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Protectors & Innocents

Theseus & Cameron

Moriarty & Hallow

Perseus & Tolen

Pollux & Sylva

Castor & Zacariah


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As he stood next to the blonde male, Cameron could see the youngest nodding as the two left. The male seeming to disappear into one of the many rooms that seemed to be in this house. Cameron hadn't realized how shaky he was on his feet until he caught a slight look of concern on the blonde male's face. Inwardly Cameron half hopped the male would wrap his arms him to steady him, but that would be to informal for someone he just met.

Quietly Cameron followed after the blonde male had talked again to one of the brothers. This one was probably older then the two who had found him and the one who had wandered in before. Cameron could slightly tell by the look of age on their faces in what age group did they belong. Licking his chapped lips Cameron couldn't help but observe the man in front of him as they walked back towards a room. There was no doubt he was handsome and of much large build then Cameron was.

Though Cameron knew it did not take much for anyone to be bigger then he was. Something about this man drew him in and he couldn't exactly tell what it was at the moment. Quietly obeying Cameron sat down on the bed when he was lead into the room watching the clothing that was laid next to him. There was no doubt they would probably swallow him up a little but it was better then being in clothes that were ruined. Ruined by those damned people who wanted him to ruin everything for the greater good.. for themselves.

"Thank you." Cameron watched as the male walked out of the room shakily shoving himself up off of the bed. His legs were wobbly as he gently stripped out of his dirty clothes and pulled on the new ones. Moving to pick the clothes up Cameron folded then and placed them on the bed.

Quietly moving towards the door to peak out and see what was going on outside of the room without leaving. From the corner of his eye he could see the blonde male and for a moment he couldn't help but watch him and what he was doing. Everything about him just seemed to be..beautiful.

Confusion came over Castor for a moment as he stared at the number. As hard as he tried he could not figure out for the life of him what the hell that number actually meant. It was something he hadn't seen before but the way the boy was acting it slowly kicked in what it meant.

This boy was nothing more then a slave. It was no wonder that he was an innocent and Castor wanted to do nothing more then pick him up and carry him home bridal style. The blonde would of too if it wasn't for his brothers words ringing in his head. "Be Gentle".

That was right, Castor couldn't just take this boy away as if he was nothing. "Well Zacariah don't be afraid of me. I'm here to take you home with me and give you a comfortable place to live. You can't stay on the streets tonight and I do have a safe place for you to stay. Nothing will be done to you and you don't have to give me anything okay? Just come with me."

Castor was trying his hardest not to sound to excited or to pushy with the idea. It was the first innocent that he had ever found by himself and he was not going to mess this up. Especially not if he didn't want his brother yelling at him for scaring a poor innocent. Already Castor could hear Theseus scolding him for treating the boy to roughly if he was to push him to come home.

"As crazy as this sounds it's my job to help people like you. I know you don't have much of a reason to trust me but please try to. I am here to help you and your not beyond help, not yet. There are plenty of people like you who have been saved." Castor was purposefully leaving out the part he was an innocent. From what he could remember his father, Riordan, had always told him never to tell anyone what they were. It would cause nothing but trouble.

Cold water clung to the black hood pulled over the males head as he ran. The feeling of water dripping down onto him was painful like small sharp jabs of ice hitting a person in the back. Chest pumping in and out the male could barely breath as he moved his eyes fuzzing over as his feet drug him farther and father away. Stopping was not an option, not right now. The distant sounds of yells reminding him why he needed to go forward and why he could not stop.

Green hair barely peaked out from under the black hood and all around him the streets were dead. Hallow Harper Lorgan was alone on this big empty street aside from the people who were stalking him down. People who meant to take him and throw him back into the testing facility so they could find out more about what he was. Twisting around a corner heavy breath came out of the males lips as he pressed his back against the wall. The cloak he was wearing covering his face and body from the people running past him.

"FIND HIM!" The screams seemed to echo through the streets making Hallow's heart rate go up. Sweat was beginning to form in the palm of his hands and mix from the run off of the rain from his cloak. He was doomed, Hallow knew that he couldn't run forever. It was a game of cat and mouse at this point and soon the cat would find and capture him. Sinking down in the spot he had stopped the green haired male brought his knees up to his chest resting his chin on them.

