bed alone. We can call that fighting."]

God knows they wouldn't have done anything even remotely productive, but he wouldn't have minded in the slightest. But, she was boss and as much as it hurt being punched repeatedly without mercy, she was right. He asked for every bit of it.

So, he was going to suck it up and take the ass kicking, no matter how tired and sore he was. After a straight jab to his cheek, he made a mental note to fill the freezer with ice cubes. [b "I don't suppose we could have a less painful way to be physical with each other at some point today,"] he wagged his eyebrows like an idiot.

His punches weren't as sluggish as the night before since he knew if he half-assed the fight, she was going to make the next one that much worse. His nose felt mildly off-center, and he had a yellowish-purple forming under his eye. All in all, his body felt like hell. But, if it was going to help, he wasn't going to complain.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 103d 12h 13m 4s
She should’ve kept her composure. She didn’t attack. [#Af18ae It’s. Training.] she said as she cracks her knuckles and neck approaching him. Wiggling her eyebrows she was gently taps him. Each time getting harder. [#Af18ae If I cant sleep neither can you. Let’s go.] she says putting up her hands. [#Af18ae I think my rustiness disappeared. You’re going to hate me. Just know I love you and you wanted this.] serena had to remind him before she beats him.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 104d 12h 16m 26s
Gavin huffed against her neck. [b "Easy for those dudes to be in good shape. They have millions to pay for personal trainers."]

He wasn't entirely sure who was out first. His body was so exhausted that he didn't feel a gradual drowsiness take over. One minute he was talking, and the next he was snoring. He didn't even feel her wake up the next morning. It wasn't until his eardrums nearly ruptured at the small explosion did he finally fall from the bed.

God, the ringing was loud. Gavin raised an arm to press against ears to try and block any sound. His arms were as heavy as lead. [b "Serena!"] he yelled, choking on the smoke in the room.

Fuck, had they been found? His heart was hammering, thinking about what could have happened to her. His legs were killing him and his steps were more like shuffles, but he managed to get out of the bedroom. His fists were clenched at his sides, unable to lift them any higher than the bottom of his ribs.

Gavin was on the defensive until he heard a familiar laugh. When he found her well and good, with a smug smirk, his eyes narrowed. [b "What the fuck was that?"] he was still coughing from the smoke. [b "You just leave pipe bombs around the house?"]

Linus wandered over, eager to greet his owner. Gavin slumped to the floor, groaning and holding his head in his hands. [b "That was hands down the worst wake up call I've ever had. Including the hangover after my sister's wedding."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 104d 12h 59m 58s
Serena leans against the door frame. She should help him. But he wanted this. This should show him how dangerous her world is. Hopefully he’ll think twice about wanting to be apart of it.

Luna meows at her, following her to the bedroom. Luna gets her. She crawls to her side to stare out the window. That was until Luna jumped on the windowsill to stare out the window. [#Af18ae Jerk...] she mumbles before trying to shut her eyes. It didn’t work. She couldn’t sleeping. Counting sheep’s or bullets didn’t help. All she did was listen for Gavin. He’s not going to like it when she wakes him up in a kit four hours.

She almost fell asleep waiting for him. [#Af18ae mhmm.... can’t wait to see that. Will o be married to one of those hot male actors in action movies or you?] she says teasingly. [#Af18ae You sound horrible. Do you want to continue learning? I say your learner enough. It gets worse and it doesn’t matter that you’re already hurting.] she says placing her hand on top of his.

Something about him being next to her pit her to sleep. She woke up to hours later because of Luna. She crawls out of bed to check out the house. Make sure they’re srill safe. Everything looks good. She crawls back to bed to try to sleep again but she couldn’t. She’s too worried to fall asleep. Instead she went to make some coffee before waking him up for training. She digs created a small smoke bomb that would make a Big Bang sound and smoke up the room. She made sure the pets weren’t in there before setting it on her night stand. When she ran so did the pets. She waited for him to get out to attack. He needs to be on guard no matter what. Gavin is so going to ask for a fake divorce. The thought of it made her laugh.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 104d 13h 10m 16s
Gavin had enough pride to wait for her to go in the house before collapsing to the ground, gasping for breath. Linus trotted over to him, flopping down and rolling to his back to try and mimic him. [b "Good thing you're cute, buddy,"] he huffed as the dog rolled and kicked him.

