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He’s right. One thing is there won’t be enough or any therapist to wipe what he just heard. Booze won’t work either. But he’s slipping into his old ways. If he wants to be a drunk when his life is on the line that’s on him. Someone would say something soon enough that, that’s not going to slide.

His ID of the badges being tracked with a GPS is amazing. Look at him learning! This is such a proud moment. [#Af18ae Leave that to me. You’re not going to like it though.] she could set up something as to where the place is robbed. Mostly his floor. Set it on fire before calling 911 so it won’t get out of control.

Serena slides down the railing to as the head to his floor. Half way down a flight of stairs she stops hearing chatter. Serena quickly got off to look down. All she could see an arm. Burgendy fabric. No face, hair, hands...

[center [i “All three... I sent you pictures... i have no idea where he went. He has a meeting with someone and disappeared... I think so... who?... there’s no one on his schedule with that name... I’m positive. No Serena Teller... I’ll text you when he returns... got it. Everyone should be coming back inside. Fire drill practice. I’ll call back at the end of the day.]]

[#Af18ae I don’t recognize that voice. Can’t eve tell if it’s a male or female...] she whispers to him heading to the door so then can get inside his floor. Now, how did everyone but he know about the practice fire drill? No alarm went off like it should have even if it was.

Serena waited to head back to his office to kiss his neck. Just to leave a lipstick stain on his neck and collar to his shirt. [#Af18ae Now you got an excuse as to why you didn’t edit the building. Don’t worry I’ll write down how to remove the lipstick stain. I’m sure with someone who has a head full of hair has hairspray.]
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He was fairly certain he was going to be sick. Of all the issues Cassidy could have, hooking up with a fifty-something year old psychopath was the one she had to go with. The thought alone of her carrying Byrnes' baby made him gag. [b "I'd really rather not think of how Jerry Springer this situation is,"] he shuddered, following her out of the closet. [b "No amount of therapy is going to wipe that from my brain."]

Gavin mentally logged away her ideas, knowing that it'll have to all be set up within the next day or two. He just needed to find a good enough tech company that couldn't be bribed to botch the job if Cassidy caught wind of it. [b "ID badges are a start. Maybe tracking chips in the badges, to keep track of them?"]

He wasn't exactly sure how he was going to come up with a spontaneous week-long vacation for everyone, but he was going to have to think of something quick. Spraying for bugs? That would be valid. No one would hang around to question if bugs were actually infesting the office. And the toxic fumes would mean absolutely no one could come inside. Then again, if it was only his floor being changed, then it wouldn't make sense seeing as the ventilation system would carry fumes throughout the building.

[b "Okay. Give me a second,"] he rubbed at his temple. [b "What's something that's not suspicious to warrant a week-long vacation? Renovations?"]
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For someone who’s been busting his ass to learn her ways she didn’t expect him to have them how. Maybe try to use the things he learned. See how far he got. Instead they’re hiding in a closet. In the dark. A twisted way of playing seven minutes heaven. Except the people outside of the closet were the ones locking lips. Her head hits his shoulder. If she is ex with Byrnes too she’s a hoe and it’ll make her question who's the daddy.

Well today was a good day. Cassidy is a clever. She can’t be the brains. How stupid would they be to show up like this? We’ve hacker leaves a code identifying who they are. She can track that person down for a lead. For now she may stay the rest of the day or Snape places with her parents so he isn’t completely alone.

