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Gavin was in the middle of forcing himself through sit-ups when the alert came through. His face scrunched as he ransacked his brain for who those people were. [b "Tyrone and Jesse are private security for Luke. Melissa is the department head of international accounts. The others I'm not too sure of."]

Then he flushed red.

He knew Julienne. She'd weaseled her way close to his circle of friends after Serena had vanished. She'd been a drinking buddy for a while. And then a temporary friends with benefits situation. He'd called it off after a few months, but they'd remained amicable. [b "Julienne was part of my staff. She is a mediator for our local business partners, and oversees contract negotiations."]

He probably shouldn't have, but he blurted out, [b "We were a thing, temporarily. After know. It ended quickly. Was barely a thing. More of a momentary lapse in judgement,"] he cleared his throat.

If she hadn't already put him through boot camp, she was definitely going to kick his ass now. He was more than happy to jump onto a topic change. [b "I agree! It's time to strike. Are we still going with the maiming idea? I thought you had a great idea with messing her appearance up. You said she was vain, and that would be a great way to get her,"] he was speaking rapidly, starting to pace the room.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 2d 36m 8s
It's have been over a week since she last heard from her father. Her mother escaped the other night. Surprisingly, it isn't on the news. Maybe something went wrong? If Serena wasn't working out and training Gavin she would be on the computer. One of Gavin's alert went on. [#af18ae "Babe, He accessed a file from your computer. A Tyrone Sherman, Cary Edwards, Julienne Lyles, Charles Miller, Melissa Rivera, and Jesse Sanders. But Ms Julienne Lyles sounds like a familiar name... Would you like to do the honors or should I?"] She asks him.

In all honesty, she would want to stay on the computer. She needs to hear from her parents. What if they randomly pop up? There's no telling what they would do. They don't have a plan for dealing with her parents because he wasn't a worry. Now it is. She doesn't even want to tell him. Serena left the computer to get the other half of the cash from her earlier plan for using thug to watch her ex-bestie. [#af18ae "We need to strike within the next three nights before the bitch leaves. Even take the money she got for [i killing me]. My entail tells me she's leaving this week.] Serena stops to stretch her sore arms. [#af18ae "We need to start planning thing. Maybe even move. It's been too quiet for my liking."]
  Serena / simply_random / 2d 6h 1m 4s
Gavin managed to pull on a pair of shorts, but not much else. She seemed distracted, but he knew better than to butt in to her business when she's put all of her focus on something. He'd manage on his own for the day. [b "Don't forget to take water breaks,"] he pressed a kiss to her head on his way to the backyard with Linus.

From the little he remembered of his fitness training back home, he knew it was important to stretch before his limbs locked up with stiff muscles tomorrow. He found a nice shady spot by the hammock and eased himself into some of the more basic yoga poses that he was confident he wouldn't get stuck in.

Linus was as unhelpful as always. Fifteen seconds into the downward dog, the hairy beast attempted to wiggle under Gavin's balanced form, causing him to collapse like a bridge on top of the poor dog. [b "You idiot,"] he tried to scold, but Linus was too damn cute to even pretend to be mad. [b "You're gonna have to step it up around here,"] he warned him. [b "Guard dog training starts now."]

He tried to playfully grab him in a headlock, but Linus wiggled free and bulldozed Gavin right over. Problem was, it was only to pepper his face in slobbery kisses rather than take down an enemy. [b "Dumb dog!"]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 20d 2h 1m 2s
[#af18ae "Trust me when i saw the nudist life isn't that great... There's not a lot of electronics. You'll get banned for stupid reasons and not to mention you'll get lots of fans of all ages and gender. Well minus the babies but they do tend to go for nipples because they don't know better."] she says chucking. Serena isn't proud of it but one of her targets was a nudist and it took three long months to get the job done. It was horrible. Mosquito and ant bites everywhere. People having sex out in the public. It was intense.

It took a while to find something comfortable. Serena heads to the bathroom to shower. [#af18ae "Are you sure? I won't go easy. I'll have you tapping withing thirty seconds. How about you watch some self defense videos first? Practice with your imaginary friend and when you think you got let me know so I can attack. Then we'll see if it works."] she tells him before hopping in the shower. Her shower was quick. She wants to go surf the dark web. Something big has to be going down if he finally decided to escape now when he only has two more years to serve. He practically owns the courtyard. [#af18ae "Hey, so you're gonna have to heat something up for dinner later. I'm going be online all day."] she told walking out naked, slowly getting dressed as she heads towards the computer.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 21d 9h 47s
[b "I'd rather not have major shrinkage, thank you very much,"] he put his energy into pulling himself out of the tub before she could make it colder.

