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  Dimentio Chibi / Demonic / 64d 5m 39s
[+red I was about to say the same thing...] [b Grins, standing his ground at a defensive position as a shield-shaped form comes from under him, picking it up as he readied.
  You want soma me? / MordorTenebris / 64d 26m 59s
Yawns perching on the bolder [+red so a earth user this wont be much fun] points sword again this time lightning coating it as he charged foward
  Marcus Blavkstorm / kenbloodmoon / 64d 32m 13s
[b Jumps slightly, the zap startling him. [+red [b [i Ah, so we shall use these, eh?] Spins his scythe before slamming it into the ground, a large boulder coming from underneath the floor of Ken.
  You want soma me? / MordorTenebris / 64d 35m 40s
[+red I said dont be serious cause I dont want to hurt you] looks him over yawning pointing his blade as lightning crackles at the end of it zapping the ground in front of the other [+red you dont want me to be serious]
  Marcus Blavkstorm / kenbloodmoon / 64d 40m 27s
[+red [b [i Serious? You won't like me when I'm serious...] [b Steps back, spinning his scythe as he sizes up Ken, slow steps to the left.]
  You want soma me? / MordorTenebris / 64d 40m 24s
Slides left barely avoiding his attack [+red dont be so serious we are just sparring]
  Marcus Blavkstorm / kenbloodmoon / 64d 44m 10s
[b Shakes his head, turning towards Ken. [+red [b [i Gah! I'll have your head!] [b Lunges forward on his right leg, a horizontal strike heading near Ken's thigh
  You want soma me? / MordorTenebris / 64d 45m 36s
Quickly side steps as he comes down and clocks him on the back with the hilt of my sword
  Marcus Blavkstorm / kenbloodmoon / 64d 49m 5s
[b Assesses Ken's backward motion, leaping into the air, coming down with his Scythe at a maneuverable position] [+red [b [i My ass is to big for that!!!]
  You want soma me? / MordorTenebris / 64d 52m 23s
[+red you know what fuck u asswhole] he chuckles jumping back to watch starks movements carefully
  Marcus Blavkstorm / kenbloodmoon / 64d 57m 8s
[b He steps back, charging Ken, a defensive position to deflect his attack.] [b [i [+red Ya can't even speak right! BASTARD*!]
  You want soma me? / MordorTenebris / 64d 58m 30s
He laughs smiling sadistically as he rushes his opponent quickly aiming for the lower left leg with his sword [+red we shall see who the bloodily basterd is]
  Marcus Blavkstorm / kenbloodmoon / 64d 1h 1m 14s
[+red [b [i I already got it ya, filthy, bloody bastard!
  You want soma me? / MordorTenebris / 64d 1h 2m 40s
[+red choose your weapon] he holds his sword at the ready pointed at the other male
  Marcus Blavkstorm / kenbloodmoon / 64d 1h 8m 35s

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