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Plot: Ms. Takameh has assigned Ziitron and Igneous on a small mission for their summer break. They are being sent to the Caribbeans in order to take down a not-so-lovely lotion maker model named Fajah. The Bahamas are also a great place for couples to go .... What will go down in this heated mission?

Fajah "Fiercee" Tamaloe



Weight:154 Ibs

Gender: Female

Crime: Mass Murder and Selling Unauthorized Chemicals.

Danger Level : 7

Current Location:The Bahamas Islands, Lucaya, Freeport

Description:This glamorous, curvy model from the Caribbeans has seduced her way into being the small island's top skin tanning products seller. However, there has been an awful breakout of horrible rashes on men and women everywhere on this island. CDC agents have traced the symptoms and chemicals to one thing: A La Fiercee's Sun Tanning Lotion.

Mission:You two must locate Fajah's main producing building, stop production and bring her back here ALIVE. There will be a reward and DON'T GET CAUGHT. Good Luck!

Fajah used to be bullied a lot as a teenager for having horrid acne and pasty brown skin, unlike the "Queens" of her school. The always had perfectly tanned skin and beautiful hair, as well as all the attention and power. She hated it all .... Every last one of them.


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[size12 [center [b As the slight pale red eyes gazed back at him, Zii's face turned a bright pink.] Clothing and such in hand, he realized that Iggy was half naked, and she come to realize it eventually herself. Once they both stared each other down for a good minute, Igneous forced him back into the small room. His back faced the door, as Zii still tried to figure out what just happened. Once he did, he exhaled calmly. [i Well that went a little bit better than I expected ....] Despite the situation, Iggy was right. They were about to land, and he knew he had no time to daydream about what was under Igneous's bra. Instead, he sighed and smiled softly before setting his clothes on the bed and began to get ready. [b "You've put me in quite the situation ... Ms. Takameh ...."] He muttered to himself as he started to pull off his sweatpants and get ready for their landing.]]

[size12 [center [b With his jean slacks, flip flops and plaid button down on, Ziitron opened the door and peeked out, just to double check that no one was getting dressed.] Nodding in conformation to himself, he carried his little bag of toiletries to the small restroom before knocking. No one answered, so he invited himself in. To his surprise, the attendant was in the mirror applying lipstick. They both gasped when they saw each other. [b "OH! Excuse me!"] He said, closing the door quickly. She giggled from the other side and opened it back, smiling. "It's alright. I was just about finished anyways." She stepped out beside Ziitron. "Sorry I didn't answer, I was coming out, so I didn't find an answer necessary...." She smiled and blushed to him. Ziitron smiled back. [i What an airhead ...] [b "It's alright."] She nodded and continued on. "Drink?" She offered. He nodded. [b "Sure, water is fine."] She nodded and continued towards the back of the plane. [b "Oh and by the way-"] The woman glanced back at hearing his voice. [b "Lipstick isn't needed for such a gorgeous face, love."] She blushed and giggled, continuing on without a word.]]

[size12 [center [b Stepping into the restroom, Ziitron washed his face off and brushed his teeth.] Finishing up, he put on deodorant and finally took out a contact lenses case. In the midst of him unscrewing the top off, the pilot's voice sounded from the intercoms above. [i [u Goodmorning everyone! We will be landing in approximately twenty-five minutes. I repeat, we will be landing in approximately twenty-five minutes. Thank you.]] After the announcement, Ziitron continued to put in the brown colored contacts and once finished, screwed the tops back on and cleaned up before leaving out of the restroom.]]

[size12 [center [b He walked back into the main part of the plane to see Iggy, and blushed lightly as he started packing his items up.] He glanced up at her then looked back down at his stuff. [b "You done packing?"] He asked. The flight attendant walked over and laid his glass of water on the table as he waited for her response. [b "Thanks love."] He said to her as she nodded and walked away.]]
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She had her swimsuit top in her hand and was moving to step back away from the table. She didn't want another accident happening. Unfortunately, that wasn't the kind of accident that occurred here. Red eyes wide, she looked over and saw a pair of dark grey eyes matching in surprise. He had hold of his clothes, which she had accidentally slept on.