Gavin heard her talking to someone, but he couldn't pinpoint who. She was talking just low enough that it was little more than a murmur. [b "Linus, she tried to kill me,"] he whined to the dog, wrapping a towel around his waist and wandering into the bedroom to collapse on the bed.

He looked up from the blanket as she entered the room. [b "Be alert at all times. Got it."]

He couldn't even be bothered to make a comment about how unfair it was that she was fine after such a rigorous workout. Then again, he got to watch her change into new clothes, so that shut him up to begin with. [b "Are you sure you want to get dressed? We could be nudists for a day,"] he tried wiggling his eyebrows.

The air conditioning chilled him as he air-dried. [b "I'm fairly sure I have blood blisters on the bottoms of my feet, but everything hurts too much to check,"] he attempted to roll over, feeling his core muscles screaming in protest.

Gavin kicked his feet, which Linus took as an invitation to lick his toes. [b "No! Not what I meant! Bad dog!"] he pulled at the bed, trying to get away.

He succeeded in pulling himself completely over the other side and onto the floor. Grumbling, he stood up and walked with shaky legs to grab a pair of boxers. [b "Maybe we can practice hand to hand combat next time. Way less painful to get my ass kicked by you than to run that again."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 27d 22h 42m 22s
[#af18ae “You just need sugar or caffeine. And for the record you aren’t getting to take protein. If you drink that and don’t work out it’ll make you fat. If anything meal replacements should do you just fine. Less sugar and caffeine.”] serena says sitting on the bathroom counter. [#af18ae “I can revive you with more ice in the tub.”] she adds chuckling.

Serena took off her sneakers, socks, and leggings. She dips her fingers in the water. [#af18ae “Such a baby. This is close to warm. Balls cold water is better.”] she says walking away to go get more water to drink and something to munch on. She was about to go look at the view outside when her computers began to beep. She walks to he computers to see who’s alert was triggered. [#af18ae “It’s one of mine...”] she says letting her fingers do her magic against the keyboard. A sigh escapes her seeing which alert went off. Her father escaped prison. Her mother is being transferred. That may be a mistake. They probably have a plan to get her out. At the thought of getting up to go shower another alarm buzzed. It’s a secret word that her family used when they need someone to help. The girl began to type in the speed of light to see where the calm was made. She found the call in Staten Island. She puts on a headset and calls the same pay phone. [#af18ae “You’re going to get caught...”]
“Well things are happening right now. We need to meet. Now. I need to get your mother first. Tio Ruben is helping.”
[#af18ae “I’m too far. I’ll call you later. Be careful.”]
“You’re still picking him over is. We’re family. He’s a bank account. Remember your place.” With that her father hangs up.

Serena sighs. She gets up and closed everything down. [#af18ae “Don’t turn off the computers. they need to be on at all times. Except for the laptop.”] she says going to the bedroom to get a new clothes to put on.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 29d 23h 36m 12s
[b "Protein shakes only from now on before workouts,"] Gavin groaned, his stomach still churning.

He'd never worked out to the point of being physically ill before, but he can only hope that as he built up stamina and strength, he'd be able to keep on par with her. For the time being, however, his body was revolting in every way it possibly could.

[b "I may be dead before you get back!"] he called after her as she left him in the care of the fuzzy babies.

[b "Linus. Linus, buddy, help me,"] he groaned, holding out a hand.

The dog gave him a few kisses and then wandered off. [b "Luna?"] Gavin looked desperately at the cat.

Go figure she was no help either. It took far long than he'd like to admit, but he eventually got himself into the tub and ran a cold shower. It was a welcomed relief from the heat his body was radiating. It was a challenge to wash the sweat off, but he managed.

When she stopped back in to check on him, he was still sitting in a tub of cold water. [b "I"m not quite sure, but I think I'm dying,"] he called back.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 34d 23h 56m 11s
Serena did take off. She knew something like this was going to happened. When guilt creeped up she did twenty burpees and ran back. By the time the girl reached him he had vomited and didn’t look well. The girl wipes a few beads of sweat off her face. [#af18ae “Alright, go home. Go eat. Rest. I’ll walk you back, but I’m gonna continue my run.”] she says swinging one of his sweaty arms over shoulder to help him walk back. He’s probably cramping somewhere. [#af18ae “You did good. Tomorrow I’ll probably have you do laps within a short distance.”] she says looking up to see if the sun would be coming out. Dark clouds seems to be washing up.

