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Rin shook her head. "Ill be fine." She said referring the her clothes. "Thank you." She said to him in a gently voice as she was led by the other female. Despite all that had happened Rin was not the sort of person to let her guard down. What she really needed was to find her bow and arrows.
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Noel's eyes scanned the crowds as he felt relieved from the events that had just taken place. His head turned to Rin and looked her over making a 'tsk' noise under his breath his dull blank emotionless face still held. "You'll need new clothes won't you?" He questioned her over the crowd's commotion. "Either way we won't take no for an answer." His voice was still the same, harmonic but the way he was speaking was as if commanding.

Noel's eyes turned to the crowd once more and he raised his arm up making a motion for someone to come over. An old female soldier responded and walked over and grabbed Rin's hand as Noel asked for her to find a room to give to this former prisoner. The reply was another nod and blush. Was his voice really that incredible? When the two were out of his sight he turned around his soaking hair falling to his top lip and turning a deeper grey than silver.
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So much was happening at once, Rin seriously had to rethink her whole life at that point. Noel had helped her but she was scared he was going to suffer for it. She set him free so she didn want to make his life hell because of it.

Rin watched as Noel went over to the general. She wondered what he whispered in her ear because all the archers lowered there bows. Rin tried to compose herself so she would not hyperventilate and pass out.

The young girl was confused at what the general said but still kept quiet. Rin stood when Noel motioned her to, and slowly walked over. She was waiting but knew she could trust noel at least for the moment. She wanted to say thank you but on all the commotion she lost her voice to fear, but just needed to calm down before it returned.
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Ibis quickly barked back at him, "You realize you are now a traitor and have sided with an enemy! You will pay for this!" The tone she used was harsh and rouged as her hand raised and archers pulled their bows back aiming at Rin and himself. A faint volume escaped his lips and the Ibis gave a haulting signal the arrows facing the ground now waiting to be commanded back up. "What did you say Snow White? Scared you'll turn red in crimson holes? Want to beg for your lives, who knows I may be merciful."

Noels head came up to look her in the eyes a flare red glinting as he began to slowly approach her. The reaction back to his movement was taking another soldier's sword and getting into a readied stance as if waiting for a fight. Noel's pale white skin gleaned in the rain drops. His arms raised up before he was touching shoulders with his general and leaned in to whisper in her ear. "Kill me I you want but you should know she risked her life for fifty or so prisoners all my men. You'd kill a traitor to their side more than kill one to ours. So how about we actually get her a tent or better yet a room and clothing that way I can pay off my debt faster and you can gain an ally?" His voice so close to and ear other than his surprised him with the effect it had.

When he pulled back from Scarlet Ibis he looked her over and her legs were wobbly and a blush painted her face. The sword fell to the ground as she stood strait and turned announcing. "There will be no execution but instead a feast for to night!" Concerned looks were passed here and there over the mist like rain but that was until they had noticed they could see a clear sky only a few minutes from reaching them and everyone cheered. Noel's head turned to Rin and motioned for her to stand up and come over.
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Rin heard the cell door open. Next thing she knew she was pulled to her feet and brought out of the cell. Seeing the chopping block Rin could guess what was going to happen however put up no effort in struggling. There was no point; a quick death would be better then slowly going insane locked in a cell.

She was pushed down to her knees in front of the general. Rin said no word as she just closed her eye prepared for the worst. It was true what they say, that your life flashed before your eyes before you die. Unfortunately it was mostly fighting for her life.

Rins memory stopped at one summer day when she was seven. Her parents had taken her and her brothers out for a picnic, everyone was so happen. Her older brother was 9 and her younger brother was 6. She let that be the last memory as a small smile formed on her face, she wanted to die thinking of the ones she fought for.

She heard the woman speak then the room going silent. Her eyes shut tighter as she heard the sound of the word being pushed down through the air. The next thing she heard was the clash of the sword hitting the ground. What was going on?! Rin thought as she hesitantly opened her eyes.

The young girl saw the sword on the floor with an arrow then looked up hearing and unfamiliar voice. It was noel! He stopped her from being killed! Rin could actually feel tears falling from her eyes. She had more pride to cry in front of an enemy so why was she? She couldn’t help it though, she didn’t want to die, she thought she was dead, then it turned out the one she saved saved her. Guess we are even now She thought.
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A few more days had pasted before he began to feel the need to return to Rin. He was laying in his bed inside the small tent they gave to each new recruit they gained which he was still considered as a newbie even though he was the best shot in the camp. Noel sat up in his bed and put on his armor, picked up his bow and his holster placing them over his back and walking out. The chilled night air made the mist they were having feel like needles as they touched his skin. Puddles had formed on the ground and he could see multiple tracked in the soft soil headed the same way he was, strait to the jail.

When Noel arrived he saw the Scarlet Ibis in her black armor gleaming from the droplets that formed over her chest plate. Her crimson hair soaked to a deep darker color. Her hand was on the hilt of her blade and her posture was in a stiff form, like she was waiting.

Noel climbed up a post to see over the crowd and quickly realized what was happening. A chopping block was placed at Ibis's feet and the jail door were open. They only had one prisoner he name Rin. Noel pulled his bow off his back and held an arrow in his palm waiting. When they brought out Rin he readied the arrow and pulled back on the string. They pushed her to her knees and the Ibis drew her sword as she placed he boot on Rin's back. "Anyone opposed to this woman's death speak!" The Ibis shouted as if ordering someone to say something. When no response was given she rose her blade and swung down at Rin's neck. However no blood flew in the air no death took place but a sword with an arrow's head in the side of it laid on the ground behind the Ibis.

