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In a apartment building where men are forbidden to step foot there, lives a group of tenants who are otaku women, all of them dully engrossed with their hobbies. None of them enjoy social interactions and they're especially afraid of the 'stylish people,' for their sheer radiance leaves them literally petrified. Paige is an awkward girl who shares the same social anxiety as her fellow 'otaku' friends in the apartment building. She has a huge obsession over jellyfishes to the point where Paige knows every little thing about them, as her head is a like a encyclopedia. The root of her obsession is linked to the past of her deceased mother, who use to take her to the aquarium multiple times as a child. Her mother would make a comment on how the lace-like tendrils of a jellyfish would resemble to the dresses of princesses. She hopes to become an illustrator although she is held back by her fears of socializing.

Then there's Oliver, a very stylish man who's the illegitimate son of a famous politician. Though here's the catch, he enjoys cross-dressing as a girl because his mother used to wear such magnificent and beautiful dresses, and it makes him feel closer to her when he wears women accessories . Another reason why Oliver dresses as a women is because he wants to avoid the obligations of politics that his father had offered him. Unlike the rest of his family, he has no interest in politics but instead, desires to get into fashion. He calls himself 'Olivia' to hide his male identity.

Deciding to overcome her social awkwardness, Paige finally leaves the apartment to visit the Jellyfish exhibit, but quickly turns back when she takes sight of all these stylish girls surrounding her. Instead, she decides to go home for all of this is too much to take until she spots a spotted jellyfish at a local pet store. Paige is then shocked to a find a moon jellyfish in the same tank, as this will eventually cause the spotted jellyfish to die. Finally overcoming her fear of social interactions, Paige walks up to the male clerk warning the imminent danger that could happen to the jellyfish, but is pushed back when she tries to enter the story. She bumps into a stylish woman, who steps in, who eventually start reasoning with the clerk to give the spotted jelly fish to Paige, since it will die anyway. They both head back to Paige apartment to put the jellyfish into the bathtub just for the night.

To repay for saving the neglected jellyfish, Paige invites her new friend to stay overnight, but then later discovers the next morning that the 'stylish lady' is actually a man in drag!



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Paige is soon about to wake up, unaware of the true identity of the 'stylish women' laying right next to her. His wig has slipped off from his head and the unknown man is wearing no clothes from the waist up. This is a 'NO MALE ZONE,' what happens if her fellow tenants finds out that she has kept a male sleeping in her room?


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Sore neck - check. Aching back - check. Painful reluctance about opening eyes - check.

Paige Delaney was beginning to exit the dreamland world, only to enter the realm of the 'awake' with all the symptoms of an uncomfortable sleeping position. They were all feelings of bother that were making it extremely difficult for the young girl to pry herself awake. Couldn't she just stay dreaming where human contact was minimal and not required, and pain didn't actually exsist?

The stream of sunlight pouring into the room, filtered by half open blinds, apparently decided not to give her that option.

With a hefty yawn released from pink lips, she tried to roll herself out of bed, only for her sleep-induced mind to begin to crank into gear, leaving her with the realization that she wasn't in bed. With all the eagerness of a cat jumping into water, Paige finally let green eyes flutter open through thick lashes, her gaze landing on the familiar setting of the living room of her apartment, also giving her the conclusion that she had crashed on the couch.

It took a few moments for her memory to start up, considering Pagie wasn't one of those chipper, clear-minded morning people, and then the events from last night replayed in her head. She had a jellyfish in her bathtub and somewhere nearby she also had a girl laying around her somewhere. The other girl - Olivia, if she remembered correctly - although much to stylish for Paige to approach on her own, had helped her yesterday with a problematic tank situation at a pet store, involving her favorite creature: a jellyfish. Olivia had helped Paige bring the spotted animal home and despite Paige's reluctance to have visitors, she had offered the girl a place to stay the night, mainly because it was late and potentially dangerous for such a glamorous looking girl to be walking around after dark. They must have crashed sometime on the couch after Paige painfully attempted to make what was commonly known as "small talk", only to be as awkward and fidgety as usual.

No wonder she passed out. Talking to people was exhausting.

Another yawn and she decided to at least check on her last minute xguest.trip With a hand coming to the back of her neck to crane out the knots formed form r sleeping while sitting, she turned her hear to let her gaze creep over to the body sitting next to her - at least who she thought would have been Olivia. That assumption turned out to be wrong.

The person now lying next to her did not reassemble the fancy female she recalled from last night. No. The long, silky locks that she remembered were still present, but actually detached from another clomp of shorter hair, mused from sleep. The cute little top she had worn was discarded on a heap on the floor for whatever reason and now revealed a bare torso of a body that was without a doubt male.

Her analysis of the situation was now different from her inital one - she had a jellyfish in her bathtub and there was a half-naked boy in her male free apartment sitting much to close for her comfort.

If she wasn't awake enough already, she was now, suddenly stumbling up off the couch as if she had just been stung by a sea wasp, box jellyfish. She let out a squeak of surprise that would have probably turned into a scream if it won't for the fact that there were others in this building, others that would be furious if they found out she had brought a male home. So instead of screaming, she squealed out the first thing she could think of, which was a statement of obviousness, "You're not a girl!"

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