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Life seemed so easy in the Magistrate States. All one had to do was listen to their magister and life was a breeze. [X], a farmer’s eldest son learned that the hard way. When he denied the magister’s daughter marriage the man threw [x] into a cell for breaking his little girls heart. The next week was is trial and he was accused of high treason; his family had testified he was part of a rebel group though he was not.The Magister “listened” to the evidence and came up with his punishment.
The Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is worse than a death sentence for every few weeks the “criminals” are injected a drug that forces the person into the accursed realm of the gods. There they find themselves in an endless and ever changing Labyrinth that the gods use to punish the worst of the worst. In a group of four they must get to the end but once you were finish with the Labyrinth you went insane.

As for the master of this particular part of the realm it is the Weaver; Ruavin. It disgusts the God that this stain of his realm remains and is being used by the humans but he can only sit there helplessly as the humans die and join his brother’s realm. As he watches the newest bunch of humans he finds himself drawn to [x] for the farmer has the long lost blood of an ancient race.

With this attraction Ruavin is inclined to help but how will things go in the mortal realm?

Laws of the Labyrinth

* Left, Right or Straight Ahead. Never can you go back.

* No one can tell you who is good or bad.

* Always knock twice before opening a door.

* Never accept food or drink from the occupants of the Labyrinth.

* Die inside the Labyrinth and you die in the mortal realm.

RP Rules.

- Post when you can. I will not bother you to post and you will not bother me to post.

- Please do not leave the RP without telling me. I personally like to be informed if I am being abandoned so I do not wait like a hopeless idiot.

- Please, PLEASE, be able to write properly. When I mean write properly I mean like a normal human being that seems to have some goddamn english education.

- I request anime pictures. I will be picky ever so slightly with them. I do not wish to see pictures that are use by half of es.

- This will be a homosexual RP therefore if you were hoping for some SemexUke than please kindly remove yourself.

- This plot is flexible and meant for changes. If you want to save on of your companions and have him/her have a romance with another character cool! Or I kill them all off. Either way add twists and communicate with me; I promise I won’t bite hard.

- Now then...Cybering. If anything happens it will be timeskipped or taken to Email. You choose what you are most comfortable with because I do not give a rat’s ass what we do with those scenes.

- Violence and Swearing? I do not care. Drugs and Alcohol? Don’t care.

- This is a Fantasy medieval rp. To be exact in our history I would put it in the middle of the High Middle ages.

- This is not first come first serve. I may like a few of you and make a few [up to three total] versions.

- PM to join do not just request or I will hunt you down.

- I sound mean.

What I require of you:


Age: [18-24]

Race: Humanoid species known as Tyrnahel [For more info see below]

Short Bio:


Sample of your Work:

From here is just additional Information. There is no need to read.

- Tyrnahel is a race of human that came from the God’s lands. They are the first humans to be created and while they lingered on their creator’s lands they were granted the gift of immortality. When Savaric and some of his men left Verque they lost their gift of immortality. The gods pitied them and gave them the ability to live a longer life than the humans they placed on Verque because the Tyrnahel were like their childrens. With that they were able to live a few hundred year the longest recorded life being 529 years. The average lifespan is 420 years.

- Verque, the land now known as the Magister States. This was where the Gods placed most of the humans.

- The Labyrinth was the last creation of any of the gods. Ell’eon, the lord of them, requested his younger brother to create a place where the worst of souls could go, instead of lingering outside of Mavain’s [God of Death] gates. Ruavin created a place filled with good and bad where evil would stalk through never to be noticed but always tormented until Ell’eon decided that it was enough.

- Wymer was the second king of Rydul and was known as the Dark One. He raged war all over Verque and when the time came for him to die he was the first one to be settled into the Labyrinth.

- Rydul, the black city, has long since become an epicenter of trade. Though the name changed under Magister Maddox and the history erased by Magister Erwan darkness still looms about. The very city had been cursed by the gods and misfortune always falls in this area.

- Ell’eon and Mavain are the oldest gods alive. Ell’eon is associated with life and is called the creator while his brother Mavain is death and known as the destroyer.

- Ruavin is the youngest god out of all of them. He was created when humans needed hopes and a place to hide away while the rest. Ruavin came and supplied dreams to the people. As the youngest he has no mate and is pressed to find one amongst the Tyrnahel kind. Because Ell’eon wants him to find someone to be with the God does not know the outcome of any human’s life or their actions.

- The War against the Gods was under King Wymer’s rule. During this war many Tyrnahel lost their lives and the gods began stripping them of their right. Very few Tyrnahel remain no.


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Roleplay Responses

The god stood in his true domain, hidden by large trees filled with fairies. The little one fluttered around Ruavin, moving to as many people’s dreams as they can, never taking a break except to say sorry when their little bodies hit the god. Ruavin just brushed them off as he made his way to a pool of water. From there he could see what was occurring in the Labyrinth and meddle with some dreams.

