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Yeah, it's about time I started something like this. I was just recently informed of having at least one stalker, and so I'm opening a chat.

Please try to use the flash chat for the most part; it doesn't waste so much server space. =P

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

[i She smiled slightly and nodded trying not to laugh at his excitement] [#123456 Very well. I would be honored to learn from you. Or anyone else you see fit.] [i Her eyes glinted as a spark flew from a finger] [#123456 It seems I am looking forward to it as much as you are.]
  Silverwood / Silverwood / 6y 123d 9h 13m 44s
[i He pointed to himself.]
[+9D0000 "I'm a smith whenever the land's at peace, so... don't have to look very far for training... ...there's also my son Wrex, and a few other people I know of, that have learned from me."]
[i And then his hair caught fire. It seemed he was passionate about teaching others.]
  Omio / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 130d 5h 18m 42s
[i She laughed and shook her head] [#123456 Like I said, I'm good at cooking and singing. But perhaps you are right a new skill may help my powers come back. If I wish to get stronger, I need to start making myself stronger.] [i She paused for a moment in thought.] [#123456 Perhaps, what you suggested would be good
Perhaps I should train to be a smith. Who would you suggest to train under for this?]
  Silverwood / Silverwood / 6y 130d 8h 14m 29s
[+9D0000 "Soft and gentle? Well, I know even of fighting styles that accommodate for that... ...but anyways, there could even be dancing, archery, weaving, and even skinning. Many of those trades are deemed 'noble' to some degree, even the fighting art of "redirecting energy". It all depends on how graceful you feel."]
  Omio / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 131d 4h 39m 51s
[i She raised an eyebrow and chuckled] [#123456 What good would it do me to become a smith? I lack the mussles and discipline. My style... if you will grant me is more soft and gentle. However, you raise a good point. There is a skill I can use that may help me... a few actually, singing.... and baking.]
  Silverwood / Silverwood / 6y 131d 4h 52m 43s
[i His stern nod held an intimidating note to it.]
[+9D0000 "Ah, then you'll probably want to practice against me. You see, as a Firewing, my talents with fire are as natural to me as breathing - literally. But perhaps, your talent isn't strictly to being a mage. I know you'll refute me, but I've found that people are in fact capable of many things. Who knows, you may learn the passion of smithing, and with it your spark returns. Perhaps you may rivel my sword-arm."]
[i His hair began to waver and dance about - clearly, the talk was warming him up, and touching topics that got him excited.]
  Omio / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 131d 9h 16m 56s
[#123456 I am Silverwood Foxflame. I was once a powerful fire mage... however one day I met a young woman who needed protection. I bestowed a part of my powers onto her, giving her the ears and tail of a fox. However in the process I lost my spark. Ithas recently come back. But as you can plainly see I can not grasp the power, or form I once had.]
  Silverwood / Silverwood / 6y 131d 9h 28m 30s
[i Omio shook his head.]
[+9D0000 "I mean to say that you present a mask of anonymity to me. And, if I am to aid you in any way, I will first need to know more about you."]
  Omio / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 131d 9h 37m 32s
[i She tilted her head and looked confused] [#123456 How do you mean? I do not have another illusion on me. That armored queen is my only illusion.]
  Silverwood / Silverwood / 6y 131d 9h 38m 50s
[i He heard her, and took not only a note, but a hint.]
[+9D0000 "So you seek to rekindle your inner flame... ...may I be allowed to see the woman behind the mask?"]
  Omio / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 131d 9h 44m 37s
[i She smiles slightly and shrugs] [#123456 Do I have to have a reason for wanting to meet another user of fire? .... Damnit still not there...] [i She frowns as the flames on her hand goes out once again]
  Silverwood / Silverwood / 6y 131d 9h 46m 24s
[i Omio's expression grew from relaxed to serious.]
[+9D0000 "Alright, so most people that see me usually have a point to visiting me, and nine times out of ten, I either know the answer itself, or the direction to take, so... ...what entirely are you after?"]
  Omio / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 131d 9h 54m 13s
[i She smiles and nods taking a fan out and begins to fan a spark that appears in her hand once again trying to make it grow bigger]
  Silverwood / Silverwood / 6y 132d 6h 21m 36s
[i Omio passed air through his lips before chuckling.]
[+9D0000 "PFF! Ahahaha, that totally sounds like what Sai would do... ...but nah, I'm not THAT degree of "crank up the heat", really."
  Omio / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 6y 132d 6h 42m 22s
[i She chuckles and nods silently wishing to herself that she had her old power back] [#123456 Well the last one who asked to turn up the heat around me did put the place on fire.] [i She smirks]
  Silverwood / Silverwood / 6y 132d 6h 44m 24s

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