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Rapunzel stretched as she dropped down onto the floor, not bothering to walk over to the chairs, she lay out on her back with Pascal on her chest as she tried to relax. [#56122f "Do we really have to train that hard again tomorrow?"] she frowned, looking up at everyone upside down as Hiccup dropped down beside her and Toothless beside him.

[#008080 "Please say we get to relax tomorrow"] he continued, Norths booming laugh was heard in the doorway, making the two new guardians jump and Toothless growl slightly.

[+blue "That wasn't even the start of it"] North chuckled as he looked around at every, Sandy stood beside him with a broad grin. Both happy they didn't have to do the same as everyone else.

[#008080 "What? But we're all knackered... even the people who are supposed to be tutoring us are tired, how are we meant to do this again?"] Hiccup complained.

[+blue "When you're fighting the person you've been assigned, you won't get any breaks... they aren't going to cut you any slack. You need to be used to working hard"] he replied evenly as he shook his head.

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Jack smiled down at Rapunzel as she went and stood beside him, watching as Hiccup and Merida joined in beside her. After the blond asked what they needed to do now, Jack looked at her then everyone else in awkward confusion. After North spoke up, he let out a very faint sigh of relief, then he wondered why he hadn't thought of that himself.

[+blue "Alright, that sounds like as good a plan as any." ]Looking at everyone, he clapped his hands together once. [+blue "Let's get this show on the road then! Come on blondie, everyone else with your trainers." ]After giving out the order, Merida nodded her head once before going over to Tooth, while Bunny made lead the way towards the newly made training room.


Training had been hard and instense for the first day, but at the same time, the trainers had taken it a little easy on the new recruits. From what Bunny could tell from today's training, Hiccup was a timid and introverted young man, while at the same time he was very courageous and determined with a lot of potintal. Jack gathered that Rapunzel was very resourcfull with her seventy foot long blond hair and a fraying pan, but she was also very gulibale as he was able to trick multiple times. Merida was very short tempered, stuborn, but also excelent with her bow and her firey spirit.

All of the companions that were brought with them also came handy to the young new guardians to be. At the end of the day, however, everyone was exhusted and so done with training for the day. [+orange "Ugh...I've never felt so exhusted in my life! And it's going to hurt worse tomorrow!" ]Merida whined loudly, her accent getting thicker with her exhustion.

Jack chuckled tiredly at the red head, before flying over and ploping himself on a arm rest in one of the big living rooms. [+blue "You said it! Ugh, I haven't worked this hard in a long time!" ]Bunnymund rolled his eyes at Jack, his own person bearly feeling any exhustion, but enough to let out his own sigh of relief when he also sat at one of the chairs. [+green "You have never worked hard, bloody show poney.." ]Jack shot Mund a glare, making the rabbit chuckle tiredly.
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Rapunzel smiled as Merdia came round, nodding she looked to Hiccup before standing again and walking back to the group, a small smile on her lips, but it didn't reach her eyes. She didn't believe her own words. She knew they were probably stuck there, but she didn't want anyone upset so she had said what she thought would cheer her up.

Running a hand through her long blonde hair, she stood near Jack as Hiccup came in too, standing beside her before Toothless ran over to him and nuzzled his face against Hiccups chest. Hiccup smiled and pet him.

[#56122f "What now?"] Rapunzel asked as she looked at the guardians.

[+blue "Well. I think we should start with a little training, we need to find out what you're each best at"] North started, glancing at Jack before he returned his attention to the three. [+blue "I want you to each go with your tutor and practise different ways of fighting to find what you'll be best at and so your tutor knows your strengths and weaknesses"]

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Jack sighed, as he understood how Tooth was feeling. Merida didn't seem to like any of them, for good reason too, but it still affected them. [+blue "Don't worry, she'll come around. You'll see." ]Jack placed a reassuring hand on Tooth shoulder, as he smiled gently at her.

When he turned his head, he caught a glimpse of Rapunzel's long blond hair trailing away. That's when he turned to North, hoping he would have an idea on how best to train the new recruits. [+blue "Hay North, can you help me out here? I am obviously off to a bad start.:" ][+green "Yea, I'll say.." ]Jack instantly threw an ice cold glare at Bunny, as he snapped back at him. [+blue "Hay, at least I don't have my trainee all terrified already, kangaroo!" ]Bunny was suddenly in Jack's face, hating it when he called him a kangaroo. [+green "Aye mate, I told ya not to call me a kangaroo! I am a bunny!" ]

Merida was still trying to hide her face, when she heard a knock at her door again. She didn't turn to face who it was this time, and only reassured Angus as she heard Rapunzel speak up. After soothing Angus, she felt herself also become soothed by Rapunzel's words. Turning her head, she parted a bit of her hair out of her face, as she looked from Rapunzel, to Hiccup.