When they reached the house she left him at the front. The pets were there waiting. She showed them both love, Gavin a kiss and dodo burpees again before taking off. A little over an hour later she returns sweating like a beast. A sweat dropped from he nose and hit poor luna who was walking by. [#af18ae “How are you feeling now?”] she asks going to get a bottle of water before going back outside to workout more.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 35d 23h 15m 58s
The woman was pure evil.

He thought she'd give him a small break. You know, since she claimed to love him and all. But no, she went ahead and ordered him to do the worst exercise known to man. [b "This is purely torture techniques,"] he grunted as he completed the first one.

Burpees. Everything about them was awful. The jumping, the push up, the desperate gasping for air as the rest of your energy leaves your body. Gavin was fairly sure he blacked out at some point, but he managed the five. The last two were completely pitiful, but it was done.

[b "Sweet mother of god, just kill me now,"] he looked desperately at Luna.

The traitorous cat barely spared him a second glance after getting his sweat on her face. [b "Luna, don't leave me with her!"] he called, forcing himself to his feet.

He ran as much as he could - only a few meters - before stopping. [b "I'm gonna be sick."]

There was no dignified way to do it. He hauled himself as close to the bushes as he could before losing everything in his stomach. [b "You did this to me!"] he aimed a finger at her while his head remained buried in the shrub.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 39d 1h 8m 6s
Serena didn’t want to go too far. It can discourage the poor guy. Instead she would keep a small distance. Maybe if she does increase spread she’ll stop to do a few burpees. [#af18ae “This is me jogging.”] she says turning to jog backwards. The girl laughs seeing him sweating like crazy. [#af18ae “Wow, I can see why you hate me. Let’s increased that shall we.”] she says stopping in front of him. [#af18ae “Five burpees. Let’s go.] she says dropping down to do one. She waited for him to start the first one before doing the five and more until he completed his five.

After his five, she ran away. Luna reached Gavin and meowsat him. [#af18ae “Tell her to go home before a big bird takes her for lunch!”] Serena shouts from a distance. Luna looks her way twitching her hears trying to find serena. The cat meows again rubbing her beautiful coat fur against his sweaty legs. It was a mistake on her part and she knew it which is why she shook her body from head to toe before going back the direction she came from.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 39d 1h 21m 24s
He began regretting the plan as soon as she left the room. Goddamn, were lunges supposed to burn this badly? His thighs and calves were going to catch fire. Even changing to squats did nothing but shift the burn to his ass. Gavin lowered himself to the floor and gave himself five seconds of lying there before sitting up to reach for his toes.

[b "Oh now come on, that's not fair at all,"] he threw a pout her way when she rejoined him dressed like a goddess.

Letting her pull him to his feet, Gavin gives his shoulders a few more stretches. [b "Don't say I never do anything for you,"] he joked, lining up beside her while she counted down.

To no one's surprise, she got a quick lead. He wasn't falling too far behind, but he certainly wasn't gaining ground on her. Linus quit after a few yards. Was it always this hot? Gavin wiped the sweat already forming on his brow. The storm left the air muggy and humid, but at least the sun wasn't burning down on them.

[b "Are you even trying?"] he panted, calling out to her.

She barely seemed phased by any of it. She could probably podium at a championship race. And it was entirely cruel that she looked so damn good while running, when he looked like he'd been dunked in a water tank. His curls were beginning to flatten to his head with sweat.

[b "I hate you, have I ever told you that?"] he whined as a leg cramp started ten minutes into the run.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 39d 1h 44m 11s
It’s god to hear that her experimental breakfast is good. It made eating her first bite more magical. With a spoon in one hand and a mug in another. He was right. It is delicious. This recipes needs to be saved. If she remembers where she got it from. [#af18ae “Go do that. Do some lunges, squats and two or three burpees.”] she tells him after he kissed her temple, as the girl watched him leave. [i [#af18ae ‘More for me’,]] she thought to herself.

Serena puts the tray down on the floor to stretch starting off with a split and reaching for her toes. This is going to be a killer not mention how much her appetite is going to increase afterwards. The girl almost chokes seeing him walk in doing lunges in his outfit. [#af18ae “WOW, this is dedication...”] she says closing her legs and tucking them under herself. She grabs her cup off coffee to finish it. [af18ae “Now I need to get ready. Continue stretching. Drink water. Can’t have you dehydrated.”] she says crawling away.

