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Jinx looked at him as she looked at the smirk her heart was shaking as she held on to him her eyes held pity [#FF0000 "Y-y-yes sir."] She stutter as she quickly followed him as she held on to him slightly [#FF0000 "Will others show up tonight as well because of the town?"] She whispered as she follows him.

Her eyes wide at the study the books that line the walls she slowly let go her fear go. [#FF0000 "This place is so amazing !"] She smiled as she looked at the books her eyes wide as her smile grew but then it suddenly drop she saw a blemish and she realized something. Carefully she walked over to a self and touched and watched as the books disappeared and the room was only lit by the fire. A part of her heart ached [#FF0000 "Now I'm seeing things"] she whispered shaking her head her hand was balled into a fist at her side. The library was a safe haven for her and now it was just a fade image of what it used to be.
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Drake just stood as the spirit ran around the room. It was ghastly, the skin peeling off and it's hair on fire, like a halo from hell. It was wailing but their sound was in the spirit world, it was a whisper in the natural. They would be rampant tonight if the town was truly on fire.
Drake said, putting a hand on her shoulder.

The spirit ran into another room through the wall and Drake too Jinx's hand.

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"Sadly I cannot cook anything to save my life." she whispered to him a smile as she began to eat with a smile. " I can bake deserts do not get me wrong however anything else tends to burn to a crisp." she mutter as she ate she smiled at the taste of the food. "Mhmm its so good" she said to him with bright eyes as she ate she tried to eat at a normal pace so not to show that she was just going to swallow it whole. She smiled at him gently as she ate "You said you were going to teach me about people tonight who am I going to learn about?" she said to him excited to learn about something different she was ready to learn new things as she looked at him with her bright eyes.

However, her eyes darted to the window to see a small glow she got up and looked out the window her eyes now held fear. "The town it's burning" she whispered to him as she turn back to him her eyes then went back to the window "The library, The Church, the fabric and book store, a few homes." she said to him as she step away she felt a chill come across the window as she step back right as a spirit jump to the window screaming even through it was dead its form was of a burning corpse. Jinx turned away in fear as she back into her Grandfather's side he had said it was safer by him.
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He chuckled slightly adding the finishing touches on the trays.
"You may not believe me when I say this, however, I very much enjoy cooking and over the years I have been taught how to make just about anything out of all sorts of ingredients. Though it offers nothing to me for supplement or nourishment, taste is one of the few things I can still enjoy."
He put the plate down in front of her and sat in the empty beside her. Her face was riddled with sleep though she was freshly cleaned. It would take a while to get used to but she would if she wanted to continue down this path. He needed her to continue down this path. Though he hated relying on anyone, he was forced to rely on this girl. She was merely a toddler in his eyes. There was a fondness there though, like a father to a daughter. It was strange but he enjoyed it not knowing exactly how long it might be there.
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She sighed and nodded as she wrote down something and then tuck the letter away to send it tomorrow. She got up with a groan she just wanted to sleep and he seemed to be filled of energy "I highly doubt I could convince you to give me another hour of sleep?" she asked him softly. See as he had left to make breakfast she groaned and got up and went to shower she washed all her art supplies off her and went to get dressed. She pulled on her black jeans and a black tank top throwing on a red hoodie. She dried her hair slightly and decided to leave it down but kept a hair tie on her wrist to put it up if it got in the way.

She normally did not wear her hair down unless it was for something special but she did not want to fool with it today. Slowly she made her way down stairs and thought about something he said disappear but where was he planning to go. Jinx stomach growled as the scent from the kitchen drew her attention as she walked in. "Want any help?" she asked him weakly as she was still waking up.
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A smile flashed across his face when she smudged her face but vanished just as quickly when he held the papers in his hands.
"I can't sign these. Just make it anonymous. You must disappear. They have no right to know the business of a Dracula." His tone lightened a little as he said, "Now, please go get yourself cleaned up. We will be having a spot of breakfast this morning down in the dining room. Put on a jacket as well. There seems to be a bit of a draft. I felt some air moving down there."
He took the papers with him as he turned and headed down the stairs to begin the preparation of her food. A hearty breakfast of eggs Benedict and biskets.
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"Five more minutes" she muttered as she heard her door open. Jinx was not easy to wake up and the fact that just him calling her could was defiantly new to her. She lifted her head up off he pillow to look at him "Did I go somewhere?" she asked still waking up and obviously not awake enough to understand him. She groaned as she looked at the time "Why are you up so early?" she asked rubbing her eyes getting most of her art supplies on her face leaving black smug marks on her face as she held her head. She did not have any weird ass dreams but it felt like she got hit by a truck.

