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Jack smiled when Rapunzel agreed to continue on with the tour. He was just showing her North's ice sculpture room, when he heard the young girl whimper. He stopped and turned to her just as she asked him if she could go to her room now. He gave her a confused and worried stare, as he tried to figure out if had done anything to upset her.

When she didn't look up at him, he correctly guessed that the realization that she might not ever see her family again finally hit her, but he could never guess that another reason that she was upset was over the husband he had no clue about. Nodding, Jack began to lead Rapunzel to her new room. [+blue "Sure thing, blondie." ]

Within minutes they had arrived to the room that would be Rapunzel's from now on. Opening the door for her and stepping aside, Jack let Rapunzel enter he room. [+blue "This will be your room from now on. My room is right beside yours. I don't need to sleep, so if you knock on my door and I don't answer, then it means I am just wondering around. The other two that came with you, their rooms are actually really close to yours. The redhead's room is on the hall to the left, and the Hiccup guy is in the hall between the both of you." ] After he explained this to Rapunzel, Jack took a step out of the room, turning only to excuse himself for the rest of the night. [+blue "I'll leave you alone now. If you need anything, I'll either be in my room, or you can ask the other guardians for help, they are in the rooms next to the other two newcomers." ]

[i ~Morning~ ]

Shortly after sunrise, Bunnymund woke himself up and headed for the globe room, where he waited for the rest of the guardians to show up. They were supposed to talk about what exactly the [i "trainers" ]were expected to do with the three new recruits to Jack's team. As he entered the globe room, Bunny stopped as he saw that Jack was already there.

[+green "Oh great, I forgot that the show pony never sleeps." ] Bunny muttered this to himself, although he knew that Jack was going to hear him. Jack rolled his eyes at Bunny, as he stayed setting on a table, his staff next to him. [+blue "Looks like someone woke up on the wrong end of the bed today, am I right Kangaroo?" ]

And with that little comment and his smart ass smirk, Jack was able to start yet another little argument with Bunnyund again. Making their start to the day a particularly interesting one.
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Rapunzel looked at Jack and nodded slowly as she continued to follow him, she ran a hand through her hair as she walked along side him, looking around. She stroked Pascals head as they walked, smiling to herself. It was nice here and she'd managed to push Flynn from her mind for now... but all of a sudden it hit her like a ton of bricks.

Stopping suddenly she whimpered a little, trying to hold back the tears as she remembered the fight she had her husband had had... they had almost gotten a divorce... the conversation had ended with her saying she wanted a divorce before she'd been pulled here. She was scared and suddenly felt so alone as she slowly looked at Jack.

[+red "I-I'm really sorry... please... please can I go back to my room?"] she asked as she fiddled with a lock of hair and looked at him with curiosity, she was extremely worried about her relationship and the fact she may never go home and see anyone she cared about any more.

Her eyes returned to the ground as she continued to fiddle with her hair, trying not to think about it. She hated this... Jack was sweet and nice and she sort of liked him, she couldn't get over what had happened.
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Merida only turned slightly when the Tooth Fairy came back real quick to let her know that Angus would more then likely have to stay in a stable, but that he should stay with her until North confirmed if this was true. [+orange "Alright..Thank you.." ] After thanking the fairy, Merida made sure that she was finally alone before turning and closing the door.

Merida slowly made her way over to Angus, who had found a spot on the floor, although small, to lay at. She looked at her pet horse, her arms hugging tightly against herself, as she began to remember how she had been with her family that morning, then went off for a ride with Angus that would take her away from her family. Suddenly, it all hit her fully, and it just became too much for her, making her fall to her knees beside the big horse. Merida clung to Angus, as she cried in pure depression and confusion.

Jack listened to Rapunzel as she explained to him why she was thankful to him, and what she said had taken him by surprise. When she looked down and away from Jack, pulling back a strand of her long blond hair, Jack laughed once to himself before replying back to her. [+blue "Nah, I'm not all that great..I mean, don't get me wrong, I can be quite amazing! But not as much as you think, Blondie." ]

Jack laughed at his cocky comment, before remembering what he was going to say again. [+blue "Anyway, the rabbit isn't all that bad. He can be a little full of himself, but he's also a pretty great guy. Tooth, well she is a little..different, but she is also a really great person. Very kind [B really ]energetic too. As for North, he is not a scary guy at all..unless you make him mad. He is the reason that I know who I am now, and who I was. Don't worry, you'll get use to them." ] After Jack gave his little speech, he lifted himself to his full height again, as he started to walk around the shop. [+blue "Now, back to the tour?" ]
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Tooth nodded as she lead the way to the bedroom, stopping outside she then motioned to her door. [+blue "Just call if you need anything"] she said simply before she fluttered away, leaving Merdia to get settled in, though she knew the red haired girls horse probably wouldn't fit in her room. [+blue "Oh... I don't know what we're going to do with your horse... or that dragon the other kid has, they won't fit in the bedrooms really, North might have planned some stables to put them in, but for now just keep him with you, ok?"] she asked, staying in the doorway as she looked to the female before nodding and leaving for good, walking into her own room she flopped onto the bed with a sigh.

