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We know what we're doing, but I'm going to put it here anyway.

There was no fingerprints at the crime scene. Nor was there a trace of another human at the next. Every student at the high school was dying off one by one, and you were finding the clues. Not even the notes you found on the gravestone's had finger prints on them, though. Just ink smudges and the smell of your favorite perfume.

If only you knew who loved you so; then you give the cops a straight answer and end the murders. But unfortunately, the only thing you know is that the new kid in school is very nice.

Basic: The town has had a long case of murders lately, and the culprit is unknown. There has been no fingerprints or evidence on who it might be, other than love notes addressed to [your character] on the gravestones of the victims. On top of it all, a new student has started attending the highschool. He's the only reason [your character] is okay during the situation. He's been the crying shoulder for [your character] for every death. It's a shame that he's secretly the murderer. Will [your character] still be falling for him if he finds out?


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That tiny bit of happiness he saw in Royland’s eyes...it was a miracle. It was the first glint of enjoyment he’d seen in such a long time. It wouldn’t last long, he knew it, but for a while, he’d get to see Royland be a little less miserable. He was cursing himself in his mind, but on the outside he just wore an awkward smile, responding to the boy he swore he was in love with as if nothing was wrong at all. “Um…banana and strawberry, I think. I’m glad you like it…I don’t think anybody’s seen your eyes light up like that since…” He averted his eyes, deciding it was best to stop there. He didn’t need to remind the boy. If would be horrible to end his bit of happiness right there. He was sure the thought was constantly nagging Royland anyway. It was the reason his eyes always burned with anger. Anger that Beau would have to live with for the rest of his life. It was almost enough to drive him to put himself in the ground and have his Nana leave a note for Royland so he could just get it off his chest. The woman couldn’t see anyway, she’d never find out. He couldn’t do it though. He was a coward. He always had been. It was the very reason he left.

How many months had it been since he’d been gone?

How many missing person posters had gone up since then?

He couldn’t help but wonder.

Releasing a sigh, Beau looked back over at the boy that had caused him to do such drastic things. “I’m sorry…I…shouldn’t have brought it up. Hey, but…at least the cops are working on it. Whoever it is can’t get away with it for too long, right? They must…found something…at least.” He knew they hadn’t. He’d covered his trail in every way he knew how. Even covered the paper in gasoline so it wouldn’t leave any fingerprint. The only thing that left a trail was the letters to Royland. There was probably one in Roy’s pocket now…reminding him of what was going on. It was written in Beau’s try hard script, professing his love once again.
“Dear Royland, Truth be told, I’m not getting any joy from this. Watching you suffer…seeing that look in your eyes of hate…dedicated to me. I don’t like seeing you in pain, trust me. I just…didn’t know exactly what to do. I’d love to stop…but how would I communicate with you if I did? I love you, Roy. I just can’t help it. It’s a shame, though. Because after this, you’ll never accept me, will you? I’ll do whatever I can to make you happy…if you’d only give me a chance. I don’t have enough time, though, do I? Half of the class is missing… Then what do I do after that?”

It was sickening to think about, but the more disgusting his thoughts were, the more calm he seemed on the outside. He let out a small laugh, reaching up to run his fingers through his hair. “Look, Roy…I know you probably don’t want to anything to do with anyone right now…but…would you consider doing…something…with me? I know it’s a shot in the dark, but…nobody’s really seen you smile lately. I know it shouldn’t be any of my concern, especially because if this was a horror movie I’d probably be the prime suspect, being new here and all…I just think that maybe it would be good for you to at least try to have some fun.” He looked over at him, smile fading slowly into a worried expression. “It’s not my place to say this, especially given the circumstances…I just don’t like seeing you in pain.” In his mind he cursed himself once again for the similarities in his words. But there was no taking it back. It was too late. Maybe Roy wouldn’t notice. Even if he did, Beau would always be one step ahead in making sure his suspicion was low. He couldn’t lose this boy…this beautiful boy beside him…he was too important.

He made Beau feel alive, and he hadn’t felt that in the longest time. It was amazing.