Worse than all this still though, the fact that she hadn't gotten her swimsuit top on. Rather, she was still wearing a bra. Whilst this did keep everything covered, there was just something more personal about that.

Igneous wasn't one for personal.

Standing up straight, she held the swimsuit top; albeit not that much coverage; over her chest as she pushed him and his clothes back into the room he came from. "Get in there and get dressed! We're about to land!" She slammed the door shut, having shoved him into the room. The red in her eyes paled in comparison to the blush on her face.

[i He just.saw...] Igneous groaned to herself before whining a bit. The attendant came back, confused and with tea. "Miss?" Igneous glared, scaring the poor woman. "Don't. Say. Anything." Irritably, she turned away to face a wall as she threw off her bra and quickly replaced it with the swimsuit top, hurriedly putting the vest on above it.

"M-Mam?" The attendant blushed at the fact that Igneous had stripped right there in front of her. The albino didn't care though as long as the other one stayed in his room and didn't see. "I said don't say anything." With a huff, she sat down on the couch, legs pulled up and arms crossed. "Damn him.."

"Damn who?" Igneous gave her a look of 'really?' "Go tell the pilot to hurry it up. We need to land soon." [i Dammit dammit dammit!]
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[size12 [center [b [i Beds are too empty...? Not when two people are in it...]] Ziitron thought to himself as Igneous spoke, smiling at the thought. As he dismissed him, he rolled his eyes and smirked. [b "Alright. Suit yourself. Night."] He spoke as he walked towards the small bedroom door. He planned on setting an alarm, even though he didn't want anything to disrupt his 'beauty sleep', but didn't want Iggy seeing him sleep moments before he awoke either. It'd be a bit awkward for him ... even if the flight attendant was to see him. But he had to solve a case with Igneous and take the 9 or 10 hour plane trip back to the academy with her. Either way, he wasn't gonna let that fly.]]

[size12 [center [b Once in the room, he closed the door behind him.] The woman still had her snug-fitting uniform on, the only thing off was her shoes and hat. Zii smirked and shook his head. She didn't even get under the covers. [i Gee ... I guess I'll take the floor.] The beds were basically attached, he supposed to save space, and he didn't want Ms. Sleeping Beauty to wake up. She was already asleep, and looked really peaceful at that. If he was asleep on the job, he'd hate for someone to wake him up, even if he shouldn't be asleep in the first place. Shrugging, Zii chugged off his slacks and pulled on some baggy sweatpants on instead. He slowly took off the comforter on the other bed and wrapped up in it before laying on the floor, his phone right beside him with the alarm set.]]

[hr ]

[size11 [center It was bright outside as the sun began to come up. It was probably 7 or 8 in the morning, and it wouldn't be long before their flight came to an end. The flight attendant was apparently up before anyone else, a bit embarrassed at the fact that she fell asleep on her job. Upon her awakening, she noticed the young man from before asleep on the floor besides the two beds. Why he was on the floor, she will never know, but she assumed he didn't want to disturb her while she was asleep. She blushed, once more embarrassed at the fact that she slept on the job [i and] in a way forced her guest to sleep on the floor. [i Shit ... not again ...] Sighing, she got up and made up the bed she slept on and fixed up the room before silently walking out of the door.]]

[size12 [center [b A few minutes afterwards, the soft alarm went off, waking Ziitron from his light sleep.] A bit disoriented, he turned the alarm off and stretched and yawned before standing. Glancing over at the bed, he realized that Ms. Sleeping Beauty was gone. [i Guess she realized her mistake.] He thought and chuckled. Zii put the comforter back on the bed and picked up his phone and his slacks, then looked around once more.]]

[size12 [center [b [i Oh yea .... I left my stuff on the couch....]] He forgot to bring his clothes for the day in with him to change. He figured it wouldn't be all that big of a deal if he ran out to get them. Iggy would have probably been up by now, but he halfheartedly hoped that she was either already dressed, or was dressing in the restroom....[i Was there a restroom on here? There has to be ....] The other half was kind of hoping she was completely undressed with Ms. Sleeping Beauty and they were going about things normally as if Ziitron's presence didn't bother them not one bit.]]

