The Humanoid Typhoon Meets The Fullmetal Alchemist

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What would happen when a legendary gunman comes face to face with a powerful alchemist and two completely different worlds merge into one? Total chaos? Unbreakable friendship? Strange love? Put a headstrong, short tempered alchemist together with an idiotic, peace hunting gunman and just about anything could, and it probably would, happen.

Vash The Stampede. A legendary gunman that disaster always seems to follow wherever he goes, keeping him on the move. A man that can get out of the stickiest situations in some of the most comical ways. Usually found shoving donuts into his face and talking about love and peace, no one would get wise. At least until someone points it out and that is usually when all hell breaks loose.

Edward Elric. A state alchemist known as the Fullmetal Alchemist. A young man that holds rare abilities among the alchemists. He is strong, swift, and smart with a short fused temper. With a strong head, he can fight and think his way out of some of the toughest battles. Always on the move whether it’s for a mission or for his own goals. With a strong determination, he aches to reach his goals and stops at nothing to get there.

Even though both men are completely different, they share similar ground. When their worlds fuse together, there is no telling what will happen.

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Vash had made his way into the next car. It was relatively empty except a couple of rough looking strangers here and there. He found an empty seat and tossed his luggage onto one side and himself on the other. The strangers were looking at the tall, brightly dressed male and they looked none too happy about him being there. Vash had propped one foot up on the seat where his luggage sat and gazed out the window. The train soon came to life and began to move with a jerk. A long trip was ahead and the thought of it was exhausting.

Usually vash would have been on a Sand Steamer. They were so loud and overly crowded in places. The train was relatively quiet and nearly completely empty. It was a fairly nice change of pace. When living a life of chaos, destruction and little peace of mind it gets very tiring after a while.

Vash stared out the window as the train slowly got up to speed. The passing landscape was almost hypnotizing. It wasn’t long till the man had his face scrunched up against the window and began snoring away. His glasses had gone wonky on his face and he would snort when the train jerked as moved onwards. It seemed as if nothing was going to wake him up.

Vash had only been asleep for a short while but to him, it probably felt like hours. But his sleep wasn’t going to be long lived. The car jerked and Vash’s rear slowly slips off the edge of the seat. One more thump and onto the floor he goes. The fall itself didn’t wake him but the impact of forehead to wood did. The man yelped and flailed on the floor like an idiot for a moment before finally sitting up and holding his face as he whimpers in pain. His glasses had fallen off before impact and were under the seat. The rough guys were rather annoyed at the commotion which was a common thing when it came to Vash and his blunders.

The idiot got himself situated back into his seat, glasses pushed back onto his nose and hand to his face. He looked up to the sound of people moving and noticed a couple of the guys hovering by the passageway between the cars. It wasn’t long till he started hearing footsteps. The door began to open and the guys scrambled away. Vash moved his hand from his face as he turned serious. He had his right hand ready to draw his gun from his leg at any moment. But this defensive attitude was short lived when he saw it was just the kid from earlier. Vash heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed back into his seat as the blond hair boy walked past. Vash went back to staring out the window but he didn’t feel an ounce of sleepiness due to the sudden unnerving feeling of impending chaos. This might not be as peaceful as he had hoped.
  Vash / -Serenity- / 4y 291d 13h 48m 43s
The train pulling into the station momentarily distracted Edward from the only other person at the station aside from his brother and himself. His single suitcase weighed heavily in his hand, but not in the physical sense. Just like the watch that hung from his belt, it held a special meaning that could be traced back to the day he had joined the ranks of the state alchemists.

Edward made his way down the aisle to find a couple of empty seats some distance away from the current riders of the train. Like the station they had just left, the train seemed to be nearly empty aside from a few passengers that were holding whispered conversations with one another.

He slid into the seat, positioning himself close to the window so that he could watch the scenery fly by during those moments when silence would fill the air. Al sat across from him, taking up almost all of the seat with his armored body. [#e85502 “I think we may have missed something in the library.”]

[+blue “Brother…”]

Edward shook his head slightly. [#e85502 “Actually, we need to break in there. It’s shorter, and there is no telling if what we are looking for will be hidden if we go the long way.”] He stood up as the train pulled away from the station. [#e85502 “I’m going to go look for something to eat, wait here.”]

