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[h3 Rapunzel]

The female didn't notice his staring as she nodded slowly, there was something deep inside her that compelled her to trust him, taking a step towards him she smiled.
[#56122f "Lead the way then"] he said gently as she ran a hand through her hair and moved a little closer again. She looked up as the girl with frizzy red hair spoke about getting answers.

Finally she turned to the male with the big dragon, waiting for his response as she stretched a little and moved to take Pascal out of her hair so he wasn't hiding any more, he looked up at her with big eyes looking upset but she ignored it and simply stroked his head a little.
[#56122f "Let's go!"] she said excitedly as she moved towards the door, halting beside Jack as she gave a sheepish smile.
[#56122f "Sorry... you lead the way"] she mumbled, a soft blush appearing on her cheeks.

[#56122f #56122f]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/4egKNCg.jpg?1]]

Hiccup was the most unsure, but when both the females had said they would go, he felt as though he had to as well.
[#008080 "A-Alright...."] he breathed slowly as he ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath. Rubbing Toothless' head he began to walk after the girl with unnaturally long blonde hair, glancing to the second female with a slight smile... she was pretty. He had to admit that, and it looked as though Jack found Rapunzel attractive.

As he arrived behind Rapunzel, he looked to Jack. [#008080 "This had better not be a lie"] he told him sternly, trying to seem more fierce than he really was.

[#008080 #008080]
  {Rapunzel} / msbeautifulnightmare / 5y 345d 10h 4m 31s
Merida looked at the other two as they gave their names, and their demands for an answer were shared with her. She hated not knowing where she was, or being so far from her home and family. She had only just begun to rebuild her relationship with her mother, and now she was ripped away from her again.

Merida glared at the white haired boy, not trusting him one bit. [+orange "Why should we believe you? How do we know if you're not just tryin to kill us, or hold us captives?" ] Merida questioned the young man, her accent clear in her words.

After the male promised them that the 'others' would help them to at least understand why they were there, Merida calmed down enough to think over her options. After a moment, she realized that they really didn't have much of choice but to follow Jack and North. With a huff of annoyance, Merida looked back at Jack, who was staring at the blond girl. [+orange "Fine, if I will get some answers, I say we follow him. But you better be tellin the truth, or I'll make sure you regret lyin to me." ] Merida threatened Jack, as she waited to see what the other two would say.
  Princess Merida / Okami_san_16 / 5y 359d 12h 56m 55s
Jack nodded as the other two teens told him their names, then he looked back to North, and then back to the three teens and their pets. Sighing, Jack shook his head, deciding that it was best to take them to the globe room to meet the others.

[+blue "Sorry, I think it's better if you follow us. Trust me, everything will be explained once you meet the others." ] Jack stood straight, as he tried to seem less threatening and more relaxed. His eyes went back to the girl with long, golden locks..Rapunzel. Smiling in an apologetic manner, Jack hopped to show her that he was sorry for what had happened to them.

[+blue "I promise, once you meet the rest of the guardians, you'll at least understand why you were brought here. You can ask your questions after everything is explained, and we'll try to answer your questions as best as we can." ] Jack kept his eyes on Rapunzel as he spoke, not really realizing that he was staring at her.
  Jack Frost / Okami_san_16 / 5y 359d 13h 7m 24s
[h3 Rapunzel]

The female watched in complete shock as some more people arrived, she looked to her side to see the other two that were in the room were just as confused. [#56122f "My names Rapunzel.... Why don't you explain what's going on instead?"] she asked curiously, wondering why they had to go and talk to someone else instead of just finding everything out now.

Pascal stayed in her hair as he eyed the white haired male and huffed a little, not enjoying any of this, he wanted to be back in the castle... where he knew he was safe and there was no dangers aside from the occasional horse getting loose.

[#56122f "Why were we taken from out own lives?"] she asked with a frown, missing her parents greatly already, she had only just gotten back with them, where she belonged.

