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I tell my true self in here. I am just trying to figure out who is who


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Hey it's thanksgiving here and to a lot of people. I hope they have a good one. I never thought I would be so sad. Feeling left alone. My birthday was the same. Sadness of people not even caring. *Sighs* I know it's wrong but that what I feel. I've met amazing people over the years I have been here not just on ES but outside in the real world. Some friends, and some foes. If I would have to redo my life I would change not having my bbg so young and waited So I could enjoy her life. Maybe never had a child to began with. but I would never trade what i have learn though. I guess wouldn't be where I was today if I didn't learn everything that I learn. I still feel saddened that this is my life though. Everyone is doing great and I am just here. Wasting away. will never make a mark on this world like I Want to. *Sighs* Oh well. It's just life I guess.
  Lulu *Puppy* / lunalight / 1y 132d 16h 10s
Well this is a new part. I'm in Ohio sitting at my job working for seasonal kohls it good paying job got a hour to go though. My life flip a 360 first I'm getting marry to my bf from north Carolina next year in June. My life is filled with people who are caring my bbg is bright very bright lets see what else....hoping to open my own restaurant wither it be build from ground up or out of a building downtown. Life treating me good bumps in my road but I'll get over them everyone dose. Rping still but not as offen as I should an apparent and it awesome I will be a step mother to another child in 6 months everything is good I have to go ttyl
  Zencoon (Dragon) / lunalight / 3y 138d 6h 25m 50s
Hi all I hope no one missed me but I missed you all. I don't have worry my sister is fine and doing great. Each time I get around to look at my journal I wonder what could I have done different well that over for now I am with my bf from the last post. He and I are getting married in 2017 in spring yay me. don't know what date yet so will update later. I have a place of my own now. got a Birdie her name is baby she is so sweet and likes to bite me for some reason don't know why. hmm Living in Ohio for your Ohio fans. YAY!! got a job now so yay me so that's good have a place now of our own basically life is good for me and him so I will update later bye all
  luna *Reading* / lunalight / 4y 98d 4h 38m 11s
Well hello everyone I know I haven posted in a while so I am going to do a update. I am now in North Carolina with a new bf because of the damn drama my old one did to me He makes me happy and special in every way he can think of. My normal life is okay i guess. I am worried about my sister who happens to be missing at this time. I hope she is doing okay. I know if i ever done something like this i would get into trouble big time when I was found. So that been going on. Also I been have writers block as well so sorry if I didn't get right to posting Been so long. My bfi s also wanting to learn text rp as well so I am going to be teaching him that.

If you don't know what text rp is it what we do on elite skills
live rp is on a 3d chat room such as IMVU or Star trek online or dnd
then you have your larp so many new ideas will ne coming to head when I get the chacest to write them down
  Rinoa tattoo / lunalight / 4y 274d 4h 21m 57s
Well I just got told I suck at rping because my grammar and spelling is not perfect enough for them. -cries- I try my best to do my post and my spell. I love to rp but maybe i should just stop if that's how everyone feels if not me rping i wouldn't have been able to spell a lot of things and not going to say them because then i could be cheating and i don't do that
  lunalight / 5y 48d 14h 1m 18s
Who are you people ask. I wonder that myself. Am I real or am I just one of those who don't know what the hell people are talking about. I am who I am I say to people. No matter were you take me or what you do to me I will still remain me myself and I. I am friend who will tell you that you stink I am a girlfriend who loves my bf when he pisses me off at time. I am a mother who cares for her 3 year old daughter and want to have her in my life. I am not fake. I will listen and give feedback if need be. I am not one who will stand by and watch someone be bullied by others if they are fat or have warts all over their faces. I am a 22 year old woman who knows how to expect the facts and never let them down. I am a 22 year old person who knows what sadness, happiness, fear and ever other emotion I am a human being like everyone else. I am kind person who loves my family and loves my friends. I am gentle person towards those who need help or animals in danger of something. I am fighter when I am anger or when I am upset. I show no emotion to those who want me to show emotion. I show no sympathies to those who don't earn it. I am mother, girlfriend, fighter, writer, gentle person, animal lover, daughter, grand daughter, niece, drawer, horse back rider, lover, a friend, I am part of a family, I am me I am myself and I am I. I don't want people to judge me for writing things down. I don't care who says what to anyone. If they want to spread rumors and those who clam to be my friends believe them and don't look at my journal then fine they are not my true friends.

I am a proud woman who CAN clam I am a real woman. There is a saying those who don't know what it feels like to carry a child in with you then you don't know the pain or suffering we have to go though. Ladies/Gentlemen I know when your wife/girlfriend is having bitch moments with you about stuff don't shut your self away. She just unhappy about something. When she is pregnant it worst. She will not be able to control her mood swings. It the happiest day you will ever experiences when that child comes out and you see it for the first time in flesh. I don't want people to read this just to be funny with this. I am just blah blah blah about stuff right now because I am just wanting inspiration to come to me at this moment. As I type more and more the more Ideas come to me and a bit more I can put together a rp that I am thinking about to do.

No matter what people say you are who you are and no one else can take you. Now I am almost done ranting and those who read these can go on their marry way so they can go make fun of me and my thoughts. So go and shew shew out of this journal and have fun. It wont bother me nor will it make you any better human to do it. Bulling is so over rated now a days that every kid who is un lucky to have a friend because of the way they look or what. Not it not fair. I know how it is because I was the same way now off with you. Go go and I am done for now. I will add more later when I feel ready.
  Navieana (dressed up) / lunalight / 5y 51d 5h 19m 57s
Hello readers and to myself,

I am kinda sad at the moment because I am leaving my friends behind to go to a new place. I am getting nerves and I am feeling home sick now even though I haven't left my town yet. I am about to cry because it feels right but at the same time it feels wrong. I feel week as well. I will come back. ES is my home online and I will not leave it. I have a phone if people need to contact me in some way. I also have a face book. Here my email to find me. I love you all and I will miss you.
  Baby Luna / lunalight / 5y 316d 18h 38m 29s
Hmmm what to do what to do? mhmm Well I lost my job due to BAKAS at my work. Think It was ok to change my time on me >.> Well then I showed them I went and filed unemployment and I am going to bring that store down. They been disrespectful to me ever since day one. I know it not nice but still They need to be shut down. Mangers need to go Most of them A LOT of damn "Crew" members need to go and yet I am the one fired FUCK THEM. . .FUCK THEM. . . I am going to show my rudeness to them if that the last thing I am going to do.

oh and the lump was nothing to worry about and I am glad
  Luna-fighter / lunalight / 5y 351d 14h 35m 25s
A week ago I found a lump in my groin area hopefully I can get it checked out this week. I May have cancer due to my family history or maybe a tumor. I just hoping is acuise basically like a pimple but it grows under the skin on tissue or muscles I'm just scared that if it is something like that it will make me unable to work for a while and I can't do anything about it.
  Broken heart / lunalight / 6y 47d 15h 58m 54s
Why is it everytime i try find confurt from someone they disapper on me? I understand that they had to leave but when i post hour and 30 min they leave 30mins ago. I am expected to post and help someone feel better but yet It not the same for me? What the hell? that's not fair. I mean it just going to be one of those weeks I know it ia
  Broken heart / lunalight / 6y 71d 6h 47m 19s

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