Or, would be, if he didn’t feel like a living monster…

At least he was alive, right?
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Jesus Christ.
It was one of the most horrible things he had ever seen in his life. A surge of regret disguised as nausea rushed up through Royland's esophagus, threatening to break free as he peered onto the gruesome scene from behind other bystanders. The best the responding police officers could do before the M.E. arrived to survey the area around the body for any crucial evidence was to keep the crowd at bay whilst the detectives tried to piece together what was left behind after the firefighter's had put out the flames. In a desperate attempt to quell his aching stomach, Royland lifted his head to the sky, focusing on the rising smoke that began to filter into a few of the open windows of the apartment complex above the scene of the crime.
It wasn't enough.
His body pulsed with sickness, moving and sloshing violently in his stomach as his legs carried him as far as he could have possibly needed to go. To get away from the thoughts, the smells, the sights, the sheer horror and macabre nature of what he had just seen. The image of a mouth agape in silent agony sent him over the edge, unfortunately, and it was awfully hard to recover... the steel railing of the overpass supported him more greatly than his own legs, more reliable than his eyes that were quickly becoming blurred with tears of frustration. He decided that the more logical option at this point would be to drudge home, and contemplate his next course of action. But, more importantly, to recover the strength he’d lost over the side of the overpass. Attempting to get to sleep felt forced, and foreign. Even after only a glance, he’d begun to think that if he closed his eyes, he might not be lucky enough to wake up… At the first sign of daylight, he did all the things that were indicative of normal functioning, as not to worry his mother who had suspected her son’s mental health to be failing after the death of his best friend. With concern lacing her eyes, she offered him a brisk hug as she tended to do these days for extra comfort that she felt he could use and sent him on his way to school…even if it was a tad earlier than usual. Even if the circles under his eyes had grown darker, despite his hair being unkempt and his appearance growing more dilapidated each day he was without the boy he called a brother… To say that it broke her heart would have been an understatement. To say that she could not identify with the pain her child was experiencing hurt even more would be the only thought she could recite to herself before the tears overwhelmed her.
Though he was simply beyond tired, the chill of the morning air was perking his face up ever so slightly. But, it could only do so much to combat the frown on his face, as he snatched the note from atop the newly set gravestone on his way to school. He’d keep it safely tucked into his back pocket until the school day was over, and read it once he got home… Any thoughts behind a quiet school morning were quickly shattered by… who else? Royland glanced at the cup on his desk and released a heavy sigh. He just…couldn’t take a hint, he supposed...it wouldn’t do him any good to refuse the boy’s gestures a second time.
“Thanks…” He muttered, only half listening to his classmate’s incessant ramblings as he took a sip of the smoothie he’d been offered, ignoring the fingertip passing over his skin in favor of savoring the ingredients inside the cup in front of him. His eyes suddenly grew wide, and lit up with a child’s inquisition. “…What’s in this? It’s amazing…” The first thing he could truly say he enjoyed in a while.

[-DIES- OMG SCHOOL IS KICKING MY ASS. This is what I get for being pre-med. .-.]
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The night was long and dreadful. Every student of the school that passed had blue letters on their forehead. Victim. Victim. Victim. Even his closest friends that spent some of that night shopping with had the big blue letters reminding him of what he was doing. He didn’t really like it. Tonight he wanted to skip his confession of love. He wanted to go home before he could find the perfect victim. He wanted to sleep it off like the things he was doing was all a bad dream; but when he saw who was standing on the roof of his apartment building he knew he couldn’t go home yet. It was too easy. He grabbed a wooden stake from a construction site he’d walked by and hurried up the roof. There was no need to get his fingerprints on the poor star gazer. Even if he didn’t really have any anymore. He walked quietly up behind him and used the wooden stake to push him off the roof. He looked over the edge at the broken body lying onto of a now damaged car. It felt off. He was missing something. He went into the maintenance room located on the floor below the roof and grabbed gasoline and a lighter. He was taking every measurement he could. Once he was back on the roof he opened the gasoline containers nozzle and threw it down to the body with the lighter and watched as flames burst up and scorched the body. After that he just dismissed himself to his apartment until he heard the sirens. Like many curious apartment dwellers, he walked outside with a curious expression and let a shocked one take its place. It was fake, of course, but he couldn’t let the cops know. Which meant he had to refrain from sighing when he saw exactly whose car had burst up into flames after having a corpse fall on it. Walking really was going to be the usual way of transportation it seemed. And it was brand new too.

