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"They are good people in it too..." responded Abe. "It's just, this time of year, a lthe lot of people from other places come down for the tournament."
"We have tons of business." Said the boss. "I'd rather refuse them, but that would be a foolish financial thing to do."
Blaise had been staring at Lei since his 'smaller animals can blend in comment'. The look was bordeline glare. Sure, you could find places to hide when you small easier. But when you had to go hunt or drink or piss outside your den, they were always there. Plus, traps were easier to break from if you were bigger.
  Blaise / AidoChild / 6y 4d 6h 15m 21s
Lei was surprised to hear that there was at least a few people around this town who liked wolves instead of hunting them. He did feel bad about hearing what happened to the russet wolves since he did know that they were a smaller breed. "I'm pretty sure any wolf could blend in if they were smaller." He said with a slightly annoyed tone. He knew a lot about blending in since he lived in snow and his white coat made it very easy to blend in. However if he was in a different type of environment instead of snow then he would stick out like a sore thumb.
"Brother likes protecting and saving smaller animals to. He is really nice like I said. " Micah said with a chuckle. He was right about lei protecting other animals since a wolf could easily chase danger away if needed. However when it came to protecting him lei was on him like glue. Hunters could easily remember a white wolf with two different colored eyes.
"The town seems nice but I suppose it doesn't matter? If the people around here don't care for wildlife then I suppose it's not that great of a town." Micah said with a frown.
  Lei / lavired / 6y 5d 2h 7m 14s
"Well, the boss is a big wolf advocate," answered Blaise thoughtfully before smiling a little. "I guess I have to admit I'm a pretty big fan of wolves myself."

Abe listened for a moment before speaking again. "The people here don't care whether they are extinct or not. I mean, they already wiped out the russet wolf from this area. They were a lot smaller than other wolves and couldn't blend in."

Blaise made a snort-like noise subconsciously when he heard about Russets being wiped out. 'No' he thought. 'Not all gone. Just smart enough to stay hidden.' And maybe he forgot a lot of what it was like to be a wolf running the mountains because of having to still so close to town lately. He really missed it, but it wasn't worth getting killed over.

"What about you?" asked Blaise out loud to Abe. "You like wolves?"

Abe smiled bitterly. "Of course I like them. I stick up for any animal being shamelessly hunted down. Sometimes I wonder why I stick around this town..."
  Blaise / AidoChild / 6y 5d 3h 16m 21s
Micah wasn't to happy with the topic of wolf hunting being brought up. He already had a close call earlier with a hunter trying to get him. He especially didn't like the persistent hunters that came by and placed a new more deadly trap every moment they could get. He was lucky to have an older brother like lei who was always on his toes and knew how to maneuver through the mountains better than any hunter. He looked at Abe and Blaise with a small grin "so do you both like wolves?" He asked to try and lighten up the mood.
Lei wasn't to happy with this conversation. After hearing that white wolf was at the top of the game he felt a feeling he couldn't describe. It was a mixture of anger,hate,and fear. He and his brother were the only two white wolves around on the mountain and he knew hunters were persistent jerks who wouldn't go away without one of them dead. "So this town has a competition for hunting down wolves? That's unforgivable. " he said with a deep frown "besides white wolves are extinct..so we were told back at home." He muttered.
  Micah / lavired / 6y 5d 4h 51m 15s
Blaise let out a nervous half-laugh. "Yeah... he does seem to have that effect on people..." he replied before looking around the cafe. It was empty, unusualy so. His boss was frowning as he also surveyed the cafe.
"I bet that wolf festival started today? Right before the big hunting competition," said the boss.
Blaise cringed and Abe's good humor melted.
"Showing off their guns and furs..." mumured Abe, leaning back and taking a sip of coffee.
"You can stay as long as you'd like," the boss said to the group as he crossed the floor to the door. "We're closing shop early though and Blaise and I will be here until you leave." He flipped open to closed on the sign.
"I wonder what their scoring is this year..." hiss Abe.
"White wolf at the top. Always white wolf." Said the boss in disgust.
"Then black..." muttered Abe.
  Blaise / AidoChild / 6y 5d 5h 24m 34s
Micah wasn't expecting what Abe did and just blushed and smiled innocently at the other since he was being so nice. Lei on the other hand knew that this guy was basically flirting with his overly innocent brother. Seeing what the male did burned him up so much that he practically snarled in anger. However he knew to keep his cool right now thus risking anyone knowing what he and his brother were. When Blaise asked if he wanted anything the male quickly glared at the red head before answering "actually yeah. I knife. A really big and sharp knife." He said before glaring back towards Abe and watching him closely.
  Micah / lavired / 6y 5d 21h 46m 12s
Abe grinned like a cheshire. "Alright! See, that wasn't so hard, was it?"
He looked up at Blaise. "And you drive a hard bargain... fine, I'll buy you one drink if you come."
Blaise couldn't believe this guy. "Barga- I never said anything..." he let out the most frustrated of sighs. "Fine. Free drink. I'll come for a while."
He never thought he would be going to a club with total strangers ever in his life.
He tried to put his cheery expression back on. "Can I get you anything?" He asked Lei.

