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Redline, a race that takes place on the first day of every moth. This race is called red line. The race is a non-petral powered race, so cars, trains and any other transport like that was forbiden. Red line was a well know race that was featured on tv live everytime it would take place.

Participants of this race would do almost anything to win. Most of the participants would be in a group for protection reasons as this race people would go far as to kill their competition. Redline consists of two parts. One is a stand still part and the other is the sprint to the finish.

The race starts at excatly miday. All the have ten minutes to find a base in the abddoned part of the city, where they will sation for the stand still phase. During the stand still phase the particpipants will be stationed in the abbandon part of the city. This is the time they need to use to get as close as they can to the exit of the city, the finish line. They may also use this time to eliminate the competition.

Pretty simple right? Wrong!

Though Redline is a race that is widely covered, this race is also illegal. So during the whole time of the race the police are on high alret. When you enter redline you are warned that as soon as the race starts, the police have the ablity to shoot on sight.

So why run in Redline?

For the prize given to the winning person or team. The prize of endless glory. When you run in red line you fight for your pride of being the best. But of course there is a hefty sum of money for the winner, with the catch the it is compolsary for the winner to run the next moth.
So will you sign up?

Sign up sheet

weapon if any:
team if one:
reason for participating in Redline:

  • No godmodding
  • One person/ team cannot win the race two times in a row
  • You can double on characters.
  • characters will be killed but before you kill someone's character ask them and me first.
  • A 300 character limit will be added.
  • Wait for two people to post before you post again.
  • Don't give up until you cross the finish line !
Name: Rin
Weapon: A small hand gun
Team: None so far
Reason for participating: The main reason Rin participates in the Redline races is because she had nothing else to d. Also she had become addicted to the adrenaline of it.

Name: Len
Age: 15
Weapon: A thin bladed sword.
Team: None at the moment.
Reason for participating: None beside the fact hat it sounded interesting.

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