Hallow had been the freak all of his life when he was given to those people at two years old. His mother didn't want him after a one night stand with his father had gone wrong and ended in pregnancy. A respectable genie woman couldn't be seen with a half genie, half emotion controller child.

It was bad enough she had slept with a lab experiment but to also have it's child was a shame to her. All of his life Hallow had grown up being unwanted, and moved from place to place. Now he was doomed, the moment they found him they would kill him. Crystal tears began to roll down his cheeks subconsciously as he stared at the floor. "Where is superman when you need him?"

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Theseus put his attention on his brothers as Pollux offered to stay behind with him. It didn't really surprise him to hear the offer. The youngest of his brothers was always the kindest and always the one to want to help. A smile formed on the oldest brother's lips and he nodded once. "Thank you, Pollux. I know you'll do the job right." He then turned his eyes on Perseus and Castor before they could leave. His look was mostly aimed at Castor, though. "Behave, and be kind to whomever you find. Please." It was more of a request than an order, but he knew how rough his brothers could be sometimes. He wanted them to be gentle, especially when it came to innocents.

After the two left, Theseus looked at Moriarty, who was the only of his brothers without anything to do. The second eldest looked back at him, arms crossed over his chest. "I'm going to check out something else. I'm pretty sure I caught wind of someone that needed help. So if you're good here I'm going to take off." Theseus gave his brother the go ahead, reminding him not to use his wings. It was not smart in this place. The last thing they needed was that kind of attention. Moriarty agreed before leaving their home, and Theseus was alone with Cameron.

Green eyes returned to the bright haired boy. A smile returned to his lips, showing Cameron that there was nothing to fear. He could feel the boy shaking as he stood and he wanted to wrap an arm around him to steady him. But he didn't, afraid to make him too nervous. There was something about this boy that caught his attention, and Theseus couldn't put his finger on it. All he could do was watch as this boy stood next to him, seeming so very small in comparison. Theseus wanted... needed to help him.

"This way." Theseus said softly, leading Cameron down a hallway to one of their guest rooms. They had plenty of empty space for just this reason. If ever there was an innocent in need, they would be there to help them and give them a place to be safe. They were protectors, so what safer place could there be than with them? Once they had reached the room, Theseus turned on the light and led Cameron to the bed, allowing him to sit down. From a drawer in the wooden dresser, he pulled out a pretty standard pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. "They might be a little big, since you're so... small." He chuckled softly and set the clothes beside of him on the bed, reaching up afterward to brush his long hair back from his face. "You can change and I'll go and get you something to eat, okay? I'll just be in the other room, so just holler if you need anything. I'll be right back."

With that, Theseus turned to leave the room, pulling the door to but not shutting it completely just in case Cameron needed anything. He wanted to make sure he could hear him while he was preparing the food. He wouldn't make anything large, just some soup that would hopefully be light enough not to unsettle the boy's stomach. Theseus wanted him to be as comfortable as possible here and with him.

It was becoming more difficult to breathe properly, but Zacariah knew he needed to calm down if he was going to get anywhere. If he stayed out here all night he was going to freeze to death... or worse. He couldn't imagine what anyone would do if they found him. Someone could want to take him somewhere else, sell him back into slavery, or do things to him. His sobs grew harder and he fought not to collapse in on himself. He couldn't let it get that bad, he couldn't fall to the ground. He had to stand up and walk, support his own weight. He was, after all, on his own now.

At the moment, Zac was crying too hard to hear anyone coming, and so the sound of the other man's voice scared him. He jumped, his puffy eyes finding the other man standing in front of him. His heart could have stopped with how terrified he felt with another man so close to him. But in an instant his training kicked in and he bowed his head to avoid eye contact and tried to be as submissive as possible. Like the good boy he was.