When she called out to him shortly after, he forced his neck to turn his head. [b "Go warm up the bed! I'm going to crawl to the shower. I might make it to the bedroom in the next four hours."]

Every muscle in his body screamed in protest, but he hauled himself to his feet. [b "Help me, bud,"] he called for Linus, placing a steady hand on the dog's back to make it to the house.

Feeling like he was burning up from the exercise and heat, he opted for a cold shower. He didn't get out to get dressed until his teeth were chattering and his skin was rippled with goosebumps. Crawling into bed was the best feeling he'd had in weeks.

[b "You're going to have the hottest husband, real or fake,"] he mumbled into her neck as he settled behind her to wrap his arm around her waist.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 104d 13h 28m 39s
The girl smiles. [#Af18ae Maybe around this time next month. Right now it’s the sugar king leaving your bad but not without a gift first.] she says starting another fight. Outside combat is easier. You could use anything from the dirty to cars. Although fighting in a kitchen is always a pain. It wasn’t long before she stopped to make him learn not to shoot and find a gun that fits him.

When serena has enough she ended things. If he wants to continue he can. Right now a bath sounds amazing. [#Af18ae Watch him for me.] she orders Luna scratches her chin. The girl heads inside to get ready for the shower. A well deserved shower. It was a cold one to help with her aching body. Poor Gavin would have thrnmost difficult time getting up once when he relaxes his body. [#Af18ae Am i glong to bed alone? Only asking so I can’t take your fur baby so he doesn’t distract you. Lina on the other hand may take my place.] she says jokingly.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 105d 10h 30m 53s
Every punch was deserved. He knew it. It served to correct his mistakes. The more he focused, the less likely he was going to get his ass kicked. Gavin's body was screaming at him, but he pushed through the aching muscles and bones. Tomorrow was going to be one hell of a constellation of bruises.

It was well into the night, and they'd been at it for hours. Running different combat scenarios, prepping for how to disarm a knife. He fucked up more than once, and was bearing the cuts to prove it along his forearms. He'd had to stop twice to reassure a whining Linus that Serena wasn't hurting him.

[b "This beats the hell out of a Crossfit workout,"] he panted at the three hours mark, stopping to pour water onto his head.

They'd moved out into the yard, where there was more space to move around while sparring. His determination was just as strong as when they'd first began earlier in the night, but his stamina had long-since wound down with sluggish movements.

[b "I'd better get a six-pack out of this,"] his hand was resting on his abdomen where she'd landed a solid punch.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 105d 11h 47m 40s
Why is this making her cry? His determination may get him killed. Her gulp was her and loud. Her voice cracked a bit when she spoke. [#Af18ae Gavin... I love you but you don’t have to go this hard... once this is done... we should part ways. My lifestyle is my burden. You’ll never be able to do anything without looking over your shoulder or be paranoid. Plus you have a family business. Once when you get it back I’ll help keep it safe by claiming it and you won’t have to worry about anything. If I’m gone then they’ll go after you.] she walks up to him placing her hand on his cheek gently. Something about his eyes is telling her he’s not going to back down. That sort of scared her. Yea, she wanted him to be more focused and learn. But not by him wanting to learn how she did and be apart of her lifestyle. It’s dangerous and suicidal.

Serena let’s out a small sigh. Her hand drops as her lips met his. [#Af18ae You’re going to be sore and possible close to death... I’ve been going soft on you. But I’ll amp it up a bit. Brace yourself...] she whispers taking a step back. For everything he’s done wrong, got wrong or missed he would get hit. Hard. It hurt her to treat him like he’s nothing. But it was how she learned to stop the torture. There were a few times she stopped. It gave her flash backs to her days of learning. When it came to combat she didn’t meant to hit him as hard as she did. She would correct his mistake. Told him what he should’ve done instead. Repeat it if it was needed which is was until he got it right. If she’s was sweating, you could only imagine how he looks like. He’s probably sweating out all the sugar and beer and god knows what else. He’s not going to sleep. This is going to be worse than boot camp.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 106d 13h 23m 1s

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