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Rin stood by a large tree, quite close to the border. She was equiped with a bow and a couple of arrows. She did not have much protection from the faes so for her survival came down to skills and luck.

She sighed heavily and looked up to the sky. She turned around and started to climb the near by tree as the dawn apporached. Her job was to stop any surprise attacks until her associates were ready. They gave rin a limited amount of arrows so after she fired all of them she would have to collect them back from the corpse.

Rin resented the fact that she would have to kill but because of this war she had lost her brother and best friend. This was her way of avenging them. However they would not let a girl fight so the whole time she is with people she would wear a hat to cover her hair and eyes. While wearing the uniform and the hat it was almosti mpossible to tell she was a girl.

She hid herself in the leaves to make sure she was unable to be seen. She swiflt and carefully, only moving her eyes, inspected the area. The sun was slowly rising. Getting ready rin placed the arrow in her bow drawing it back. She knew the best place to aim wait either the fore head, neck or a eye. She was good when it came to accuracy. She had not missed once yet and she didnt plan to. However as she fired the arrow rin closed her eyes so she couldnt see the target getting hit.
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