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Six boys from history, three distinct times, one unknown purpose.

Julias x Troye
Cezar x Emile
Boyd x Kaiser

This roleplay belongs to Lorien and Riley.
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[center [font "Papyrus" Julias almost froze in his tracks when he heard the male wasn't home. Something gave the brunette the feeling that this boy was put through more then he was letting on. Though Julias couldn't exactly say much himself. His life was no bed of roses ether, but it must of been better then this boys. Ether way for now they were stuck together to figure out what was going on. So they would have to try hard to figure out where food and water was at.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" [+Brown "I'm sorry to hear that. We will have to find water for you soon then, you need it."] Taking a deep breath the male let his eyes flash from place to place. Nothing. Nothing but sand. Not a lick of water was in sight. Not even the smell of water filled the air or touched the males nose. Great. What were they going to do? Wander around? It was the only option that Julias had. [+Brown "Shall we stop to rest a minute?"] It was hot and Julias could feel his body beginning to weaken and get sticky with the lack of water. The male couldn't imagine how badly the boy felt.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" Stopping dead Julias could smell the small scent of water somewhere. His eyes glancing from the left to the right. Off in the distance to the left he could see the sign of a pool of water together. At first he would of thought it a mirage, but the smell was a dead give-away to him. [+Brown "Hey there is water over there. We should go check it out."] Julias turned to the left starting to wander hoping that the male would follow. Water was a start, water would keep them alive long enough to find food.]]

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[center [font "Papyrus" Boyd only rolled his eyes as the boy questioned him. The cowboy didn't really know where he was going but he was damn determined to get there. The boy's attitude already starting to tread on his nerves like a grate. The boy may off been attractive but he was defiant as all hell. Well if he wanted to not follow him then fine. Boyd wasn't going to stop him. Hell he was going to go on his own way and find his brother like he was aiming for. Kale was still out there damn it, and he was going to find him one way or another.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" [+Green "No I don't reckon I know where I be goin'. I am just tryin' ta find us a bite ta eat if ya don' mind."] Food was important, that much Boyd knew. If they didn't find food they would probably die at some point. They were after all nothing but human and humans had to eat. From the left and right Boyd could not hear anything coming or moving. Only the sound of quietness filled his ears. It was almost eery but he was not going to let it effect him. A outlaw can't let something as simple as being in grass alone with a boy effect him. No. He had to find his way out of this mess.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" The sound of something making noise nearly made the male freeze though he didn't stop. To the left he could see something strange flashing. A barrier? Boyd wasn't entirely sure. Stopping dead in his tracks Boyd reached down picking up a rock and throwing it. A flash shown as the rock came backwards landing in front of him. [+green "There is a barrier in the front of the trees we better go a different direction."] Boyd wasn't going to wait for the boy before he turned. His boots crunching the leafs he walked to the left direction.]]

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[center [font "Papyrus" Emile tilted his head at the male as he was helped to his feet. It had more caught him by surprise then anything else. The pirate shaking his head and stalking after the white haired heir. The other had completed his thought before he could even say it. A groan escaped the males lips as he adjusted his blonde hair and moved to stalk after the cocky heir. A small huff escaped his lips as he blew his blonde hair out of his face and continued to follow.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" Emile wasn't sure where the direction was going to lead them. Just that it was the way that the barrier seemed to want them to go. [+Goldenrod "Where do you think this is going to lead us?"] It was the only thing the blonde pirate captain could think of saying in order to keep this trip from being boring. Deep inside though Emile wanted nothing more then to find his cousin and go back home. To prove to his stupid ass brother that he wasn't a weak ass pirate like he thought he was.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" For now Emile was only going to have to trust that he and the heir could figure this out. [+Goldenrod "And shouldn't we try to find food? We have water."] Food would be essential. The last thing Emile wanted was to die before he got home. Quietly wandering behind the other male Emile felt his eyes beginning to wander. There was no doubt this man was gorgeous and probably a god in bed. However to say such things would likely get the blonde into a ton of trouble.]]

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[center [font "Papyrus" Listening to the boy talk, Cecil took care not to frighten him. It would be horribly of him to startle the poor boy when he was working so hard not to. A small smile working onto his face as he gave a small shrug to him. [+lightgreen "I'm not entirely sure how we got here. One moment I was listening to a crew member ramble. The next I'm laying on the ground here. I'm not entirely sure how we got here or why."] Cecil wished he could be of more help to the boy, but he honestly wasn't. He didn't know much of anything other then he had been drug through with Emile.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" Offering a hand to help the male up, Cecil could see to the left and right. It seemed as if there was nothing for miles and miles around but woods. Then there was the creek they were basically standing in. It was nothing like he had ever seen before, when he was on land of course. Cecil was hardly on land being a pirate but there had been a few times he had gone on the land. A few times he had gotten lost in the forest in a strange freak accident. Licking his lips Cecil looked down to the boy again a smile still on his face.]]

[center [font "Papyrus" [+lightgreen "I suppose we should find food or something though. It would be a good idea to get us alive."] It was a calm and sweet way that Cecil had said it. Always had he kept his words calm so he did not accidentally freak the poor boy out. [+lightgreen "I think Anakin is a sweet name by the way. It suits you."] Keeping his hand offered Cecil looked to the left then to the right. The male trying to observe if food was anywhere near them or not so that he could judge the trip they would have to make.]]
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Troye's eyes traced the landscape around the both of them, seeing nothing but sand, sand, and more sand. There wasn't any other people, there wasn't any water, it was just the two of them in this place. They were lost, without meaning, without time. Troye couldn't make heads or tails of it, even if he wanted to. "Yeah, it does." The southern boy said softy, his brow furrowing in thought. How were they going to get out of here? That was all he could think about. Not that he really had anything to go back to.

