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Rin and lio are two little nekos. They have been sold from one master to another, but they always ended back where they started. They always refused to be separated.

Rin is always shy around anyone but lio. She would rarely do anything her master would tell her to do. The young Neko rarely spoke and stayed hidden behind lio a lot of the time.

Lio is an advertures, love's looking round new places and get's on with everyone,he cares alot for rin and trys to encourage her to do stuff; but if she can't i will always step in and do it for her.

Now the two are needing a new master.

Post a simple skelly below to join.

Not a first come first serve.

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he wondered inot the pet store looking over the difrent pets calmly playing with a few as he walked aroun
  Erin / simmal / 5y 311d 15h 9m 25s

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