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Sho nodded. "Same. This is a complete waste of time. It is not like the two can escape. " He said coldly as he ran a hand through his hair. He glared at the two and sat down on a chair. Rin shook her head. She tried to speak but her throat hurt too much. If she could speak then she could recite a spell that would cause the ropes to break.
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Eliza nodded and settled into her seat to watch the two. It was add that they had been nearly the some age she thought. She shook her head. 'I just hope the boss hurries. I don't like babysitter..." she said, feeling agitated.

Dakota bit his lip slightly. "Hey... they didn't hurt you much did they?" He asked as he tried to loosen the ropes around his wrists. He vaguely wondered if he could burn them safely or not.
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Rin eyes widened as she felt the sharp pain on her neck, before there young girl started to feel light headed and passed out. When she woke up she found herself in a dark room. She could feel a blood running down the back of her neck. When she went to rub it, she realised her arms were tied up.

Her eyes widened as she started to panic. But she calmed down slightly as she heard a familiar voice. She turned her head to see a boy she had seen once or twice. She believed he was in the same class as her for quite a few things.

Mean while sho looked at Eliza. "The boss said for now we just make sure they don't escape. He will be here when he has finished his negotiation with an old acquaintance of him. " Sho said with a sly smile across his tanned face. Sho had blonde hair and two piercing in his lips and his ears were pierced. He wore black, torn jeans. Her wore a a leather jacket with a fur rim. Despite all of this he didn't seem much older then rin.
  The new alice / rinkokoro / 6y 244d 14h 20m 26s
Eliza nodded to Sho, her long, dark brown hair bouncing a little in its ponytail. Her green eyes narrowed at Rin, before rushing behind her, and hitting te back of her head with the handle of her dagger. Eliza picked Rin up as well, seeing as how the girl seemed rather light, and carried her back to the base, locking her in the same room as Dakota, before binding her hands behind her, and also hiding her feet. Eliza nodded, before walking out of the room to find Sho.

Dakota woke up a short while later, his neck hurting. He groaned, and went to rub his neck, when he found he couldn't move. His eyes widened as he recalled what had happened. He didn't even get a good look at the person that had knocked him out. He saw a girl nearby that he recognized from school. He didn't know her name, but that was normal for him. He tried to call out to her, knowing that she was in the same situation as himself.
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Rin was quickly rushed in to the nurses office. She didn't think she needed to be there, she only had a few minor cuts and was more curious about why the screen shattered. Most of the time when a computer overheated, the systems would just shut down, but a computer doesn't normally explode unless it was hit by a high voltage electrical wave.

Then the other ting that made rin curious, was the symbol she saw. However she wasn't able to work out what the symbol was in the short time she saw it. Rin sat on a bed and waited for the nurse.

A male with black hair and grey eyes sneaked up behind the young boy. Before being noticed by the young male, he landed a sharp blow to the young boys neck, which caused the young boy to fall unconscious.

Without any hesitant moves, Sho, looked over to his partner. "You take care of the girl." He said as Sho carried Dakota back to the guild where he tied the young male down to a chair in a dark room with no windows and a single light bulb hanging from the celling.
  rinkokoro / 6y 249d 16h 23m 40s
Dakota blinked in confusion as the letters moved, and changed shape, forming a symbol. He frowned, and looked closer, before feeling a sharp pain in his skull, like someone had just hit his head with a baseball bat, or a hockey stick. He raised his hand, and waited until the teacher called on him. "May I be excused?" He asked, after walking to the teachers desk and explaining the sudden pain. The teacher nodded and told him ti go ahead to the nurses office. He nodded and did as he was told. He frowned as he realized his head wasn't hurting, now that his book was but away. What's going on? Dakota thought, as he reached the nurse's office. He told her, minus the feeling better part and she had him lay down on one of the cots. He did so, but felt uneasy, so he stated playing with his power. He could create a small flame on the tip of his finger so far. He assumed that he could probably learn to do more with it, but he didn't really want to. He had a feeling that it wasn't something he was supposed to let anyone know about. He jumped as someone that wasn't from te school appeared next to him, and grabbed his arm. Before he could make a sound, he felt something sharp pierce the back of his neck and he winced, before falling unconscious.
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Another day at school for Rin. She absolutely hated it. She knew everything she needed to know and would rather had stayed home. She would constantly be bullied for just the sake of because she was an easy target. Rin was shy and quiet and kept herself to herself. She didn’t like to talk to other because in the end she would just end up getting hurt or hurting someone else.

Like usual she as sitting the library on a computer. She was writing up a study on supernatural powers. That was because she had a power, something that was not normal. She blamed that on why she had never fitted in with anyone else around her.

As she was typing the computer begin to get hot. Her eyes widened as what looked like some sort of symbol appeared on her screen. She took a closer look but that was when she fell back with many scratches across her face from broken shards. The computer screen has shattered.

She fell back off the chair and winced, wiping the blood off her cheek. Soon the a large group of people were cowered in to the library. Rin tried to stand up her legs were too shaky to hold the wait of her body.

What was that? She thought. Seeing the symbol before the computer exploded, she knew that it was on purpose. But why?
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Dakota sighed as he sat in his last class of the day, bored. He had already finished the worksheets the history teacher had passed out at the beginning of class, so he had nothing to do other than think. He frowned as his mind drifted back to the day he lost his parents.
He had been at school when the school counselor pulled him out of class and explained that his parents had been found dead. He had been confused at first, and refused to believe it, but eventually he ha learned to accept it. He was truly on his own now. He rented a small apartment near the school,. Fortunately the school paid for his apartment, and would until a few months after graduation, since he didn't have a job of his own. He shook his head and pulled out a notebook that had various quotes in it that he had liked. Some were off of the internet, and others were from famous people.
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