[i You should go before the cameras start working. Go check the bars. Once a drunk. Always a drink.” ] there wasn’t anything exchanged after that. They walked off. It took a while for them to hear the ding of the elevator. She didn’t move. for now all she did was pull out her phone. Waiting for the bars to come back. When it did that was when she exited the closet. [#Af18ae That thing needs a vent in there. Holy cow. Your sister gets around. What if she’s still pregnant and Byrnes is the daddy? Your family might be more twisted than mines.] Serena heads to the stairs. [#Af18ae Idea. Get new tech security for your floor? ID badges needed for everything. Not the bathroom or lunch room. But get on your floor, access certain offices.... guest would have a temporary badge. There photo ID copied to it... just tech savvy up your floor. Give everyone a week paid vacation will it’s under construction... we just need to keep you safe-er. Extra generator for your floor. Secret exit for yourself and one for the employees... nervous. Confused. Babbling. I’ll stop.]
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In the amount of time they were in the private room, it was as though the entire floor of employees vanished. Desks were empty, it was completely silent, and there wasn't even noise from the air ducts. [b "She's always been different,"] he muttered under his breath, seeing whose desk she was sat at.

The bell signalling the elevator chimed in the hallway. [b "Fuck,"] Gavin darted back to her, grabbing her arm and pulling her into the closet. [b "Quiet,"] he clicked the light off so the shadows of their feet wouldn't be seen under the door.

He couldn't quite peak through the narrow crack in the door. The most they could do was keep their ears to the door to listen as the voices grew closer. [i "You said he wasn't going to be back,"] the man's voice was heated. [i "You said that it was going to be taken care of!"]

Byrnes. Gavin recognized the smoky voice immediately. No question as to who they were referring to. [i "I paid enough money, I thought he was gone,"] Cassidy's voice joined in. [i "My brother is like a cockroach, apparently very difficult to kill."]

The wind left his lungs. Luke hadn't put the hit out on him. Cassidy had. He'd been meeting with her almost every day since he'd returned, staring into the eyes of a woman who had zero concern over her brothers' well being. [i "Look, one has been taken care of. I saw the body-cam footage, and Luke definitely could not have survived that attack. Gavin is next, but I have to get a more professional source. Give me time, and I'll have him dead within the month. Then we can move forward."]

Despite not being able to see, it didn't mean they couldn't hear the very clear sounds of his sister shoving her tongue in Todd Byrnes' mouth. Disgusting. [i "Alright then. You have thirty days to make it happen. My guys are almost finished wiping the network, then the power will be back on by the time Gavin gets back to his office. He won't even know what happened."]
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[#Af18ae Or you can be losing their trust.] she tells him. Serena got off the chair. He looks around the room to see what else is there. Cassidy left. She wasn’t sure how to get out until she hit a push in button on the wall. Before leaving she takes her USB drive and shits down the computer.

[#Af18ae Let’s go before she comes. If she comes back I think a way to cover our cover is by doing what we did at the yacht.] Serena places her ear against the door. She doesn’t hear anything. [#Af18ae As for luna I’ll take her. You’ll miss the minor damage. But I’m going to need you to make a list of those you suspect. My parents can get information out of them. Direct it to Byrnes not you. If anyone leaves then we follow. We can even tag them on.] Cassidy’s secretary wasn’t even there yet. She takes a seat at the desk to see what she’s been doing. Lesbian porn. Prada accessories. Financial reports are good. Emails is dirty. Some super sexy pictures emails around. Ew, she sells her parties for money. Serena got off cleaning her hands with some sanitizer. [#Af18ae shes a super freak. Not sure if I’m scarred, impressed on how confident she is or ashamed because... I don’t know... huh.] Serena began to walk to the elevator. They haven’t bumped into anyone. Where the bell is everyone? [#Af18ae Am I the only one who has a weird feeling? This is your time to shine. Do we hide in your sisters bat cave, take our chances, or call for back up?] right now she’s good with anything. Checking her phone there’s no cell service. She goes to the computer. There’s no internet. Maybe she can hack into near by WiFi? [#Af18ae I’m not liking this Gavin. Someone knows I’m here or is trying to make a move on you.]
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[b "If Byrnes was killed, I'd have a hard time feeling sorry about it. Celebrate all you want,"] he answered. [b "It'd be one less thing to worry about."]

Gavin was doing his best to let her focus on spying on the targets, given that the last thing he wanted to see or hear was Cassidy getting down and dirty. He tried to put his own attention on where the hell Todd Byrnes could be, and why the hell he suddenly vanished within the same few days that Luke was nearly killed. As much as he didn't want to admit that his sister could be an evil mastermind, all arrows were pointing towards her having a hand in everything.