[size12 [center [b [i Yea ... From the flight attendant, maybe ... Igneous, Hell no.]] Chuckling at his outrageous thoughts, he wanted to burst out laughing, but as before, didn't want to make a scene. Still chuckling at his private little thoughts, Ziitron opened the door,not paying attention to a damn thing. As he walked out, he continued towards the sofa, and started reaching for his clothes until he realized his mistake. [i Lace .... Huge .... Round .... Couch .... White hair . Shit.] By then, he knew that the consequences of his accident in action would probably be heard from the air on the plane to the depths of the sea they were flying over. And as he looked up, he knew it was too late to act before it happened.]]
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Five or six more hours. That was way too long to just be flying around, but then again, this trip was a straight shot unlike those for the citizens below. What would they do if they had to switch planes? It would be impossible with all of the gear they had to keep handy. Most things were easy to get past, but airports were definitely one of the more difficult to infiltrate.

Sleep, eh? Igneous wasn't sure she could do that right now. Actually, if the girl had to be honest; which she would never be [i this] honest; she was excited. No, not for being around someone or anything cheesy or girly like that. The girl had lived in such a cold part of the world for most of her life, and even though she had traveled, she had never gone overseas before. The tourist costume wasn't just a get up in her case. Most assassins would have brought a camera that on a single click shot out a dart, but her's was real. She wanted to see every bit of this place, even if some of it ended up red because of them.

"She's doing what?" Igneous stopped to look over at the open door. Was she seriously sleeping in one of their rooms? [i Someone's slacking. It's not like her job is hard, and yeah, I could get things myself, but you shouldn't sleep on the job. Much less in your customer's beds.] A sigh escaped her as he asked about her own room. Well, it wasn't like they were technically [i their] rooms, so she had no possessiveness over it.

"Actually, I'm more comfortable with a couch anyways. Beds are too big and empty for my tastes." Red eyes looked up to him before going back to her bag. "Just don't throw a fit when it's time to leave..." Really, she could care less about the bed. After all, before coming here, she slept where she could. Sure, beds were nice, but she was one small girl. Why should she take up a bed that big when there was a perfectly open couch?

"Just go sleep. I'll wake the both of you up when it's time. Until then, just don't bother me." Pulling out a coat, she covered her bag and moved to sit at the end of the couch. "Go on."

As time passed, Igneous could feel that tiredness overcoming her. Doing absolutely nothing really was more tiring than one would think. Picking up her coat, she draped it over herself, covering her upper body as she curled up.

An internal clock of hers woke her every two hours. By the second time, she knew it was time to get up. If she didn't, she wouldn't have time to prep. Rising, she noticed a blanket over her. An eyebrow raised in confusion. "Okay then.." The attendant must have woken up and put it there. Both of the room's doors were closed still though. [i I guess that idiot is still asleep. He probably didn't wake up once.] Shifting through her bag, which really was mainly supplies rather than clothes, she pulled out the only swimsuit top she owned and a vest. If that prison of theirs didn't have extra clothes, all she'd have is that dress of hers. Out came the matching bottoms and cargo shorts. Igneous shook them out.

"Why are there so many wrinkles..?" Looking around, she sighed. "Great, and those two are probably back in the rooms. And if he did wake up, he probably is in a room [i with] the flight attendant, and the last thing I want is to walk in on that." Reaching down, she grabbed the hem of her dress, slipping it up and off of her before tossing it onto her bag. It's not like the windows mattered with them up in the air like this.

Quickly, out of reflex really, she changed into the swimsuit bottoms. At least those were less exposing, so if the flight attendant did show up and start doing her job, she wouldn't see anything. Besides, they were both female, so it wouldn't be weird if she saw her bra. A pale hand grabbed the cargo shorts, slipping them up. She worked at the button. "What is this thing made of, plastic?" Her thumb slipped and she turned to get a better light, knocking her leg into the table. Igneous winced, stepping away and holding up the shorts. "Damn table.." That was when the flight attendant walked out with a yawn. As she saw Igneous, a blush went over her. This was just a woman though, so Igneous felt no reason to blush. After all, it's not like she had anything to be embarrassed of.

