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3)A full out war has started to rage between two species. The elf and faes against the humans. Not many pople knew how this war started or when it was going to end.

The war had been raging on for a couple of monts. Many had been lost. For some reason the humans had been loosing the war for a while. Well the reason for that was spies were sent in. But what will happen when one of these spies fall in love with a human?

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  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 149d 14h 31m 44s

  blood mage Van / LordGiro / 6y 152d 12h 28m 30s
Rin just sat there. She was still shaking as she closed her eyes. She wished this was all over so she could go home to her brother but it didn't seem like it would be over any time soon.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 152d 13h 35m 45s
if you say so leans on a wall and closes eyes falling sleep
  blood mage Van / LordGiro / 6y 156d 23h 49m 44s
Rin grunted. "You were killing innocents. That's why I can kill you. I cant kill people who have done no wrong." She said coldly
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 157d 5m 29s
he pats her back anyways lets get out i think your in too weak state for this,funny how you did not mind killing me he carries her on his back walking towards to her home town but this tame takes off h is mask so people don't recognize him, bypasses the entrance and sets her on the coach of her home i will not stop killings untill i create a perfect world for asuka and me
  blood mage Van / LordGiro / 6y 159d 17h 33m 59s
Rin couldn't stand all the killing. Once again the smell blood hit her but this time she cringed forward throwing up blood herself.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 159d 17h 44m 47s
kill one head two grow in its place kill a general his lower rank will take its place kill a worse one will come you gain a peace by talking an assassination attempt breaks the peace agian he looked at her looking quite sad
  blood mage Van / LordGiro / 6y 159d 17h 49m 49s
"Just stop! Killing a village does nothing but cause anger! Kill of the military that fights! Or make arrange ment with the leaders." She said obviously furiated.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 159d 18h 11m 8s
shots a blood arrow to a mom carrieng a baby and the arrow enters the baby body and goes trough hitting the mom nobody wants to kill each other fully so they keep a endless stalemate therefore survivors from villages turn into rebels.. rebels look for revenge and kill another village then the circle starts agian he adjusts his tie
  blood mage Van / LordGiro / 6y 159d 18h 25m 50s
Rin looked at him. "What do you mean?" She asked quietly as looked around the village.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 159d 18h 32m 7s
he looks at her its talk like that what keeps this war going he looks to the sky as he says that
  blood mage Van / LordGiro / 6y 159d 18h 35m 59s
"No I can't." She said gripping her shoulder. She couldn't kill innocent people no matter what side it was.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 159d 18h 41m 57s
after a while of walking we arrive at a fae village charges up energy in my hand and the entrance guards combust in a explosion of blood you ready to murder some feas?
  blood mage Van / LordGiro / 6y 159d 19h 30m 47s
Rin nodded. She wasn't going to kill though, no further then she already had. Later on she would go back and try to negociate with the faes leaders.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 160d 14h 13m 13s

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