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It’s exciting how they’re planning for a baby that they haven’t even conceived. Once when that one piece of furniture is made and in their house would everything feel real. Or unless they find out she’s pregnant and the doctor proves it by showing them a blob or have them listen to its heartbeat. It was time to let the baby fever calm down so she they can be normal.

Serena was on the couch searching for something for them to watch. She came upon a cartoon show call ‘Bob Burger’. It had an unusual name. It made her click on the channel. It didn’t take long for her to like the show. She is in love with the Louise character. [#af18ae “I like Gavin Jr.”] she said honestly. There’s nothing wrong with it. He may not like it, but she does. [#af18ae “This show isn’t that bad. Louise is like a daughter I never had.”] she told him laughing. [#af18ae “Maybe. It isn’t a no, but definitely not a yes.”]
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Gavin smiles as she describes the cribs, picturing them in his mind. It wouldn't be too hard to combine features from each one in to their own ideal crib. [b "I could do a round crib, but make sure there is fabric around the dowels to keep the baby safe. Something neutral so it won't matter if it's a boy or girl."]

Setting those thoughts aside, he rises up and grabs their now empty plates. [b "You cooked, so I'll clean. Pick out something good on Netflix. I've never changed my password, so you should still know it."]

Thankfully they'd had internet set up quickly. Her hacking capabilities came in handy. He whistles a tune as he washes up, feeling at peace. They seemed to have grown up quickly, but given the circumstances, Gavin would say they're doing fairly well.

[b "How about Gavin Jr, if it's a boy?"] he teases, joining her once he's done, flopping down so he can rest his head in her lap. [b "It's a good name."]

Taking her hand in his, he gets comfortable. [b "My first official input is Declan."]
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Serena isn't going to lie. She does love cuddling with him. Linus is a good cuddler and he keeps her warm.

Gavin started talking about the crib color and wood... he lost her. She wasn't going to tell him though he'll probably gloat.

Serena started describing a crib she saw once in Italy and fell in love with. It had a large, arched headpiece with a soft, inset tufted-fabric panel. The crib was adorable and looked like something straight out of a fairytale. It could be converted into a toddler bed and full-sized bed. It also had a cotton and polyester padded backboard. Then she described two more. She didn't even noticed she kept eating the more she talked.

[#af18ae "Dam I want to start planning for a baby we don't even have... Let's watch a movie or something"]

[ Crib 1]
[ Crib 2]
[ Crib 3, a round one]
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Gavin points his finger at her. [b "Linus is not a mutt. He is the world's greatest sheepdog. You love cuddling up with that big guy. Actually used to make me jealous."]

There were many nights when he'd come home from work, and she'd been wrapped around his oaf of a dog, both asleep in bed. Gavin lost track of how many times he'd have to sleep curled up in to a little ball on the bed, because the other two were taking up all of the room.

He was excited to see how enthusiastic she was being about all of the baby plans. Although the mention of possibly ending up with twins or triplets nearly makes his heart stop. Twins ran in his family, but he's not too sure he could handle more than one baby at a time. Especially during the first year of all nighters and diapers.

[b "A circular crib is a bit of a challenge, but I can make it work. I think we can do a mahogany wood for it. Has a bit more richness in colour. Plus, it'll look great with the zoo theme. I can even carve some little animals in to the dowels. And for the workout room, hanging mirrors on the wall is no problem. I'll soundproof the room, too. Not that expensive, and we won't wake the baby while we train,"] they'd have a monitor to keep an eye on the kid, anyways.

[b "I'll start drawing up some ideas for the crib. I've never done circular furniture before,"] he taps his fingers against the table.
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[#af18ae “Well she’ll be just like her mama. We gotta do what we gotta do.”] she replies winking at him.

She wouldn’t doubt that her fur ball got that big mutt wrapped around her tiny claws. She’s adorable. Who would deny that tiny beautiful creature? Plus, he may finally realize he isn’t a baby so he needs to act his age and help protect and provide for a tiny baby. At least he better be doing something rather than just trying to out baby the real baby to get attention.

Hey, maybe he can even make their furry babies furniture! She never did get why cats and dogs have tiny couches, but hey if he can build them and save them money why not?