"Good, you're done in there. Mind helping me out with this? They're giving me trouble. For some reason they hang too low on my hips." She looked down at the shorts, the attendant, still flustered.

"O-Oh, um, s-sure..But mam, they're supposed to fit like that." She regained her composure.

"Seriously? I guess it works for hiding things in the pockets better..oh well." Igneous rested a hand on the table, leaning over it to the swimsuit top on the couch. The attendant smiled. "I'll go get you something to drink."

"Tea, thanks." Her fingertips touched the top as the attendant left. [i Alright, now just get this on and you can holler for him. By the time he gets out, you'll already have your vest on.]
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[size12 [center [b Ziitron nodded to Iggy.] His father stayed somewhere similar to The Bahamas, as Zii was told, and as he planned on visiting him there, he brought a lot of cool summer clothing such as swim trunks and plenty of short sleeve shirts, and had grabbed a few formal attire in case they decided to go out somewhere 'fancy. Plus, he brought a few extra items that he thought might benefit him on the mission. Even a little extra money for the stuff he personally might want to buy .]]

[size12 [center [b Once Iggy realized her mistake, she took the bag out of Ziitron's hand and took out her clothing quickly before handing it back.] It was a bit strange ... actually very strange to she her blushing, which was waaay out of her normal self. He couldn't help but smile at her slightly red cheeks, but decided not to be much of an asshole over it. It was cute, actually, and he'd hate to ruin the little moment with her lashing out on him.]]

[size12 [center [b Getting out a pair of jeans and a blue and black plaid shirt, he set the outfit beside him and dug in his bag for a pair of boxer briefs.] He pulled them out and set them down the pulled out some bright baby blue flip flops and zipped up his luggage. Setting his bags on the floor, he laid his clothes, a small green bag with toiletries and his flip flops and other accessories on top of the luggage. [b "Okay ... I think I'm set. I'd say we have maybe five or six more hours till landing, so I'm going to rest. You're set?"] He asked her then yawning and standing.]]

[size12 [center [b Waiting for a reply, Ziitron walked over to the small bedroom and opened the door.] He could almost burst out with laughter when he saw the flight attendant laid across the nearest bed to the door. But instead, he chuckled softly and closed the door, not wanted to disturb the peace. [b "Aaaand I guess the room is occupied, flight attending can be quite the tiring job apparently."] He said as he walked back, chuckling. Yea, sleeping on the job can be bad, but she was doing things that the two could easily do themselves, so her presence wasn't all that necessary. So he didn't have much of a problem with sleeping beauty. Igneous however ... [b "You weren't planning on taking one of the beds, were you?"]]]
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"A strip mall is fine." She muttered to herself. "I know we both brought some of our own clothes, or at least I hope you had the forethought to at least do that much, so we shouldn't have to buy much unless our attire is simply that outlandish." Red eyes rolled again.

"She really isn't. The woman hasn't got an ounce of subtlety in her. If anything, she proud of all of what she's done.." Some criminals really were strange. There were those that hid themselves better than a chamilion, and then there were ones that could care less. She was that unfortunate type that insisted on being the star of all media, the worst villain, but still not caught. What a Jack.

Igneous tried to find suitable clothing for the landing as the bags were mentioned. "Is there a problem with them? I had dumped out what was in t-" Upon seeing the inside of the bag, she remained silent and blinked. [i I could have sworn that I had cleaned it out better than that. What are those still..wait-] She snatched the bag away from him and quickly replaced the items into the bottom of her bag, where she would much prefer they be. Stiff, her arm extended out to hand the bag back to him, now empty. Oddly though, the albino wouldn't look at him. Really, it was odd for her differently than it must have been for him, because she knew she was blushing. She felt it odd though because she wasn't used to doing so.

"There, now get your things ready. We need to get dressed before we land, and I'm surely not wearing this as a tourist."