[#56122f "For showing me around and being kind to me, that kangaroo dude seems kind of scary and rude and North is too loud and in your face.. and Tooth is... I don't know... strange, but you aren't"] she replied quietly as she followed him along the corridors, stopping abruptly when she noticed he had stopped, the smile still on her lips as she looked down at the ground and brushed a long strand of hair behind her ear, a faint blush spreading across her cheeks as she waited for him to reply.

Hiccup followed Bunnymund and titlted his head. [#008080 "It wasn't hard actually... just being nice to him and not being threatening worked. Everyone else in my village thought he was a threat and tried to kill him ever time he came past, but I could see he wasn't. I found him injured in a little alcove, he'd bust his tail up so I tried to help him, feed him and stuff and then help fix his tails"] he explained with a shrug as though it was nothing.

[#008080 "Thanks"] he replied when he arrived in his room, saying goodnight he headed in with Toothless and began to relax.

[#56122f Rapunzel #56122f]
[#008080 Hiccup #008080]
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Merida looked around her as Tooth Fairy lead them somewhere within the workshop. She was amused by the things she saw, and was actually liking a lot of the amazing flying objects that soared over them. When Tooth came to a stop and faced Merida, Merida peeled her eyes away from a strange flying contraption, and faced the fairy.

As the fairy asked her if she wanted to look around first or if she preferred to get some rest while opening the door to her room, Merida didn't have to think about her answer twice. [+orange "I prefer to rest, if you don mind? It has been sort of a..confusin day for me." ] As Merida said this, she walked straight into her room, and looked around in a mixture of wonder and home sickness.

She just wanted to be left alone to think over everything that had happened today, and to think over what she had just been told, she didn't really feel up to doing anything else anymore. As Tooth told her that her room was the one next to hers, Merida slowly hugged her arms around herself tightly, as she nodded her head. [+orange "I'll keep that in mind.." ] Merida replied in a quiet and sad tone, as she kept her eyes ahead of her, her back to the fairy at the door.

When Rapunzel told Jack that she didn't mind looking around a little before going to her room, Jack smiled as he began to show her around immediately. [+blue "Alright, I can show you around, blondie." ] Jack began to point out the flying toys that North had come up with, sense they were his favorite of the various toys that were everywhere.

When Rapunzel randomly thanked Jack in a shy tone, he looked back at her confused. [+blue "For what? I didn't do anything." ] Jack faced Rapunzel now, as he leaned on his staff and looked at her, a confused yet warm smile on his lips.

Sighing in relief that the dragon wasn't going to bite him, Bunny finally turned and began to lead Hiccup to the room that would be his. As they walked in silence, Bunny semi looked back at the young man, wondering what to say to him. [+green "So, how did you tame that wild dragon, mate?" ] Bunny asked Hiccup this, as they finally made it to the room that would be Hiccup's form now on.

Opening the door, Bunny stepped to the side so Hiccup could enter first. [+green "This will be your room from now on, and your dragon's too, mate. My room is right next to yours on the left. If you need me, I'll be in there." ] Taking a step back, Bunny turned to walk to his room right next to Hiccup's. [+green "I'll leave you alone to settle down then, mate. See you first thing tomorrow morning." ] And with that, Bunny left Hiccup alone, wanting to get some rest himself before tomorrow started.
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Tooth smiled as she lead the way to the bedrooms, looking over at Merida. [+blue "Would you like to look around first or get some rest?"] she asked as she moved to the bedroom Merida would be sleeping in, opening the door so she could see what the room was like, it was pretty nice. A large room with a double bed and a walk- in wardrobe and an on-suite bathroom. Each of them would have the same looking rooms. [+blue "I'm in there"] she pointed to the room next to the one they were in.