After the crowd was told to go home and that there was nothing to see at the crime scene he dismissed himself to his small apartment. He gave his grandmother a peck on the cheek, now that she was awake, and explained what was going on outside before hiding in his room and started to work on the note that would go on the new gravestone for the girl that had died before the newest one. Her funeral had been this morning. He worked on the note until morning and dropped it off at the gravestone that morning on his way to school. He also grabbed a smoothie and a coffee from the cafe on the corner. Since Royland didn't drink coffee any more, perhaps a strawberry and banana smoothie would be something he could get away with?

Once he was on school ground he went immediately to class, sitting down next to the boy who, only a few moths before, had no relations with the word love. He slid the drink in front of him and offered his usual, kind smile. "You said you didn't drink coffee, so I figured a smoothie might be the next best thing, right?" He smiled, but it slowly faded. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't smile when he thought about just how much pain he was causing this poor boy. "They did it again, Roy...my cars broken because of the corpse." He sighed and averted his eyes, taking a sip of his coffee. He felt comfortable telling Roy he'd seen the scene of the crime. Especially because the best way to cover up being a murderer was to talk about the murder. "Do you think the sick fucks ever going to get caught?" His eyes fell back on Royland and he had to refrain from reaching out to brush some dirt off of Roy's face. "Um...you've got dirt on your cheek...right...here." He couldn't help it. He reached out to brush it off, smiling awkwardly and looking away when he pulled his hand away. "Sorry...it was driving me nuts." He chuckled.
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One Royland had regained his composure, he was quick to return to class before anyone's suspicions were raised... But, he'd missed the last bell, and the class fell deathly ill as he stalked to his seat, waiting for the teacher to resume his lesson. Making it through the rest of the day was nothing less than a struggle, filled with daydreams and fond memories of a boy he could no longer touch that brought a cloud over Royland's head. Somehow he kept his chin up, leaving the school grounds, and took refuge in his own home, that wasn't more than a mile off. Where he could brood in misery and formulate a game plan... He'd decided early on that he had no intention of stopping the murders--they'd taken away the one most precious to him. Everyone else at this point was just a stepping stone. But, who out of their class, was next? The victims, as the police came to figure out, shared no other similarities other than the school they attended. All had, for the most part, seemed to be the unfortunate winner in Satan's raffle... Cause of death was never entirely the same, either... It could be a group of sick fucks for all Royland knew.

But, all he could do was wait for the next crime scene to be discovered.

The sunlight waned in the distance, having nearly been eaten away by the evening skies, and staining the horizon with an assemblage of rust and violet streaks. Under the cover of his jacket and scarf, Royland stayed perched near a parked, unmarked police car with the window partially cracked. An hour passed...maybe two, or three, and the night was all but quiet. Through his cloaking, there was no fear of being recognized... but with every passing face, Royland could see the bold red letters plastered on their foreheads. Victim. Victim. Victim. ...No--he shook his head furiously and tried not to think about it, instead focusing his attention from the light chatter between the two patrol officers in their vehicle. He could hear just enough through the static of the radio to get wind of their intended route of travel. If there were a crime scene discovered tonight, he would be the first to hear about it...The jargon made of mostly numbers made his head ache for the first few hours, but suddenly, the engine roared to life and sped off. An ambulance wailed and a firetruck soon joined in a hideously close cacophony. Royland felt his stomach flip. His intuition had been right...

...Hadn't it?