[i Great way to start off a mission, Igneous. If I could just erase that moment, I'd still look kind of cool. Dammit.] Cool wasn't necessarily the right word though, as she really meant that she would still remain intimidating.
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[size12 [center [b Zii nodded then caught the small black object that was tossed over to him.] He inspected it for a second, then looked up at Iggy as she spoke. [b "Okaaay .... That's fine."] He continued to nod and listen as she spoke. [b "Her current location is Lucaya, Freeport .... There should be a lot of strips for tourist with shops and restaurants. It shouldn't be too far from the airport, since most tourist come from there. We can go to a clothing store first for future outfits, then try and get some information on her next party and go on from there."] He said, taking his last glances at the papers. [b "And as for those connected with the W.A.O., I guess we could put them as a last resort for information, but this lady isn't all that secretive with her wrongdoings."]]]

[size12 [center [b Bahamian money had similar values as American money.] However, going into the banks to retrieve money could be just as risky as swiping a card at different stores for their outfits and food. They'd either have to check for hackers constantly, or find some other way to retrieve money without the high possibility of being tracked. [b "So ... how would we go about money? You see any cards in the envelope?"]]]

[size12 [center [b Opening the small bag that was handed to him earlier, he quickly glanced up at Iggy.] There were a few items of hers in the bag .... items that probably weren't meant for Ziitron's eyes. [b "And uhhh .... Did you clean out these bags before you gave them to me?"] He said, ready for the lashing she was probably going to inflict on him.]]
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She listened, nodding. The fact that there were people there that could help them always made her laugh. She internally questioned just why they never did the killing if they were already there. What kind of wimps were the people that did that anyways? Igneous couldn't imagine just sitting around and handing out information, not actually getting your hands dirty. Talk about having to put a lot of trust in people. This was a reason she only rarely used information from them. Trust.

"Beaches, eh? Well, I assume we both have clothes that will work. Most would wear a swimsuit and then clothes over that if they plan to walk around often. I'd say a hat and glasses, but with the addition of the camera bags..Oh, and those." She pulled her bag over before pulling out two small black cases. They held other clothes that she dumped into her bag before tossing one to Ziitron. "Use that to carry things. I have an actual video camera and camera," she started pulling them out. "But when you tour, you tend to have them out around your neck, your case empty. So, that's how we'll go about this." She passed him the video camera. "And you get the smaller case. We can use these to carry disguises in when we go somewhere so we can change. As for what we do with them after, you'll notice that they can flatten. Women carry large purses, so I'll get myself one while we're there. When back in tourist clothes, I'll turn it inside out and make it look like a cheap towel bag."

She brought her bag up to sit next to her. Time to pick out clothes. Of course, she stopped for a moment to look back at him. "Really, I could care less about those people involved with us. It's best we go to those that don't know us anyways, just so there is no chance of sabotage.
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[size12 [center [b The man nodded as she spoke, agreeing with most of what she said.] We could transition to different hotels every time they left, but that would be a bit much. Ms. Takameh did say don't splurge, but at the same time, wearing costumes is for a good cause. If we don't want to get caught, then that was one step we could take to our success.]]

[size12 [center [b "We could look up any parties going on around the time that we arrive. The pilot should know that much, and once we figure it out, we could do a little shopping as soon as we get there. Wouldn't we have to carry our luggage around?"] He thought, a bit tired at the thought of walking around such a bustling city with bags, even though he only brought a few. Sending someone to the hotel would be a bit suspicious. He looked at some of the papers from the envelope. He picked up two particular sheets with lists of names. One was of people who were strongly connected with Ms. Tamaloe, and the other was of people in the Bahamas that was connected with W.A.O. [i So they did give us little puzzle pieces....] He thought. [b " Well ... Here are some people we can maybe get some information about our target that's from the W.A.O. Maybe they can give us a list on what parties are going on as of recent and where Ms. Tamaloe is most likely to move next."] Zii thought and scanned the paper before looking up to Iggy. [b "We could figure out what to wear around the city by mere observation, though we will probably arrive midday, most people would be in summer outfits due to the weather and such. There are a lot of beaches on the Bahamas, so blending in as tourist should be all that hard...."]]]
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Well, the boy somehow managed to bring up partially what she had been thinking. Mostly about the water. [i I don't let a single drop in, eh? If he's water, no wonder I can't stand him.] She continued to listen. Igneous wasn't one to interrupt people. Yes, she could say some thoughtless things and even be rude on purpose, but she never interrupted someone. After all, if they've got something to say, they might as well say it all now before they can't later. At least, that's what she had come to understand.