As Julias began to walk, Troye followed after him. He wasn't about to go off on his own or stay put in that spot. He would surely die if he did that. His best bet was to stay close to the other and hope they could find something, anything. Perhaps find the reason they were here, what had happened to them. He felt kind of bad for the other boy because he had been at home in bed before waking up here. Troye was not quite so lucky. Reaching up, he pushed strands of dark hair away from his face.

"I was... not at home. I was in the sand, kind of like this... but different. I had run away and I guess I passed out from dehydration or something, and then I woke up here." His forehead creased slightly, one would think he always had such a thoughtful expression on his face, that it was glued there. He wished that he could be happier about not being alone or something. Instead he was confused and scared, but he tried not to let it show. Perhaps he wanted to make sure that Julias didn't feel the need to be terribly strong for the both of them. He would have to pull his weight just as much.

Kaiser shot a slightly narrowed gaze at the man before him. There really wasn't any need to be so rude about it. "I never said he was mine." The boy retorted, brushing messy hair back from his forehead. He watched as Boyd turned and began to walk, and for a moment he decided he didn't want to follow him. Instead he stayed in one spot and watched him walk. Despite trying to be angry, he found his eyes trailing down the man's body, taking in the way that it moved as the cowboy walked away from him. His features softened, his tongue slipping out over his lips, and then Boyd spoke again, snapping him out of it. Kaiser blinked, removing his eyes from the other's form.

"Yeah yeah, I'm coming." Kaiser began to walk in order to keep up, his arms crossed over his slender chest. The last thing he wanted to do was to take orders from some dirty outlaw with a bone to pick with the world. In fact he was already getting rather annoyed with him. He didn't care how nice he looked, he was kind of an asshole, and that got on the boy's nerves. He would much rather have been on the pirate ship still.

"Do you even know where you're going?" He tried to sound defiant, as if he was questioning the other's ability to get them out of this godforsaken forest. At least he'd gotten his land legs back, finding it easier to walk along the forest floor without getting sick. He kept his arms crossed, though, to make sure he didn't get sick. "Because I'm pretty sure you're only getting us more lost." He wasn't sure at all, but he couldn't help but poke and prod at Boyd as he followed him, just to see how it would effect him.

Cezar was more concerned with how he was going to spend his time in this place with this man than he was about getting free of it all and getting back home. That, in itself, said more about the young heir than anything else inside of his head. He was terribly shallow and he didn't see a problem with that. Throughout his life Cezar had always been told what to do by someone or another and never got to do as he pleased. Now he was free from that and he wasn't about to go rushing back home just to find his way back into the controlling arms of his parents. No way, no how.

Feeling a hand touch his shoulder, a soft smirk formed on his pale lips. Turning his head, he looked back at Emile, raising an eyebrow in question. It didn't last long, though, as the other retracted his touch and apologized for it. Cezar would have said something if the other man hadn't tripped over his feet and landed in a body of water. Instead of words, a laugh broke from Cezar's lips before he put a hand over his mouth to stifle it. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh at your misfortune." He said, shaking his head as he reached down to help the other back to his feet. He wasn't so stuck up that he wouldn't offer a helping hand to someone that needed it. Especially someone so attractive.

"I don't think the barrier is all around us, just in the one direction. Possibly to make us travel in a certain way..." Cezar finished Emile's thought for him, a smirk touching his lips. "We should be able to get somewhere, as long as you don't go tripping over everything that might be in your way." The white haired boy teased, removing his hands from Emile once he was on his feet. He didn't want to make him uncomfortable at all, and it seemed like this pirate didn't like being treated like a piece of ass. "Come on, then." He finally said, turning on his heel to continue walking. It was really all he could do if he wasn't allowed to do anything to Emile.

The man's voice was soft and calming, unlike most that spoke to him, and it put Anakin at ease somewhat. His eyes lingered on Cecil as he introduced himself, telling him that he didn't know where they were. Anakin didn't recognize the place either. It wasn't like any of the forests that he remembered from home, and he didn't recall ever having seen a creek like this either. So they were lost, that was just perfect. He couldn't imagine what his parents were going through when they woke up to find that their son was missing. He wondered slightly if Cezar had been taken from his bed at the same time, but then he wiped the white haired boy from his mind. Every time he thought about him he felt sick to his stomach.

"M-my name is A-A-Anakin." The boy said quietly after taking a deep breath like he'd been urged to. Cecil was very nice and trying to keep him at ease instead of looking at him like a broken toy. He didn't seem to pity him, which was new. Everyone pitied him in the past. The poor blacksmith's son with not a penny to his name and that god awful stutter that plagued his every sentence. They were sad for him but never sought to help him, and that made him both sad and angry beneath the facade of not having any emotions. He had learned well how to hide it all, and how to deal with the fact that he would probably be alone for the rest of his life.

"H-h... How do you th-think we g-g-got here?" Anakin asked, though he was sure that the other man was just as clueless as him. After speaking, the boy looked Cecil over, taking in the way that he looked. He didn't appear to be anything like the people from his town. With his long hair and his brilliant eyes and the way that he dressed. Even his voice was different, with an accent that Anakin didn't recognize. He'd only ever met people from where he lived, never in his life had he even seen a pirate, so the sight of him was unusual for Anakin. But he was also interesting, because he was different and he treated him differently than everyone else. He was kind... that was something that Anakin wasn't used to.

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Julias raised an eyebrow at the words coming out of the males mouth. It was confusing to hear a western accent or see western clothes. Julias had heard about the new world, heard where people had started to move there. Yet he had never seen a person like this in front of his face. A small lump grew in his throat and it took him a moment to realize the boy was addressing him and speaking of what was next. Something about the boy drew him in, like someone who understood what it was like to be the outcast of the family.

"Yeah we should try to look for something more. The sand isn't going to do us much good around here, we need water and fast." Julias licked his lips running one loose hand through his hair. He had no idea where they should even go or what they would do but the other wise right they had to find food and water. All around all he could see was sand, not a hint of life or a hint of water near by. "I hope we find some though it looks pretty barren out here."