[Decided to push the story along. :3 That way you have a little more to work with since I left you with a bit of a cliff last time ._.; Hope you don't mind! Sorry if it's kind of disjointed, work kind of wore me out...]
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The only reply Beau could muster was a muttered apology, an 'I understand', and a sigh. He watched Royland walk away, no doubt to find some peace off of school grounds. He didn't blame him. If he was in that situation he probably would too. He wasn't in that position though. Instead he was the cause of it. He wanted to curl up into a ball and never show his face to the world again, but that would be suspicious. He couldn't afford to gather suspicion. So instead he pushed himself up from the seat and grabbed the coffee. He tossed it in the trash and left the school grounds. Sure, he was blowing off the rest of his classes but he didn't care. He was ahead in his classes anyway; being the smart Alec he was. He was like the french Tony Stark - minus the playboy millionaire part and add on the murder. He faked a few coughs as he left, making sure he'd plant the idea of him not feeling well in the other students head. That was how you kept the suspicion low; give people a logical reason to everything you do. They can't point fingers when you've got a good excuse, can they?

Well, they could, it just wouldn't work very well. Cops couldn't arrest him without proof. As he left the school grounds, he thought about that. As long as Beau gave people a well thought out alibi, he'd be fine. He was still a monster, but he wouldn't be caged up. Or wrapped up in a straight jacket which was very likely how it would end up if he was caught. Beau looked around. There was no padded walls. He was going to be fine. Slowly, Beau walked up to Royland, catching a piece of torn up paper in his palm as it flew by. He looked it over before letting it go. There was no need to hold onto it. It would be suspicious is he kept his note.

He put a hand on Roy's shoulder, trying to show him some support. "Roy..." He sighed, letting his hand fall back to his side. He didn't need to piss the boy off. He was already causing enough problems in the students life. "I'm not going to tell you everything's going to be okay, because it's very cliché...but I'm sure they'll catch the monster eventually... Just remember, time heals all wounds..." He forced a smile of sympathy at Roy, to mask his own thoughts. "See you later, Royland..." He turned and took his leave, coughing a few times to make sure that his alibi would match up with him as well. He started on the long walk home, needing to clear his head and plan the next note.
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A foreign hand, reaching out to his face caused Royland to jerk away with disdain in his eyes. Were he an animal, the only appropriate response would be to growl or hiss to fully express his unbridled discomfort... Who...
He followed the limb to its source, to lay eyes upon the face of just who this hand belonged to, and found himself releasing an eased sigh upon seeing a face once unrelated with the word 'comforting.'
Beau... A thoughtful, unassuming boy with an attractive face and a gentle voice that had transferred just before the murders began... Suspicious? Royland couldn't help but let his gaze linger for a few moments before averting his eyes elsewhere. There was surely no reason to go pointing fingers at the first person who tried to touch your face, now, was there?
Listless eyes grimaced at the gesture on his desk, and though flattered, Royland couldn't accept it graciously as he would have once did when his soul was in one piece. "I don't drink coffee." No, not since Jacob passed. That had been one of the very last things he'd ingested, found during the medical examiner's toxicology test to determine whether or not the boy had been drugged or sedated when he was killed. Unfortunately, that hadn't been the case.
Without wanting to be rude, he gently ushered the coffee back in Beau's direction, insisting it'd upset his stomach should he ingest it. Though, that hardly deterred the other, this time inviting him out.
Rather bold, Royland couldn't help but note, since they hardly knew each other. But, given the circumstances...
"Ah, sorry. But, I... I think I'm going to spend the afternoon with Jacob. I made a promise to him that I really can't break."
It was some time ago that they'd made that silly childhood promise; to bury one of their most coveted possessions, only to be disturbed should the other be unlucky number one to pass away. What Jacob had hidden from Royland was a mystery, but where it was hidden was just a matter of retracing their steps through a fairly horrid map they'd drawn of the terrain behind their homes. It would take most of the afternoon, and maybe even longer, if Jacob had really dug was far down as he'd claimed in their agreement, penned in red and blue crayon. No matter. He'd start the journey today, and it would end when it ended.
In any case, he had no intention of frolicking around the city with his classmates while his best friend lie in the Earth, rotting at the hands of the worst that human kind had ever seen... "I appreciate the offer, really... But, I'd rather be left alone." If he couldn't be with Jacob, then... He'd rather not be with anybody. Silently excusing himself from the usual lunch chatter, it seemed the only refuge from prying eyes during school hours was to be on the outskirts of campus, giving Royland the incomprehensible feeling of being nowhere and everywhere at once. But, there were no memories here. This is where he could, at last, be alone with his thoughts.
Why was everyone trying so hard to please him? To get in the way of his grieving? It was common knowledge that time healed all wounds. Why could they not simply... let him be? With nowhere to go, the brooding boy's fingertips suddenly connected with the homage that Jacob's killer had left on his headstone.
...I've been in love with you for a while now...