[#af18ae “Well the furniture color can be white or like a cherry color… is it cherry? Anyways, I want a headboard that has a nice design to it. Is it weird that I always liked those circular cribs?”] Serena could talk about babies and the things they need for hours. Not to even mention what she would want for her infant.

[#af18ae “I hope you know I’m going to a nuisance about this. I want our baby to know he or she is loved. To be able to do and get things I never had or was able to do.”] in all honesty, she wants everything to be perfect and normal. As normal as it can possibly be. There’s no running from who she really is, but she can hide it from her kid(s).

Everything that is holy only knows what Gavin is thinking about. She good at getting information out of people who don’t wish to talk, but Gavin will tell her. Eventually… whenever she asks him.

Her mind paused with all the baby fever, her lifestyle and future planning when he mentions a workout room. He's good at building things now. That’s perfect! He can help her dig some holes and set up underground traps and hideouts. Oh wait, they’re talking about a gym room. One thing at a time Serena!

[#af18ae “I would like that. I would also love it if we can have one side of the room mirrored. Oh and you can even build a playroom for our future baby or babies.”] she adds on excitedly, trying to scare him with the fact they could end up with more than one kid. More than they both bargained for. [#af18ae “Just know if I get big and fat I won’t be as fast or combat ready. You’re going to have to step up for the five of us. I’m not leaving Luna or your mutt behind again.”] by then she was done with breakfast. She stayed at the table to continue conversating with him while drinking her juice.
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Ah yes, the furry little claw machine. [b "How could I forget Luna? She's probably corrupted my poor dog by now. If Linus tries to jump on my lap like a cat, I'm going to be very upset with that cat,"] he warns, though his voice has no seriousness to it.

His head is already buzzing with ideas for the future baby. Names were going to be fun to pick. He'd have to come up with some good ones, so the kid isn't stuck with some horrible name for the rest of their life. He shudders whenever he remembers that his mother had wanted to name him Milton. Thankfully, his dad put a stop to that right away.

The furniture would be a breeze to work on. The dresser and changing table would be pretty basic in terms of difficulty, but he wants the crib to be more detailed and dynamic. [b "We can look at crib designs to get an idea of what we want to have. We can tweak the plans to fit what we'd like, but at least we'll have a foundation to start with. What do you think?"]

By now he's finished his food, and helping himself to seconds. If they're going to be busy all day, he's going to need the energy. [b "And in terms of training, I could always build us a workout room. It wouldn't be too hard to tear down some walls and change the floor plan a little bit to accommodate more space."]
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He forgot about their new addition to the family! Luna… god she is missing her tiny fur ball. She really needs to setup something to bring their babies. She is even going to have check them to make sure they didn’t get chipped. They don’t need to bring along extra baggage.

[#af18ae “And Luna… the kitten you got me because you thought I was mad at you. If you ever forget about our kids like you did to Luna I’m going to neuter you.”] She warns him pointing her fork at him. [#af18ae “And our kids won’t become an ‘assassin’. I’m not sure if I want them to do what I do. The training is brutal. Plus, it could haunt you when your weak.”] Serena stands by what she just said.

She honestly wouldn’t want them to be like her. She didn’t have a choice. Maybe her kids could decide when they’re old enough. Hopefully he was playing around. It wasn’t easy learning how to hold you breath under water for ten minutes, give or take.

[#af18ae “Oh and just know you still have to train...”] Serena stops when he mentions if she has anymore baby ideas. [#af18ae “Well We can come up with names, two for each gender. We can talk about what color we are going to paint the furniture you’re going to build for our babies…”] She paused to see his reaction, [#af18ae “I’m okay with you building our baby’s furniture. You should start working on them soon. Especially since you’re going to be building the entire nursery.”]

Her plate was halfway empty. [#af18ae “I don’t know what else to bring up. I don’t’ know about you but this is my first time wanting something for me and not having any experience or knowledge of. We could go buy baby books if anything.”]

