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The clock ticks by and finally the bell rings, signaling the last day of school is over. Laney takes a breath of relief because she is free from school, parents, and being told what to do. She is ready for boys, summer cookouts, parties and the beach.

As summer starts to begin, Laney hears that a new boy moves into town. She gets to know him but can't understand him. He is very mysterious buy she finds herself attracted to him. Soon they become friends. Will they become more than friends??? Please Join!

~Romance: Yes
~Cybering: No
~G-Modding: No
~Fighting: Keep to a minimum.
~Cussing: Keep to a minimum.
~Good Grammer.
~At least 5 lines or semi-lit.
~Real pictures only.

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*Ok I will. I don't mind starting.*

Laney walked through the crowded hallway of school. Papers flying, books getting torn apart, people shoving each other. You could tell summer had officially started because well everyone was going crazy. Laney tried to make her way to her locker, trying to see over all the people. "Excuse me" Laney shouted, trying to make herself heard over the screams of the other people. SMACK!! "Oww..." Laney said rubbing her head where the football had hit. "Sorry Laney. That was Conner's fault." Brian said pointing to his friend across the hall. "No it wasn't!" Conner shouted.
"It's ok guys. I'm fine. And I really don"t care who did it." she said smiling and walking finally approaching her locker. She took a deep breath as she packed up the rest of her books and closed her locker for the last time for that year.
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 31d 11h 42m 43s
Please do... So I can see what you like
  Jonas Lovegood / greenfairygirl / 9y 31d 11h 52m 1s
*That one works. Thanks! So would you like to start or would you prefer me too??
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 31d 11h 54m 11s
Lets try this one
  Jonas Lovegood / greenfairygirl / 9y 31d 11h 55m 19s
*Sure! Do you have a pic?? You don't have to have one, I'm just wondering if you do. I"m a curious person. XD
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 31d 11h 58m 2s
*Anyone want to join?? Bored and don't know what else to do! :(*
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 31d 12h 42m 0s

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