"I am al-alright, sir." Zacariah managed to speak without too much of a problem, keeping his eyes down. "You needn't worry about me, please. I will be okay. There is no need to burden yourself with my troubles." This was how his mind worked. He was brought up his whole life to believe he was lesser than, that he was a second class citizen, nothing more than a slave. He didn't know who Castor was, he didn't know what class he belonged to. He then realized he hadn't given his name. "Forgive me, my name is Zacariah Medane, and I am of the lower class." He held out his right arm, showing the number that had been tattooed on the inside of his wrist, the dark ink of the number resting alongside deep brown bruises on his pale flesh. Every slave was given a number, it made it apparent what they were, and his showing it to Castor was his trying to make it known he was no one to be helped. He was beyond help.

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Theseus, Cameron could only run the name through his mind over and over again. The name seemed to stick out to him for some reason though what it was he was not sure. Sure that was the name he had been given on orders to kill, but that was not the reason the name struck Cameron so hard. Orange eyes strained to see the boys behind the man but they only seemed cloudy in his fogged up mind.

The cool touch of a washcloth upon his skin seemed almost lulling to Cameron. Orange eyes fluttering shut for a moment until the feeling of the cloth disappeared. One eye, then the other opened to look at the group of brothers standing beside him. What looked like the youngest brother clearing his throat and almost as if in school fashion, raised his hand.

"I'll stay here with you Theseus and skin the deer. Castor should probably go ahead and go with Perseus to see what's going on." The younger twins voice was soft and gentle, hardly as pushy as the older twins voice. The sound of another voice beginning to fill his ears as the older male spoke once more. "Alright I'm going to take Castor with me. See you in awhile Theseus."

Cameron watched the two figures disappearing before blinking at the site of a hand before him. Nerves rushed into his stomach as he took Theseus's hand and stood up shakily on two weak legs. How could he kill someone who was so kind to him? That was the part he was going to be having trouble understanding, or even doing. Cameron could tell these people were nice and so to commit the act would be unthinkable, but perhaps he could escape it.

"Thank you that all sounds so nice." Cameron could hear his voice shaking as he spoke. Yet something about the male in front of him felt safe and warm. As if he would be caught and protected if he were going to pass out on the ground. Like the glass case around a fragile flower keeping it from harms way. Everything about him felt safe and warm, and gave him an reassurance he would be alright.

Excitement began to rush through Castor's belly as he stalked after his brother. Boots clicking the ground and the smell of fresh air rushing through his nose as they traveled. It wouldn't be long for the gargoyles to reach their spot but flying wasn't an option, oh no one did not fly in the city for it would end badly. If an innocent had appeared they were going to have to locate them by foot. It was no longer like the olden days were they could fly above the peoples without care in the world.

The smell of good coated evil was beginning to fill his belly and bring about a kind of sickness that only an Gargoyle could feel. His head spinning as he moved forward vaguely aware that his brother had stopped and was staring in the direction of an alley way. "Down there, somethings down there that seems like an innocent. You go and check it out alright? I'm going to look down this way and see what I can find."

Sending a fast nod to his brother Castor turned on his heels. His boots once again clicking as he followed the unsettling feeling that was growing in his stomach. It didn't take long before the sound of sobs filled his ears and Castor let his eyes fall upon the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. A beautiful boy who looked so broken and defeated seemed to be leaning against an wall and to Castor he appeared to be a fragile flower barely able to hold itself up.

"Hey are you alright?" Castor could hear his voice trembling as he spoke but the gargoyle did his best to ignore it. "Don't be afraid of me please I'm someone who can help you. My name's Castor Blankenship and I have a feeling that I am meant to help you if you'll let me."

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Theseus was careful with the boy, trying very hard not to injure him further. He looked as if he could be bruised with a simple touch, broken with the slightest movement. He was malnourished and weak and it broke the gargoyle's heart to see him in such a state. There was such good in him, clouded with such evil. Theseus wanted to remove it all and restore the boy's faith and happiness. To kill whatever demons had plagued him with this evil. The red head deserved better than this, Theseus could feel it. He had done evil things but that did not make him evil. In fact, he felt very very good from the very inner workings of who he was as a person.