Abe smiled at Micah before spotting the bits of powdered sugar and crumbs on one corner of his mouth.
He chuckled. "Is that really so good?" he asked before, at the risk of losing his own hand to Lei, reaching over and gently wiping the sugar away with his thumb. He licked his thumb. "Hm. Pretty good."
  Blaise / AidoChild / 6y 6d 2h 16m 18s
Lei looked at Abe with such hate as if he wanted to rip the male to shreds right now. This guy had an ego that he disliked and didn't want around his brother. Being asked if there was a secret he was hiding just made him more upset but he knew he couldn't say anything. He glanced at Micah who was frowning then Blaise and the owner who was watching closely. A sigh escaped the male as he closed his eyes in frustration and defeat "you really piss me off. Fine we will go." He said with gritted teeth and what sounded like a low growl as well.
As soon as he heard his brother say they can go, Micah jumped out of his seat and gave a big love able hug and kisses on the cheek to his brother. "Oh yay!! Thank you! Thank you! " he said with pure joy and excitement.
Lei was a sucker for his brothers affection but knew the other had to calm down before he risked having his wolf traits show "alright you are welcome. Now calm down before I change my mind." He said bluntly as Micah understood what his brother meant by calm down and did so as he sat back down.
  Lei / lavired / 6y 10d 19h 53m 1s
Abe let out a dramatic exasperated sigh.
"Look, dude. I get the whole over-protective brother thing. I really do. But you guys need to get out every once in a while! This one night isn't going to hurt!"
He leaned a little in his chair and gave Lei a very careful look. "Unless... you're hiding something?"
Blaise was backing away now, seeing things were getting a little more serious. His boss only watched intently to make sure a fight wouldn't break out in his café.
"Because why would you be so against hanging out or even being in town if you didn't have some kind of dirty secret?" continued Abe with a mischievous grin. "Come on, what dirty little secret's got you all ruffled up?" He was partly joining, partly suspicious.
  Blaise / AidoChild / 6y 10d 20h 15m 46s
Micah felt his heart stop when Abe made a joke about him and his brother living in the mountains cause well they did, and they didn't live under a rock really they lived in a cozy cave. "um I-" before he could make a reply his food arrived and just in time to cause he wasn't sure what to think of to cover up what Abe just said. Quickly he took big fast bites of his food like a starving animal would before stopping to look at his brother outside the window who was sitting on the sidewalk curb. "I don't think he is quite hungry anymore. But this is really good!" He said before continuing eating and wolfing down his food.
Lei on the other side was done fussing and had cooled off. He walked back inside to see his brother scarfing down his meal and Abe still around. He overheard Abe talk about taking them out which raised a red flag. "We are not going anywhere. We just came to eat and then we are going home." He said sternly which caused Micah to frown greatly since he didn't want to go back home and do absolutely nothing.
  Micah / lavired / 6y 10d 20h 52m 34s
Abe looked at Micah with a little tilt of his head and an amused grin.
"Where do you guys live, the mountains?" he asked with a joking tone. "You'd think you lived under a rock or something, not knowing what a bar or a club is! I guess that and your brother's attitude is more of a reason why I should take you guys out!"
Blaise disappeared and returned with the monte cristo before looking out the window at the older brother.
"I don't mean to be rude, but is he going to order anything to eat as well?"
Blaise was trying his best to be friendly with this strange crowd.
"That settles it! I'm taking you out tonight too, buddy! But you're paying for yourself, of course."