Dipping a pale hand into the water he watched as the water swirled with color, filling up with an image of a man with blond hair. The newest addition to his Labyrinth it seems. Ruavin tilted his head, watching the man run from the noise, which was a rather harmless butterfly. Well as harmless as it could get in the Labyrinth. Flicking his wrist the image dissolved to the others that had entered as well.

“How do you get these trees to grow so marvelously, brother? You are a terrible gardener,” a light voice called, disturbing Ruavin from his thoughts. “What do you want brother?” Ruavin asked, looking up from his pool and to the tall imposing figure of the God of Nature. “I wished to see my younger brother, therefore I came,” He calmly said with a small shrug, trailing his fingers down the bark of the nearest tree in admiration. Ruavin snorted as he turned back the pool that was playing his guests entrance into his Labyrinth. Traroth frown as his brother turned away from him and he felt a little disappointed that his brother didn’t believe him. The God of Nature did want to see his brother. It had been a long time since anyone has seen Ruavin outside of meetings and Traroth wanted to change that. He did not want his brother to become a recluse with only fairies and a grouchy dragon to keep him company. But Traroth also did have a favor to ask of his brother.

With a small sigh Traroth stepped closer to his brother, resting a large hand on the thin shoulders. “You have such little faith in me brother. It has been long since any of us have seen you outside of meetings. We worry about you,” he said, feeling his hand being shaken off. “I do not have the leisure of lounging about, doing nothing, like you do. Now what do you want Traroth? I already tire of your presence.” Traroth scoffed at the response he got but it should have been expected. Ruavin never was good with social dealing. “A Tyrnahel is in the Yareen. I thought it may be in everyone’s best interest that you look after him. With so many few left we need to preserve the race and allowing one to die in Yareen is a poor attempt at preserving.” Traroth simply stated hoping the mention of the Tyrnahel’s near extinction would interest his brother. And his hopes came true as Ruavin turned to him. “You know I cannot do much without Ell’eon’s permission Traroth but I will do my best to protect him. Now please leave, you are aggravating the fairies. “ The god of Nature nodded, with a swift goodbye he was gone.

“You could always try left. Or up. Maybe down,” a shrill voice called from the other side of the wall. “Right. Or back. Maybe forward is better,” a booming voice replied in annoyance. The shrill voice just snorted. “Go left!” It yelled. The booming voice growled, “Right. Then there is no Sphinx.”

The shrill voice let out a huff of annoyance but didn’t bother giving its partner a response. Both choices were potentially deadly and really the shrill voice could care less. It was almost teatime anyways.
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“The verdict is guilty for plotting with Magister Urban the assassination for myself. I am sorry, young man, but the evidence points to this treason along with the witnesses who testified against you. As fitting for your crimes you will be sent to the Labyrinth. If, by chance, you are innocent then the gods shall guide you to safety. Only then will your charges be dropped. Sir Baldwin take the prisoners away.”

'No. Stop. It is wrong I did nothing. Not labyrinth, my god..'

It happened so fast, his life was simple before then all of a sudden he was thrown headfirst into a whirlwind of false accusations and broken hearts.

Hans could not believe what was going on but slowly it sunk in, he was a dead man now. Soft green eyes flicked over to his parents they seemed to be half way convenienced that he actually did it by now still his mother's tears ran down her face as clear as water but as visible as crystals. Hans sighed and let the guards lead him away to a cell along with others that would be dragged to the god's realm also.

Hans looked down at his worn thin fingers thinking about how they probably would never flip the pages of his favorite book ever again. Then with a shaking hand he lifted it to his messy and tangled blond hair. Felt the sting of tears threating to break from their binds, as he watched them take out the syringe what would bring on his death. Or so he believed.

Hans looked to the other three people in the cell with him, two where males and the other a woman who looked so scared she might die before anything happened. Shaking his head he pulled his knees to his chest and leaned agianst the wall waiting.



Hans looked at the other for a moment his hand clutched his side. He was not dumb he knew what they where going to do, with a sneer the taller male in front of him grasped his arm and yanked it towards him. Hans screamed as the needle pierced the soft flesh. The man in front of him seemed to blur and his breath came out in short, heavy gasps.

" Agh! Y-you assho.."

It took him over in a matter of seconds and his face connected with the floor as the screams and shouts of the other criminals slowly died away.


Weird. Hans Voltor looked around at the ground and walls around him, it was relatively bright and yet no heat seemed to touch his skin...wait. For a moment the blond took in his appearance, his fingers where as smooth as they ever had been and his skin was not burnt like it usually was. It was pale and his hair was brushed and silky, his clothes where no longer covered in dirt ether.