He tuned in at the wrong time, hearing buttons hitting the floor. [b "Jesus christ, I'm going to need therapy all over again,"] massaging circles into his temples. [b "Forget murder. This is going to send me into madness."]

Gavin was grateful for the chance in topic, even if it was just to point out what an asshole he'd become around the office. [b "Let's say it's a little of column a, and a little of column b,"] he replied. [b "I want them to be nervous of me, since it might make them fuck up any secrets they're holding onto for Byrnes. Pressure is not something that these people are good under. And until I can find out which ones were behind betraying my father, they're all suspects and will be treated as such."]

In all honesty, he didn't like being an asshole. Sure, he was sarcastic and a touch antisocial, but he certainly didn't enjoy making people fear him. Unfortunately, he knew his employees and what was most likely to make them screw up. [b "If they're afraid, they're going to make mistakes. I watched it constantly whenever Luke was around. Mistakes lead to clues about what the hell is going on around here. The sooner this is over, the better."]

Gavin almost got spiteful enough to ask about Owen, but he bit his tongue. Not again. [b "Your cat pissed on my shoes while you were gone. I think she misses you. Either that or she is siding with you and doing everything in her power to mess with me."]
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Serena isn’t going to comment. Her father hates everyone. Even Serena. Perhaps if she was a boy it wouldn’t be that bad. Nah, the beating would be worse. If anything. [#Af18ae You’ll be fine. Protecting you is the job. He does his job.] he’ll most likely camp out in the master bedroom. Unless her mother’s stops him. From experience having to walk to the bathroom from a bedroom is better. Gives you a chance to listen for anything out of the ordinary.

Gavin broke the silence to tell her he does care. This isn’t elementary school where you can continually have a love hate relationship. She shushes him hearing Cassidy say Byrnes name. He’s ignoring her everything; [i calls, text, emails, visit... etc]. Luke was even mentioned. She gave his name to Byrnes for something she did but was too scared to claim her mistake. Her [i dick appointment] was confused and wanted to know everything but she wouldn’t get into the dirty details.

[#Af18ae Would it be wrong to wish maybe Byrnes was killed? First your brother was missing and barely hanging onto life. Now hearing your secret villain of a sister saying she can’t get in touch with him. My god. Nothing is adding up. They could be loose ends.] talking about her problems gave Cassidy the urge she denied earlier. Muting it again, Serena gasps seeing her rip his shirt. Wow. Just wow.

Serena presses on the large stone piece on her necklace to have the secret Memory stick. Time to copy everything that’s on this computer. His words from earlier was on repeat. How can she not think he doesn’t care. How quickly he was to flip the switch upon hearing Owen’s name and claim she’s going to abandon him for Owen. [#Af18ae So... how does it feel to be back at work? I see you’re putting down your iron fist. They fear you. Is that what you’re aiming for or are you taking out your anger on them?]
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Gavin saw what she was referring to, before slamming his eyes shut. [b "Oh for fuck's sake, is nothing sacred around here?"] Leave it to Cassidy to tarnish every surface of the godforsaken building.

He was afraid to even touch anything. Who the hell knew what kind of residue was going to be on the furniture? Probably something sticky. Gross. He made a mental note to burn every piece of furniture on that floor whenever he finally dismissed Cassidy from her place within the company. Maybe even call in an industrial sterilizing business to clean everything.

At the mention of Owen, Gavin's head turned to her so quickly he almost gave himself whiplash. If she honestly thought he didn't care, she clearly didn't know him as well as she thought. The only thing that made matters worse was the knowledge that her parents were going to be taking up residence in his home. [b "I don't know if you've noticed, but your father hates my guts. I'm fairly sure he would put my head on a pike in the yard, if he had the chance. You honestly think he's going to be a willing guest in my house?"]