Everyone looked frantic and Noel for the first time tried to speak. Yet nothing but a high pitched screech of air left his vocal cords no one would hear it. He hopped down from the post he stood on and cleared his throat as the crowd split and he walked through the opening. He stood in front if Ibis and watched as she pulled her foot from Rin's back. Then he tried speaking again, "I owe this woman my life for past actions she took to try and free me and multiple other men who were caught so yes I oppose the action of killing her." His voice was as dull in emotion as his expression however the sound of his own voice hypnotized even himself. When he spoke it sounded as if he harmonized with himself leaving a pleasurable ring in one's ear.
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Rin just let herself once again daze out sitting there. It was the only way she stopped herself from going insane was letting her mind wander off. So many different thoughts would cross her mind and old memories would surface, however the dazed and almost emotionless expression didn't leave.Days past she didn't even touch the water she just sat there. Rin didn't sleep, didn't move it was almost as if she wasn't alive anymore.
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Noel nodded to her request and drank some of the water he had in the container then placed it down between them. He continued to eat and sip the water from time to time in the pause of silence they were having. His mind was blank as he stared off into space hearing nothing not noticing anything until he looked back at Rin as she spoke again.

He shook his head in response to what she said knowing she would most likely be slaughtered within seconds. Again he traced out a sentence in the dirt, "You fight, you fight by their rules, no arrows no range attacks only swords and chest plates." After he got done writing he stood and turned from her picking up his items but leaving the water where he placed it, in front of her. He began to walk and left the cage closing the door behind him and walking out of the building dropping the keys by Ibis's feet as he pasted her by the door.
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"Thank you." Rin mumbled in a quiet voice as she nibbled on the food. She red what he wrote and couldn't help but have a small smile on her face. "Thank you I grate my appreciate it. However please don't get yourself in to trouble because of it. I've been in worse situations then tho an I still pulled out fine. Just be careful ok? "

Rin leaned back on the wall. "She stands outside this cell almost every day. She shouldn't look down on me because I'm not trying to escape. I could probably easily beat her if she'd put up a fair fight." Rin said to herself as a small smirk crossed her face.
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Noel began to have a lingering respect for the female whom he was looking at as he placed the arrow back in the holster on his back and pulled out a new one. He used the arrow head as a small knife and cut the meat he was holding in thirds. He picked up two slices and took her hands placing them in her palms. He pulled back and began eating the small slice he kept waiting for a new thought to come by. He wanted to speak for once in his life but no sign of the desire traced his blank face, just the stiff dull posture he always kept.

A few minutes had pasted before he moved again his new action was him searching through his satchel. His arms pulled back from the satchel, his hands holding a small leather jug of water. He held it out to her and he traced the ground again writing out "I'm indebt to your kindness..." He felt he needed and reason to be kind to her even though she probably already knew.
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Rin looked up at him and down at the sort. How did he guess? She had no clue but she might as well kill time by talking to him. "An older and a younger brother. However my older brother went missing a year after te army scouted him. Now that I'm miss they will probably take my younger brother." She mumbled quietly as she hugged her knees.

Being in the position she was at that moment made her think that her brother could still be alive somewhere. Maybe captured by the enemy or maybe he is hiding as he couldn't face the wall. It was a slim chance though as he vanished over two years ago. Rin looked at what he was writing again and shook her head.
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Noel scanned her actions over with his silver eyes and shook his head the bleach white strands falling in front of his face. The emotion on her face and the posture of her body was to familiar. She had relatives on her mind and the thoughts she was having could not be pleasant. Once more he ran his had over the dirt smoothening it out then scratched in the brown dust "Family?"

Noel's head picked up afterwards and he sat down leaning back on the bars and letting out a deep breath through his nose. His hair shifted across his cheeks again slowly allowing his eyes to see through them again. A thought came to mind as he reached in his satchel pulling out a log of meat. His had grazed and arrow in it's holster on his back as he pulled one of the many out and carved in the dirt something else "Eaten? Drink?" The debt he had to pay to her was a large one even thought it didn't benefit the men who had ran so he could at least keep her stomach full.
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Rin remained in the same place he had left her. Food or drink was never really the problem for her. She had trained herself to go with little for long periods of time. She wondered if they were already getting her brother as she had vanished. without any notice of where she was.

She looked up for a couple of seconds as she saw the cell door open. It was him again. She didnt know why he was here again but just stayed quiet. She looked as he wrote in the dirt once again. "Rin." She said simply as she looked back down.
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A day or two pasted by nothing important happening just the same old training day in and day out. His arm for the first time in a while began to feel sore from the repetitive action of pulling back a bow string. During his break time from watch his mind crossed the thought of the prisoner who once spared his life. He decided to go back to visit them again to figure out if they were going to be let out.

By the time he reached the cells Ibis was standing in front of the female's cell holding on to the cell's baring with a twisted smile as if looking down on them. Noel came behind the woman who was now chuckling and he taped her shoulder. Ibis turned her emotion dulling at the sight of him and gave him the keys to her cell then walked away.

Noel opened the door and didn't bother closing it behind him as he sat down looking forward at the girl who sat across the cell from him once again taking the dirt on the ground and writting out one word "Name"
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Rin just let him push her, and just stayed quiet as she fell back in to the corner. She brought her knees up to her chest and rested on arm on them. She rested her head on her arm and closed her eyes. Rin was too tired to try and escape and to be honest they wouldn't get anything out of her, she was very stubborn and could easily take pain.
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