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In a world where there is no longer any stability, the governments of the world start to build a new breed of weapon. The human experimentation and mobile suit age is upon the human race. Humans have set up off Earth bases on Mars and the Moon. 2049 is the year everything started, humans have discovered that there are also true beings from other dimensions most referred as Hell and Heaven. These beings resemble humans besides the visible and vanishable wings. Many of these "demons" and "angels" have been captured. "Demons" humanoids with some extra speed and attack strength. "Angels" humanoids with almost no feelings they just thrive to make the "Demons" extinct, both angels and demons have wings but they vary in size and color, as well as shape. These beings have been seen all throughout history told in stories, fairytales and folklore as werewolves, magicians, witches and wizards, some much darker as myths of the undead. They are the demons and angels. Each have classes that determines whether they are angel or demon. These classes are as such; Fallen, ascended, vampires, werewolves, chimeras, shape-shifters.

The Church calls the release of these beings the start of the holy war. Some call this Judgement upon mankind. There is now a rising of many new military forces as well as some forces from the old wars. Fighting as well against these factions are some Private Military groups, clans, and companies. There is one group that is becoming more and more worrisome to the world, a group that has thought to be extinct for a century, the Third Reich better known as the Nazi’s. After a century of hiding, plotting, recruiting and experimentation they are back and are stronger than ever.

The Nazi’s aren’t located in Germany as they once were, instead this time they are located in every country, behind small bombings and robberies or being endorsed by governments the Nazi’s lead the first attack on America, Europe and Asia. These attacks took place in the year 2055, but not at different times, ALL the attacks were done simultaneously on all the embassies across the globe. In response to these attacks Russia and America tried to launch an attack against the Nazi’s. This turned out to be uneventful because both governments weren’t able to find where the attacks originated from. Soon after police stations where hit then military bases, making the attacks look like America and Russia were trading blows then from Berlin Germany the flag was raised and the two rivaling super powers realized when it was too late and more than half their military power was gone, as well as all their nuclear arsenals were destroyed. The Nazi’s engaged the USA’s forces from inside their borders and attacked the Russians. While Germany has grown in the past 50 years at an alarming rate nobody thought they were a threat, nobody knew what was going to happen. Germany had gained control of Belarus in 2052, nobody could figure out why Germany set up their main military force there.

This is just how one group waged war on all factions and groups. This group has very early prototype mobile suits, some experimental hybrids of humans and demons, and super soldiers. This crew isn’t orthodox nor is their procedures. This group posted all over the world worked hard to remove the new Nazi threat. This is what happened to them.

Our Group:

Codename: P5-YC
Real name: Kase
-Origin: Canada
Race: NATURAL Demon human hybrid
Class: Vampire
- Experimented upon to create a super-soldier
- 5 ft. 11inches in height
- 1.5 tons
Bio His body was supposed to be plated with a jewel steel designed in old Japan for swords and other uses, instead of steel its titanium that has been strengthened and molded over his muscle fibers. This "plating" is molded to his muscles, this means the metals moves with his body without giving up protection. His body can take up to a 90 millimeter round. As he is part human he does have his limits on energy and stamina but those limits aren't reached very often.
Bio: Kase isn't what you would call average for either human or Demon, during his few years he felt all human until one day during elementery school he figured out he could heat his body by the thought of a fire, or cool it thinking of ice. One day during high school a large group of students surrounded him outside started to beat on him. Even though they kept beating him down and Kase stood up and his eyes went from a normal human green to developing a flame in the left and a ring in the right. When this started happening he started to fight back, as he fought back a crowd gathered. People other students watched as he beat down each person and his wings began to form. As the wings grew his speed increased. When all the kids were beat down Kase had reached his Limit as people cheered for then fell silent as he collapsed. When he awoke he was in a cell with stitches all over his body.

Race: Human
-Origin: USA
-Pilot of the RAZORBACK System Commander Unit
Razorback is an advanced mobile suit experiment create by the USA in 2033. These beast like monsters vary in size each one is deadly. These machines vary in size and shape but they were decommissioned after a squad was built. These machines where shipped for destruction but instead they were taken by X-000 and his crew. These machines have classes starting from smallest to largest; the scout is the size of a VW beetle, next is the Sniper which is about the size of a Humvee. The commander and soldier units are the size of an M1 Abrams tank. The Last but not least the Heavy and support.