Rapunzel looked over at Jack and smiled shyly. [#56122f "I don't mind... Look around a little?"] she asked gently, not wanting to be a bother if he wanted to go and relax. She ran a hand through her long hair and got Pascal back over to her before she walked behind Jack, glancing over her shoulder she gave Hiccup a reassuring smile before turning back to look ahead and walked out of the room. Pascal had changed colour to be the same as Rapunzel's dress as they walked.

[#56122f "Thanks"] she breathed shyly when they were far enough away, she really didn't want to seem ungrateful for the effort Jack was putting in. In all honesty she was glad she had been paired with him, not only was he cute, he seemed the most [i normal!]

[#008080 "Yes please"] Hiccup replied as he pet Toothless' head gently and stepped closer to him.
Hiccup looked at Bunnymund and shook her head. [#008080 "He won't bite"] he said, his voice filled with nerves, he was jealous the other two were so comfortable with the people they were with, while he was scared shitless.

[#56122f Rapunzel: #56122f]
[#008080 Hiccup: #008080]
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As North finished speaking, Merida looked to the fairy that held out her hand toward her as she told her to follow her. Sighing, Merida began to follow Tooth out of the room, not liking what was happening in the least, but she had no other option but to follow along with the plans. Looking back one last time, Merida watched as Jack began to lead Rapunzel to where ever her room was going to be.

As she saw them leaving, she also saw the other guy that had been thrown into this place with her and blondy. He seemed nervous, as he had from the moment they had all arrived here, but this time she felt a little bad for him, sense he ended up with the trainer that looked like an overgrown rabbit, unlike her and Rapunzel who both had human, and mostly looking human trainers. Turning back around, Merida listened dully as the fairy showed her around the place before she would lead her to her room.

Jack nodded his head as North gave them his orders, then when Tooth began to leave he turned his attention back to Rapunzel. [+blue "Alright, blondy, you're with me. I'll show you around if you want, unless you are tired, then I can just take you to were you'll be staying for now?" ] As Jack asked this, he began to lead Rapunzel in a different direction then Tooth, sense her room was on this side.

He looked back once, and saw Merida looking at the Hiccup kid, and a smirk suddenly appeared on his lips before he turned back to Rapunzel. He knew that Hiccup would have his hands full with Bunny, but he also knew that Bunny would be able to teach him things that he clearly needed to be taught, he felt the same way about Tooth being set up as Merida's trainer. Perhaps she would learn how to control her anger with Tooth teaching her.

As North spoke mainly to him about being nice, Bunny looked at him in confusion. [+green "Whut? You act like I'm going to hurt the kid, mate." ] Bunny muttered this to himself as everyone began to go their separate ways. Looking at the obviously nervous guy in front of him, Bunny rubbed the back of his neck, before he sighed and finally spoke up.

[+green "Uh, so did you want me to show you to your room, uh Hiccup was it?" ] Bunny felt awkward as he tried to talk to the young viking, his eyes constantly flashing back to the dragon that stood beside him. [+green "That things not ganna bite me is it, mate?" ] Bunny asked nervously.
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Rapunzel stayed close to Jack as she watched Tooth flying around and watched everyone's reactions, she then looked over at Jack again, frowning to herself as Pascal slowly moved down her arm and hoped onto the males shoulder, stepping closet to him, Pascal stared at him before his tongue shot out and flicked Jack's cheek.

[+red "Now... I want you, tutors, to show these three around and to where they will be sleeping, they shall be sleeping in the rooms next to you"] North explained, his voice booming through the group, casing Pascal to scurry behind Jack, sitting on the back of his neck as he hid.

[+red "I want you all to be nice"] he said looking accusingly at Bunnymund. Tooth smiled and nodded, flying over to Merida and holding out her tiny hand to her. [+blue "Come on... let's go~"] she said happily before she led the ginger female off. Showing her around the place. Hiccup stood awkwardly as he looked over at the giant bunny that was to be his teacher, he was genuinely jealous of Rapunzel and Merida, at least they both had tutors who looked human. North watched as the group began to separate, smiling to himself.

[#56122f Rapunzel- #56122f]
[#008080 Hiccup- #008080]
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Merida kept her eyes on the older man as he further explained that he was not joking, and that they would be getting trained and tutored individually. Merida looked at Tooth as she was told she would be her tutor, then she noticed how blondie went over to Jack and she forced herself not to roll her eyes. It was becoming more and more obvious that the two were already starting to have a crush on each other, and Merida wasn't into those kinds of things.