The girl looked at her grandfather and gave him the papers "The school needs you to sign these to prove that I will be getting an education." she said to him as she cleaned her bed that was cover in her sketch pad and pencils. Jinx smiled at him weakly "Sorry I guess I fell asleep working on a picture again." she muttered the girl was carless about such things.
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Drake closed the door to his room and then the window. He had designed the room when building so that no light would be able to get into it. It added a level of security that made him sleep easier. He lowered himself inside his coffin and closed his eyes. It was quiet and peaceful when he lied himself to sleep which made it that much easier for him to drift into nothingness.
When he woke up, he could tell the sun was in the process of setting, probably almost seven in the evening. He assumed that it was safe to come out of his bed. He stretched as he got up and tried the motion of yawning. He didn't like it. Never had but he still liked to try it, stretch his mouth and fangs in a way or another. He moved into the bathroom he had installed for him and changed clothes into something much like he wore the last day. He didn't "branch out" very much.
After he was done grooming, which wasn't much, he walked over downstairs and began looking for Jinx. He walked in and out of every room, finding her in not a single room. However, there was one last place to check. He walked back up the grand stairs to her room and knocked cautiously on the door.
"Jinx? Are you there?"
  Drake Vandson / MoonFire / 6y 50d 10h 39m 59s
Jinx kept her head down "Would you have let me see him if he had not had run?" She whispered to him softly as she shook her head "Never mind I don't want to think about it anymore. All paper work should be ready when you wake up in the evening" she said too him. At the thought of manners over a meal the thought of just watching her eat a bowl of Coco puffs while he drank a cup of blood did not seem all that appealing but the bon fire was important to her mother and she had to go. She also had to prove that she could learn the information given to her.

She smiled at him softly "Sleep well sir." She said as she watch him disappear and she got started on the paperwork and things needed she now only need was to get his signature. She began to draw until 3 in the afternoon when she fell asleep sitting up in her bed in her sketch pad she drew the meadow with the moon shining down upon it.
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Drake frowned gently. "Jinx, I don't think what you're father did was ever a trick. A lie maybe. A lie out of fear. I have seen fear and I know it's scent well. When you're father fled from me, after I saved your life, he reeked of it. He cared about you but his fear of who you were and who was coming after you, warped that man you called your father beyond recognition into something that could not be called father anymore."
They made their way up to the house and Drake held the door open for Jinx to walk inside.
"I assume everything will be handled by the time I wake up. If not, I can try and help you. As soon as the sun sets, I will be awake once more."
He left out the fact that the words online meant nothing to him so he would be less than helpful. However, if he could bluff about it he would.
"We will start with manners over a quick meal and move to history of your people. Then you may ask whatever questions you wish because you seem to be full of them and that should take us most of the night."
He stopped at the stair and looked back at her.
"Well my dear. I believe this is adieu." He smiled gently and headed up the stairs to his room.
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Jinx smiled with joy at the fact that they could go she had never once fallen behind with her studies which was made the teacher proud granted when she was sick she normally got B's instead of A's but that was not that big of a deal. She brought out her phone to look at the time to see it was three in the morning dawn was in two hours if they were lucky. Before answering him about sleeping she check to see if she would be able to get the forms online.