Her mother, he could at least tolerate. She was a stern woman, but fair. Never pulled any punches with him and was always a source of solid advice if need be. Hopefully she would keep her husband in line.

Gavin picked at a loose thread on the cuff of his sleeve. [i Owen. Owen. Owen.] His name played like an unwanted mantra in his head. He didn't understand whatever debt she felt like she owed him, but he wasn't about to start another fight over it with his sister in the next room. [b "I do, you know,"] he broke the silence. [b "Care. I know you're not stupid enough to really believe that I don't."]
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[#Af18ae I can imagine both actually.] serena says taking a seat. This setup is nice. Fancy furniture. Computer is new. Cracking her fingers she began to do her thing. Try to break pass the firewall. But whoever set this up is good. There’s four layers of protection. It’s actually making her sweat.

Serena stops hearing chatter. She closes the door locking them inside. She uses a screen to see if she set up a camera is her office. Bingo. It was just a guy. Stripping. Oh. [#Af18ae You may want to turn around for this. This room looks sound proof. I’ll just mute this...] she says pressing one button. [#Af18ae This is going to sound weird, but I may watch. I never thought someone like her would get laid. She’s such a cold hearted... sorry. I’ll stop. She is family.] Serena pulls out her phone feeling is vibrate. It was her dad. Answering the phone, she didn’t say anything. Just listened. The phone call lasted a few minutes. A heavy sigh escapes her. What Owen wants her to do it now clear. Gaining the targets trust won’t be easy.

Xander Guerrero. A entrepreneur. Some how involved with military tech. From the surveillance he enjoys blondes of course. He goes swimming once a week. [#Af18ae Not that you care but Owen is calling for his favor. I’ll be away. My parents are staying at your place until I come back.] as she spoke she checks his credit card history. See what he likes. How constants he goes to the place. Her eyes darts to a screen. [#Af18ae Shes here. Finally. Poor guy was looking sad and small.] oh yea, she commented on his [i private.] she could do better. It’s disappointing. Unless he’s a grower and not a shower. [#Af18ae Ha. She’s making him put on his clothes. Disappointed again.] she turns on the sound to hear what they’re talking about. She’ll listen but continue to do her research. This place could use a snack bar. It’s freakishly too clean for her liking. They need to wipe everything cleaning when they leave. There’s too much going on. It’s so complicated. Nothing feels right. It feels like she’s being distracted. Something is going to happen. The question is what. She’ll kill Owen if he’s betraying her. Them. Her father would love to do so too. Hell, Gavin May want in too. It’ll definitely make her father like him by a few points.
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If he had to stay in the asylum of an office any longer, he may have jumped from the window. [b "A walk sounds fine,"] he rose from his desk and buttoned his suit jacket to hide the small pistol he'd taken to carrying around for protection.

Gavin hated the way his employees looked at him now. Before, he'd been a fair boss and treated everyone with respect and dignity. Since everything turned into a massive shitshow and he was dealing with multi-level corruption from within, he'd turned into a cold shell of his previous work persona. No friendly conversation with workers, no checking in to see if there was anything he could do for them. He was practically ruling with an iron fist, and he could see in their eyes that they were afraid of him now, like they were of Luke.

[b "Try not to burn my building down,"] he muttered to Serena, catching sight of a flickering light of fire behind her as she exited the bathroom. [b "I have enough problems to deal with without insurance paperwork piling up."]

It was unnerving to find her office empty, given her usual routine. [b "Jesus Christ, I hate this family,"] he pinched the bridge of his nose. [b "Let me know if you find anything,"] he tried to boot up her laptop.

The secret room was definitely unexpected. Gavin stopped what he was doing to turn and stare blankly with his jaw open, trying to figure out when the hell his sister had even had time to have something like that built. [b "I'm actually going to be relieved if this is something evil and not some secret sex dungeon,"] he admitted, stepping to where Serena was. [b "I'd rather picture her as a villain than a 50 Shades of Grey situation."]
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[#Af18ae You’re new to this. It’s okay. It wasn’t my idea to take him to your place. It won’t happen again. I’ll be sure of it.] serena got up to look out the window. Her eyes scanned every building that’s across from them. There are a lot of advantage points. The window was examined. It definitely needs to be changed. Maybe they can even change his office again. Something more him and dump everything in his sisters office.

