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"did up" makes me think of beauty queens like lana del rey lol
girl it's all good homie

oh yeah i know lol
i wasn't allowed to sit in my room despite the fact that that's basically the purpose of summer
  role мodel / SantaMonica / 6y 88d 15h 54m 44s
Well I just meant it isn't as 'did' up as some of the mangas nowadays.
XD Thank! Cause I was like.. "I suck at descriptions"

Black and white. >.< It's just the type of blog I am.
I have all summer except when I got bored or forced to go somewhere.
  Ghostie / 6y 88d 16h 54m 55s
how's it atypical?
aye dude it's cool bbruh it's all good

what kinda theme is it gonna be?
i wish i could sit in my room all day jfc
  role мodel / SantaMonica / 6y 88d 18h 26m 53s
Eh it's not the typical art style but I like the detail that is put into some of the outfits and it catches my attention.
It's kind of hard to explain since I just started reading it like an hour ago >.<

I feel you, but at the moment I'm fixing up a theme on tumblr while reading that manga. ^^
My mom can be like that too. >.< And they wonder why I sit in my room all day.
  Roses / Ghostie / 6y 88d 19h 4m 27s
i might check it out if the art is nice.
what's it about?

thank u ur a trueee friend
my day's going fine, i guess. my mom is such a ... unattractive personality right now. you?
  role мodel / SantaMonica / 6y 88d 19h 16m 8s
XD I won't either unless I see something appealing about it on tumblr... I just so happened to see it today.

Also no worries home slice~ I got you.
How is your day going?
  Roses / Ghostie / 6y 88d 19h 27m 37s
omg i didn't even know you replied before homie i'm sorry as heck

anyway no
honestly i don't read much manga
  role мodel / SantaMonica / 6y 88d 19h 30m 50s
Have you ever read a manga called adekan?
Cause it's kind of visibly pleasing and funny and psychological all at the same time.
  Roses / Ghostie / 6y 88d 19h 37m 51s
Lol, yeah I thought it was.
So how was today?

XD I just really hope that the updates are purely amazing~
  Roses / Ghostie / 6y 89d 19h 3m 4s
that's a really good way to put that and i honestly do hate some people lol

not good enough for all that money holla
  role мodel / SantaMonica / 6y 89d 19h 18m 30s
Girl... I honestly don't know whats worse. 90 minutes of pure boredom or 50 minutes with more chances to hate people in my class.

OMGGGGG~ It's so good!
  Roses / Ghostie / 6y 89d 19h 20m 22s
mine are 50 minutes each for 8 periods and sometimes i want to kill small children

i've never played sims i'm such a loser
  role мodel / SantaMonica / 6y 90d 16h 56m 53s
XD That's what I thought.

Yeah it just came out Tuesday and I am in love.
  Roses / Ghostie / 6y 90d 17h 2m 12s
oh fuck no shit no hello no no fuckin way i couldn't do it i really couldn't

it must be new dang did it just come out
  role мodel / SantaMonica / 6y 90d 17h 11m 6s
XD I'd rather have shorter periods to be honest.
We have to stay in those four classes for an hour and forty five minutes.

Like originally $60 but I sold some games and got it for $44.99
So I didn't pay full price and I'm quite happy.
  Roses / Ghostie / 6y 90d 17h 13m 5s

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