Julias knew barren was an understatement at this point. His toes digging into the sand as he turned to start walking in one direction glancing over his shoulder to see if Troye was following after him. "I honestly have no idea how we got here. I went to bed and the next thing I know I'm not in bed anymore, I'm here. My step-mother.." The words trailed off the males lips as he fell silent. Speaking of her badly was terrible enough at home, and something made him feel as if she would know what he said if he said it out loud even here.

Boyd stared at the boy as he stood shakily and grasped his stomach. His eyes rolling as he listened to the child mention something about being with someone he never meant to leave. Well that was good for him, Boyd himself was in a dead search for his baby brother who was lost. "I am in the same 'ere hurry ta get the 'ell outta this place. I reckon my brother is out there somewhere and I reckon I outta find him. Ya will find yer man someday but lets just start walking for now.

Boyd was more demanding then anything as he turned on his heels stalking off. He didn't bother to glance and see if the boy was following him or not. If he was he was, if he wasn't he wasn't. Boyd didn't have time to mess around when Kale was out there lost somewhere that he couldn't find. His brother could be in danger and he was stuck here in some sort of forest. Not his ideal place to be. For miles all he could see were trees when he would rather be surrounded by gorgeously hot delicious sand.

"I reckon if ya wanna find that man of yers ya better keep up with me." Boots smashed the grass beneath as he continued on. Boyd was damn determined to find his way out of this place no matter how attractive the boy he was with was. Despite being an outlaw he was not going to sleep with some other man's boy. That generally got Boyd into trouble and it was just a whole game of crime he was not willing to get himself into. Oh hell no he was not getting himself into.

Emile could feel the eyes of the male on him the entire time he moved. It was unnerving to be watched but Emile brushed it off as he always had on the ships. It wasn't uncommon when he ran around like this for the other crew men to eye him like he was a piece of meat they were waiting to take. Tight pants and a fishnet were probably not his best options in choosing what he had chosen but Emile brushed it off listening instead as the male spoke about it being in all directions. Perhaps it was? Or perhaps it was meant to send them one direction.

Blinking as the man took of, Emile swallowed hard starting off after him. The pirate captain didn't want to get caught in this place if it was the last thing that he did. "Wait!" His voice sounded shrill as he spoke but he ignored it as he picked up his speed to chase after him. One hand lightly reached out to touch the males shoulder without realizing what he was doing. Emile retracting that hand an swallowing hard. Why was he being so nervous around a stranger? It wasn't like he hadn't met them before, except he hadn't at least not without his cousin Cecil by his side.

"Erm sorry. I just don't want to get left her ya know? I don't know if this barrier continues on forever but I assume it shouldn't..." A squeak escaped Emile's lips as he tripped lightly over his two feet landing face first into the edge of a creek managing to soak himself. Lovely. As good news they could get farther past the area of the barrier meaning it was only keeping them into one place. The bad news was now he was soaked making his ponytail stick to the back of his neck as he grumbled almost pouting.

Cecil watched quietly as the boy began to panic. A stutter entering his voice that made him sound frail but Cecil ignored it. The man had spent most of his life with his cousin Emile who had just as much trouble when it came to talking to men of power. Despite how manly he tried to make himself look, Emile was naturally feminine. Breathing in heavily Cecil raised a hand to calm the male down inhaling heavily in an attempt to seem less frightening. "Hush child I'm not going to harm you. My name's Cecil and I don't think you can get home. I don't know where we are at."

Cecil just knew that they were at a creek by a forest and that was it. From left to right all he could see was trees trees and more trees as well as the water. A small smile came over his face as he looked down at the boy who was masking his emotions. Cecil had seen it before, a trick that Emile tried to use when dealing with his brother an infamous pirate captain. "I promise I won't harm you and I'll attempt to help you find your way out of this. Just take a deep breath alright?"

Cecil wasn't sure how else he should handle this situation. The boy looked in pain, scared and frightened, or had at least when he woke up. From the looks and smell of it the boy had likely been involved in intercourse the night before. A smell Cecil had learned because of Logan and his antics. A long line of taking care of people seemed to be Cecil's curse and thus he grew used to it. Not that he minded of course.

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This place was odd. It was unlike any place he had experienced before in his life. He knew for sure that he was no longer in the west, he was no longer at home, and perhaps that was a good thing. After everything that had happened, he couldn't really go home. The boy that was with him was odd as well. He seemed to be misplaced, as if he didn't belong. Troye had never seen someone that dressed in such a way, that spoke with the accent that he had. It was confusing, all of it was, and it didn't help the pain stemming from the back of his head... oh yeah. That pain from hitting his head on the wall of the barn. He swallowed again, recalling what had happened with his brother, the reason he had run. But it still offered no hints as to how he ended up here.

"M'name's Troye Merlot." He spoke softly, his southern accent thick on his words. "M'sure it's a pleasure t' meet you." Even in this strange place he was going to be polite. That was how his mother had always taught him to be. He had learned so much from his mother. His heart broke slightly thinking about never seeing her again. But he couldn't go back because of his brother and what he had undoubtedly told his father about what had happened. Even if he ever got out of this strange place he could never go back. He was sure of that.

Troye slowly made his way to his feet, feeling dizzy as he did so. He couldn't see anything but sand and trees and sky for miles. A soft sigh left his lips. "I wonder how we got here... I don't remember a thing." Biting his bottom lip, Troye looked back at Julias and tilted his head to the side a bit. "Do you think we should try t' find anyone else or at least somethin' other than sand?" It seemed to be the best idea. They couldn't just sit here and die of thirst in the heat. They needed to get somewhere, find food, water, and possibly people if they even existed here.