Her hair is up in a tony tail. Her outfit is all black. Black high waist leggings, sport bra, socks, and sneakers. An evil grin apparatus on her face. He is so going to regret this. He may have to soak in a tub full of ice water and that he’ll most likely won’t even attempt to do. Without saying a word she grabs his hand to lead him outside. Both pets followed but she wasn’t worried. The second she left go oh his hand she began to count down starting from ten before taking off.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 39d 2h 7m 39s
[b "Well, you were unconscious for a good forty-eight hours. Your blood sugar is probably still low, and you're practically dehydrated. It'll take a bit longer to get your strength back up. Just keep eating, and your energy levels will be back to what they were,"] he accepted the fork to take a bite. [b "This is a good way to do it. It's delicious,"] Gavin grinned, reaching for another bite.

The idea of going for a run wasn't nearly as appealing as just relaxing in the backyard hammock, but it had to be done. He wouldn't pack on any muscle or cardio skills by lounging around all the time. Besides, she was recovering from a major assault and she was still in better shape than he was. [b "I think I can part with the love handles,"] he grabbed at the little fleshy bits on his hips.

He stepped closer to press a kiss to her temple. [b "Gonna get changed and stretch so I don't pull every muscle that my lower body has."]

While not quite spandex, his training shorts were still a tighter than regular basketball shorts. The remainder of his brief time practicing MMA to try to get into shape after their big break up a few years back. He forwent the shirt. Might as well try to seduce her a little bit, if he has to exercise.

Gavin dramatically does lunge steps into the kitchen, hands firmly on his hips. [b "Future Olympic athlete, at your service."]
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 40d 17m 41s
Serena chuckles. Of course he would choose coffee. He gets to add as much sugar as he wants. It was a mistake on her part for even suggesting it. He was quick to brew some up and make himself a cup. He couldn’t even ask or make her a cup. The girl gets up to make herself one. Pure black and a spoon of sugar just to sweeten it a little.

[#af18ae “Where whatever you want. Just don’t complain if whatever you wear is heavy, suffocating you or if you decide to run in the nude or in your boxers. You don’t have to come but you do need to start working out. I can’t bring you into missions if you’re not fit or know how to protect yourself. Things are changing and so should you. You can still have your [i fat cakes] though.”] she adds winking at time.

Serena pulls out the tray with the experiment breakfast. It smells amazing. So good that she’s salivating. The girl licks her lips and bites on her bottom lip gently. [#af18ae “I think since i lost so much blood I’ve been more hungry. I’m going to make some dumplings, egg fried rice with vegetables, and broccoli and chicken. Traveling has it perks...”] she says smiling at him, already planning dinner. What about lunch? If they eat lunch. Maybe she’ll skip it. She needs to get into more shape. The girl got her ass handed to her so it makes sense. [#af18ae “Okay try it. It’s pieces of biscuit dough, eggs, chopped bacon and lots of it, cheese and green onions. Got the recipe offline.”] she says carefully pulling a piece it out but it was too hot. Instead she grabs a spoon to take a small piece out and offers it to him before getting a spoon of her own. She’s starving!
  Serena / Simply_Random / 40d 20h 42m 29s
Gavin was grumbling under his breath by the time she joined him, freshly showered. [b "Nothing since we last saw him. No accessed documents, no new contact with sources, and no tinkering on my computer. It makes me more suspicious than when we know he's being a corrupt prick,"] he answered.

The mention of coffee perked his ears right up. [b "Coffee. Definitely coffee. The only good smoothie is a milkshake,"] he rose from his chair to make a fresh pot.

He added far too much sugar to his mug while they waited for the machine to brew. [b "A run sounds like pure evil at the moment, but I suppose I'd better join you. Cardio and all that. The hills are going to be a cruel bitch on my lungs but I suppose that's what I get for canceling my gym membership to stay home and binge watch television the past few years."]

Mercifully, the coffee is ready before he can whine too much. [b "This is better than sex,"] he sighs dramatically, cradling the warm mug to his cheek. [b "Truly, the nectar of the gods,"] he took a long sip.

Leaning against the counter, he peaks an eye open at her. [b "Should I wear spandex shorts and a tight shirt on our run to seduce you? Maybe do some provocative stretching in front of you, to get your heart rate up?"] he teased.
  Gavin Rollo / Kooza / 46d 22h 18m 3s

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