Before she could think any further into any of the plans, Merida suddenly saw Tooth get in her face and start to put her fingers into her mouth. Merida jumped backwards, as she pushed the fairies hands out of her mouth, and then glared at her. [+orange "Hay, keep your hands out of meh mouth! Whut is the matter wit you?!" ]

Merida scolded the fairy, as she tried to control her anger and not yell at her. She was beginning to wonder if pairing her with the fairy was such a good idea. [+blue "Wow, she really is a hot head, isn't she?" ] [+orange "Will you stop callin meh that!" ] Merida turned her glare toward Jack, as he again called her a hot head.

Jack listened as North explained who would be tutoring who, when he was told that he would be tutoring Rapunzel. He smiled slightly, as she went over to him, but then he noticed Merida's stare, and he let his smile turn into a more serious look.

When Tooth went and looked into all of the new comers teeth, Jack sighed and shook his head. He looked at the dragon that growled at Tooth, readying himself in case it attacked her, when he heard Merida start to scold her. Jack looked at Merida and almost laughed at her reaction as he called her a hot head again. [+blue "Okay okay, sorry. I'll stop saying..for now." ]
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[+red "I'm afraid I am serious... we will teach you what to do and Jack here... if your guide and tutor, he will look after you all and make sure you're ok. Though we might split you up... Take one of you each to teach and help. Man in the Moon would like Tooth to take Merdia.... Jack to take Rapunzel and Bunnymund to take Hiccup. We will be the people you turn to when you need help. Myself and Sandy will help when needed."] North explained as he looked over at the group.

Rapunzel looked up at Jack when she was told he would be her tutor, giving a shy smile as she stepped a little closer to him, the talking rabbit was scaring her a little and North was a little scary as well. She ran a hand through her hair as she looked at the group. [#56122f "So... We are supposed to defeat this... Pitch person?"] she asked in confusion.

[+blue "Yes... we defeated him before... but he's come back"] Tooth said with a frown as she fluttered around Jack and giggled to herself, she still hadn't gotten over her crush on him. [+blue "Let me see your teeth"] she grinned as she flew over to Rapunzel before sticking her fingers in the girls mouth and looking at them. [+blue "Beautiful"] she said gently before she flew to Hiccup and did the same. [+blue "Interesting"] she finally flew to Merdia and smiled. [+blue "Amazing!"] she then returned to Jack and smiled some more.

Hiccup looked on shocked as he looked between the group, trying to fight Tooth off as her fingers found their way into his mouth. He let out a slightly shocked yelp and moved closer to Toothless who growled at her.

[#56122f Rapunzel- #56122f]
[#008080 Hiccup- #008080]
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Jack looked at the other two people who had arrived with Merida, biting down on his lower lip as they also seemed to become more restless and impatient. So his first day as a leader was obviously becoming an epic fail, and this was making him question his ability to lead at all. This feeling only worsened when North asked him if he had explained anything to the newcomers.

[+blue "Yea..Just a little..I was kind of hopping one of you could do that." ] Jack admitted this as he scratched the back of his head, feeling pretty stupid in that moment. He calmed down a little, once North started to explain everything to the three.

[pic http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h377/Okamisan94/3ec502bc7ae6d3645f6b4ba12d404319_zps4298c0ef.jpg ]

Merida listened to the older male, as he asked Jack if he had explained any of this to them, and she shook her head. [+orange "More like nothing.." ] She muttered this to herself after Jack had said that he had explained a little to them, then she crossed her arms again as she waited for an explanation.

When North had finished explaining this to them, Merida looked at him like he was crazy. [+orange 'So, you are tellin me, that I- we were chosen to become..guardians? Like you?" ] Merida spoke in her Scottish accent, looking at all of the strangers like they were indeed crazy. She bent over as she started to laugh, not believing any of it. [+orange "That's the dumbest story I have ever heard! Us, guardians? Hahaha!" ]

[pic http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h377/Okamisan94/e89eda93-185f-4632-a9cf-02290f08f807_zps55095253.jpg ]

Merida continued to laugh, as Bunnymund looked at her like [i she ]was the one who had lost her marbles. [+green "I think we already lost one, mate." ] Bunny whispered this to Sandy, as he shook his head. [+green "Look here, shela, this isn't a joke. What North said is true. How else would there be a talkin bunny, mate?" ]

As Bunny pointed this out, Merida stopped laughing and looked up at him. He could see how everything clicked in her mind then, and he smirked knowing he had made his point. [+orange "Well then..You can't be serious! Us, guardians? We don't even know were we are, how we got here, or what is even goin on! How are we supposed to be guardians like that?!" ] Merida now seemed frantic and even more confused then before.
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[h3 Rapunzel]

The female watched closely as everyone reacted before she watched the men an woman get introduced to them. She had no idea what was going on and honestly she wanted to go home, gently stroking Pascal she bit on her lower lip and watched them all, as far as she could tell, Merdia seemed to get violent extremely quickly. The silence seemed to go on forever and she finally decided to break it.