Kaiser wouldn't admit to the feeling that came over him at the realization that he could have been abandoned. His heart dropped, something that shouldn't have happened to him. He was meant to have a new start, a new home, and now that was gone. He felt like pulling at the grass beneath him, pulling at his hair, but he tried to keep his composure. Looking weak in front of anyone was not an option, not in his mind. Especially someone like this boy who could have been incredibly intimidating if Kaiser cared enough to make up his mind about it. He only looked at Boyd, trying to make heads or tails of him for the time being.

"Only what I've read in stories." He admitted, brushing his fingers back through his messy hair. It was weird, that was for sure. He had never encountered a person like this before, and the accent coming from the other man was harsh on Kaiser's ears. "I was aware of where I was. On a ship in the middle of the bloody ocean, in bed with someone I didn't intend on leaving..." He huffed roughly and pushed himself up from the ground, wobbling on his feet as a sudden rush of nausea overtook him. His hand pressed to his stomach and he shut his eyes. So much for keeping his composure.

"I don't know about you, but I'm more than ready to get the hell out of here." His eyes opened and he looked at Boyd again, a bit of a distraught look on his face. Even with all of the confusion, he couldn't help the curiosity that came over him regarding the outlaw. He looked strong, demanding, and Kaiser found that intriguing. He'd never been with anything close to a cowboy before. No... no, this was not the time. "Which way do you figure we should go?" Kaiser asked. Everything looked the same in every direction, and he couldn't decide which way he should go. And part of him was terrified of being lost.

Cezar really should have been more concerned about this whole thing. But he was just happy to not have to deal with his parents and the prospect of being married off for a while. Being an heir was exhausting, and having any kind of break was more than wonderful for him. Still, he couldn't help but find the whole thing strange. A meadow? Where? Why? Who? How? So many questions rolled through his head before being interrupted by the other man in his company introducing himself. Looking at him, he smiled and nodded once. "I'm Cezar. It's a pleasure, I'm sure." Meeting anyone outside of the British upper class was a pleasure. At least he could be sure this pirate wouldn't be stuffy and obnoxious.

Staying in place, Cezar watched with some interest as Emile walked in one direction before coming back. Apparently there was a barrier, something to keep them in place. "Is that so?" He asked, furrowing his brow. "Do you think it's all around us?" His eyes moved around the meadow in curiosity. Why would someone want to keep them in place? He had heard of powerful magic before in his life, but had not seen anything like the descriptions until now. And it made him wonder why he had been dragged into whatever this was.

At least if he was meant to be stuck, it was with someone quite attractive. The thought of pulling that long hair was a strong one, and Cezar licked over his lips absentmindedly. Might as well live it up while he was free of his home and his life, if only in his head. "There has to be some way to get out of here... some way to find something or someone." The white haired boy crossed his arms over his chest, looking around before walking off in a random direction. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, but if anything inside of the barrier could offer explanation or help, he was going to find it.

Pain. There was a considerable amount of pain, even while he was unconscious. Anakin had made a mistake getting into bed with the heir, but the boy was so hard to resist. The way he spoke, the way he beckoned and teased... the blacksmith's son had little to no resolve on the matter and found himself in a whirlwind of pleasure before he could even bat an eye. The last thing he remembered was lying in bed with his back facing the white haired mail who had passed out because of his alcohol intake. All he felt was guilt for his actions. What would his father say? Anakin had never been with another male before Cezar, he had never even been aware of those feelings until the rebellious heir came into his life.

The water began to stir him, rushing past him gently, as if a cool hand were trying to wake him from his disturbing slumber. He had been awake when the strange feelings came over him, when everything began to become distorted. It had frightened him, but soon after it began, he had passed out. Now he was lying in the water of a creek very far from home. Far from everything he knew, everything that was familiar. Even Cezar was somewhere else, and so there was nothing that he could grasp onto, nothing to keep him comfortable. As he began to wake up, he felt pain all over, some of which had probably remained from the night before with Cezar. But fresh pain throbbed in his head from whatever had happened to them during the night.

Hearing a voice, Anakin started, feeling pain wrack his body. He groaned softly, slowly lifting his head from the ground so that he could look around. There was another man with him, but he didn't know him. He had never seen anyone like him. Anakin probably looked slightly dirty from being around his father's work all his life, and definitely poor. If he was anything, he was poor. After a moment, his vision focused, taking in the man with long hair and the most brilliant eyes he had ever seen. It took a moment for the panic to set in. Anakin jumped again and pushed himself up from the ground quickly with little regard to the pain he felt. He was dressed in ill fitting clothes which verified his social status.

"Who are y- y- you?" Where a- am I?" The moment he spoke, his lips betrayed him. Anakin had been cursed with a stutter from a very young age. The result of a trauma his mind never allowed him to remember. His father couldn't afford to get him any kind of treatment, so they simply lived with it. Because of it, no one wished to marry their daughter to him, because he was defective. Cezar had simply called him endearing because of it, telling him that he would set him straight with the night they shared. The memory of it caused Anakin to feel dirty all over again. He pulled the sleeve of his loose shirt up onto his shoulder where it had fallen off, covering a series of dark bruises left by the white haired male with his teeth.

"I h- have to g- g- g-" He swallowed. "get home... my f- father needs m- m- me." Anakin was the only child of his parents, and he helped his father with his work. The man was getting older and needed more help these days, lest his business go under and their family be subjected to absolute property. Anakin, despite how very much he felt like crying, kept his strong composure. Weakness was not something he was allowed to show. Not in this world. And he knew that. So, in order to keep himself in check, he simply remained emotionless. It seemed the best way to him.

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Staring at the other boy in confusion it seemed so strange. The male before him was not dressed the same, did not speak the same. Hell the boy seemed to be from a whole time era that Julias had never even heard of. It was all strange to the brunette as he shifted his fingers through his hair glancing around listneing as the question was asked of him.