Codename: 0ka-m1
Real name: Alana
Race: Human, now demon hybrid
Origin: USA
Class: Werewolf
Origin: USA
Abilities: Alana has all the traits of a wolf. Eye sight, agility, hearing, sense of smell, strength, and speed.
Bio: Alana was 16 when she was taken and used for experiments. They spliced her DNA with a wolf and made her a demon werewolf. She is kind to those she trusts but she is very cautious about everybody. She just wants to be free. Before she was taken like many others the government ordered all doctors to do a DNA test. As they gave the blood to the government and the tests started a select few had DNA that would co-operate with the demon DNA. The following year she was chosen and taken to a facility then injected with the DNA and she was one of the very few who survived.

Codename: Scourge
Real Name:

Screams where heard throughout the mine as another human was being whipped and a man sighed and continued his work and pushed the cart down deeper as more people screamed and where punished for collapsing. He sighed and watched the people work as he passed by. “If this really were just a camp for holding us, then why are they so heavily armed?” “Maybe there’s some of those freaks” “Shhhhhhhh. They’ll hear you”. The red headed man heard people talking while he went by. ‘Freaks’ that’s what we’re being called now? Well it’s true we aren’t normal but we’re still human. Kase said inside his head. He looked up and licked his lips being from the vampire family he craved blood. Just as he was about to take a drink the mine roof collapsed on top of him as he pushed the mine cart away. “FU-“his voice carried through the tunnels followed by the sounds of the collapsing roof. Everyone around the area started running away at the sound of the rumble and people gathered at a safe distance watching Kase getting buried. Once the dust settled Kase was nowhere to be seen. As prisoners started to gather looking at the mound of rock, so did the guards. The guards started yelling at the prisoners to get the rock cleared off the tracks.

As the prisoners moved the rocks they noticed Kase’s body was there and the Camp curator was standing behind everyone "Hmmm we need another worker” her voice echoed and everybody froze. It was unusual for her to ever leave her office. She was tall and had red hair. She looked at the arm and saw a familiar tattoo. “Bring that man’s body to my office after you remove those stones from on top of him.” One guard looked at her. “Ma’am why do you want us to take this dead corpse to your office?” He said shakily, the woman was known to kill her subordinates upon an instant without any warnings. “I’d like to examine him, and get a truck so you can move him” She started to walk away towards the exit of the mine. The prisoners started working faster than before and made sure to not hit the body. As they moved the rocks they say some deep gashes and mangled bones. “Man shes an odd one, 10 bodies within the past few months. Wonder what she’s looking for” One of the guards said as he backed up a truck. “Don’t ask her, I heard that the last guy who did was torn apart bit by bit.” The guard who was trying to move the body said with a strained voice “Help me this guy is more than he looks.” As the two guards dragged Kase’s body into the truck bed, the suspension of the truck started to lower down. “Man this guy must weigh a ton” they got inside the truck and started driving it out along the tracks.

* * *

The alarm started to ring and a man rolled over and hit the off button as he sat up. “I hope today is better.” He started his daily routine. "We'll have to give up on him if we have no leads again today." he said as he left the dorm closing the door behind him and the name plate fell off and he sighed and lifted the plate that said Commander X-000. "A commander leaves no man behind." He smiled and put the plate back in place "That's right and until Psyc is found we will not stop searching." He said as he made his way down to the operations room.

“Have you found him yet?” The man asked as he entered the operations room. “Not yet sir, he must be underground because we can’t find his tracker.” sighed “If they figure out what he is and who he is then he is going to cause so much trouble. Oh sir there seems to be a problem in the cage the chief engineer said he needed to talk to you” “” “There was a heavy shipment that was with the people who were being brought to South America” someone said from the other side of the room . “Track that shipment and find out where it was heading. That’s perfect thanks, we need to get him out as fast as we can.” X-000 said with a relaxed yet stressed tone of voice. He sighed and went to the machine bay. “Commander, Sir your Razorback is green and ready for deployment, as well are half of the units.” “Great, what about Psyc’s car?” X said looking at the partially assembled muscle car. “Well that’s another story since Psyc did rebuilt it himself and there are lots of questionable things about it like the material he used and how he welded it.” The chief said “It’s a nightmare, everything is so different from anything I’ve seen.” X chuckled “Psyc built it in his own garage when he was under observation, and used it to escape. I’m surprised he managed to build something like this." X walked over and looked inside the hood. "But all that is beside the point. Does it run like new?” X asked the chief engineer. “It runs but that isn’t my concern, it runs better than it should and there are unexplainable modifications on it… like these...” X cut off and interrupted the chief. “Just reassemble it so it’s ready and he can get his ass out of where ever he’s being held.” X said with a strict tone “Y-yes sir.” “That isn’t like the machines the other’s and I man. Psyc says his car has a soul and they speak to one another. I understand what he talks about.” X patted the hood of the very classic muscle and left the bay. The chief sighed as X left “You pilots are all nuts, and so is that Psyc friend of yours.” The chief started to reassemble the car. It was much larger than cars in this age. “This is such a pain. How did Psyc even get his hands on something like this?” The chief said as he rebuilt the car perfectly and loaded it onto the back of the modified mobile suit. The black old muscle car lay waiting to be driven, almost as if it was waiting to be brought to life by the right person. "Machinery that old is almost impossible to locate and when it is then it's usually found normally its in a museum."