Serena taps on the glass gently before handing him the rest of her sweets. [#Af18ae Let’s go walk around. See if she’s out of her office. We have time to kill before our [i meeting] ends.] rotating her cup of coffee, Serena went to open the door to his office. [#Af18ae Or stay here. Just thought a walk would be nice. Maybe even catch her on the act. Use it against her for your own future needs. But close the tab and shut down your computer if you are going to tag along.] With a wink she walks out.

Acting sucks. Pretending to not know where anything is can get annoying. Especially when given wrong directions. She did make friends so she said hi to a few people. Nothing more. Searching Cassidy’s office and the cheating bastard office as well if he has one. It sucked thaybshe finished her coffee before reaching the office. She stops to go toss it. Set a bathroom trash can on fire, clog toilets, and make a mess in the break from to make Cassidy’s receptionist to leave and stay gone for a little. Just for fun she sets another garbage can on fire but in the supply closet.

She doesn’t like that brother Cassidy and Bryant are hiding now. Why would they be hiding when Gavin is back. Time to investigate... the window is different. See. Something is up. She walks over to the window to notice the thickness. Bulletproof. Maybe they got this all wrong. Luke could be innocent. What if it’s Cassidy pulling the strings? Taking off her heels she began to search every thing. No bugs. Crumbs. Dust. It’s freakishly clean. Cassidy could possibly be a serial killer. [#Af18ae Oh Cassidy. What do you know about the dark side... what are you possibly hiding?] she began to knock on the walls. There could be a hidden safe or a room. She accidentally put force on a wall lamp tilting it a little. It made her gasp. She pushes it more with some strength to have a hidden room pop open. [#Af18ae Jackpot. She’s a secret villain.]
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Gavin's brain was in a fog the following morning. He didn't bother shaving or taming his hair, letting the wild curls loose. He couldn't even bring himself to put a tie on. As soon as he reached his office, he shut the door to block out the sounds of his employees while he dropped into his chair and tossed his sunglasses on the desk.

He couldn't get the image of Luke out of his head. He'd spent the last few months convincing himself that he wouldn't care what happened to his older brother. That he could be found dead, and it wouldn't even make him blink. The reality of seeing him so close to death on his own couch was enough to shatter that false ideal.

He didn't spare a glance at his secretary until he heard her speak. Gavin forced his eyes up to look at her, recognizing her even with the disguise. Her confidence in the way she carried herself was something that couldn't be mistaken. [b "I'm sorry I wasn't more help,"] his voice was gravelly. [b "I completely froze up. I couldn't have been more useless if I tried."]

The coffee she'd brought was exactly what he needed to give him a kick in the ass to wake up. [b "Byrnes has been keeping a low profile since I've gotten back. I've implemented a new system that requires all executives to report weekly breakdowns to me, which includes his activities. He's been prim and proper so far. I haven't found a lick of outside contact that he shouldn't be involved in."]

He glanced at the clock. [b "As for Cassidy...she's probably screwing some client in her office right about now. She takes an hour break at the same time every day with the same guy from our public relations department. He's got to get better at hiding his hickeys, otherwise his wife is going to be quite pissed."]

The tension in the room was obvious. The small talk wasn't like them. Then again, the whole situation was one fucked up mess that was flipping them upside down. He'd never felt so exhausted. [b "Cassidy was convinced I wasn't coming back so she had them redo my office based on some Scandinavian designs, for her to move her shit in here. It's very...clinical."]