But he was drawn out of his thoughts about why he would be so clean in a place like the labyrinth by the faint sound of batting of wings. Quickly he started running hoping what ever it was would not find him. Hans came to a dead end and groaned but when he went to turn back there was... a rock wall blocking his way. Already quite frustrated he stumbled around the wall looking for some way out. Maybe he could climb it? The male looked up at the tall wall and shook his head again. Bad idea.
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Silence rang through the hall, no one daring to breath even if they did not need to. Eyes were on the slightly smaller god, staring at him as he scratched his arm. They all wanted to know how the humans were getting into Yareen but Ruavin did not know the answer. One day they just appeared in his labyrinth and they were coming in huge masses for no reason. The only thing Ruavin, the God of Dreams, knew was it was some drug that forced the humans to sleep so deeply Ruavin could not guide them away.

A sigh left his lips finally as he pushed the pale hair behind his ear before looking at his brother. “I do not know brother,” He finally stated as he stood up. “I do not know how the humans managed to breach Yareen nor am I able to understand how I am unable to act and help them. The first band I was able to guide to some safety but now my powers are rendered useless,” The pale haired god added as he stood up. The male longed to know how this drug could ignore his power and command but the answers were eluding him and the rest of the gods.

One by one they nodded, not pleased by the answer but accepting of it. They knew how frustrated the god was becoming and were not about to do anything to be at the end of Ruavin’s malice. The last time they angered their fellow god they found themselves in distress and all their plans for the humans sabotaged. Such an act may not seem like anything but to gods these plans were important and to have them ruined was the worse. They had to replot and wait till another human came into their grace.

“Perhaps Lafia,Therudrim, and Aryor can keep an eye out in Verque while you check some dreams. Have you tried some of the dreams Rydul’s magister?” Ell’eon, the little band of god’s leader and Ruavin’s brother asked. Ruavin leaned back, slightly snorting as he crossed his pale exposed arms against his chest. “Aye. I have scoured the Black City for information and all I have obtained is the very same information I shared with you earlier. Something drastic has changed in them Ell’eon. It has been increasingly difficult to connect to their minds as if they no longer care of us. Personally I hear less prayers a day.” It was becoming an increasing worry for the god that this lack of prayers were linked to the fact that he could not control the Labyrinth like before. Prayers were the number one substance to the gods and without it their powers lessen.

“I have noticed that too, Ell’eon. Perhaps I can check into it. The last time I was in Verque I know a minister of a false religion started to spew his lies about another god,” Aryor suggested as she pushed a dark brown lock away from her sight and scowling slightly. Ell’eon nodded, “Do what is needed Aryor. Ruavin I be-” he was cut off.

Ruavin was already standing and making to leave the garden they resided inside of. “I know Wymer is trying to leave again. I shall deal with him accordingly,” he said lying slightly. King Wymer was probably adding a new rule to the outer walls of the Labyrinth so that others could be properly warned of the dangers that laid ahead.

In one step Ruavin was gone, as if he had never been.


Magister Alaric stood in front of the crowd; a sever look on his face as he held the scroll. The young man in front of him was an idiot. If he just accepted his daughter’s proposal than this man would be in the lap of luxury. No. Instead he foolishly broke the beautiful Isolda’s heart and spat on it. For such a crime the sentence needed to be equal; a death sentence.

“The verdict is guilty for plotting with Magister Urban the assassination for myself. I am sorry, young man, but the evidence points to this treason along with the witnesses who testified against you. As fitting for your crimes you will be sent to the Labyrinth. If, by chance, you are innocent then the gods shall guide you to safety. Only then will your charges be dropped. Sir Baldwin take the prisoners away,” the man said, sneering at the thought of the gods. There were only two gods; Asotasr and Theodulus. There was no such thing as Ell’eon and Mavain nor does Sumafel and Vynnarisa exist; none of them were real. They were just stories told by old men and women who believed in pure lies. Those poor souls. However the graying man could not worry because he had to prepare the drug and console his beloved daughter.


Ruavin ran his fingers across the scratches on the wall, easily reading what it said. They were the “rules” but were really more like advice that Wymer so kindly supplied. Throwing a smile to the once King he rested a hand on the scaly head. Sometime in the King’s life in Yareen he became something other than a human; a dragon. With that he also became increasingly loyal to Ruavin though Ell’eon had yet to realize that.

Moving a bit further down the long body he gracefully pulled himself on the creature’s back. His silk robe fell from one shoulder as Wymer gracefully moved into the air and made to the surrounding forest.


Alaric stepped out with the vial of clear liquid. Just a drop would be needed to induce these criminals into a long sleep. If the magister was lucky enough some would die on their first visit. Handing off the vial to his second in command (Baldwin) he left the room, thinking of happy thoughts like a certain man dying with a lance through the head.
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