[#56122f "Will someone please tell us what is going on? Why the hell are we here?"] she asked looking between Jack and the other guardians. She just wanted this to be over. At least if they knew what was going on they could get it over and done with. [+red "North... I think you should take this"] Tooth said gently as she looked to the large male stood beside her. Tooth then turned to the three and smiled kindly to them, hoping to calm the situation down a little.

Rapunzel looked at them again and waited, Pascal still hiding in her hair as she waited, glancing to Jack every now and then, he really was attractive.

[#56122f #56122f]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/c0MBA0f.jpg]]
[h3 Hiccup]

Hiccup watched everyone, deciding to stay silent as everyone was introduced and then Rapunzel broke the silence, looking to North he titled his head, Toothless staying close to him as they all waited for an explanation.
[#008080 "Well?"] he asked, looking to the man who had been volunteered to explain what was going on. Hiccup was extremely confused, everything had happened so quickly he really didn't get what they were needed for or why they had been picked out of everyone. Hiccup had spent his entire life being told others were better... and now it was he who had been picked out of everyone he lived with.

[#008080 "Why were we picked? Not someone else?"] he asked as he looked to Jack, hoping he could have at least some answers. [#008080 "Was it just random or is there an actual reason?"]

[#008080 #008080]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/c0MBA0f.jpg]]
[h3 North]

The male gave a smirk as he looked to the gulp and titled his head to the side. [+red "Have you not told them anything... Jack?"] he asked with an amused tone as he watched the group of people. He couldn't help but notice the way Jack was looking at the girl with long blonde hair and it made him smile a little more, he wanted Jack to have someone... hoping that would make him less stroppy and annoying.

[+red "You are all here because you have been chosen... it may be hard for you all to believe, but we"] he motioned to them all, Jack, Sandy, Tooth, Jack, Bunny and himself. [+red "Are the guardians. Tooth here, is the tooth fairy and the guardian of memories. BunnyMud is the Easter bunny, Sandy here is the guardian of dreams... Jack is what you lot would call Jack frost, the one who creates the snow and fun for children... and I am Santa Claus. There is one other however... his name is Pitch and he is the one who creates nightmares for the little children. The man in the moon has picked you to become new guardians and help us defeat Pitch!"] he explained in a voice that boomed through the room.
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Jack Frost watched as each of the three teens reacted to others in the room, when Merida pointed her bow at them, Jack quickly ran up between the two groups, his free hand up slightly in an attempt to calm everyone down. Once Bunny was able to get Merida to put her weapon down, sort of, Jack looked towards the other two, who asked who the people behind him were, and what was going on. Jack could tell that Hiccup was growing more and more irritated, like the red head behind beside him.

Taking a moment to make sure everyone was calm, Jack began to introduce everyone, starting with North again. [+blue "You three, you have already met North, he is the Guardian of Wonder, and I'll let him explain more about what that means later." ] after he finished reintroducing North, Jack moved on to the other guardians, pointing to each as he introduced them. [+blue "This is Sandman, or Sandy as we call him. He is the guardian of Dreams. Next is Tooth, aka, the Tooth Fairy, and she is the guardian of Memories. Last is Bunnymund, or better known as, the Easter Kangaroo!." ]

As Jack said the last part, he felt Bunnymund slap him upside his head, making Jack grab his head as he glared at him. [+blue "It was a joke! I meant, Easter Bunny. These four, including myself, are what we call the Guardians. Happy now?" ] As he corrected himself, Bunny smirked at Jack as he liked to make him just as mad as he would him. Turning back to the guardians, Jack pointed to the three new strangers, and began to introduce them.

Pointing to Merida first, Jack looked to the guardians as he introduced her first to them. [+blue "Guys, meet Princess Merida, or as I like to call her, Hot Head. You obviously saw why!" ] Jack held back a laugh, as he once again called Merida by the nickname he had given to her, knowing that she hated it. He quickly moved over to point at Hiccup, avoiding Merida as he told him off again. [+blue "This is Hiccup, and his dragon Toothless. He is a viking. And lastly, this is Princess Rapunzel and her chameleon." ] When Jack finished introducing them all, he waited to see how each would react.