She continued to watch the snow haired male with curiosity and slight fear, the last time she was taken away from her family, she was shoved in a tower with no way of getting out.... except, ironically her long hair. But something told her this wouldn't be the same situation.

[#56122f #56122f]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/4egKNCg.jpg?1]]

[h3 Hiccup]

The male put one hand on Toothless and cooed gently to him, hoping to calm him down as best he could. [#008080 "Shh.... it's ok"] he breathed so only the dragon could here him as he glanced to see the two females reactions to the situation.

When Rapunzel introduced herself, Hiccup stepped forwards a little. [#008080 "And I'm Hiccup.... I have no idea what we're doing here, or even how we got here, but I think you should let is know what is going on. Otherwise you are keeping us hostage"] he explained as he eyed the male some more, looking him up and down.... he looked strange, but he couldn't figure out what was wrong.

[#008080 #008080]
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Princess Merida
Merida was wondering around the strange room, Angus following close behind her, when the gust of wind returned out of nowhere. She put her hands up protectively, as Angus nayed out in fear. When the wind finally left, Merida slowly put down her hands, and found two more people with her in the room.

They looked around the room, just as confused as she was, before they spotted her. When the girl with long blond hair asked her if she knew where they were at, Merida just nodded her head. [+orange "No, I dun't know, where we are." ]
She replied in her accent. Just then, two people came bursting into the room.

After she had given her name, instantly mad at the white haired boy for calling her a fire head. When he told her that they would be told everything later, she huffed in irritation, and looked at the other two as they were asked their name.
  Princess Merida / Okami_san_16 / 6y 11d 23h 23m 55s
Jack was walking around the workshop, thinking about what North had told him a month ago. He had been practicing with North on how to be more of a leader, everyday almost all day long. Today, North told him that he could have the day off and relax.

As he walked around, he heard a loud burst, the sound of several loud thuds, and then someone running over to him. North ran over to Jack, a large smile on his face. [+red "Jack, they are here. Your team is finally all here! Now, I must warn you, Jack. They are all from past, a long long time in past. Eh, they need to be eased into the fact that they are now in future. I will help you with them. Now, come Jack!" ]

Jack looked at the old man, shocked and unsure of what to do. Before he could react, North put his hand behind Jack, and started ushering him towards the big lounge space. After a few minutes, they both came bursting into the room, catching three young teens by surprise.

[+red "Ah, welcome to the North Pole! I am North, this is Jack Frost! And, who are all three of you?" ] Jack stared at North, a "Are you serious?" look. This kids were obviously already scared as was, he was sure that them seeing the both of them just burst into the room was going to make things worse.

As usual, Jack was right, and one by one each person and their...pets? Started to react to their sudden appearance. A girl with long, unruly, flaming red hair pointed her arrows at them while her horse tried to hide behind her, a boy with brown hair glared at them as his dragon growled, and a female with the longest blond hair ever looked at them in confusion and fear while her chameleon tried to hide in her hair.

Jack took a step towards the group of teens, his hands in the air. [+blue "Woah, calm down! We aren't going to hurt you guys! Look." ] He spoke to them in a calm and reassuring voice, as he took his staff and lightly placed it on the floor, then kicked it gently away from himself. [+blue "See? Now..put your weapons and....pets? Away." ]

After a few minutes, they all seemed to calm down, but the red head still glared at them with caution. [+blue "What's your name, fire head?" ] Jack asked the angry looking girl first, already finding a nickname for her. [+orange "Meh name isun't fire head! I am Princess Merida. Now, where are we?" ] Merida spoke in a strong Scottish accent, but she was still understandable.

[+blue "Sorry. And you are in the North Pole. North will explain everything to you guys later." ] Jack turned his attention to the boy and the other girl. [+blue "What are your names? And woah, snowflake, you have long hair!" ]
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[h3 Rapunzel]

Rapunzel was in her element as she went around, Flynn beside her and her trusty chameleon Pascal on her shoulder, the first day her parents had met her little green friend, her mother had almost fainted with shock, it had taken a long time for Rapunzel to be able to reassure them that he was not a threat and merely a friend of hers... someone who had looked after her while she was trapped in the tower.

