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  -HornsUp / 4y 59d 46m 39s
[center [size20 [font "Poor Richard" What do you see when you look in my eyes?]]]
[center [size20 [font "Poor Richard" Do you see a real person or just a lie?]]]

[center [size18 [font "Poor Richard" He was hiding behind a mask both figuratively...and literally. His collection covered two entire walls, and the only time he took his mask off was when he was at home, to sleep or eat. He had his reasons, and the town didn't really do anything about it. They all had secrets to hide, and as long as he didn't cause any trouble, they got along fine.]]]
  gєум / -Morticia / 4y 294d 1h 24m 56s
You're just a guest in my world.

And you'll never get to leave...

He was an...unhappy spirit. Angry at the world. He didn't know how to make it subside, other than damning unfortunate souls to wander his creation until their untimely death. He wasn't really a bad person, just angry and afraid.

Which is why he brought you here.

It didn't take long to hear about the multiple-dimensions. How death would come and you'd feel it forever. That there was nothing you could do. But you were determined. You didn't find a way to cross over, you had some-what accepted the fate that you might not see your friends again. Instead, you wanted to find and help the spirit in charge...and see if that could stop other unfortunate souls from getting pulled into the souls prison.

For an eternal prison of death and suffering, it wasn't that bad. A large mansion with more rooms than you could explore. And one locked one...that you finally found the key to...

But how do you make a pained spirit finally move on when they're angry enough to kill?

Things you should know.

This is a 1x1. Other characters will either be NPC's or we'll play them ourselves.

This can be either a male/female roleplay or a male/male roleplay.

You're character will have been there for a while when we start. He/she will already be exposed to the craziness that is Ellijah's handmade hell.

The roleplay has a 1000 character limit. My posts usually get over 2000 or even 3000 sometimes. I expect you to do your best.

Tell me if you've got to quit.

Using anime pictures.

And last one; PM me to join and tell me which gender you'd like to play, along with your characters name. Using a creative title is more likely to get my attention.
  -design / 4y 333d 21h 7m 49s
Catholic school.

It’s easy to get through, unless you were the gay troublemaker that stood out like a diamond sitting alone on hardwood floor. Luckily for ___, that wasn’t his case. He was the opposite, in fact. Kept the rules and made sure everyone else did as well, didn’t care about relationships at all and didn’t have even a crush on anyone. So it was obvious that when he saw a student skipping gym class to simply stand on the fence and watch, that he was going to pull him off into the class. But when he fell and hurt his ankle, the plans of the day changed as X had to help him to the nurse.

___ never knew how his life would change when he met the outcast of the school…

They became close friends quickly, joined at the hip. So, it was a given that when X was in trouble, ___ was going to make sure he was all right. He hid everything X did from all of the teachers, making sure he was always okay, even if he had to give someone else the blame. He didn’t understand the strange pull his chest had toward the boy...

But when the trouble X gets into becomes something ___ can’t cover up, he figures it out. Slowly, but surely, he’s falling for X, and the bruises and cuts he’s been showing up with wasn’t okay with him. He could see them when he changed for gym, but that was it. They stayed in his mind. And he knew that if he doesn’t solve the problem and protect his friend, he was going to regret it. But what can he do when the trouble he’s got into involves an abusive, possessive boyfriend, that refuses to let him go no matter how many times X tries to get away?


1. If you've got to quit, I'd like a message at least telling me you are. Don't just leave me waiting for a reply that will never come, please.

2. 1000 characters will be the limit on this. Good spelling and grammar. You know, the usual requirement.

3. This will be a homosexual roleplay, in case it wasn't obvious.

4. This has mature themes. Violence, abuse, and depression. Not to mention bullying because it happens.

5. Anime pictures for this one. Please, have it fit the character.

Last one. To join, just shoot me a PM with an interesting title so I don't lose it among other PM's. That's about it, really.
  -design / 4y 333d 21h 10m 22s
You and I walk a fragile line…

I have known it all this time…

But I never thought I’d live to see it break.

She’d gotten sick…terminal. The doctors tried to do everything they could but…death was inevitable for her. And yet…she never acted that way. Always smiled and seemed strong. Other than the cancer taking her hair, she never showed any sign of death coming until it was too late. When you sat at her death bed…you couldn’t help but wonder how, when she had appeared to be living against all odds, she was now gone. No doctor in the world could save her at this point.