"Well, Cameron. My name is Theseus Blankenship. I will introduce you to my brothers later. For now, I want to be sure you are comfortable." Licking over his lips, Theseus took another rag and began to run it over the random bits of exposed skin. His arms, his legs, his neck. He was gentle and slow and careful not to invade too much of the innocent's personal space. He could hear his brothers speaking behind him about things that they shouldn't be speaking about in front of an outsider, especially an innocent. The last thing that he wanted was to frighten Cameron and make things harder on him. With a soft sigh, he helped the red head sit up, since that seemed to be what he wanted, and then he turned to look at his brothers.

"Yes, go check it out. Make sure they don't need our help. If they do, get them to safety before something worse finds them. I'd like at least one of you to stay here with me, in case I need help. While I don't, however, that deer needs the skinning to be finished and to be cut up enough to store in the freezer in the cellar so it doesn't rot before we can eat it." It was in his nature to give orders. Theseus was the eldest, he was accustomed to telling the others what to do. They normally listened, even if they didn't want to. Especially now that their parents weren't around to whine to.

Theuses returned his gaze to Cameron, a soft smile on his lips as he brushed some of his light brown hair from getting in his eyes. "I'm sorry if you are confused. This must all be very new for you. You shouldn't worry, though, we are the good guys and we're only here to help." He smiled again and reached a hand out to Cameron to help him to his feet. "If you'd like to come with me I can find you a room where you can have some privacy. We'll get you into some clean clothes and get you something good to eat. And then we can talk and you can tell me what happened, or not. I could just talk to you if you prefer." Theseus was a natural at this after so long. Not to mention the connection he felt with this particular boy. It was intoxicating and overwhelming already.

The sun was quickly disappearing and the night brought cold along with it. Zacariah held his arms around himself, trying his best to keep warm. He was very scantly clad, wearing a shirt that only had one strap over his right shoulder, the other having been torn off in a fit of anger. He wore shorts that were far too short to wear in public, and no shoes. He didn't have any shoes, he never owned anything in his life. He didn't even own himself. The boy sniffled, fighting tears away from his eyes. With every step he took bruises stood out dark against the pale skin on the insides of his thighs. They matched the bruises on his arms and the ones on his neck that went along with the pattern of fingerprints. His hair was messy and remnants of red shading smeared on his lips and somewhat on his skin. He was shivering like mad, unable to stop the trembling that could be attributed to both the cold and his fear.

What now? After so many years of being owned, of having a place to stay if only by being imprisoned there, what now? Where was he meant to go? What was he meant to do? He had no one in this world to go to. When a man that kept you as a slave no longer wanted you, what were you supposed to do? Zacariah pressed his hand over his mouth as a broken sob fled from his lips, betraying him. His entire body jolted with his sadness, making him want to cry and vomit at the same time. A tear swept down his cheek, creating a wet trail along his pale skin and dropping from his chin. He'd stopped walking somehow, having lost the will to move any longer. He didn't know where he was or where he thought he was going. No one was around and the night was coming closer and closer with every second.

Unable to help himself any longer, Zacariah sobbed softly into his hand, his eyes clenching shut as tears bubbled to the surface. His entire body shook and no matter how hard he pressed his fingers into his skin he was unable to make it stop. There wasn't anything he could do. No one could want him now. He was damaged goods, property thrown away, no longer wanted. He was in the prime of his life and already he had been torn apart and pushed away. All because his master had found someone he enjoyed better, someone compliant, someone more willing. After ten years he had tossed Zacariah to the side even after all the boy had done for him. He'd done such horrible things, terrible things. And now he was spoiled.

Zacariah pressed his back into the closest wall, unable to continue standing without the support. He cried softly, trying to keep as quiet as he could now that the sun had completely vanished. There was no telling who or what was out here at night, but one thing he was completely sure of. Now that he was free he was going to be left to die, because there was no way anyone else could possibly want him.

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Cameron could barely register what was going on as he felt the boys moving him around. Like a rag doll he felt himself being manipulated onto the couch staring blankly at the ceiling. Don't look, don't look. The through repeated in his head like a record player reminding him that if he looked he would see, and if he saw that meant he was really where he didn't want to be.

If he was there that meant that in order to protect his family he was going to have to commit an evil that he didn't want to commit. Cold raged around him as he felt the cloth gingerly placed on his forehead and heard his name asked.