I choke back sobs...

...It’s impossible not to love you...


...and weep for the friend that I've lost at your filthy hands.

Only the devil himself would think to rip away the closest person to him, then profess his love for him on his best friend's grave. The paper was ripped to shreds, flying to what he could only hope was oblivion as they left his fingers. Resolution was the fire that gave his tears their heat, and anger guided his fists into the wall of his daytime hell. While he stood here to cry, in pain, in anguish, a killer was roaming the streets, mocking the collapse of the world around him.
Should it be the event that caused him to breathe his last, his greatest wish had become nothing more than to eradicate the sick son of a bitch, by any means necessary.

No such evil is worthy of receiving or claiming to love.
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It was hard to not love the boy. He was so cute and sweet. He didn’t think only about himself. He was different…unlike anyone Beau had ever met. That was the problem, though. Uniqueness caught his eye, and he couldn’t go back from that. He couldn’t go home; his parents didn’t even know where he currently was. He was too shy, being the new kid and all, to go up and tell Royland he was madly in love. Not to mention the fact that was just way too cliché to handle. But what was he supposed to do when he needed to tell someone how he felt and also needed to get his attention? You commit the worst sin you can think of, obviously. You also do it anonymously.

That night he spent three hours on his little love note. He confessed everything he could without giving his identity away. He slipped into the night with that note in his pocket and went out to find a student to be his victim. Unfortunately, the first one he found was a rather…close friend of his love. It would most certainly get his attention though. It was dark out, so nobody was really around. Because of that he just started a conversation and ended up walking around the town acting crazy and having fun. And then the next thing the poor chap knew he was shot three times in the head in an alley next to a shoe store and then having the bullets dug out of his head with a long pair of medical tools. He couldn’t leave any evidence. The bullet holes were evidence, though. They could possibly track that, and he couldn’t have that. He’d even cut his thumbs up so they couldn’t use his thumbprint to find him. So even if the boy had fallen, he had more work to do. He took out his syringe, which had been used for his medication at one point, and handmade knife and sliced the body up. When he left he’d covered the body with perfume to make his mark. He did all of this for a letter that read: “Dear Royland, I’m sure this got your attention. I’m sorry I had to get it this way, but it’s the only bold action I’ve been able to make. It won’t be the last, unfortunately. I must tell you, since it’s only reason for this, that I’ve been in love with you for a while now. You’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met. An angel in human skin. It’s impossible not to love you, and I am very sorry for your friends death. He died young.” The night they laid the body in the ground was the night he put that note on the man’s headstone.


It was surprising he was able to look Royland in the eyes after such an act, but he did so without a single indication of madness. He watched from the corner as he talked to the girl and only walked up to him when she was gone. He didn’t need to be interrupting something that could help him. Even though he was the one causing the other pain, he wanted him to be okay. Ironic, wasn’t it? He walked up and plopped down in a seat next to Roy and slid a coffee cup in front of him. Unlike the others, he didn’t sigh and tell him he was sorry. He just tried to make things normal from him. Of course, he’d kindly be a crying shoulder when it was needed. He’d be anything Royland needed. Unless he needed an idiot. He drew the line there. “I brought you coffee...expensive coffee... Why don’t the places around here have prices that fit their product?” He chuckled, offering him a kind smile and reaching out to wipe away a few left over tears.

