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Lyrica is a regular 16 year old high school student, despite being the daughter of a famous rockstar father and a stay at home mother. She has average grades, amazing friends, and the best boyfriend.
Of course, she loves to party, shop, and rock out to her latest music craze, just like any other teenager would.
But there's only one little problem. Lyrica recently found out she was pregnant. While struggling with trying to figure out how to break the news to her family and friends, she's scared to tell her boyfriend for fear that he might leave her, or that his abusive side might show up again.

1. No cybering. PM or timeskip!
2. Create drama! The more drama, the better. Cheating, breaking up, abuse, getting back together! Do it all. xD
3. Real pictures.
4. No one liners, and try your best with grammar please. I'm not too fussy with post length, as long as I have something to work with.
5. Post regularly! I'm almost always on, so I like to have something to do.

* When you ask to join, post your characters age and name. ^_^

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Lyrica sighed as she woke up to the loud beeping of her alarm clock. Kicking off her blankets, she got up out of bed. After getting out of a quick shower, she dried her hair and straightened it quickly before dressing in the clothes she'd laid out the night before. Pulling on her tanktop with a zip-up hoodie over it, and a pair of gray skinny jeans. Running a brush through her hair, she teased it a little before applying her usual makeup. When she was finished, she stood in front of her full length mirror, pressing her hands flat against her still small stomach, a frown on her face. "Why me?" she asked herself in a whisper before she left her room. "Gotta go, Mom! Bye," she called as she pulled on her shoes, running out of the house to catch the bus to school.
  Lyrica Starr Odin / serahfarron / 10y 96d 10m 8s
can you start please? :| I suck at starting. XD
  Simon / sexittwice / 10y 97d 2h 27m 57s

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