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Rin had been caught a couple of days before. She was short with firey red hair and ears. She wasn't exactly half cat but more like half fox. Rin was defensive and had a quick and short temper as well as being as stubborn as hell. She rammed herself against the sides of the cage, wanting to get out. But to no avail. She would growl at anyone who would come any where near her, which would normally frighten them off. She wasn't always this stubborn she use to enjoy being around people until she was cadged like some sort of animal.

Every time she would growl at someone, the owner would sharply move the cadge so that she sharply hit against the sided of it. This made Rin more and more angry and more intent of escaping. Seeing a woman pass her cage she growled low, backing to the back of the cagde in a defensive way, not wanting anyone close.
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