In all honesty Julias was just as clueless as the boy as to where they were. Tree's were around them but that was about what he knew towards their location. A beach? It wasn't much but it was all Julias knew about this place for now. A small sigh passing through tan lips as Julias pushed himself up and into a sitting position. This place was strange and how he had gotten here was beyond him.

"My name is Julias. Who are you?" The words left his mouth quietly barely above a whisper. A tone he had been trained to use when addressing his step mother that seemed to have stuck in his mind. Clothing stuck to his skin as sweat seemed to cling onto his body like a tight hug you can't break free of. Stickiness forming on his skin as he shifted breathing out a heavy breath that moved his hair around a little.

Whoever was with him seemed to be lost too. Someone who looked upset, confused and lost. Perhaps they had lived a life like he had where their brother was favored? Julias was entirely unsure if it was the truth or not. "I'm not sure were we are honestly. All I know is that we are surrounded by sand and that it's hot as ever out here." Heat, something that didn't bother the son of the duke. Their homeland had been so hot it was not a big deal that it was hot here. At least not to Julias.

Boyd could feel his head beginning to pound with the questions pelted at him. Boyd letting out a heavy breath and pushing his fingers through his hair as he crossed his legs underneath him. The boy looked to be so confused which was to be expected when waking up in a place like this. Hell Boyd had no idea where he was only that it was not near his dear, precious, baby brother.

"No it is not some joke. I reckon ya don' be knowin' what the 'ell a outlaw is then." Rubbing the back of his head Boyd lets out a small groan. Grass, a forest, oh lovely he was no were near what he was used too. Grass was scarce where he had grown up from and if there was any it was farther north then the desert he had grown up in. A desert..oh how he missed the desert. Now he was stuck here with a kid who knew nothing about where they were as he had.

"I don't reckon I know where we are. Ya'll should be aware of ya are before takin' off. If yer supposed ta be a pirate yer a long way from where ya should be though. All I know is a damn smoke come a rollin' in and then bam! I'm here and ya are rattling at me." The other wasn't bad looking, from what he could see of the boys body. However Boyd wasn't interested in having sex at this very moment. If he had been he would of been all over flirting with the boy.

Pushing up to stand Boyd could feel his chaps clinging to his body with a layer of grime. His boots clicking into the grass making it a little hard not to stumble over. Luckily he managed to keep his balance as he stared off to the side with a groan. Grass, trees, grass. They were stuck in the middle of a field somewhere with no time around it. "I reckon we are in a forest some where. I don't reckon how we got here. Last I remember I was riding to find my brother and then a fog hit me hard."

Emile could feel his heart beat quicken when he heard another speaking. Soon a white haired man was standing in front of him speaking and asking him questions. Everything seemed to be making Emile's head go spinning. A forest? Why wasn't he out on the sea like he had been before hand? All he remembered was Logan complaining about fog, his brother getting another person he had a crush on, then nothing.

"I..I'm fine. I have no idea honestly where we are or how we got here. A meadow that's all I got for ya." The pounding in his head didn't seem to be going away but Emile couldn't help it. Gingerly reaching up to rub his aching head the blonde turns to take the sight of the meadow in. Land, oh how long had it been since he was actually on land? A very long time for as long as he could tell. He had been but a boy the last time he had walked on land with his mother before he became a pirate like his father.

The man next to him seemed to be gentle, but from what he could tell by clothes he was a rich boy from England. "I'm Emile by the way. Not that it's important or anything but I figure if we are at least stuck together you should know my name." To most Emile would appear weak, small and fragile. It was one of the many things his brother often pointed out to him. However Emile always chose to ignore it as he twisted staring from the left, then to the right.

There had to be something around here right? Deciding on a course of action Emile slowly starts to wander towards the left only making it so far before he felt something cold. Some cold thing holding him in place not allowing him to go any further..odd. Turning and walking back the blonde was confused by what was going on. "It's like there is a barrier." His words were uttered more to himself then the party of his company but he was sure the other could hear him.

Cold waves washed up on the barely conscious male. Though this was not what the blonde was used too, his world spinning urging him to open his eyes. Slowly sea-foam eyes pealed open to stare up into the blue sky.

Whatever water was running against his skin was going consistently and not in variation. The last thing Cecil could remember was Emile being tugged into the fog and running after his best friend and cousin before he too was sucked in. Logan's screams were the last thing he heard before darkness had hit him.

Shifting painfully into a sitting position for the first time the blonde could make out where he was. Around him were rocks and a few trees and around him was the ledges of a creek. Somehow he had gone from being in the middle of no-where to a creek. A pirate locked in some sort of world he couldn't understand. Barely aware Cecil could make out another laying in the water unmoving.

Tip-toing over quietly the blondes hand extended to shake him a little. Hoping that the other would stir and look at him, hoping that he was not injured or sick. "Hello? Sir? Are you alright?" Cecil's voice was gruff despite the softness of his eyes. On the pirate ship he was the muscle compared to Emile who was so small. Emile, the cousin he was trying so desperately to help become stronger then his brother.

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Work, work, work. That seemed to be all there was to do around here anymore. Troye tried his best not to be a disappointment, but it was difficult when he wasn't capable of doing much. He wasn't strong like his father and his brother. He was more suited to the kitchen with his mother, or so he was constantly told. He should be wearing a dress and sewing things up for all the good he did in the fields. It made him feel like he was less than the rest of his family. That his parents didn't love him as much as his brother because he couldn't do the hard labor as well. And because of that he didn't try as hard. What was the point?

"Hey there lil brother." Lucas had joined him in the barn where Troye was grooming his horse, just trying to get a little peace and quiet. It didn't seem like that was going to happen at all, though. A soft sigh left his lips as the other boy came closer to him. "Pa told me to come and find ya. Wants ya to go help with supper. Ma's havin' trouble with the pain again." Lucas leaned against the stall that Troye was standing in, a smirk on his lips. It had to be so much fun for him to be the favorite.