The one called Fullmetal left his seat and started up the center aisle of the train. He kept his balance as it turned a corner. Under his feet he could feel the train picking up speed as it headed for the next station. He reached the door between train cars and stepped over to the other side. This one was a bit more full than the car he had just left.

For a second he thought he saw something that didn’t belong, but it disappeared before he could be sure. About halfway down the second car, he bumped into someone who apologized to him before sitting down in their seat with two other people. Again the train took another turn, almost sending Edward into someone’s lap. He was somewhat grateful that he hadn’t been between the train cars when it had turned. As soon as the train straightened out once more, he started again for the far end of the second train car.
  Edward Elric / Falling_Leaf / 5y 37d 19h 15m 54s
It seemed Vash was waiting for hours. Time just seemed to tick by slowly for him. There was a few people around but they all soon left. He was left alone on the bench as he waited for the train. It was a warm and beautiful day but the look on Vash’s face made it seem it was dark and gloomy. He sunk his chin down into the high collar of his coat with a sigh. He was alone again.

It has been quite some time since he saw his friends. He wondered what they were up to. He knew Wolfwood was probably stuck in the middle of nowhere somewhere or getting himself into some sort of trouble. As for the insurance girls, he managed to shake them off a few towns away but he knew they would pop up at the worst time as per usual. For now, it was peaceful.

Vash looked up at the sky, the sunlight reflecting off of the yellow lenses of his sunglasses. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. “The sky is so unbelievably blue.” He mumbled. It was quiet at the station. It wasn’t something Vash was used to. Usually the sand steamer stations were bustling with so much life it was headache inducing. Especially after a long night of drinking. Just trying to get to the stations to get on was insane. Vash was almost suspicious about the emptiness but he shook the feeling off.

As time seemed to drag on, Vash began getting hungry. He grabbed his bag and began digging through it to find the few snacks he had. He managed to find what he was looking for after a few moments. He closed up the bag and began munching on the little food he had.

He was just getting comfy with the silence when the sound of something metal hitting the concrete spooked him, his hair spiking up a little more than it already was and his back going stiff as a board. He was used to traveling alone but not with sudden loud noises that weren’t gunshots since most of the time he was traveling through open and empty dessert. He turned just enough to see who it was. He relaxed almost immediately seeing it was just a young man and someone in a suit of armor. It struck him as weird when he saw the armor but it wasn’t the oddest thing he has seen in his long life. The two were talking but he didn’t pay any attention to it.

Another long thirty minutes passed before the sound of the train began heading towards the station. Vash stood up, grabbing his bag with his left hand and flung it over his left shoulder. He heaved a sigh as he moved away from the bench. He looked at the new arrivals for a moment before turning towards the tracks as the train whooshed by as it began to slow down and eventually stopping. Vash heaved another heavy sigh. He has had really bad luck with the sand steamers and was hoping it will be different on a train. After the doors opened, he stepped inside and hoped nothing bad would raise it’s ugly head as it usually did.
  Vash / -Serenity- / 5y 109d 16h 24m 8s
Edward stood in front of his mother’s grave. The sun was sinking below the horizon behind him, giving him enough light to see that someone had kept the grave clean while he and his younger brother Alphonse had been in central for the past year and a half. The wind picked up the sleeve covering the missing right arm and sent it flapping behind him. It was time to get back to the Rockbell place for dinner, and boy was he starving!

He turned away from the grave. Den had followed him to the grave and was now walking beside him back the way they had come. Tomorrow he would get his automail back, old Pinako was lengthening his leg again while Winry fixed his arm after he had managed to break it yet again. They weren’t rushed quite as much this time, he had requested them to have it done in seven days instead of three. Those days had dragged by, but now he was finally going to get them back. He enjoyed the feel of more traditional automail Pinako had let him borrow for his missing leg, but it wasn’t the same. It wasn’t built for just him and him alone, it was just a spare.

Ahead of him came the the flashing of a light and Edward smiled as he picked up speed to get back to the Rockbell house faster. He saw Winry wave from the balcony with the flashlight in hand. The scent of home cooked food greeted his nose before he even made it into the house. The door opened up to reveal a table laden with all kinds of food. He was about to grab a roll when old Pinako smacked his hand and told him to go wash up.

Dinner itself went by smoothly. Well, as smoothly as it can go when Winry set up a glass of milk in front of Edward. He pushed it away with his left hand, but Winry pushed it back at him. “Edward Elric! You will drink your milk!”