It's like he wanted to be seen as more than just a carefree assassin. Fact was though, Igneous couldn't view him as serious. Not with his attitude. Yeah, people could still have fun outside their work, but to her, you couldn't allow yourself too much fun. If you did, you'd only be throwing yourself into a world of trouble if someone were to find out who you are. Besides that, what if one of the people you met became a victim later? She could do it, but Ziitron didn't seem like the type. Even so, he kept talking as though he was. [i I have a feeling that if this guy was ordered to kill a friend, he couldn't do it. He's not as bad as he wants to be..] She huffed a small chuckle to herself.

"We probably should, now that you mention it. Besides, I can't rest on this ridiculous plane." Sitting up, she leaned forward to the papers again. "Alright, well, as for our first part of this mission, I suggest going straight to the source. Play it off as tourists hearing about a popular celebrity around and wanting to see the infamous Fiercee whilst they were here. We can't look like we do now, but when we go back to the hotel looking like tourists, no one will suspect a thing. If we go straight there from here though, it'll be impossible to hide the fact of our changing faces. Besides, the later we get in, the better. Not only will be cost that bat of a woman more money," She really didn't appreciate their head of operations. "but the security will be tired. The front desk also will be less likely to be paying close attention to people's faces, so they won't see a difference in hair or he like as long as we're the same gender and size. I would say height, but shoes could easily change that. Since we are tourists, it would explain our shopping as well." Understanding her own thoughts, she leaned back. "And even if we don't get to the goal of seeing her, at least mentioning her name around will bring some hype to this place. A woman like that will take pride in it and want to show her face, so it will heighten our chances." A pale hand waved. "With that in mind, all we need to do now is figure out our disguises. Let's just not go too stereotypical tourist, alright?" Coming up with plans like this was a cinch for her. At least, in the beginning it always was. There wasn't much to do, and the more you understood the people around your target, the better. Especially if they trusted in the fact that you're being weird was because you were simply a foreigner traveling.
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[size12 [center [b "Understood. I'll try my hardest not to, ma'am."] Ziitron replied to Iggy's instructions. He was never that good with names anyways. Hair and accessories, of course. Clothing, maybe. But naming was a definite no. And his way of thinking was a bit [i too] unique. It causes him to come up with weird ass names like Lemonica or some other shit. And if he was to have a child, he'd leave the name making to the mother. But finding a good name for an event wasn't too hard. There are books of names and rearranging letters to make it fit wouldn't be too difficult .... hopefully.]]

[size12 [center [b Still enjoying the ride, Zii listened to the women's ... rants.] He just watched her as she spoke,his attitude unchanged by his words. He sighed, running one of his hands through his short, silver hair. [i I truly do wonder who made Iggy like this. It's like there's a wall blocking every side of her ... a defense. But from what .....?]]]

[size12 [center [b He listened to every word she spoke, then sat up at her question.] [i How did I become an assassin ...?] The very thought of her question made him smirk. Yea, he could be an idiot at times, but that question could be a bit ... dangerous if asked to just anyone. A lot of pain ... a lot of blood, It'd frighten a man to ask Igneous of how she became an assassin, especially since it can include her past, which seems like a pretty damn dark one. But Iggy was dangerous, and Z was sure that if someone answered her questions, it wouldn't frighten her in the least.]]