"Alright, I'll be there in a second." Troye ran his brush one last time through Gracie's mane and then touched her gently on the nose. The horse was his only true friend, the one thing that understood him enough to not make fun of him. He didn't want to leave her to do anything that he could fail at, but he had no choice. Stepping out of the stall, he noticed that Lucas was still standing there. "Didn't you hear me? I said I'm comin'." Troye furrowed his brow slightly, watching as his older brother smirked at him with such a confidence. One that unsettled his stomach.

"I heard ya." Lucas stood up from where he was leaning on the wall and stepped up to block the smaller boy's path. They had matching green eyes but that was about the only thing that looked the same about them. "Ya know, I never noticed how pretty you are, Troye. You look very... soft." A calloused hand rose and brushed along Troye's jaw, and the younger of the two took a step back to find his back against a wall.

"I gotta get to the house or pa will beat me again." Troye said quickly, looking up at his brother and then attempting to step around him. An arm blocked his path as Lucas placed his hand against the wall, and then did the same on the other side, keeping his brother in place.

"I'll just tell 'im I found ya out here havin' a roll in the hay with a boy from town and had to teach ya a lesson before lettin' ya go." The way that Lucas looked at him was intimidating and Troye swallowed hard.

"That'll only make him worse. Please, Lucas, just let me go in..." Lips covered his in a desperate kiss, hard enough to make him hit his head on the wall, and he closed his eyes tightly. With all the strength he could muster he put his hands on his brother's chest and shoved him back. Thank goodness he was small, it allowed him to slip away, and he started running as hard as he could. Not toward the house, not toward anything, he just started running.

"I hope you die out there!" He heard from behind him. "You better never show your face round here again ya fuckin' whore!" Troye could feel tears threatening to come to him, but he pushed them away as he ran. There was no going back. Lucas would make something up to make him look bad, say that he came onto him instead of it being the other way around. He wouldn't be welcome back again, not so long as his father and brother were still alive.

Pain radiated from behind his eyes as the darkness began to fade just slowly. He couldn't remember much, his brother, the plains, needing water, passing out. When he woke up he thought he was in the same place, but he wasn't. It wasn't as hot, and the sand beneath him was unlike anything he'd ever felt before. A soft groan left his lips before he began to cough, his throat still dry. It took a minute for him to even realize he wasn't alone, but when he caught sight of the other boy, he felt his heart clench and he sat up, looking at him wearily.

This boy looked strange, misplaced. He didn't appear to be from where Troye was from in some way. His clothing was wrong, his hair was wrong. He was different. "Who are you?" Troye said, his voice a bit scratchy since his throat was so raw. He touched it gently, trying to swallow some of his saliva to make it better. He let his green eyes roam around them, trying to figure out where he was. "How did I get here?" Of course the other boy had no idea either. He looked just as clueless. Reaching up, Troye brushed sand from his dark hair. This didn't make any sense, not in the slightest.

Life was different aboard a pirate ship, and maybe Kaiser got a little sea sick at first. He'd never been to sea before, it was difficult to get used to at first. However, he wouldn't take back his decision to accompany the captain on his journey across the seas. Staying put would mean living a life he no longer wished to live. He would more than likely be killed before his time of starvation or by the hands of an unpleasant client. No, this was much more preferable. This was the life he needed. And as a cabin boy he didn't have any hard work to do. He just made sure everyone was happy, and wasn't that pretty much his job before hand?

The crew looked at the newly established cabin boy like a treat, and Kaiser did the same with some of them. However, it was told to them all by the captain that none of them were to touch him for any reason without his permission. The life he lead was left behind and he no longer had to sleep around to survive. That didn't really stop him from bedding a few of the more tempting crew members, though. The chef with his beautiful dark skin and exotic accent. The surgeon who was sinfully good with his hands. The youngest member next to him who was so terribly inexperienced that Kaiser couldn't help but teach him a few things. And of course, the captain.

This was where he found himself on this night. In the bed of the most powerful man on the ship, curled up at his side. He could hear the man's heart beating beneath his ear as he rested against his chest, fingertips running gently through the fine hairs on his skin. Clint was the finest man he had ever met in his life, and it made him happy to be here with him. The captain had expressed the same many times. Most nights Kaiser would fall asleep with him, Clint kept him warm at night and soothed his sickness when the sea became too harsh. No matter who else he was with, Kaiser would always find his way back here to the one man that he could have actually developed feelings for. The first person to capture his heart.

If only he hadn't fallen asleep that night.

It took a minute for Kaiser to realize that when he woke up he was no longer curled against the side of the captain that had rescued him from his mundane life. He was lying in grass on solid ground, a place he never wished to be again if he could help it. He was making his home on the sea, but that was over far before it even began. His eyes blinked open to see a dense forest around him, a place he'd never been before. There weren't many forests where he came from. He was still lying in the same position as he was before, as if he were still lying against Clint's chest, pressed to his side. However there was no other man there with him, to the best of his knowledge.

Kaiser was only wearing his pants, having fallen asleep shirtless for more comfort. His hair was still messed up from his night in the captain's quarters. Slowly he pushed himself from his stomach and got to his knees, rubbing at one of his eyes. It felt odd not to have the rocking of a ship beneath him for the first time in a while. He looked around, unsure of what was going on, and his eyes finally came to rest on the company he had been afforded. With one look at him, he lifted an eyebrow.

"Is this some kind of joke?" Kaiser said, his accent portraying him easily as a member of the lower class. "What are you supposed to be?" He'd never actually seen someone dressed like a cowboy before, and it was a little amusing to him. Still, he shook his head. This wasn't the time or the place. Speaking of... "Where are we? I was on a ship a few hours ago... I should still be there, there wasn't a port for hundreds of miles." His spirits began to fall. What had happened? After everything he wouldn't have just been abandoned, would he? Sent back to dry land to live his life alone again? Was it all just a dream? Or was this a dream? It was too difficult to tell.