"I don't have to go to the school anymore they have the papers online print them off and mail them in" she said as she let out a small yawn. She had been so excited she had not thought about sleeping. "Alright" she whispered to him about sleeping as she tried to stay awake their whole walk when her father was mention she tensed. "He is dead to me and I don't want to talk about him" she said bitter about what he had done to her mother and her. "I should feel horrible about saying that since he raised me and there was times when he was an amazing man but now I know it was an act. I cheap trick" she whispered.
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He tried not to scrunch his face at the idea of the bonfire. She was obviously excited about it . It sounded like a load of witchcraft to him though. He just smiled, not caring if she saw his fangs anymore and nodded a little.
"Yes. Pick up any forms you need to get out of school, make it official and just say you will be homeschooled under a private teacher of your choosing. Not your father. You must cut him out of your life now or they will be able to track your lies. We can attend the bonfire if you so want to as long as you excel at your studies."
He almost groaned inwardly at how much like a father he was sounding. It was strange to turn into a father figure at his age. He should be a great great great great great grandfather or something to that extent. He almost laughed but instead turned and started to walk back towards the house.
"The sun will be up in a couple hours and I need my sleep. Won't you accompany me? We can start when the moon rises tomorrow night. You will probably want to learn to change your sleeping schedule."
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"I can't control them so that is why I chose not to piss them off I try not to do that to people" she said as he seemed to be in a lighter mood as he talked about teaching her and she smiled "So you would teach me honestly you would teach me I would not have to go back to school and deal with the other kids I could learn right from you?" She asked him slightly excited she was thrilled at the idea of what he could teach her she could do so much more with resources that he gave her as she nodded. Her purple tone eyes looked at him brightly she would never pass this up it was just something about him and the way he told her things that made her want to hear her lessons from him. "Then I will go and pick up the withdraw forms then. It just seems strange but I feel like I can retain more information around you then when I'm around others."

She looked at the town as they got back to the house "Can we still attend the bon fire at the end of the month? The town usually does it to throw a party but my mom told me about the story behind the fire was actually write down your fears and throw them in and as they burn you stop worrying about them." She smiled at him
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Drake sensed the spirit as soon as it decided to walk close. It happened often that spirits of the dead would approach him and fawn over him. He was once the the ruler of an army of the dead. However, even though his army was gone, he was still king and the spirits that chose to wander the earth instead of finding the light or being burned in the ever lasting fires, they would seek him out. It was a nuisance most of the time for there was nothing he could do to help them nor destroy them. He could just feel their slight weight like the press of a sheet against ones skin. Sometimes, he remembered going and listening to the spirits, listening to their whispers of the world.
He laughed gently. "You have so much to learn. You speak of things like you have a strong grip on the world but there is much out there for you to learn and I shall show you, and teach you. Starting with those spirits. If you remain by my side, you will feel their presence from time to time. Being King of the Dead isn't just a title. I attract spirits and never one I couldn't handle. Even the more violent ones I have been able to subdue. You are safe around me."
He patted her hair gently and turned on his heel to walk back to his house with her.
"I believe first thing is first. As to telling people why I am here working on your house, you owe these people no explanation. You are not their slave where you must tell them everything they desire or want to hear. The only people you must always tell the truth to at all times is me and yourself. Never lie to yourself or think that you are any less that who and what you are. Secondly, schooling. I said before you have much to learn and I meant it. I would be willing to teach you what you need to know and what you want to know. However, if you want to remain in your current schooling, I won't object farther than getting out out of here is going to be more difficult that I previously thought. Don't be concerned though, I can work around it. The choice is yours."
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Jinx watched her grandfather as she listen to him she hung on to every word and then began to think as she moved to the lake she was thinking. “Maybe it will if you add your blood to the first time I feed? If you think about you had witch blood in you and then had vampire blood burn away the witch blood. I have half of your blood so logically if I mix more vampire blood with the vampire blood in me it would over power the witch blood.” she said to him as she walked with him as she smiled at him gently “If we can’t fix it then I will find another way I’m not going to hand myself back over to my father and as stupid as I sound saying this..” she paused looking at him “It is a nice change to talk to someone who does not view me as a freak. After my mom died I did not have anyone to talk to I just sit in a hospital room wishing to find someone to talk to.” She said.

Jinx smiled as she then realize something “And I just realize I have school tomorrow” she groaned rubbing her head. She hated to go back after everything that had happen she knew now that she was apart of something greater and she would rather sit and read more about him and his life. She had history in fount of her and while she was scare that she would be abandon again she wanted to know what she could before that happen to her.

"You do realize that I am going to have to deal with people questioning about you fixing the place up?" she sighed weakly as she thought about it. "I need to fill out paperwork about switching my address I just plan to tell the school you are a distant relative that has agreed to look after me while my father works" she said to him as they made there way back she stop. Something did not feel right as she moved closer to him when she heard small chimes. She glare into the darkness "The dead are watch its best we went back" she whispered. "My mother hung those chimes on the path they can only be rung by the dead. The more they ring the more powerful the spirit. And let's just say we don't know what side they are playing on." she muttered to him pushing him back towards they house the air felt thick as she had a hard time breathing but did not let it show.
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