It was a argument that they had every time, and he rose to the occasion. “No way. I don’t like milk. It’s gross.” He grabbed a roll off the tray and stuffed it in his mouth. “Besides, Al doesn’t have to drink it.”

“Al doesn’t need to drink it because he doesn’t need to eat at all.”

“It’s not my fault I’m a suit of armor.” Alphonse, Edward’s younger brother, pouted.

Edward stuffed another roll in his mouth before pushing the glass back at Winry. “Just get it out of here.” They continued to push the glass back and forth until it eventually tipped over. “Now look what you did!”

“Look what I did! It wouldn’t have happened if you had just drank it. How else are you going to get taller.”

“What do you mean I’m so small that a mouse wouldn’t even bother looking at me!” He jumped to his feet, bumping the table at the same time.

Al took hold of him and said, “That isn’t what she said brother,” at the same time Winry was saying, “You know that isn’t what I said.”

~Next morning~

The next morning shone brightly on Ed cringing as his arm and leg were reattached at the same time. He laid there for a moment before moving his hand and leg to show that all of the nerves had connected properly. He got to his feet while Winry put her tools away. “Be careful this time. I really mean it, it isn’t cheap to get the stuff needed to fix your arm.” She held a wrench in her hand and stared at it. “I don’t know where you’re going, but you need to be careful, and I don’t mean just because of you automail. You have to promise that you will come home in one piece next time.”

Ed pulled his arm in front of his chest, stretching it. “Don’t worry about it, but we have to hurry before the train gets here. Otherwise we’ll be stuck for another night and that’ll mean one night further from our goal.” He did the same to his other arm before letting them drop to his sides.

Alphonse stood by the door with Edward’s suitcase in hand. Edward took it from his brother and they left. Behind them the Rockbell’s waved while standing just outside the door. The brother’s waved back before disappearing over the hill and down the road. It would be at least another year before they would come back, if everything went as planned and Edward’s automail didn’t break for yet another time in some kind of fight. Alphonse at least could be put back together with a clap of the hands, no nerves needed connecting like Edward’s arm and leg.

They reached the station within an hour. A stranger was already waiting there. Edward was suspicious of the man, not to mention a bit jealous of the fact that he was so tall. “Brother, what are we going to do once we reach Central?” Al’s metallic like voice draw his gaze away from the stranger.

“We go back to searching I guess. There’s nothing more we can do aside from chase down the homunculi, and I really don’t want to break another arm just yet. So we’ll see what we can find in Central, be good little dogs of military for now.”
  Edward Elric / Falling_Leaf / 3y 114d 13h 8m 16s
Once again he is on the run. Chased out of yet another town by a rain of bullets and screams. To everyone's surprise, he made it out with minimal damage to himself. Maybe a bruise here or there but nothing life threatening. He even made it out without firing his gun. In quite a comical way, he escaped by the seat of his pants and ran off. This seems to be a common pattern for the man. It’s easy to see why they named him The Humanoid Typhoon. He comes without warning and leaves a trail of chaos behind as he leaves.

Vash The stampede is always getting into trouble and is always on the run because of it. Every town or city he goes to, something always has to happen. Either it’s because someone recognized him or a bunch of bad guys decided to cause trouble. Whatever the reason, Vash always ends up in the crossfire. The last town he was in is no exception. He was chased out like a wild dog as per usual. He managed to get away with no serious injuries. Several days have passed since. It was just before noon when the next town started to come into view. With a new found burst of energy and a shout of joy, Vash darted towards the small town with inhuman speed. By the time he got to the outskirts, he was downright exhausted. He began to regret running like that on an empty stomach.

Vash kept moving forward. It was clear he was tired, hurting and hungry. He had to force himself to move his feet. He had managed to make it just past the outer edge of the town before he collapsed and blacked out.

Vash stayed unconscious for hours. It was late afternoon when he started to come too. The feeling of someone moving him and the sound of small voices was what was bringing him around. One sounded like a young girl and the other was a young boy. “Mister. Hey, mister. Are you alright? Wake up. He won’t get up, brother. What do we do?” The girl said with a worried tone.

“You wait here, sis. I’ll go get dad. Keep trying to wake him up.” The boy replied before the sound of running footsteps was heard and faded.

Vash had finally opened his eyes, his vision blurred and trying to return.With a groan, he lifted up enough to roll over. He looked over through blurred vision at the young girl at his side. “I…..must have blacked out.” He mumbled.