It was the only fitting description for how cold and overly white everything was. She'd said it was sleek and trendy, but Gavin felt like he was in a doctor's office. [b "I miss my old couch. Remember the worn out leather one? All you had to do was sit on it and it was like sleeping on a cloud."]
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Serena couldn’t reply. In her mind he has no right to tell her anything unless she asked him something. The pers seem to be okay. Keeping herside of the bed warm. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep. That was a good thing. There won’t be any sort of movement for at least two hours. Just a precaution. Can’t wake have him waking up when she’s about to sneak off. Nevertheless, she kisses his cheek before leaving. The place seeks to be secured. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Her mother wouldn’t let her watch over Luke. She needs to fix things before it gets out of hand or something happens and nothing is solved. It’s not giving her time to get a nee fake identity. Maria is coming back for a day. By then she should have a new identity. Hopefully.

She spent the night checking surveillance and adding a early meeting so she’ll have a reason to be inside and stay inside. She’ll bring coffee and some sweets. It’s just to give them both a boost. Nothing more. Nothing less. All she got was three hours of sleep. If you can call it that.

Serena wasn’t going to dress up. He’ll know it’s her. She isn’t going to be working there. The amount of stares she’s going to get... they need to be happy that she’ll control herself and snap their necks or put a bullet on them. Yup, that’s the mood the girl is in. Maybe she’ll even get the pets some treats and a bottle for him to have when she gets there. Because he’ll need it.

That morning serena got everything as planned. The looks she predicts was spot on. His new secretary was pretty. Maybe. If you’re into someone like her. A real blonde, green eyes, possibly fake breasts but they do look great, and her makeup is amazing. The way she spoke too. She’s slightly jealous. Serena enters placing the the coffee down. [#Af18ae Mother sent me.] she says handing him a brown bag full of goodies he like. They have a two hours meeting. She gets on his computer to show him the live stream for his brother. [#Af18ae vitals look good. He’s still not out of the woods.] serena sits down drinking her coffee and eating a donut. ]#Af18ae Mhm, I got the fur babies some treats from a pet bakery and a bottle to replace the one we used last night until the case gets delivered to you.] Serena does enjoy being Maria. A sexy little professional nerd. [#Af18ae Where’s what’s his face and your sister? They haven’t been seen yet.] serena licks her lips feeling frosting under it.

There’s no explaining how he can be back here. The memories. They did do a good job removing her blood. New furniture. It’s nice. Different. [#Af18ae You’re office looks like something out a catalog. I think your sister abused her power. I may go pee on her carpet and plants before I leave though.] her eyes finally met his smiling.

[center [ outfit]]
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He let himself be led to his bedroom where the cold mattress awaited. There weren't even any pillows left to use. Gavin sat on the edge of the bed while she spoke, staring off into nothing as he listened to his brother's gasps and groans of pain. The piercing scream that tore through the walls made him slap his hands over his ears. Vaguely registering her order, he ushered Luna and Linus into the walk-in closet, placing himself in front of the door as an extra barrier.

[b "One...two...three.."] he began counting under his breath, a coping mechanism taught to him by his mother when he'd developed panic attacks in high school.

He waited for gunshots. For breaking furniture and shattered glass. For a moment, he wondered if an ambush was immanent. That any second there would be masked men invading the bedroom to kill him after murdering Serena and her family. In the back of his mind, he resigned himself to that fate. Maybe it would even be better that way, to end the stress of criminal activity and stopping corporate corruption.

When someone did enter the room, he barely even glanced up to register that it was only Serena. [b "Thank you,"] he murmured, pulling himself to his feet to get onto the bed.

Gavin made sure to stay on his side of the bed, keeping space between the two of them. If he allowed himself that moment of rolling into her for comfort, it was going to be a slippery slope to thoughts that he wasn't allowed to have. He wasn't even going to argue that she would be gone when he woke up, even though it made his heart race with worry. [b " careful. Please,"] was the last thing he said to her before letting his exhaustion shut his body into sleep.
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A lot was going on. Her mother is such a warrior keep cooking and talking to everyone. Right now, she should be comforting him. Gavin. But she can’t. He does not want her. Their fight was a tad ugly. Hearing his voice say her name the girl stopped. [#Af18ae My father and I followed leads all night. At least he’s not dead. We’ll figure out more later. Right now he needs to fight for his life. He probably has internal bleeding, broken ribs, or a collapsed lungs. Maybe all and more... just don’t worry about it. We got this.]