[pic http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h377/Okamisan94/3ec502bc7ae6d3645f6b4ba12d404319_zps4298c0ef.jpg ]

Merida glared at Jack as he ran into her view again, hating the fact that he knew exactly what was going on but she didn't. She looked at Hiccup and Rapunzel as they demanded answers, and then turned to Jack again as she waited for him to answer them. When Jack started to introduce the people behind them, she became less nervous, then smirked when the strange talking rabbit hit Jack on his head, She might get along with that guy, just maybe. After Jack finished introducing [B "the guardians" ]Merida felt confused by his usage of the word.

Before she could ask, Jack pointed at her, and she glared at him as he introduced her to everyone, hating when he used the nickname he had given her. [+orange "My names not Hot Head, you stupid troll!" ] Merida barked out at Jack, as he ignored her and continued to introduce the rest of the two who had been brought here like her. After the introductions were done, Merida looked at everyone, as the awkward silence stretched, wondering who would speak first.
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[h3 Rapunzel]

As they reached the room, she blinked, looking amazed a the globe. [#56122f "It's stunning..."] she breathed, she knew a little about the world because of Flynn, but not a lot. Looking up at Jack Frost she gave a weak smile before she heard the commotion, she had stayed close to the white haired male, so she jumped when she heard other voices.

Spinning around she saw who else had arrived... or what else... [#56122f "Who are you all?"] she asked, wanting to know what was going on. She didn't exactly trust anyone here... but she wasn't going to try and threaten everyone, she was captive and there wasn't much she could really do, with no weapon and only Pascal for company.

[#56122f #56122f]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/4egKNCg.jpg?1]]
[h3 Hiccup]

Hiccup wasn't a fan of what was going on, he didn't like all these new people coming in. Looking up at the red head female, he was a little shocked to see her aiming a bow and arrow at them.
[#008080 "What are you all doing here? Will someone please explain what is going on?!"] he asked, getting slightly irritated with the situation as he looked around at the new comers and then back to Jack.

He raised an eyebrow as he waited, wanting at least one of them to talk, he didn't care which one it was as long as they had some explaining.

[#008080 #008080]
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Jack felt no fear as the red head threatened him, knowing that he was not lying he had no reason to take anyone's threats seriously, especially the teen boy who's threat seemed to fall flat. When the blond girl went over to him, Jack smiled at her trust for him, and felt grateful that someone was on his side. [+blue "Don't worry, I am not trying to hold you three captive, and I am not lying. Follow me, everyone is waiting." ]

Turning, Jack began to lead the way towards the globe room, knowing that they would be amazed by it once they saw it. If anything, the globe room would provide the three teens with a slight distraction, until the others explained the situation to them. After a few minutes, they finally made it into the globe room, and Jack stepped aside a bit, so the other three could come in and see the room for themselves.

[pic http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h377/Okamisan94/3ec502bc7ae6d3645f6b4ba12d404319_zps4298c0ef.jpg ]

Merida looked glumly at the blonde girl, as she so easily and openly trusted the white haired male. How could she trust him so easily? Then she shook her head as she heard the other teen guy attempt, and fail, to threaten the other guy. For a second, she thought she caught the browned haired boy staring at her, but when she looked he had his eyes ahead. Glaring at him for a second, she turned her attention to Jack Frost, and followed unwillingly behind him and Rapunzel, Angus close to her side.

After a few minutes, the group had arrived to a huge room that was four stories high, them being on the top floor. As they stepped further into the room, Merida felt her mouth gape open, as she stared in awe at the giant floating sphere in the middle of the room. [+orange "Oh wow....Whut is that?!" ] She spoke in pure wonder and amazement, sense never before had she seen a globe in her life. She didn't even know that the world she lived looked exactly like the globe before her.

She was so amazed by the globe, that she hadn't noticed any of the other four people in the room with them, or the yeti's and elves all around them. Slowly, she walked closer to the globe, reaching out her hand just as slowly. [+red "Ah, I see you like the globe! It is beautiful, no?" ] Merida jumped as she heard a thick Russian accent speak out towards her, making her turn quickly, Angus cowering behind her. She glared at the four..people? Animals? Whatever they were a few feet in front of her, her bow ready.

[+green "Woah, shila! Put the bow down, no one is going to get you, mate!" ] Bunnymund put his hands in the air, showing them all that they meant no harm. After a few tense seconds, Merida put her bow down to her side, still ready to use it if she needed to, but also showing that she was a bit more calm.
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