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Rin remained unconscious for a couple of minutes after that. As she laid unconscious, Her subconscious was trying hard to piece together what was happening. When she woke up she woke up slowly, her vision slightly blurred. She sat up and the first thing she realised was the chain was still connection the two.
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He felt the hock as he looked at it. It seams that it wasnot meant tk come off he thought to himself. When he relized she passed our. He walked to her and.picked her up with nno effort. He laid her on the couch and waited to see what she knew about the chain.
  Senshi / ilphscient / 6y 218d 7h 6m 3s
When he tried to break the chains, a mild shock was sent through both his and rins hands. Rin, being in the sate she was, passed out immediately. She had been really badly shaken up with what had happened in the last couple of minutes. A boy crashing through her window. A chain connecting the two and now a shock that came whenever either of them touched the chain.
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He walked down with her and saw her lose her balance. He quickly moved and caught her aa he then just picked her up and tooked her to what he thought waa tje living room. He then went and closed the chrtains and locjed all the doors to the room. He wondered what waa with this chain around his wrist. He then tried to see if he could brake the chain.
  Senshi / ilphscient / 6y 222d 14h 38m 41s
Rin was still almost paralysed with fear. She was terrified of boys! And right now one was in front of her. If that wasn't bad enough, something had broke the window and she had just been pushed in tot the wall.

Rin tried to calm herself down, her whole body was trembling, she didn't know what the do. The boy was saying something about her living room, but his voice was muffled. Rin's vision was sort of blurry.

She managed to muster enough strength and stand She could tell something was worrying the boy, but she felt off balance. She started to walk to the stairs, the chain connecting them, pulling the boy with. As she stepped down the stairs near the bottom, she lost her balance and fell.
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Cant see ur post
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Cant see ur post
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Senshi felt the pain as he fell to the floor. He did not know what was going on. He got off the floor and looked at this place he was in. Then he looked at his wrist for it felt heavier then normal. "What the.." He said in surprise.

"Whats going on?" He proclaimed at the girl. Then he realized he was still on the run. As he looked out the broken window.

It was dark, but it did not look like anyone was there. He went to the lights and turned them off. He had to get to a safer place then this room.

"Take me to your living room." He shooted at her. Trying to express his emergency to her. He know she did not have to trust him but he hoped she would
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Rin went outside in to her garden. The garden was the biggest part of the house and was full of many types of beautiful smelling and looking flowers. Though it was slowly becoming dark, Rin sat in the garden with a hand full of roses. She started to cut and weave them in to a headband. As she did this she seemed almost different in a way. She seemed fragile and calm, like she had no care in the world.

She smiled brightly when she finished the head band made out of light pink, light blue and white roses. It looked almost professional. Well Rin did have a lot of practice at making things out of flower . Her mum had taught her no Rin used it as a way to hold on to whatever memories she had of her mother.

Rin looked a lot like her mother. They both had soft blue eyes and golden blonde hair. Her mother was a gentle and smart woman, who was always smiling despite what her husband was doing to her. Because of this Rin looked up to her mother. When her mother and father had passed away she vowed to get over her fear but it was easier said then done.


Rin heard a loud crash from inside of the house. Immediately Rin ran inside as fast as her little legs could take her, leaving the headband to be blown off her head and fall on the floor.

The young girl rushed around the ground floor of the house trying to find where the crash had come from. Soon she had gone up to her room and flicked on the light. The blonde haired girl gasped at the sight.

Her window had been smashed. Glass was all over the floor and in the middle of the room was a boy! He seemed to have been heavily injured. Slowly and cautious Rin walked up to him, gently touching his shoulder to see if he was conscious. As she did this, a large spark seemed to pushy her back against the wall.

Rin winced in pain as she hit the wall quit. Her eyes widened when what looked like a glowing circle formed under the boy. In a matter of minutes the boys wound seemed to be healed and if that itself was not weird enough, then a chain! Formed from the hands of the two. Rin was speechless and utterly confused!!
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Senshi ran down the street franticly looling over his shoulder. His shirt starting to get soaked with his blood. He looked again and saw the figure raning after him. He know he had to close his wound soonbor he would bleed to death, but that is what they were hoping.

The figure got close as he stumbled on the crakes in the sidewalk. He turned quickly and ran throight the woods thatvwere at his side.

He saw a house in tje distance. If he could get there he would be safe for his attacker dis not want a scene. He got closer and closer but he felt himself blacking out. He got to a window and fell throught the window and passed out,
  Senshi / ilphscient / 6y 236d 10h 48m 22s
Rin was a normal girl. When she was younger her mother was abused by her father a lot. After a couple of years when rin was 10 her father had killed her mother. In his own regret he killed himself after trying to kill rin. Rin had managed to stop her farther killing her but he still killed himself. This left Rin fighting to live on what little money she had. Also this made Rin have a bad phobia of boys. She thought all of them was like her father and try and hurt her so Rin dropped out of school and worked making and selling luck charms.

She was given the money for her parents life insurance for food and the mortgage of the house had already been paid off so rins life wasn't as bad as most people would expect it to be . As long as looked on the right side of things she was okay. But she still rarely went out as she still could not be around boys. To make money she sold the luck charms to a near by shrine which sold them to raise money to keep the shrine in shape, so Rin had not left the house in years unless getting so food. Rin was only fourteen though so it was hard and lonesome for her.
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