The girl beamed a big grin. “You woke up! Don’t worry. Big brother has gone to get help.” The girl said happily as she helped the man sit up. “Papa and big brother should be back soon.”

It wasn't long till the sound of running footsteps and something rolling across the ground could be heard. By that time, Vash had blacked out again. He was placed on the cart that was brought and was wheeled quickly back to the house.

When he came to again, it was late at night. He looked around to find himself in someones house. He sat up and looked around, seeing his coat hung on the wall, his gun sitting on the dresser next to it and his boots sitting just under the coat. Just as he looked at the door, an older looking woman came in with a tray. “My, my. Look who finally woke up. I brought some tea for you in case you woke up.” The woman said with a gentle smile as she set the tray on a table.

“Thank you. I thought I was going to die.” Vash said, his voice scratchy, as he moved to sit at the edge of the bed. The woman handed him the cup of tea and Vash took it with a smile. He twitched and looked up at the woman. “Say, there wouldn't happen to be a bath around here would there?”

“Oh, yes. this is the guest room so it has it’s own washroom. Feel free to use it. Once you’re comfy, come join us for supper. There will be plenty of food and I’m sure you are quite hungry.” The woman said before walking out of the room.

Vash gulped down the tea he was given and decided to take a shower. He found his bag and began digging through it to find normal clothes. He pulls out what shirts he had left that didn't get torn up and let out a sigh seeing all he had left was a t-shirt. “Can’t be helped I guess.” He mumbles as he pulls out a pair of pants and starts taking pieces of his armor like suit off. Undressed and not exactly happy, he wanders into the washroom and flicks on the light. He heaves a sigh as he got the shower ready and steaming hot.

The shower was refreshing and it was clear Vash needed it. “Nothing like a hot shower after long travels.” He said as he used a towel on his head. After getting dressed and comfy, he heaved a sigh of worry. His cybernetic left arm was left out in the open as well as the scars on his right arm and hand. He worried that it might scare someone but he pushed that thought aside. “No use thinking about that when food is waiting.” He mumbled to himself before heading out to get food. He put a halfhearted smile on his face as he greeted the family. Everyone seemed to be happy that he was ok. Everyone seemed to not be bothered by how his arms looked. He turned and saw a young woman with a look of amazement. It dawned on Vash that she was looking at his left arm. “Is it that bad?”

The woman twitched as she snapped out of it. “No. Not at all. There’s many people that share similar scars. Resembool is known for a small automail shop that isn't that far from here. But that doesn't look like something they make though.” The young woman said. “Don’t stress so much about it and relax. We don’t judge anyone that needs help. Come, take a seat. Food will be ready soon.” Vash couldn't help but to heave a sigh of relief and smile. “By the way, my name is Lina. Those two children are Marie and John. The elder woman that you saw when you woke up is my mother, Rosa. That young man by the fireplace is my husband, Brad. He’s the one that brought you here after the kids found you. The man behind you is my father. Everyone calls him gramps. What’s your name?”

“My name is Vash.” He said with smile on his face. The liveliness and happy chatter of the small family was relaxing. “Lina, right? You mentioned automail. What exactly is that?” He asked as he watched the people gather around the table as the last of the food came out.

“I don’t know much about it myself but all I know is that it’s a form of artificial limb. I’m assuming your arm isn't automail?”

Vash shook his head. “No. Mine is cybernetic. I guess it’s similar to it but I get the impression that this is a bit better.” He says as he moves his arm a bit. “This one is the latest one since I last visited home.” He smiles and notices the food. It was then that his stomach decided to start talking. Everyone laughed and sat around the table and began chowing down.

The food came and went in a couple of hours. Everyone was happy and full and were heading off to sleep everything off. Vash managed to make it to the bed in a sleepy daze. He flopped into the bed and was out cold within moments. The night was quiet and filled with the soft sounds of night time nature. Vash was sleeping peacefully after his long journey and that was a rarity in itself. But that journey has just begun.

The next morning, Vash was up and ready to head back out on the road. He was told about the train that went out of Resembool should arrive sometime that day. After making sure he had everything, he bid the family farewell and headed off towards the station. A couple hours passed when he finally reached the station. He found himself a place to sit and waited for the train to arrive. In the back of his head he prayed that nothing would happen this time but knowing how trouble seems to follow him everywhere, it was highly doubtful that something probably will happen and once again he gets chased out.
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