They are going to need a lot of things. She’s going to need spend an all-nighter on google. Hey, maybe she can even learn a few basic motherhood skills like swaddling the baby and how to take care of it when he/she is sick. The things they are both going to have to learn and get used to.
What if they can never find Casper or even get close to him? She hates running. They can’t run forever. Especially if they are going to start a family. She can’t even confine on anyone for something this serious. Everyone can have a secret agenda. Or maybe she can get involved with the FBI or something, secretly. Then again she’ll be labeled as a two face, snake, rat… and the list goes on.
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Gavin eyes her warily, looking between her and the food. [b "I'm not used to you preparing food for no reason. But I'm not one to turn down greasy food. If I wasn't already married to you, I'd propose right here and now."]

He doesn't hesitate again. The plate is almost half gone in minutes. The offer of smaller meals almost makes him choke. [b "Are you kidding? Do you remember how much I eat? It's a miracle I'm not nine-hundred pounds. Carbs are the love of my life."] He pauses. [b "After you, of course. And Linus."]

The food is delicious. Breakfast food is always an acceptable meal, no matter the time of day. If he could live off of bacon and eggs and still live past forty, he would. [b "Any more brilliant baby ideas? Like how early we start training them to be deadly killing machines?"] he jokes, already imagining a small child taking down an intruder in the middle of the night.

[b "Also, it's kind of important to me that I get to build the furniture for the nursery. I got my brother's hand-me-down crib, which was also my sister's hand-me-down crib. I want ours to have their own, personal place to sleep. Is that cool?"] he asks, knowing that some women are rather particular about the safety of their children, and will accept nothing less than high-end factory products.
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[#af18ae “You’re right, you shouldn’t be expecting this all the time. Luck for you Mia cooks for the one she loves.”] she replies kissing his temple.

Mia is in a way a dream girl. Her lifestyle is like in the old days. She’s about 65% a stay at home wife and 35% modern. Also cooking and baking is her thing. She loves learning new things to cook and bake. He better not get used to it though. Well maybe if they had rugrats running around she would be cooking a lot. Of course, she needs to make sure her babies are eating right.

[#af18ae “We aren’t doing anything. Can’t I do something nice for you without you thinking something is up?”] She sat down across from him. [#af18ae “Plus greasy food is a good hangover cure. I woke up early and had time to do a few things so might as well.”] Serena started to serve herself with bacon first.

Serena is a bacon lover and fluffy eggs. Fluffy eggs are the best. Especially from iHop... mouth watering. she couldn't wait to chow down.

[#af18ae "If this is too much I can always make smaller meals."]
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[b "I've had my routine for over two decades. I kind of liked it,"] he mumbles, pulling the blankets over his head.

With the threat of cold water and ice, he pulls back the covers to glare at her as she leaves the room. He knew she was serious. But, it doesn't stop him from contemplating just staying in bed anyways. He almost does, until the mouth-watering smell of food reaches the bedroom, causing him to lift his head from the pillow as he inhales deeply. [b "Fine,"] he growls to himself, throwing back the blanket to get up.

His t-shirt is wrinkled, but he pulls it on anyways as he stumbles down the hall to find her. [b "I'm assuming that this isn't something I should get used to?"] he teases, pressing a kiss to the top of her head before he sits beside her.

He helps himself to a heaping plate of deliciousness, looking up at her as he scoops up a forkful of hash browns. [b "Wait, should I be suspicious about you cooking me a big breakfast? Are we doing something today that you didn't tell me about? I don't remember you ever cooking us breakfast before."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 1y 332d 2h 39m 55s
[#af18ae “Because you need a new one. One that will actually help your life. Don’t you agree?”] Serena replied smiling.

Of course to continue her early morning annoyingness she started showering him with kisses. It only lasted about a minute or two. She gives him one big smooch before getting off him.

[#af18ae “Breakfast is almost done. If you’re not out of the bed by the time it is done, I will splash some cold water with ice on you. You’ve been warned.”] Serena walks backwards, watching him with an innocent smile.

Once when she was out of their bedroom but still in sight she jogged to the kitchen. She didn’t want the food to burn. She even poured some juice. Cran-Cherry juice. Her poison. Her favorite juice aka poison because she mostly drinks water. Today’s breakfast is simple but yet big. Sunny side up eggs, bacon, hash browns, small fluffy pancakes and sausage. Breakfast for champs.