You had known how sick she was…you had known that it wouldn’t be long…

But you truly believed you wouldn’t see the line break and go flat…

Even after the funeral, you couldn’t stop going back to her grave. Every day you stopped by, unable to help it. You had promised to marry her the moment you two turned eighteen. And you kept that promise. Showing up on her eighteenth birthday, you having turned the age a few months ago, you said your vows. In return, she reached out and pulled you into the underworld to join her.

But marrying the dead is not that easy…

Especially when there’s another woman, a living one, fighting for your hand.

[loosely based off of the Corpse Bride]


1. If you've got to quit, I'd like a message at least telling me you are. Don't just leave me waiting for a reply that will never come, please.

2. 1000+ characters. Sorry...just really need something to work with.

3. There is romance in this. Do I want it to move fast and have your character decide on mine a few posts into the roleplay? NO. It will move at a slow pace. Also, it won't be all lovey-dovey. My characters aren't gonna be the "center or attention Mary-Sue". So don't try and force them to be.

4. Give your character personality. Make him over think things or not think things over at all. Just make him feel real. Well thought over characters are better than dolls. So think about it first.

5. Anime pictures for this one. Please, have it fit the character.

Last one. To join, just shoot me a PM with an interesting title so I don't lose it among other PM's. That's about it, really.
  -design / 4y 333d 21h 11m 35s
Can you hear me?

It was three o'clock in the morning. All the guests were gone, and you were alone.

Can you hear me?

The walls were thick, even if someone was still there, you wouldn't hear them from your room. That, of course meant someone or something was in your room. With you.

I can hear you breathing...

You were frozen in your seat. Scared. With every word, the voice got louder and louder.

Can you hear me?

You knew you had many of your father's creations scattered around your room, many of which you had no idea what they did. But you were certain none of them talked. None of them could.

I can hear you...

Your eyes scan the room for a source, but there isn't one. It just seems to start in the air by your father's chest and end at your ears.

He said you'd be able to hear me...

The longer you sat there the more it set in. Whatever was talking to you was in the chest. It wasn't near it, it wasn't above it, it was inside. Which meant you had to open it.

You'd never opened that chest. It was the last thing you had of your father, but you never opened it. It was his suicide chest. The one he'd put together and left you before he put a bullet through his head. Why was it in there?

Can you hear me?

Slowly, you went over to the box.

I can hear your heartbeat…

You’re close now, aren’t you?

There was no denying it now that you were closer.

Whatever was talking to you was in that chest…and you needed to get it out.


Android 0013 was your fathers creation, something he'd built for a very specific purpose before his death. Because even though you don't know it, you're part of something big, a war in a hidden part of the world, where you're supposed to take over. And 0013 is there to...wake you up. Whatever the hell that means. Honestly, I wouldn't trust the thing a slowly going crazy old man made, but it's all up to you, I suppose. And that thouchy-feely android, of course. The one with emotions that matched a humans and an unbalanced motus stone, whatever that is, that made him a little bit emotional.

Well, I suppose the only way to find out how this will play out is to go along with it.


1. If you've got to quit, I'd like a message at least telling me you are. Don't just leave me waiting for a reply that will never come, please.

2. 1000 characters will be the limit on this. Good spelling and grammar. You know, the usual requirement.

3. This will be a homosexual roleplay, so sorry if I got your hopes up for something different. And yes, that does mean romance. Don't worry, I'll explain how an android can have emotion later on in this thing.

4. Anime pictures for this one.

Last one. To join, just shoot me a PM with an interesting title so I don't lose it among other PM's. That's about it, really.

  -design / 5y 350d 12h 54m 35s

  -design / 5y 359d 20h 57m 23s

A Name


A Human


A Single Living Thing


  -design / 6y 1d 20h 13m 40s
: I Want Out :

: Chapter One :

When I awoke I was in the blankest canvas I had ever seen. The walls were white, the floor was white, the ceiling was white, and I couldn’t see a single indication of doors or windows. I was all alone, except for a small ball in the center of the room. There wasn’t a single doctor around to tell me what to do either. No speaker, no list of instructions, no nurse, or syringe filled of medication; just an empty canvas with the only small bit of art being me and this ball. I wanted to assume that me skipping a few more sessions than I should have just made them so frustrated that the doctor put me in this room so I would practice, but the evidence I got last night made me know different.

I’m supposed to figure it out. It’s a NEW program.

I got up and picked up the ball to see if there was something out of the ordinary about it, but there wasn’t. It was just an ordinary bouncy ball. Probably one of the cheap ones you get from quarter machines for fifty cents. Nothing so peculiar about it. But why was it here? Why, of all the things could they leave me trapped with in the cold, white room, did they choose a bouncy ball? There had to be more significance than it lead on, right? Maybe it was some cruel joke to make me remember that I had lost my childhood before I got to live it. That the memories I had begging my mother for quarters for lame toy like this was all I was ever going to get.