[size12 [center [b [i She thinks I'm attractive?]] He smiled a bit from that, even though it wasn't really considered a compliment in her eyes. Yea, he could've been a lot of things, including a stripper. But there were lots of reasons why it was a little too late for all of that. And for him to think of that, his smile started to kind of fade away. On top of that, his cup was empty now, and he figured the flight attendant didn't want to intervene in the two assassin's conversation.]]

[size12 [center [b Once she was done, Zii sighed once more.] That last little bit she said hurt a little. Nothing that bothered him, but if she continued to think like that, to Z, it could become a problem with this type of assignment, especially since the woman has to be kept alive. [b "Well as to why I became an assassin ... I'll tell you this. I may have petals to you, but I wouldn't consider myself a rose, or any flower. I'm more like a river. I'm calm, carefree, and flow wherever life takes me. But just like a rose, I have a deadly side. No one thinks of water having any bad effects until it ends up consuming all the air in their lungs, right after rushing them head first into a boulder and dumping their body into the nearest river that will probably lead to the ocean somewhere. And then their families will never know of their death, simply because that person took a wrong step while trying to cross me. It's not like it was necessarily their fault, even though they should've known better. That's just the nature of water. But if you were to refer me to a rose, yea, I guess you could say I still have plenty of petals. That's only because I still stay attached to other roses, or a rose bush if you'd like to say."] Zii's smirk returned to his face by this point. He'd love for Iggy to be a part of his rose bush, but she'd apparently prefer to cut herself from any connection to him ... or anyone. He leaned back, glancing to the television. American Dad was playing. It was getting pretty late, so he figured something like this would be on.]]

[size12 [center [b "Well ... That's just how I see it. As for you, my help is unavoidable. Sometimes, you're gonna have to do things you don't like. It's life. Making your own rules when it comes to this field of work is perfectly fine, but sticking to them exactly 100% percent of the time can either lead to death or hair-loss. And I'd hate to see either one happen to you."] He said, looking back at her, then around the room. Where was the flight attendant....? [b "Anyways ... Want to come up with an exact plan for when we get off the plane? Once we're done, we should get some rest before we get there so we can get to the real work asap."] He continued to look around, his eyes eventually stopping on Igneous as he waited for her reply.]]
  Ziitron Black / YommiNoms / 4y 355d 2h 28m 17s
"Just don't be that person that uses real names as an alibi, got it? There are too many morons that don't understand how easy it is to be found out that way. And for the love of all things bloody, no ridiculous fake names. And nothing seriously close to our real ones either, but nothing so far away we won't remember." So maybe she was being a bit too particular. Igneous had a small margin for perfection in her mind. Never did the first plan she makes go right, and the second is only a maybe, so it was important to have the particulars down after having gone through this so many times. She had no doubt that Ziitron would be the type to call someone John or Smith just because he couldn't come up with something better.

[i Relax, eh? How can someone relax so easily when they know they've got work to do. He's such a carefree weirdo.] As he looked over at her, red eyes rolled and stared in front of her. Arms crossed before she lead back and looked to the ceiling. Something was so far away about it. Why was everything so far away..?

"Maybe you can just sit around and relax, but I have a job to do, and I'm going to focus on that. Sleep is okay when it's time for sleep, but right now it's time to settle on a plan of action and piece things together. Jeez," White hair shook. "How did you even become an assassin? You're an attractive guy and obviously think you're good with the ladies. I'm sure you could find some other job where you could [i relax] all you wanted to. Everyone has their thorns, but you've still got plenty of petals."

[i Practically all of mine have fallen..there are still a few I cling to, but for the most part...I'm completely wilted..]

Her eyes closed as she crossed her legs, keeping her arms behind her head away from her lap. "You could just quit now. We're on a trip after all, and I'm sure I could do this alone. I don't need you, or anyone else for that matter."

[i I never have. When I had people, I got rid of them. I don't have ordinary thorns, because mine aren't only on the outside. They're stabbing inwards as well..Maybe that's why the water won't ever rise.] A small smirk rose on her face as she thought back to her own life so far. Why did the past even matter by this point? It's not like she had any regrets. Igneous didn't need things like other people did. She didn't need other people to begin with.
  Akiho / 4y 355d 17h 3m 26s
[size11 [center [b Ziitron was not surprised at all by Igneous's quick thinking and planning, even though the information given gave little to no info on how we will be able to capture her.] They were completely on their own, no guidance, no 'easy-way outs', no of that. Of course, coming from such an academy like this, it was to no surprise that the missions were this difficult either. If anything, this is one of the more easier missions .... Ziitron wasn't surprised at all.]]