In surprise Cameron looked and when he did he felt his stomach dropping. The man next to him was absolutely gorgeous by all means, which would only make his job harder if this was the eldest in the family.

The realization dawning on him that he had been asked a question and was expected to answer it. "My name is Cameron De Romanus." His voice croaked as he spoke and he knew how dry it had become after the over heating experience with the demons who held so much power over him.

The softness underneath him was foreign to Cameron and he could hear the boys behind the other moving. The boys from before where now clearer in his view and they resembled one another quiet a lot. Likely twins from what Cameron could see, and the other looked as if he was related but did not identify exactly to them.

Likely an older or younger brother of the group. If this was the group he was sent after then where was the last Gargoyle male? Cameron barely had time to think about it before the sound of a door opening rang in his ears and boots clicked on the ground as the last male came into view. A cheesy grin was plastered on this males face and an annoyed look seemed to cross his eyes as he noted the boy on the couch.

"An innocent at this hour? Who found the innocent this time?" The males voice was heavy in Cameron's ears as he tried to make sense of the word. Innocent? Isn't that what the witches in the show Charmed called people about to die?

Cameron felt his head reeling as he listened to the boy continue on about what he wanted to know. "Well if that's the case then be ready because I'm pretty sure I found another one not to far from here. I couldn't get to him but I saw him running. Mainly running down the street as if he were trying to flee. I think I also saw another one near by that but I'm not entirely sure."

Cameron could hear the shuffling as he tried to shift to sit up. His whole body aching from the chains and the events that happened before he was sent away from the demons. "You mean there is two more innocents out there Perseus? Theseus should we go and check it out while you handle this? We can't very well leave two people out there alone."

The boy from earlier, Pollux was now speaking and ringing his heads together in a nervous motion that made Cameron a little curious as to what was going on. The nervousness on the boy's face seemed like an awful lot.

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With a knife in hand, Theseus went to work skinning the deer that Moriarty and he had hunted. It would make a good meal for the family for a few days, though with the twins and their appetites it may have only lasted one or two. That didn't matter, though. He could always find more food for them, and he always would, because that was his job. As the oldest of the ten Blankenship children, Theseus had a duty to protect and care for the other nine. While they were here and his parents were not the responsibility fell to him and him alone. Sure, it got a little troubling at times, but he did his best to keep his head high and show no doubts. He wanted his siblings to be able to trust him.

The Blankenship family was one steeped in lore and tradition. From the beginning of time there had been a Blankenship in Ireland, and always a gargoyle. The family was as pure as it got when it came to blood, and they were a proud family. Each generation only grew stronger, peaking at the current one with the ten of them at the helm. They were trained in the arts of protecting and saving others, and they were damn good at it. Their father had always told Theseus that one day he would be head of the family. He was the heir to the name and would take over. When that day came, Theseus knew he would be proud but sad. He didn't wish to lose his father any time soon. But with the recent developments there was no telling how things were going to turn out.

The Blankenship children were somewhat in hiding, keeping each other safe from the evil that had sought out their family just recently. Nothing had found them thus far, but it seemed that their time in peace was soon to come to an end. Theseus found himself lost in thought as he prepared the animal before him to be cooked and eaten, so much so that he hadn't even realized that Castor and Pollux were in such a frantic way. It wasn't until Moriarty came back into the room he was in that he even looked up.

"You're going to want to come take a look at this." Moriarty said softly, leaning into the room. Theseus looked over at him, a confused look on his face, but he nodded once to confirm he was coming. It took him a moment to wash off his hands, but he wandered out, pushing his hair from his face. He looked at his brothers and then finally at the red head they had brought in. They had him held up between them, and Theseus moved over to their couch and moved some stuff off of it.

"Lie him down." The eldest ordered them, waiting until they did so. Theseus knelt down beside the couch to take a better look at the young boy, seeing how beat up he was. Reaching up, he brushed bright orange strands of hair from his forehead. He was very pale. "Castor, go and fetch me some cool water, Pollux, some rags, and Moriarty, find some clean clothes." He said all of this without looking back at his brothers, knowing they would listen to him. Pushing his sleeves up past his shoulders, Theseus looked the fragile creature over, feeling his stomach turn. There was evil simply radiating from his skin, but beneath it, from deep within the boy's core, the gargoyle could sense a warmth, an innocence. Still, the evil fought to make him sick, something he had learned to deal with.