The party was extravagant and people of high blood lines had come from miles around to attend. It was the event of the year, after all, something that shouldn't be missed. Cezar Ferara, heir to the Ferara fortune, was turning twenty-two and as always, was having the most amazing birthday party thrown for him. It turned out, however, that the heir could not care less about the party or the people who attended. Rich, stuffy people and their sons and daughters, all who wished to dance with him and try to persuade him into some kind of legal binding marriage so that they could share in his fortune. It was so tiring to him. He hated it, and that was why he had stolen away after the main introductions of all the lords and ladies. Hopefully no one would discover he had gone.

In a tavern in the town below his home, Cezar looked at a couple of cards in his hand, a cigarette perched between his pale lips. He glanced up at the men around the table and smirked softly. "I call." The heir pushed his chips forward and waited for them to make a move. He was always so sure of himself, so confident. It would be hard to tell if he was bluffing or not. It turned out that he wasn't, but the others didn't know. So when they all pushed their money to the middle of the wooden table they were unhappy to find out that the heir possessed a better hand than any of them. A laugh left his lips as he collected his winnings. "Sorry boys, those are the breaks, I'm afraid." His accent was so very posh, he tried to tone it done somewhat, but sometimes he didn't even think about it.

"However, just to show you how much of a good sport I am, the next rounds on me. In fact, I'll buy everyone in this place the next round." He snapped his fingers and the bartender began to pass around the drinks to the cheers of all the other men. A few patted the boy on the back, thanking him for the free drinks. Some ruffled his platinum blonde hair. He simply laughed and dismissed their gratitude. It was the least he could do, really. However, he wasn't going to waste the opportunity when it arose. The son of a builder in the town, a boy he knew well, pulled him to the side as the other men began to sing a tavern song, and they occupied the back corner where they spoke in whispers and flirted with one another.

"Pretty, rich thing like you really should be at that party." Bernard said, playing with the feathers on Cezar's clothing. He tried to tone down what he wore, but he didn't really own anything that wasn't magnificent and made him look like the heir that he was.

"But I'd much rather be here with you." Cezar whispered, a smile forming on his pale lips. Bernard placed a kiss against that smile, one that the heir returned happily, his hands latching behind the other boy's neck. They kissed each other breathless, to the point that Cezar's soft lips were swollen from the constant pressure, but it was not to last. A hand came down on Bernard's shoulder and pulled him away, leaving Cezar to sigh heavily at the sight of his personal guard. "Did father send you after me?" He asked, brushing his tousled blonde hair back into place.

"Do ya honestly think if your father knew you was gone I'd still have my head?" The man asked him, taking him by the arm and pulling him from the corner of the tavern. "I don't know what gets into you, sir. You're gonna get me killed or fired one of these days." The guard knew by now that he couldn't treat Cezar with child gloves. He had to enforce the rules on him heavily, lest he get away like he had tonight.

"Honestly, Lucian. You really must lighten up." Cezar laughed and turned back, blowing a kiss to Bernard as he was pulled from the tavern. At least he'd had a little fun while he could. Now he would be forced to return to the boring birthday party where he would more than likely drink himself into a stupor on the finest wine just to get through it all.

When Cezar awoke his head was pounding, perhaps from the amount of wine he had. He was so hungover, but that wasn't the only reason his head was hurting. It wasn't until he actually sat up that he realized he wasn't in his own bed, but lying in the grass, and he brushed his fingers through it slowly. His brow furrowed slightly. "Bloody hell... how drunk was I?" He smirked, wondering what kind of mischief he had gotten into. But this wasn't his doing, this was something entirely different. He didn't recognize where he was. And he distinctly remembered falling asleep in his bed last night. He knew that he did. He was still wearing his clothing from the night before. Feathers and all.

Looking over at the sound of movement, Cezar caught sight of a long haired male, and he looked like a pirate. That was funny, there were no pirates around where he lived... Perhaps that should have been troubling to him. "You alright?" He asked, not entirely sure who this guy was, but he looked just as disoriented as Cezar was. "Wouldn't happen to know where we are, would you?" He smirked and looked around again, slowly getting to his feet. This was strange, but he liked the uncertainty of it. This was his idea of fun.

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"JULIAS! JULIAS! WHERE IS MY TEA?!" Flinching at the sharp sound of a woman's shrill voice the brown haired young man pushes himself up from the cold hard ground. Dirt smeared over the front of his faded blue jeans and on his knees from where there were holes in them.

Soft hazel eyes lifted to stare sadly at the door as the voice bellowed through again. The male in question swallowing hard as he forced his legs to work dragging him ever closer to the door where the demon woman lay waiting for her tea. "JULIAS!" A small sigh passed through pale pink lips as his name hit his ears harshly again. So was the life of a servant, the life of someone sworn to serve the queen.

Life had not always been like this for the young man. There had been a brief time when he was young that things were easier. That of course had been before the king had taken ill and Julias had been sent to the slave quarters to work with his mother.

The queen had said she would not be having a bastard of a child running loose in the castle without him doing something useful, and so here Julias was. Not that he truly minded of course, Julias found joy in taking care of the flowers and helping with the cooking. It was only this that he hated, the demands of a queen who would rather watch him drowned or burn then actually keep him around.

"JULIAS!" A heavy sigh left the males lips as he moved barefooted to the kitchen to make the tea she was so demanding. The boy straightening his back out and inhaling sharply Julias makes a swift decision; he wasn't going to show her any fear, at least not today.

Walking quietly into the room the male could feel his heart rate increasing like it would if you were entering an lions den. Though in his mind this was entering a whole lot worse. "I've brought you your tea my lady." From where the male was standing only a large lump in the center of red blankets could be seen. Inside of it was a fairly young woman with midnight black hair and burning brown eyes that stared at him with such intense hatred.