At their reassuring nods of agreement, Merida slowly nodded her head as well, as she thought over what had been said. [+orange "Yes, maybe you are right. Maybe we can go back after helping them out.." ]Accepting this new train of thought, Merida finally got to her feet again, and gave brave smile to Rapunzel, before she gave Hiccup the same smile. [+orange "Whut are we waiting for then? Let's go back and see whut we can do!" ]
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Tooth shook her head as she gave a weak smile. [+blue "There's no need to apologize... I just wish she liked me"] Tooth replied with a weak smile as she shook her head. [+blue "But I know it's better to have a mortal go and talk to her."]

Rapunzel stood awkwardly as she waited for Hiccup to return, but after a short while she turned on her heels and walked over the male. Arriving at Merida's door, she shyly walked in. [#56122f "Are you ok?"] she asked softly as she knelt down to gently stroke the female's arm. She knew it was hard on all of them but if they stuck together, maybe it would be a little easier to deal with.

[#56122f "Hopefully.. when we help these guys, they'll let us go back to our time and be with our families again. I mean... If they can bring us here surely they can bring us back"] she smiled as Hiccup nodded.

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As Hicupp agreed to go get Merida, Jack waited till he left before looking back at Rapunzel for a second. Rubbing his chin in thought, he soon looked away from her as he thought how they could possibly teach these guys. [+blue "Hemm..How am I going to do this?" ]

As he muttered this to himself, he suddenly remembered how Tooth had seemed upset that had not let her go after the red head princess. Turning towards her, he gave her an apologetic look before speaking. [+blue "Sorry if I offended you, Tooth. But I really doubted that carrot top wanted to talk with anyone of us. Hicupp and Rapunzel are at least in the same situation as her, so she would probably open up to one then more easily." ]

As Merida was staring off into space, she suddenly jumped slightly as she heard a knock at her door. Angus nayed nervously as the door was slowly pushed open, making even Merida nervous. Once she saw that it was only Hiccup at the door, she sighed in relief and petted her horse reassuringly.

When Hiccup apologized, Merida waved her hand at him dismissively. [+orange "I wasn't upset wit you, so don't apologize. I was just upset to kno that that blasted bear is back to hunt me. It reminded me that our parents are all gone." ]

This was something Merida had put together when they were told that they were pulled from the past to the future. If they were in the future now, that meant everyone that they loved were now long gone and passed away. [+orange "It doesn"t matter who our parents were, because they are all gone now. Not like we can count on them for help anymore." ]After saying this, Merida turned her head away from Hiccup, letting her unruly hair act as Curtin to cover her pained face.
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Rapunzel stayed silent as Jack spoke, running a hand through her hair she looked up as Merdia ran off before frowning and shaking her head. She knew what Hiccup had said upset the red head and hoped he could make up up to her. Hiccup nodded at the request as Tooth frowned and fluttered around the hall, stopping next to Sandy.

[#008080 "I'll do my best"] he replied as he walked out of the room and followed the way the female had gone. When he finally reached her room he knocked on the door before pushing it open slowly.

[#008080 "I-I want to apologize... if I upset you with saying we were nobodies I really didn't mean to... I just... I meant we don't have any magic powers like all of they do... Jack can create ice, Sandy has his sand thing... they all do some kind of magic but we're all human"] he replied to explain as he looked up at the girl with an apologetic look.

[#008080 "I meant no harm... honestly"] he continued.

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Jack looked at Rapunzel in a mix of shock and sympathy, as she told them how she had known this Mother Gothel lady. Looking between her and Hiccup, he began to rub the back of his head as they began to argue. [+blue "Well, Hiccup isn't a nobody either. He is the son of the legendary leader of a group of vikings. So, in a way he is a prince. Merida is also a princess, so no one here are nobodies." ]Jack spoke to both Rapunzel and Hiccup, as he tried to reassure his team.

Looking to the young princess for a second, he then turned to were Merida had left and lastly to Hiccup. Already he could tell that his new group of [i "Guardians" ]were off to a very bad start. Knowing that he needed to get things under control, Jack turned towards Hiccup.

[+blue "Do you mind going to get Merida back here? We need to start talking about what we are going to do. I would send Tooth, no offense Tooth, but I think she would prefer anyone else but any of us. I thought perhaps you could convince her to come back?" ]Jack looked at Hiccup, hopping that he would accept to go look for the red head.

Merida ran into her room, slamming the door behind her as she finally let herself fall beside her horse. Angus made a concerned whinning sound as he nuzzeled his head against the young princess. After taking a few calming breaths, she softly strooked Angus's head as she tried to reasure him.