The wind on her face and in her hair made the female feel alive... of course she missed the long locks of blonde hair that fell down her back, but at the same time, she felt freer without them, she could do more and get to places easier without them dragging her back... but maybe she would grow her hair out a little she wasn't sure.

Glancing up at the sky, she took a deep breath in, closing her eyes for the briefest of moments before her attention returned to the ride.

When the group arrived back home, Rapunzel was the first one to dismount, waving to her parents and husband before she jogged away to continue exploring.

As she walked, the sky began to grow dark, the wind picked up, blowing her dress and hair around as she struggled to walk through it. [#56122f "What the..."] she started but before she could finish her sentence, everything went black.

As everything began to come back, Rapunzel found herself and Pascal in the middle of a hall room. She looked around to see a female with bright ginger hair and frowned. [#56122f "Excuse me..."] she started as she walked towards the female and the horse. [#56122f "You don't by any chance know where we are... or why we were brought here do you?"] she asked tentatively.
[#56122f #56122f]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/4egKNCg.jpg?1]]

[h3 Hiccup]

[#008080 "Come on little guy... I'm not going to hurt you"] he breathed as he flew slowly closer to the dragon. [#008080 "Shh... it's ok"] he continued, getting off Toothless and walking closer, his hand outstretched to try and show he wasn't a threat to the small dragon.

Seemingly getting worked up, the dragon huffed and tried to back away, getting himself into the wall as he blew small puffs of fire at him. [#008080 "It's oka-"] but before Hiccup could continue his sentence, a huge gust of wind shot through the cave, picking up Hiccup and Toothless and pulling them away from the small dragon.

Soon they landed in the large hall way with the two females, though their landing wasn't as smooth and Hiccup found himself sprawled out on the floor with a low groan. [#008080 "What the hell is going on?"] he grumbled, rubbing the back of his head as he rose to his feet, Toothless helping him.

[#008080 #008080]
  {Rapunzel} / msbeautifulnightmare / 6y 12d 7h 3m 0s
As Merida raced Angus threw he forest, following close behind the whisp, a huge explosion of bright, multi colored lights could be seen over head. Merida slowed to a stop, as she looked up at the lights. Never before had she seen these lights in the sky, and now they held her and angus's attention.

After a moment, he lights seemed to move and expand, as if they were moving towards her. Merida remained where she was, frozen in shock, as the lights suddenly incircled her. From evry side that she looked, even above and below, she could only see the strange lights.

Suddenly, a huge gust of wind joined the lights and surrounded them. Angus become frantic, as the wind and lihts began to move in circles all around them. [+red "Wha is goin on?!" ] Merida yelled out to no one in particular.

Eventually, the movement stopped, and the wind and lights vanished, leaving Merida and her hourse in a strange place. She found herself inside some gaint building, one that looked far diffrent then any she had ever seen before in her life. She seemed to be in a gaint mess hall room, but without the long tables or anything else.

What she saw where a couple of odd looking seat like things, they seemed to be cousioned and incased in fabric, how strange. She also saw a big fire place, and many books along he walls. [+red "Uh.. Where are we?" ] Merida asked herself, her accent thiker with her fear. Angus had calmed down, but he still looked about in sliht fear and confusion, like Merida had.
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Jack was flying around his hometown of Burgess, just visiting with Jamie Bennett, the boy that had been the first to ever believe in him, when suddenly a flash of beautiful lights could be seen over head in the sky. Jack floated back down to the ground, where Jamie too stood looking at the sky. "Jack, look! The northern lights! Wow, I've never seen them here before!" Jack looked at Jamie, smiling lightly at the boy. He had grown to love Jamie like younger brother, like he had loved his sister, and he enjoyed it when Jamie was having fun. "Well, that's because they're not supposed to be all the way out here." Jack replied to Jamie, who then looked at him confused. "Well, then, why are they here now?" "Because, North is calling me and the other guardians together." Jamie looked at Jack with a frown. "Does that mean you have to go?" Jack smiled down at Jamie, nodding his head. "Yup, and that means that it is time for you, to go to bed." Jamie protested halfheartedly,, but he knew that Jack was right, he was really tired now that they had stopped snow fighting.