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Aerden made his way out side of the gate leaving the port and his new acquaintance behind for the journey ahead back to his home and workshop that was up north of where the docks were. As he walked he pulled his cart behind him which carried all of the traded goods and profits from the past few days of being at the docks. His profits were greater than usual due to the sales of the sail request from the female pirate Captain was definitely in his best interest despite the task being harder than expected.

With a final deep breath of the dock air Aerden started his journey north back home to his own shop where he would start the task of repairing the knife Danira handed him as per request. He recalled drinking heavily the night before along with what transpired though that did not shake the fact that he was slightly irritable due to the fact he may still have some in his system. In any case that did not matter as long as the trip back to the shop would be a smooth one, though that was yet to be seen.

And so the journey back to the old motor city began, or as most called it now; The Roaring Forest. The place of roaring winds that sounded almost as violent and vicious.
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[i The blade nailed the man to a tree, there was no smell but that of the stained forest. No one else but the corpses of the battle were left, some having weapons pierced from their bodies the others cut down in half. All but one, only one left living, one body still drew breath and spilled living blood. Vines slowly crawled through time, the breathing and heartbeat slowly moved to a point where it would take days for only one but still kept the body alive. A cursed nail driven through the body that kept it alive, causing memories to play over and over as the soil slowly consumed the dead animals consuming meat occasionally however ignoring the one that had now been covered in moss and vines.

There is no salvation for this man until the blade is taken but it too is covered by the forest, as if it were hiding him. It was, hiding it's the only one that fought for more than just money but at the same he had his own charges and sins. They were his punishment memories as they rolled through his mind, the slaughter of men and women in a blood soaked rampage.
  Defector / Psyk / 283d 4h 48m 55s
Name: Aerden 'Random'
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 5'10"
Known languages:Common
Current Residence:
Occupation: Blacksmith & Armorer / Trader
Hobbies/Past times: Testing new forging techinques.

Talents/Skills/Powers: Skills; Smithing, Weapons play .
Powers; Pyrokenesis; Controlling a already lit flame
Talents; Pick pocketing, Slight of hand

Family: Bandits; Born into a bandit clan but broke off after turning 14. So he has no clue how whether they are alive or not.

Sayings/catch-phrases: "Do you really want to test that?" & "Try me." often paired with a dead glare.

Love interests: None to speak of.
Bio: Born in a jungle into a bandit clan, Aerden had a rough start, learning to either beg for money when he first learned to talk or swing a weapon when he was old enough to stand. These were their essential tools to survive while they moved from village to village.
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Kiden Sil'forrin. A young man who hasn't really lived in any one place for very long as he grew up on the road. He stood at about 5'9 or so with a light build as he his living made him quite fit. He was told he was quite attractive when ever he wore a 'normal' outfit in a town he was staying in, at times it was [i terrible] since he'd normally hear such things from intoxicated women.

Today he was sifting through a libraries shelved archives, looking for something to pursue as he was near completing his current job. He reached into his side satchel and put his hand on the book he had picked up to ensure he still had it. Despite most libraries now being entirely electronic there were still written documents that had not yet been transferred into digital form. 'Sad really, books feel much much better than pieces of technology.' He thought as he held the book in his hand while picking through the shelf, scanning each title list moving from one to the next in just a few seconds.

He gave a sigh and put his scrolling hand on his scabbard and shook his head. "Really nothing of any interest around? How saddening." He said softly as to not echo through the entire near silent building. Androids seemed to run so smoothly it was almost but a soft hum when one was within a few feet of them but otherwise it was near dead quiet.

He pulled his hand from his side and yawned lightly as he made his way to the front desk
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Oh so tired to the point I've realized I've been working on the wrong thing for the past few weeks. Sigh. how the fuck did I manage to not realize something was wrong when I started? god damn it. 7 vs a 6 like what I was looking at. Sigh. So much time wasted. Now do I keep going or do I try and move everything to work on a '04 6? [b Ugh how did I not realize this.]

Other news, babe and I are both sick as shit. Probably just a head cold for me but she's got a upper respiratory infection which is much better than what she thought she had. Definitely not dying. Things are going well, talked to bunny too, she's sick as well. So.... all in all things aren't going well I guess.

