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once he got up there he sat down at his desk rin was a very large bump in his pocket and he reached in and pet her "it's ok girl" he siad calmly petting her he guessed somethign in the main floor had spooked her "what ever scared you is gone now i promise"
  Dave Strider / simmal / 6y 116d 18h 17m 4s
Rin was quite excited but there was so many people ! Rin was terrified and hide inside one of her masters pockets.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 116d 18h 54m 6s
he pet her smiling as he took her to the car to leave for work. he wasn't sure she would like it there but he would feel bad leaving her here all alone so he got in the car setting her on his lap as he drove downtown to a large central building were he got out there were allot of please in suits walking around the area and he handed his car keys to a valet who parked it for him he held rin as he took an elevator to the top floor his office.
  Dave Strider / simmal / 6y 122d 10h 51m 59s
Rin seemed almost excited to go. She giggled and clung to her masters hand.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 122d 12h 14m 5s
i head the family business" he siad calmly "my family runs a large corporation downtown" he said calmly "so we will head there" he siad as he pet her head.
  Dave Strider / simmal / 6y 127d 9h 22m 5s
"Where do you work master?" Rin asked curiously as she looked at her master with wide eyes.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 127d 13h 36m 51s
he made her some toast and smiled as he handed it to her "there you go rin-rin"
  Dave Strider / simmal / 6y 129d 9h 40m 56s
"Can I have some toast please. " She asked smiling lightly. She then sat on the table, as if she sat on a chair she wouldn't be able to reach the table. Rin was curious on what her masters job was, and was very excited.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 129d 19h 14m 31s
he pet her smiling "ok ok you can come" he said smiling as walked over to the counter as he finished up his cereal quickly "what do you want to eat rin?" he asked as he pet her setting his bowel in the sink "i have eggs, toast, cereal..." he said listing off a few quick items.
  Dave Strider / simmal / 6y 135d 18h 58m 39s
"I promise I will be good master!" She said with her tail wagging madly. She nuzzles in to his hand and clung to his finger not wanting him to leave her.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 135d 19h 4m 12s
he stopped for a moment and got up he went and picked her up petting her "well rin i have to go to work and i don't think you would like it there" he siad to her softly as he pet her but he knew also he couldn't leave here alone he sighed "if you really don't want to be here alone and you promise to be good you can come with me." he siad as he held her in his arms.
  Dave Strider / simmal / 6y 135d 19h 12m 4s
Rin woke up as he was eating his breakfast. "Your not going to leave me here alone are you?" She asked with wide teary eyes.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 135d 23h 20m 15s
he allowed her to sleep as he got dressed for work and ate his breakfast quickly.
  Dave Strider / simmal / 6y 138d 16h 44m 15s
Rin purred and nuzzles in to him as he was picked up but still remained asleep.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 139d 56s
he looked at her and chuckled a bit picking her up carefully he set her beside him and went downstairs and made himself some cereal as he got dressed.
  Dave Strider / simmal / 6y 151d 5h 57m 58s

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