[size11 [center [b He nodded as Igneous spoke.] [b "Miss Make-Up Artists might not be as much of a challenge as I though she would be .... We'll just have to be careful ..."] He muttered to no one in particular. [b "Security will be very heavy ... I know for a fact. We'll have to change our look [i every single time] .... That means shopping ..."] Ziitron kind of cringed a little at the thought, covering up their transactions might be a little necessary as well ... Its a lot of work to be done.]]

[size11 [center [b Swishing the little bit of wine left in his cup, Ziitron laid back on the couch and grabbed the t.v. remote, turning it on. "We have a long way to go .... Might as well rest while we can."] He drunk the rest of his wine and sat the cup down before sending a mischievous smile towards Igneous. [b "Relaxation causes a clear mind. Better for productivity during the mission, You should try it maybe."] He chuckled softly, still smiling.]]
  Ziitron Black / YommiNoms / 6y 33d 20h 3m 27s
"I refuse to wear pigtails. End of story." She raised an eyebrow at him. Ponytail maybe, but Igneous hated putting her hair up in general unless it was really necessary. In this case, she started to favor the wig idea more and more, just so she wouldn't do that.

As he pulled out the information, Igneous stood up and walked over to him with her drink, then sat beside him on the couch. She could easily read upside-down, though she didn't exactly feel up to that on an airplane. Leaning forward, she examined the papers. There were plenty there that she could spend at least half an hour looking over, even with her quick reading skills. With a light touch, she started to spread out papers, keeping them in a sort of order. It seemed this woman knew many people and wasn't exactly a disliked individual.

"Well..I suppose this will be a very social mission." The more she thought of it, the more she disliked it. Igneous never got along with other people. The only reason she was a tad alright at school was because everyone there had at least a few screws loose. Even Ziitron held a bit of insanity in him, else he wouldn't be with the killers.

"Once we get our hotel room, we'll need as many maps as we can get of the area. Even the outskirts need to have a layout. Not only that, but we'll need definite internet access. That way we can copy down the invitations to her parties and whatnot. Some seem to be rather open, though others aren't so inviting." Her red eyes swept over each page, taking in the information as she spoke.

"Along with that, we'll need to change up our looks between them. The parties I mean, and other social events. If people start to notice our continuous appearance suddenly, suspicion will most definitely rise..."
  Ignited Flame {Igneous Halthorne} / Akiho / 6y 86d 1h 14m 55s
With a single nod, Ziitron sat his half-drunken wine on the table. He smirked at her comment. Although him being shirtless was a norm for him, especially in the summer, it would really be perfect for where they were going. The Bahamas was a place of tourist and celebration. Girls in bikinis or shorts and short sleeves, boys with nothing but a pair of swim shorts and towels wrapped around their necks was the expectation when it came to dressing in the summer. If you came outside with not enough skin showing, you would probably be given a bunch of weird looks from everyone.

"I understand ... I think you'd look nice with ... pigtails and a swimsuit rather than what you 'usually' wear. But its just a suggestion. Of course I don't really need much ... But I think blonde hair would look good on me." He smirked again. He had some green army camouflage shorts and a regular t-shirt he could wear .... but the shirt won't really be necessary of course. Brown contacts can really make someone look different too .... "We're probably gonna be going to a few celebrity parties as well. 'Fiercee' seems to be quite the popular lady here, so she will probably be at the biggest parties here. And there can be a lot of parties here." Ziitron pulled out the thick manila folder and pulled out the many papers in it. A large picture or their target was the first thing on the stack of papers. "We should go ahead and see what information they have already given us .... I suspect its not much ...."

  Ziitron Black / YommiNoms / 6y 86d 1h 27m 30s

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