Going on week 3 of the proffs strike, let's see how long this will last and if I can make up all the work I need too for this semester.
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When everything was just so relaxed then.... it jumps to overdrive it feels like being torn apart in every muscle. Heh.... just my luck coming around and doing it's work as usual.

[ And here's a song for the rest of the night.] Let's let go with both hands
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[VT323 "Getting things in and out of a country is easy, getting things across neighboring countries is a simple and getting your neccessities in and out of here is a slight challenge but oh well. Now pay up, and credit isn't an option." The speaker had been sitting on a shipping container with both arms crossed as the ones being spoken too were shaking from withdrawl. There wasn't much for the Dogs to do on Manhatten island that was productive... no that's not right, they chose to not be as productive as they could be. That wasn't a suprise though as all dogs were considered the most dangerous beings from across the world besides the Death Corps. [i "Alright.... alright. J Just hand it over....."] The buyer said as they pulled out the money they had collected for their addiction. As they did so the seller pulled his hands from his pockets and pushed off of the container before taking the money from his client. "It's been a pleasure~." [i "Fuck you Fuse, you sick bastard."] Fuse gave a chuckle before waving his free hand in the air back at the other dogs, his white hair vanished as he pulled the fur lined hood over his head.

The young man wandered through the city alleys
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"My, my it seems we're in a bit of a pickle now aren't we?" Kraig said as he looked at the ships as he landed after the encounter with the Korini, both ships were completely trashed with almost no chance of repairs. He let out a sigh and some mist came from the exhailer unit of his mask while he watched the Tricon land just about thirty yards away. [google-font] [VT323 "Well now.... how are you sir? Come to slaughter us all?"] He pulled his holopad from its holster as the Tricon began to run towards everyone else before opening coms with everyone whom were on the roster as hired guns. [google-font]

[Press+Start+2P [size10 "I recommend everyone staying still if you plan to end your life today."]]

With the end of the coms announcement the sound of rotors came into audiable range of everybody just before three drones flew between the trees just before splitting up. Each one in a different direction, one behind
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Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway. Once I have new shoes and my boards all dialed I'm gonna shred you this year.
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Kraig made his way into the hanger bay using his holopad which was connected to there cameras that had been in the refinery, switching between the different recording angles. From what he saw there was not a lot going on the inside, nothing out of the ordinary from the abandoned building, 'low threat' monsters that moved through. [google-font]
[VT323 "Nothing out of the ordinary it seems...."] These were the smallest sized of the creatures that recently came to light. He looked up from the pad to see the that there was one of the older class of dropship left that was being prepped to leave.

He gave a sigh of relief as he made his way over to the vehicle whislt turning off the device he was using and placing it into one it's respective pouch. [VT323 [i So this is what's left to take off in then? Alright then..] "Well this seems like we're going to be departing in, it's gonna be a fun time."] Kraig said as he took the rifle that was slung over his shoulder and secured it into place on between the seats opposite of Sylis.
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I don't understand why the hell you unblocked me. Just block me and keep me blocked. I love you but I don't want you to see me, I don't care if I have to block you this time. It's impossible to be friends or anything else.

. Despite all that I still wanna just tslk with you. Fucking contradiction this is. God damn it. FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK!

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Axe in a chopping stump or a log with some primroses wrapped around the handle and possibly some lavender at the either the blade or the base.
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[center 'There was only a draft of wind outside.... should be a good ride today...' The teen stretched across what he was laying on, which when he rubbed his eyes turned out to be the floor. He gave a yawn and got up to get ready for the first day of school, he sat up just as the alarm went off. The snooze button was hit as he stood and prepared himself for the first day, Kase ate and threw on his clothes after washing up.

Grabbing the camera that sat on his dresser he had left out the night before, memory fresh and empty for the subjects for the day. He put the strap around his neck before checking the batteries. "Fully Charged..." he let out a relieved sigh."... good." He had a fascination with photography, no matter the subject. As he checked the time he was a few minutes late but he didn't mind that he was behind schedule as he put his bag over his shoulders and picked up a skateboard as he went out the front door.
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Picture sizing test post. [+white [+black [+white dick

Found this which is just about perfect styling to show me I guess. Except the bright colours and glasses. [pic
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[google-font][google-font][Press+Start+2P I'm gonna lay this out just to have some fun

As a Call of Duty these lyrics are going to create a Battefield
[VT323 ]
I've been on the Brink for so long, it's only a matter of time 'till I'm gone
So f_ck being Rockstar famous, I've become Infamous
Oh you're a fan? That's too bad cause I've turned into a Hitman
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