After Jack had taken Jamie back to his house, he rushed over the North Pole, where everyone had already gathered. By the time he arrived, everyone was talking already, and they sounded wary. Jack approached the group slowly, wondering what they could be talking about. "Hay, guys, what did I miss?" As soon as he spoke, all the other guardians turned around quickly and stared at him, much like they had when he had first met them all. 'This isn't going to be good." Jack thought to himself, as he took a step back from all of them.

"Jack! You made it! We were just talking about you, come join us." North spoke to Jack, his thick Russian accent clear in his words. He assured Jack toward the rest of the guardians, which Jack had only just realize were standing before the crystal that Man in Moon used to show who next was to become a guardian. "What's going on? Why is the crystal out? Did Manny decide we need a new guardian?" Jack looked at all the others, carious as to why they looked at him so strangely. "Eh, you can say that. More like Manny, has a, couple, of people he would like to turn into guardians." After North said this, he crossed his arms, a strange smile crossing his face.

Jack felt more confused then usual, and this made him feel agitated. "Can someone please tell me what's going on already?" He asked them, not caring if he sounded rude. "Jack, Man in Moon, he has chosen you to lead a new group of guardians! He has chosen three young humans to form an new group, a group which you will lead." North patted Jack on the back, smiling from ear to ear, but Jack dove away from his hand and turned to look at the moon. "Wait wait wait! You're telling me that, Man in Moon wants, me, to lead a group of new guardians?" Jack looked at all of them, and only found that what he had heard was confirmed on each of their faces.

"No. No! There is no way I am leading anyone! I just joined you guys, how am I supposed to lead even one person alone?" Jack began to pace around the room, mad at what he was just told. However, after a few days, North was able convince Jack that Man in Moon knew exactly what he was doing, and that this was all happening for some good reason. After he was convinced, Jack remained at the North Pole, were he was to wait until Manny transferred the other three members of his group.
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Rapunzel woke slowly to someone knocking on the door to her and Flynn's bedroom. "Princess... are you awake?" a timid voice called through the door. Two groans could be heard, one load and low, the other slightly higher and quieter.
"Yes... thank you Jose" Rapunzel replied kindly as she pulled herself slowly from the embrace of Flynn. Pascal sat on the bedside table, his tail wrapped around his body as he slept.

She stroked his head and looked over at her sleeping husband as he violently threw himself onto his front and buried his head into the pillow. "Come on... we need to go, we promise mother and father we would go with them on a ride." she cooed as she crawled back onto the bed with him and kissed his cheek softly, stroking it and smiling.
"I know... I know..." Flynn mumbled into the pillow before he rolled onto his back and pulled her down on top of him.
"It's too early to go out..." he whined but she shook her head.
"We over slept, it's gone 3pm" a pout lay across her husbands lips as she pulled herself back off of him and took his hand to pull him from the bed.

When she was sure he wouldn't just go back to sleep, she turned her attention to the wardrobe, finding a dress suitable for riding in before she pulled it on and moved to the vanity, brushing out her hair with a sigh as she looked at the brunette mess that lay atop her head. She missed her long blond hair.... of course she did, but she was slowly getting used to the brunette bob.

an hour later

Everyone was on horse back, galloping through the forests as they explored, her parents were still getting used to having her around and were spending their time showing her around the area, letting her see the land they owned.

  {Rapunzel} / msbeautifulnightmare / 6y 106d 7h 20m 15s

"Alright bud, lets show them how its done." Hiccup said as he motioned for Toothless to rise up into the air. Hiccup has been teaching the smaller viking children to fight alongside the Dragons. I mean why not start early right. Both He and Toothless decided that today was the day that they were going to teach them how to understand how the fundamentals of flying works, after all you cant really fight with a Dragon unless it can fly. Well, you can its just much easier.