He couldn’t believe what he caused. He was a monster. The boy he’d fallen for was broken because of him. He should have gotten his attention another way. Beau didn’t though. Instead he took the easy way out. The way of a coward. He shook it off anyway though. There was no point in dwelling on his choices.

He nudged the other’s shoulder, looking over at him with a slowly fading smile. “Want to come shopping with me later? The malls having a sale…” He felt messed up in the head. He could look into Royland’s eyes and smile like nothing was wrong. He was sick.
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Dear God, if there is one,
Nearly half of my classmates and closest friends have been murdered.

Snap. "Royland!" Again; Snap. Startled, dazed, confused--Angry fingertips aggressively rustled the auburn mess of a sleeping delinquent, who let out a growl of frustration in resistance. And, he'd been having such a nice nap, too. "What is your problem?" Problem? Royland stood in his seat, leering over his best friend who had just so rudely awakened him for nothing more than a good laugh, it seemed. In true Jacob fashion, he tilted half of his face in a criminally crooked grin, narrowing those green eyes so full of life in his direction. They had known each other for so long, too long. This mannerism was to be expected, at this stage in their relationship. And, now there was a problem of some sort?
"What's the problem? I always sleep during breaks."
"That's the problem. I'm bored. Let's talk! Go!"

How many weeks had this desk been empty?

Pursed lips bit back a pained and long held shaking breath. His fingertips ran across the smooth wood with his reckless friend's initial's carved into the side--only a small sample of the graffiti he'd left in countless places around the school. They hadn't found much more of him at the scene of his murder. What was left had been damn near eviscerated; there weren't any clean cuts to identify what kind of knife had been used. But it was big, sharp, and most likely serrated. Due to the location, it was reported that the police couldn't pick up much. Most of what they pulled into their lab was useless debris... However... after examining the victim--Jacob's--clothing, they found traces of a popular, yet very obscure, brand of perfume around what they could collect of the sleeves. And, just as Royland expected, there was a note waiting for him on his best friend's gravestone with that same perfume scent permeating the exquisite stationary. It was, at one time, a scent he would preferred on just about anybody. Now, just the thought of it could cause him to quickly lose his appetite.
"Royland?" A classmate of his; one that had known how close he was with Jacob. In fact... she was a girl that he remembered Jacob fawning over a some point or another. Her name escaped him, but her face was undoubtedly familiar. "You're crying..." There; In her eyes. That look that everyone had been giving him since the memorial service just a few weeks previous. Pity, sympathy, empathy... He didn't want it. Not one of those 'sorry' stares had any ideas what he was feeling, nor how to make the feelings stop. So, why bother? What was the point? What did they want from him? They were no better than the sordid individual leaving love notes for him on his friend's gravestones.
Using his sleeve to wipe away what had escaped out of his eyes, he retreated to his seat, and apologized solemnly, praying to what entity called itself master of his destiny that she'd get the hint and leave him be.
He would be alone for quite some time, regardless.
"Do you want me to do anything for you...? I know how hard it must be--"
"To lose your best friend? Your other half? I highly doubt that. Besides, if Jacob were here, he wouldn't--..." Ahem, "...he wouldn't want me to be given any reason feel sorry for myself. So, if you don't mind, get the hell out of my sight and stay out."
Jacob was not the most recent victim in a string of disturbing serial murders that had plagued their high school, but he was the one that had, without needing an exposition, had left the greatest impression on the shell of what was once a very normal, unassuming high school student. It simply didn't make any sense. What had he done to deserve this, besides become the object of a very deranged individual's affections? ...For that to be the only reason, for that to be the only answer, it was much too simple for someone who went through the trouble of erasing their presence at every crime scene. There were too many missing pieces to reach a conclusion, and not enough time during the lunch break to put the pieces that he did have into any coherent order.
The most recent crime scene would be under high security until late tonight... But, after the last patrol car took its leave, he'd go hunting for more information.

Dear God, if there is one,
I fear it may be all my fault.

[I was expecting this to be brilliant and it totally wasn't. Q_Q; I'm sorry if it's totally bleh. But, there ya go! Hope ya like! D:]
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