Turning around, she sat back against the horse as she tried to calm herself. As the minutes ticked by, she found that she could think of nothing else but of Mordu. Sighing, she simply sat silently by her horse, as she started aimlessly at the wall in front of her.
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Rapunzel listened silently, as she heard who she was to kill her face went as white as paper, turning slowly to Jack she nodded. [#56122f "When I was a baby she kidnapped me from my parents and locked me in a tower for years, I haven't seen her in a little while, I was told my guards found her and killed her"] she replied as she chewed at her lower lip, hoping this was all some kid of stupid prank, that really they were just lying... but deep down she knew that couldn't be the case. Sighing she looked over at Merida, her expression sympathetic towards the red headed female.

Hiccup looked shocked as he chewed his on lower lip. [#008080 "Red Death?"] he looked to BunnyMund and frowned. [#008080 "You guys can't be serious? How the hell are we supposed to kill them? We're nobodies"] He said almost silently as he glanced to the two females who would be joining him, Rapunzel rose her eyebrow, giving him a speak for yourself expression and he sighed.

[#008080 "What makes you so special?"] he snapped at her and she sighed.

[#56122f "My parents are the king and queen of where I come from"] she replied with a shrug, averting her gaze to her hands as she sighed some more.
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Merida had been paying little to no attention to what North had to say, as she had begun to think about her family again and how much she wished she could return to them. She didn't look up until she heard the older man mention Murdo, causing a sudden tinge of fear to begin at her heart. [+orange "Murdo? That's not possible..My mother killed him..I saw her do it with my own eyes! How could he still be alive?" ]

Merida spoke up suddenly, as she looked around the room for some kind of answer. Suddenly Jack was looking between her and Rapunzel, as if confused. [+blue "Pitch found out how to bring people and animals from the past to the future, like Manny had done to you guys and your pets. Wait, are you telling me you guys..know these people..animals?" ]

After Jack explained and confirmed her fears, Merida touched her right hand to her forehead, as she pushed back a big lock of unruly curls from her face and holding it out of the way as she began to hyperventilate. [+orange "No..This can't be! My mother, she..I saw her!" ] Looking around one last time, Merida suddenly couldn't handle being in the room anymore, and so she turned and ran back towards her room.

Jack wanted to go after the girl, but he felt like he would be one of the last people she would want to see at the moment. [+blue "Uh, do you know this..Mother Gothel, blondie?" ] He asked Rapunzel this as he looked down at the scroll in his hands, carious as to what the golden haired female would say, and wondering at how she would have known her.
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North looked at the group and titled his head to the side. [+red "Well... Each of you has a mission before you will help us with Pitch. There are three people who need to be stopped, each of you will be given one of those three people in your pairs. Hiccup and Bunnymund, you have Red Death. Merdia and Tooth you have Mordu and finally... Rapunzel and Jack, you will be dealing with Mother Gothel"] he explained as he began to pass out each of the guardians and scroll explaining what they needed to do. Jack, Tooth and Bunnymund each got one before he looked to Sandy.

[+red "You and I, Sandy will be helping out as needed, each group will be able to use as whenever needed"] he explained and the little guy nodded as he looked between the groups.

Rapunzel looked at the scroll over Jack's shoulder and frowned.[#56122f "I don't understand..."]

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Merida looked at Hiccup as he told her that he had no idea what was wrong with Rapunzel. After the shy guy had said this, Rapunzel finally responded to them, telling them that she was okay, so Merida simply shrugged her shoulders as she accepted the answer given. [+orange [i "If she says she's fine, then I guess she's fine. I won't push her to tell me anymore then she wunts to." ]]

As Merida thought this to herself, the blond girl walked forward and let the others know that they were there. Merida kept a straight face as the Tooth Fairy flew over to them, not wanting to seem rude for her lack of interest.

When Rapunzel turned her attention to Jack, and asked him what they would be doing today, he turned his head toward North. They had all met up to discuss what exactly they would be doing with Rapunzel and the other two. [+blue "Um, North?" ] Jack kept his eyes on the older man, as Hiccup came over by Rapunzel as he gave Bunny a weak wave.

Bunnymund nodded his head at Hiccup as he weakly waved at him, acknowledging that he was aware of him, but he could still sense that the dragon rider was fearful of him. That was something Bunny was going to have to work on with Hiccup, and already he was wondering if Manny had made the right decision by choosing these three to be in a group with Jack of all people.
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Hiccup looked over at Merdia and then Rapunzel as he shook his head and shrugged. [#008080 "She won't tell me... I have no idea"] he replied with a frown as he turned his attention back to the group ahead, trying to muster up the courage to step forwards and make their presents known. Rapunzel looked between the two, giving a weak smile as she ran a hand through her hair and straightened up.