"Be still." He spoke softly. "There is no reason to be alarmed, you are safe now." Theseus didn't want to scare him. This boy had already been through enough. "Can you tell me what your name is?" After asking, Theseus looked up to see his brothers return. Reaching out, he took the things he had asked for, dipping a rag into the water and being careful as he laid it across the innocent's forehead. There was something about him. Just from being near him, Theseus felt attached already.

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Orange hair clung to the males forehead as he stood shivering in front of beaming red eyes. A smirk sprawled over the woman’s tight face stretching her skin and making her face seem extremely thing her hallow red eyes the shape of almonds as she squinted at him. One long arm crossed in front of the other in front of her semi-large bust that stuck out in her black corset.

“Cameron you disappoint me, you don’t want me to kill your family do you? I gave you one simple task, take out the human..” Her cat like nails reaching and scratching into his skin making him shiver in fear. Arms trapped the boy couldn’t move, metal held him in place against a wall and cloth clung to him like a second layer of skin.

“Now if you want to redeem yourself then you will do as I say, you will go out there. You will find the gargoyles, and you will bring us the oldest brother. I will otherwise slaughter your siblings and parents and you will be forever alone. You don’t want to be alone do you?” Her voice was like claws on a chalkboard as she spoke to him, her eyes glaring down into his face. Hands wandered up his thighs and he closed his eyes in wait for the contact. Shivers racked the male’s body as he tugged against the chains in an attempt to get free.

“Go to hell you bitch! What makes you think I’m going to harm more people?! I’m sick of this, I’m sick of this life!” A tiny voice grew into a boom as the anger pulsed through his veins. His eyes narrowing at the black haired woman who stood in front of him with a sickening smirk. “You will do as I say or your siblings will lay dead on the floor do you want that? Do you want a massacre Cameron? I know where they are at, and I can find them. I can destroy your life and your family in one single blow if your not careful.”

Orange eyes narrowed at the woman as his fits balled together nails digging into the palms of his hands. His jaw tightened and then slacked in annoyance with the woman. “Fine.” The word spat out hatefully and orange eyes could of stared daggers into her face. Pure pleasure scraped across her face as she stalked forward towards him grabbing at his side. “Good you will be sent to the Gargoyles you will get close to the eldest brother and you will lead him to me. Remember this is all for your families lives."

The clicking sound of chains rang through the room as Cameron felt himself slumping forward. Orange hair cascaded down into his face as his weak legs gave out on him. The large black shirt that he wore clung to his body down to his knees, the only piece of fabric covering his body. A rushing feeling caused his stomach to swirl and swoop and the feeling of a stone floor transfigured into grass beneath him. The blades poking at his skin and causing it to itch as he tried to gain his bearings.

“Do you see that? A demon dropped it there!” A voice echoed making Cameron’s stomach drop. Silently he prayed it was not the gargoyles that they had not found him yet. “Yeah I saw that Pollux we should go check it out, it might be an innocent.” The second voice was much closer as the sound of foot-steps filled his ears from whomever got nearer. When the came into view Cameron felt his stomach drop into his feet when the mark of the gargoyles showed on their skin.

“Poor thing he’s so sweaty, and beat up. Look at those wounds!” The first spoke again, the one Cameron could only guess was Pollux. The cold feeling of arms wrapping around his middle and lifting his half conscious body up causing him to shiver. “We better get him back to the others, we have no idea how injured he could possibly be. I’m sure that Moriatry or Theseus can help us. I’d say Perseus but we all know he’s to busy staring at a wall or his reflection.”

The ground beneath him began to move and darkness filled his vision. When it left again he could barely make out the sounds of voices speaking. “Brother! Brother! We found him injured on the ground in the meadow. He’s beaten up we have to do something for him, he’s an innocent I can feel it!” The first voice ran into Cameron’s ears as he shifted groaning lightly in their arms. “He’s been touched by evil he needs us, I can smell it. He’s waking up!”

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