His health was worth than she thought. They all thought. They need to stabilize him. His poor couch is going to be burned later with all the blood on it’s getting. They had to cut him open like a thanksgiving turkey. He has two broken rib. It even pierced his lung. At some point her father escaped to get the things they needed. Her mother gave her a look. Serena protested with her eyes, but her mother gave her that one look that every child knows to get the stepping.

With that being said she helps Gavin to his feet. [#Af18ae Come on. You need to sleep. You have work in the morning. We’ll move him when he’s more stable.] she would fight him to get him up to his room. She whispers for the pets to follow her. Them. The bed was naked. It would explain the mess that was in the living room. It made her laugh. The pets got on before them. Serena say on the edge of the bed before leaning back. [#Af18ae He’s in good hands. I know it’ll be hard to sleep afterinf see what you did. I can make your drink favorite drink since that’s all you drink when you’re here. You’ll be getting a new shipment soon.] what else is there to say? I miss you? I hate you but still love you? Luna crawls on top of her. She turns to lay on her belly, knees touching the floor. She plays with her cat before the dog got jealous and wanted love. The began to play fight for her attention.

They stopped hearing a scream. Serena lifts up her dress to hand him her gun. [#Af18ae Stay. Put them on a closet. Lock the door.] she says digging into her bra to get her dagger. It was easy to quietly walk downstairs. The scream wasn’t an intruder. It was luke. The fixed his ribs. Her father returned with number of supplies and Owen. Wow.

“How about brunch?”
[#Af18ae I don’t go out during the day. Thanks for helping.]
“Where you goin?”
[#Af18ae To babysit.]
“I hear you got a divorce. Want a real ring? A real man?” Your father promised me your hand in marriage.”
[#Af18ae He can’t offer something he has no control of. I owe you a favor but it won’t be that.]
“Fine then help me with a heist. A twenty million dollar heist. Feel free to grab a few things along the way though.”
[#Af18ae Sure. If that’s what I have to do to pay you back.]
“It is. Considering it’s a risky heist.” Amanda looks down at Owen. Something about this imdoesnt feel right. She enters the room. Her back hits the door as she slides down it.

Luna was quick to comfort her. [#Af18ae Your brother is fine. They should be moving him somewhere secure.] she’s not going to tell him that Owen May be helping with that too. Her mother would of course stop that from happening. Right now, she needs to keep him calm. [#Af18ae Alright. I can go for a nap. I’ll be gone before you even wake up but for the love of god put some sheets on the bed.] she says crawling towards the bed to lay down.

Meanwhile, her mother did take charge. Quietly yelling at her husband for giving away her, their, daughter hand in marriage. Obviously she’s not letting Gavin go again. Owen wanted to help kept his brother safe but her mother is like Serena. They don’t trust people too easily. She sent them to go get the bloody sheet and everything else they left behind just to sneak off with Luke. She’s going to keep him somewhere safe. Somewhere where she trust the people.

Owen left. Her dad stayed to clean up. Burn everything that has blood on it. The couch is safe that’s to the plastic bag and sheets. But Owen is up to something. Remember how serena and Gavin were married under false identities. Owen is going to pull the same stunt but make it official. He’s going to try to erase her real identity all together. So she can legally be his. His forever. The heist is for her to be away from her family. From him. He may even kill Gavin himself. He did book a appointment with him. They’ll meet in a few days.

Serena couldn’t sleep. She doesn’t want to be there. With him. Not like this. Not when he hates her. Thanks to Owen. But they needed help. On the bright side she doesn’t have to have sex with him. The heist should be fun. Maybe she can bring her dad. He’ll love it and drive her insane. He better remember that this isn’t his heist to control.
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