"It took you long enough! Bring it here right now and then head back to your room do you understand me?!" The woman's barking voice was starting to cause a slow burning pain through the males temple, but he had no choice but to obey. Quietly walking up and handing the woman her tea the young male turns on his heels making his way out of the room.

His brothers eyes ever burning on him as he passed the crowned prince on his way down the long hallway to the room that had become home. It wasn't a big room, nor was it very furnished but it served as home for Julias in this time. The brunette flopping onto the covers and briefly closing his eyes.

Pain was pulsing through the males head as he let out a small, pained, groan. His entire body was sore and his memory was fighting to remember just what had happened. Eyes slowly peeling open with a burning sensation the male could see that he was no longer in the palace.

From the corner of his pained eyes he could see that someone was near him. The room they were in seeming to be a white vortex fading into blue skies and soft sand underneath him. This place was like no other he had seen before, and it only added onto Julias's confusion.

The strong smell of sand and sweat burned into the young outlaw's nose as he stared down at a pudgy woman. Her wrinkled face was contorted as she glared at him for something or another that wasn't his fault. His heart thundering in his chest like a team of wild horses were tugging on it trying to get it to break free. Rage was what he was feeling, nothing but pure blinding rage.

"Where is he?" The words croaked out of his lips as his eyes narrowed on that fat woman. Her twisted grin only seeming to grow as his rage got bigger and bigger. "Hes long gone by now you twit. I scared him away when the brat couldn't take what I did to him." Fury seemed to catch in the man's eyes as his tanned hands wrapped around her neck tighter.

"You didn't." Through gritted teeth the words seemed to barely pass out. His chest tightening with the boiling rage that was nearly about to spill over as he stared into her cold cruel eyes. No words were needed to know that what she had done was true and real. She was not lying when she spoke those words.

In a fit of anger the outlaw felt his hands tightening ever so much around the woman's throat. Gasps could be heard as she struggled to breath but red hot rage was all the male saw. Slowly but surely he watched as the life in her eyes faded into nothing and with a thump he released her body onto the ground.

Now his crimes were real, now he was truly an outlaw. To find Kale was his only goal, to locate the brother he had left behind only so long that he could get enough money and move him elsewhere. He was not allowed to take him at the tender age of 14, no a fourteen year old was not fit to raise an eight year old on the streets. Though he was of age to get a job it was not considered a wise idea when he had none nor a place to stay.

Slowly slipping himself onto the back of his horse the male tugged the reigns watching it rear then take off in a full on gallop. A slight fog seemed to be building around the outlaw as he rode on into the darkness. The sickening smell of some fumes filling his nose and making it hard for his eyes to stay open. All at once everything seemed to go black.

Ringing, that was all Boyd could hear as the sound filled his ears. Slowly his eyes began to painfully peel open in hopes of seeing the blonde child that was his brother. Instead the density of a forest filled his vision and the cognitive realization of someone else there hit him. He was no longer alone but this person was not someone he knew, not from what he could see anyways.

From the corner of his eye he could see a boy that looked like the pirates that flooded the papers. Though abet he was much smaller then the ones that Boyd had ever seen. What was a pirate doing with him in a forest? And how the hell did he end up in a forest to begin with? These questions were good ones as he pushed himself up to sitting position and stretched purposefully making noise.

"CAPTAIN!" The loud screeching of the look out's voice burned into Emile's ears as the captain twisted over in his bed. The blonde groaning as he rolled himself out of the rocking bed and slid into the clothes that were covered in furs. Using a tie around his hair the blonde climbed his way up and onto deck coming face to face with the look out who seemed to be half drunk.

"Captain! Yer brother he has gotten..." The words stopped as the brunette male seemed to stare off into no-where almost as if he expected to see something there. With a heavy sigh the blonde stepped forward shaking the males shoulders. "My brother what?" Almost instantly the brunette snapped out of his daze and giggled halfway before saluting him.

"Yer brother found himself another cabin boy! I think it was the one boy ya fancied when ya wasn't a pirate!" A sinking feeling began to grow in Emile's chest. Of course his brother was the one who had found what he wanted. It never failed his brother would steal the men and the things that Emile wanted before Emile got a chance to lay a hand on them. Proving again and again that he was the better pirate for the hell of it.

A small mixture of rage and hate was starting to bubble in the pirates chest as he pushed a hand through his hair. "Well thank you Lane for that helpful information." A tone of sarcasm was lost on the drunk as the captain made his way towards the cooking quarters on the ship. The blonde man standing behind the counter and pot giving him a sad look as he entered.

"Are ya alright Captain?" Glancing towards the man's concerned sea green eyes Emile lets out a small sigh. "Not right now but I will be don' ya be worryin about it Cecil. I reckon I'll be fine." It was a down hearted lie but that was what pirates were known for after all. Tellin' the truth did not come naturally to them and it never would.

"CAPTAIN!" A small groan left the blondes lips as Cecil gave him an all to knowing look that something was going to happen. The brunette bouncing down the stairs with a horrified look upon his face that Emile had not really seen before. Fear was not a look most pirates gave off but this one was radiating it. "Captain there is a strange fog coming at us!" The panic was strong in the man's voice as a sweet syrupy smell hit Emile's nose and everything went black.

A smarting sensation hit Emile's head as things slowly came into focus. The blonde getting ready to sit up and yell at Logan for doing something stupid when it hit him that he was laying in grass. Grass with an open sky above him and nothing but land surrounding him. From the corner of his eyes he could see a bit of white near by. Whoever it was was not Cecil, his best friend or Lane the outlook who he loved but got annoyed with like a brother.

Nothing about this world seemed the same to him as he stretched his body out in pain and annoyance. The fur coat that hid him so well was now gone showing how scrawny he was for a pirate captain. Well most had heavy thick muscle Emile was in nothing but fish nets and had lean muscle. Fish nets and black pants seemed to be the only clothing he had left aside from his boots, wonderful.

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