Astrid was helping out with today's lesson along with her Dragon. He and Astrid were going to race around Berk. They both willed there companions to rise into the air. "Are you ready?" Astrid asked with a smirk. "When it has to do with Dragons when am I not- Hey!" Hiccup started, unfortunately Astrid wasn't listening to him because she had already taken off. "Come on Toothless!" He took off and soon joined Astrid in the air beside her. "Jeez Hiccup it took you long enough, But sadly I know whose not gonna win this race." She said as she willed her Dragon to go downwards towards the rocks. Switching the position of the fake scale that he created, Hiccup did the same. He once again joined Astrid who gave a shocked look when Hiccup moved in beside her again.

Hiccup smiled. "Yea Astrid, I think you may be right." He said with a smile. "I think I am gonna win this race." Hiccup pulled ahead of Astrid. The next part of the race was through the caves. Hiccup knew his way around the caves and he knew the shortest route to take. Hiccup flew into the cave with ease. He swerved into and out of the tunnels, making his way towards the finish line. But something caught his eye. A dragon.

The Dragon sped off but Hiccup was determined to follow it. Hiccup changed his position again, Following the Dragon. Not wanting to lose it he sped up. Hiccup didn't know where this baby Dragon was taking him but he wanted to help it out of the caves and get it to safety. The Dragon was taking him around and around the caves. Not really taking him anywhere. The Dragon had led him to a dead end.
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The day was a normal one. Her brother's Hamish Hubbert and Harris were causing the pour maid chaos. Her mother, the Queen, had finally laid off getting betrothed to one of the other kingdoms prince's, though she did push the issue of trying to like one.

Sighing in slight aggravation, Merdia sat up in her four post canopy bed. Her teal sheets falling off her torso to pool in her lap. Her mother was pushing the curtains aside and letting in the harsh rays of light. Wincing slightly from the glare in her vision, the auburn hair princess groaned and rubbed at the crusty in her eye.

"How many times must we go through this Merida. A princess must always rise early to prepare the day. We have a lot to do." Her mother spoke while picking up her bow and arrows from their place and putting them in proper order and semblance.

Hearing her mothers words she groaned again and fell back onto the bed with a thud. Throwing an arm over her eyes in attempt to block out the intruding sun. Her mother fiddled with this and that before sighing softly and leaving Merida to herself.

"Finally,....." Peeking out from under her arm she sighed in relief and made a move to get out of bed. After putting on her usual attire and running a comb through her unruly hair, she made her way with her archery equipment down to the stables. Only stopping at Angus' stall. The beautiful Belgian work horse that he was, his sleek coat and lush mane. It always brought a smile to her face at the thought of riding him. It was time for the day to start her adventure.

"Well Angus, whatcha ye say bout a ride out? Hn?" Merida asked smiling broadly as she put his reins on and got astride his large back. It wasn't long before she was out of the gate and riding out for majority of the day. Only returning before dark.

On her journey home however the moon shown brightly as ever, and just maybe a bit brighter than usual. It was then that a blue flash off to her right startled the auburn haired girl. Looking in its fading direction Merida saw that it was a willow wisp. Beckoning her to follow it in that direction. Angus took a step back and Merida yanked on his reins till he stayed put. Contemplating her choices quickly, she welcomed the thought of an adventure and she was off, nudging Angus to follow the little blue wisp at a break neck speed.

Unbeknownst to her that she was about to be thrown into the future to protect something she could never have fathomed on her own devices.
  Merdia / Sarrabi / 6y 120d 17h 56m 49s
"It has been four years sense the Guardians have defeated Pitch Black. The years have been peaceful for the most part, but I sense that something is changing, and for the worst.... I must assemble the Guardians once more, it is time I let them know of my new desires. I must assemble.... A new group of guardians!" With a flash of his might, Man In Moon became brighter, and sent word to North to bring the Guardians together for meeting.

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