Blaise looked at Abe, shocked. "W-What!? Who said I even wanted to go!?"
  Blaise / AidoChild / 6y 11d 19h 42m 29s
Since they rarely came down from the snowy mountains , Micah was confused at what Abe was even talking about. His brother never taught him of the things in town so he wasn't sure what a bar or a club was. "What is a bar? And a club?? " he asked curiously before thinking maybe he was going to sound strange or out of place for not knowing. He didn't want to blow their cover on being wolves. "I was just wanting to know cause um my brother and I tend to stay home a lot and this is the first time we have gone and tried something different so I just wanted to know.." He said quickly before any questions were asked about him not knowing what they were. "I just want to do something fun before we head back home and before brother drags me away from my new friends."
  Micah / lavired / 6y 22d 18h 9m 40s
Abe settled back in his chair while Blaise went to go check on the food order. He shook a couple of sugar packets in his fingers before ripping the ends and pouring the crystals into his coffee.
"Around here?" said Abe before looking over at where Lei was. "I paint, mostly. Or go to a club or bar. The bars are pretty small here... and there's only one pathetic club, but it's what we got. What can you do?"
He let out a laugh. Blaise came back and Abe looked up at him. "You just work all day for fun, right? I always see you in here."
Blaise's eyebrow twitched. "I don't work all the time... and it's not for fun."
  Blaise / AidoChild / 6y 23d 17h 54m 1s
Micah was feeling a bit worried that his brother had gone a bit to far and overreacted for no reason. He sighed greatly until he saw Abe poking a finger through his shirt at the claw marks his brother left. The male fidgeted in his seat once he saw that. He didn't know what Abe was thinking right now or how to even explain the tear. "Um..yeah..he uh um.." He wasn't sure how to explain his brothers claws without spilling the beans.
When a glass of milk was placed in front of him the male politely thanked Blaise before quickly drinking the milk. He was just going to avoid Abe's little remark about his brother right now. However he did give a few worrisome glances toward the window as he gave a few looks at Lei who was sitting on the curb, still looking upset.
"So um..what do you do for fun around here? At home brother and I don't really get to do much for fun." The male asked trying to make everything that just happened yesterday's problem.
  Micah / lavired / 6y 23d 19h 5m 20s
Abe glared Lei down when he was grabbed. It was taking a lot of control for him not to leap across the table and lock his jaws on this grumpy guy. He'd rather not spook this dude by suddenly turning into a wolf in front of him. However... there was still that smell about these two that made him wonder.

When Lei released his shirt and stormed off, he frowned. "This was my favorite shir-" He stopped short to see the fine tears in the fabric. They were not rude fingernail marks, forcing the shirt to tear by enough force and will. These were tears made by already sharpened spears of nails; more like claw marks than anything else. He stuck his finger into one hole and wiggled it.

"Hey, your brother has sharp nails, doesn't he," he mused before forcing a smile for the younger brother. "No worries. I pushed the boundaries."

Blaise went at got the drinks. "Please, no fights..." he pleaded before setting milk in front of Micah. "This is on me."

Abe clapped his hands together. "Hurry, hurry, dude! We need food before that guy explodes!"

Blaise gave Abe a look and Abe gave him a goofy smile. He was putting on the act that everything was fine now, but he was still very skeptical of who Lei and Micah were.

The owner laughed a little at Abe's antics. He liked to push Blaise's buttons, but he knew he meant well.
  Blaise / AidoChild / 6y 26d 3h 19m 57s

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