[#af18ae “Babe! It’s done.”] Serena wanted to skip over to their bedroom and attack him again. But she didn’t.

Instead she stayed put to set up the table for them to eat. He better get here soon. She will eat without him.
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Gavin was more than happy to sleep in while she was out doing her errands. He'd heard her getting up, but he hadn't done more than grunt and roll over to bury his face back in to the pillow. The quietness of the house lulled him back to sleep, only to be woken later on when she pounces on him.

[b "No,"] he groans, yanking the blanket up above his head to try and block her out. [b "I don't wanna get up."]

Sleep was too beautiful to wake up. He bats at her hand half-assed in an attempt to get her away. [b "Why must you be so chipper? Waking up is a slow process. I lie here in denial for thirty minutes, willing myself back to sleep. Then I kick the blankets off but still not get up. After an hour of that, the coffee gets made and then I force myself to be functional."]

He peeks an eye out from under the blanket and glares at her as best as he can. [b "Why do you insist on interrupting that wonderful routine?"]
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All good things must come to an end. The beauty of waking up later is no longer available. It is like she’s a computer and her hard drive just rebooted. With only four hours of sleep, she was energized. Serena crept out of bed to start her day and not to disturb her prince charming from resting.

Serena did a lot. She ran for half an hour, set up a few cameras, took mental note of every hill, holes, open spaces, etc. The computer was set up as well. All she has to do is plan escape strategies, traps and if possible a hideout. Until then she is going to work out, despite how much her body is aching in so many different parts and ways, and make breakfast.

Serena might even drive down to civilization to get a few things; paint samples and a lot of pregnancy tests, more booze, more food and, of course, a few baby things. Simple ones. Simply because she has baby fever. Go baby fever!

Eventually, she got tired of being alone. Serena went to go be annoying and how is she going to be annoying? She’s going to wake up Gavin with some kisses until he wakes up. She knows how annoying it can be, but hey the girl is bored.
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Gavin gives a half-hearted shrug. [b "They're good guys, but I don't know if I'd trust them to be a godparent to my kid. They don't exactly take things seriously. But, lucky for us, we have time to find godparents."]

The theme, however, is something he's quite fond of. [b "Babies get all climb-y and grabby when they're growing. Kind of like monkeys. Plus they make messes like zoo animals. It's kind of fitting, if you ask me."]

He snorts out a laugh at the image she paints of the unicorn. [b "Alright, well, why don't we have a cupcake-pooping unicorn added to the zoo animals, and then we're both happy? Boy or girl, we will have the unicorn. The kid doesn't have to know unicorns aren't real."]

Gavin smiles at her as her eyes start drooping and he just lies there watching her. He presses a kiss to her forehead and pulls the blankets tighter around her. He almost starts laughing when the first snore echos in the room, followed by the dribbles of drool.

[b "Future mother of my children,"] he murmurs to himself before letting his head fall against his own pillow.
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[#af18e “Or maybe I should be a blonde. You love blondes.”] she teases back.

All the girls that flirted with him back in the day were mostly blondes. Their ‘mean girl clique’ were blonde back in the day. The Regina Jorge to that click learned her listen. If it wasn’t for the baby fever corrupting her mind she would remember her name again.

Serena didn’t want to ruin this moment. Not when they are finally talking about babies. However, the name picking would be limited down with her approval. She doesn’t trust him. He used ‘OtterLover007’ and it was because he couldn’t think of anything. Yet somehow he remembered she likes otters and was watching a 007 movie at the time.

[#af18ae “Don’t you have a best friend? Whatever happened to Matt? Or Julian?”] Serena pokes his cheek, [#af18ae “As for the theme, why zoo animals? If it’s a girl it could be something girly like a unicorn that poops out amazing cupcakes or the power puff girls…”] she stops to think about it. Do girls even like that? [#af18ae “Maybe zoo animals are good… but I also like the idea of a unicorn that poops out yummy cupcakes.”] Serena says smiling.

She got more comfortable before shutting her eye. She meant to close it for a few seconds, but the exhaustion just took over. What a way to ruin the moment. On the bright side she didn’t fall asleep before or during their baby making time. She was so exhausted that she snored and drooled.
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