[#56122f "I was just thinking about stuff, I'm ok... thank you for asking"] she told them gently before she stepped forwards, clearing her throat as she looked between the guardians.

Tooth jumped, blinking as she looked at the group and smiled. [+blue "Ah! You're awake"] she grinned happily, fluttering over to the group, she frowned when she saw Rapunzel's expression, but before she could ask, Rapunzel stepped away and looked up at Jack. [#56122f "What are we doing today then... tutor?"] she asked, titling her head to the side.

Hiccup moved forward too after shoot a look to Merdia and then returning his attention to the group, his eyes landed on Bunnymund and he gave a weak wave, walking to stand beside Rapunzel. North smiled as he looked at the three new people, happy that the right choice had been made, he could see potential in all three of them.

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Jack and Bunnymund were just glaring at each other, when Tooth suddenly came in asking them about their recruits. Jack was the first to peal his eyes away from the rabbit, as he smirked at the fairy. [+blue "My recruit seems to be kind enough, if a little shy." ]

As he said this, Jack remembered how Rapunzel seemed to have a hard time looking at him whenever he would turn to talk to her, and this made him smile. Jack then turned his attention back to Bunny, his smirk in place again. [+blue "What about your recruit?" ]

Bunnymund sighed and shook his head, not wanting to think about the awkwardness that was his recruit. [+green "Huh..I think he's afraid of me." ] After he said this, Jack began to laugh at Bunny, but before he could do much more then throw a death glare at him, North came walking into the room, warning them not be on each others cases again.

Merida woke up the falling morning only because the sunlight had hit her full on the face, forcing her sit up slowly. As she groaned in annoyance, Merida began to complain to her mother for opening her curtains again, before she remembered where she was and what had happened. After the memories had settled back into her mind, Merida looked back at Angus sadly.

She didn't want to be awake anymore, and wished she could go back to sleep, but she knew that she would have to get up and go to meet the others sooner rather then later. Knowing this, Merida got to her feet and just walked out of her room, not even bothering to try and comb the curly mess that was her hair. [+orange "I'll be back then, Angus. You stay put till then." ]

Leaving her room, Merida quickly made her way back towards the globe room, knowing that everyone would likely be there. As the room began to come into view, she saw the other two people who had come to this place with her. Walking over to them, her expression distant and still showing very faint signs of how she had cried herself to sleep the night before.

[+orange "Mornin. Hope your nights were better then mine?" ] Merida asked them in casual tone, before she noticed how Rapunzel looked. [+orange "Never mind..Are you alright, Rapunzel?" ] Merida asked the girl, as she looked at her worried, her eyes shooting between her and the Hiccup guy. [+orange "Is she alright?" ] She asked him, as she pushed some of her crazy locks away from her face.
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Tooth fluttered in soon after Bunnymund, smiling to herself as she settled down next to the other two that had arrived. [+blue "How was everyone's nights? How are you finding your new recruits?"] she asked in a sing song voice, looking between Jack and Bunnymund again, she knew there was tension between them... but when the hell wasn't there.

North arrived a moment later, looking between the group he sighed and shook his head. [+bold "You two had better not be getting on each others cases again"] he warned the two males, before he turned his attention to Tooth and smiled. [+bold "How are you finding your recruit?"] he asked softly, only to frown as he saw the smile on Tooth's face fall instantly. [+blue "She hates me"] she replied as she chewed on her lower lip and sighed.

Sandy arrived and sat down silently, not speaking or even making signs above his head as he rested his arms on the table and put his head atop them.


Rapunzel stayed in her room long after she woke up, she didn't want to see anyone, nor did you know where she was supposed to go, so she stayed still for a while, just thinking about everything. She had had a rough night, hardly getting any sleep at all, so she had dark bags under her eye and slightly red, puffy eyes too. She bit her lip and looked to Pascal who was lying against her side, trying to comfort her in his own small way.

Finally she rose to her feet, making herself look presentable before she walked out of her room and retraced her steps to the room they had first arrived in to find everyone else. It seemed she was the first to arrive so she stayed silently in the corner by the door, not wanting to make too much of a scene as she stood and waited to be needed.

Hiccup woke to be face to face with Toothless, jumping a little before he sighed and smiled. [#008080 "Morning buddy"] he chuckled as he rubbed the dragons nose, it took a few moments for everything to sink in. But when it did he came crashing back to earth hard.

[#008080 "What are we supposed to do? I mean... I know no one will miss me at home... but we can't just live here can we? How can we trust these... things?"] he asked as he began to get himself ready to leave, returning to see Rapunzel in the corner he silently walked over to her, waving before he frowned seeing her face.

[#008080 "Are you ok?"] he asked gently, but she didn't reply, she simply shook her head sadly.

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