Does it sound like they're bad people? Because they are.

I threw the ball against the ground and stopped it mid rise, staring at it and trying to find something, anything, to give it some significance. To me, it was just a bouncy ball, but to them...what was it? I could almost hear them laughing, somewhere off wherever they were watching me from, for not picking up on what they were doing. I could hear the doctor chuckle as he told the others that since I was from his bloodline I was smart and could figure it out. I could also hear myself crying as the ball slowly rolled away.

This room had a negative effect on me. It was claustrophobic despite the white walls making it seem larger than it was. I was scared. I felt confined. I felt crushed. I couldn't breath. I was backing against a wall just to keep it all from caving in. I slipped down onto the floor, legs quivering in front of me. I felt the air getting thicker. I felt the fear drowning me. I felt my lungs collapse.

I felt alone.

The longer I sat pressing my back against the wall in a hopeless attempt to stretch out the room the worse it got. I started hyperventilating. My eyes became dry. I curled up into a ball and waited for it all to end. I even cried out for the doctor in an unsuccessful attempt to make him show mercy and let me out. The more I sat there the more desperate I became to get out. I was willing to try anything. I was willing to do anything. But there was nothing I could do. There was nowhere to run. The longer I waited in misery the less my mind worked. Eventually, I became so desperate that I started throwing my hands against the walls, clawing at them in hopes that I could somehow tear it open and let myself out. It was in the midst of all that breaking down that my hand sunk into a section of the wall and I heard a beep. I just stood there, dumbfounded, confused at the noise I'd heard, for a while. And then I looked behind me.

The wall had slid open behind me, revealing a long, dark hallways that seemed to have no end in sight. Suddenly, the world felt too big. Instead of wanting to leave, I wanted to stay. Instead of taking off, I stood my ground. Instead of feeling like it was the end of the experiment, I felt this one would be longer than any of the previous test. Instead of feeling as though I needed to get to the end, I wanted wait until the finally gave up and came to get me.

I took a step into the hell that stretched before me.

Goodbye, stable mind. I'll miss you sincerely.

  TeddyToldMe_ / 6y 106d 14h 28m 45s
: I Want Out :

: Prologue :

There’s a man standing outside my door, just waiting. I was supposed to be out of my room for my medication an hour ago, but I didn't want to take it. I was halfway hoping that if I avoided taking it I would die. And then I could get out. I knew though, no matter how much I hoped for the end, I wasn't going to get out that easily. If he wanted in bad enough, if I absolutely had to take my medicine or I’d die, he would go get a key and unlock my door. But he didn't. He was patient, he waited, until I crawled out of bed and unlocked the door. I didn't want to open it, but I had to. I felt uncomfortable. I felt like, even through the closed door, his eyes were boring holes in me. I was nervous as I turned the doorknob.

I don’t want to be here. If you couldn't already tell.

He came into my room and smiled at me. "Good morning, Viktor. A bit moody today, I see?" I didn't even look up at him, only reclaimed my bed as a seat. I held my arm out straight and waited for the pinch of the syringe, which quickly came. I cringed only slightly as the sharp item penetrated my skin. By now, I was used to it.

I've been here since I was eight years old. I want to go home.

"So? Ready to go to your session? We're going to focus on controlling your emotions today." I stared numbly at the tall man. "I do not wish to go today." He just sighed at my response. He knew it was best not to push me. My inability to control my emotions made me dangerous when angered. That was also why I didn't go to the classes. He turned and took his leave and I just watched him leave. I opened the book on my side table and flipped through the pages, eventually setting it down on my lap and turning the pages with my telekinesis so I could get a little more practice in. Or maybe I just wanted to be lazy. There really wasn't a difference, was there?

If there was, I'd lost the ability to tell.

A few hours into my book I heard the doctor and a nurse talking outside my door. Another new program to put people through. It was nothing new. My ears only perked up when I heard my name. "Viktor Petrov would be good person to test it out on. He's been here so long. It would give us the look of how it is with people with strong minds." I slowly stood and walked to the door, putting my ear against the black glass. "When should we get him, then?" "Tonight is best. While he's sleeping." I sighed and slumped back to my bed, burying my nose back in my book.

You may be wondering why I'm not concerned at all, but the answer is simple.

After seven years, you get used to being a lab rat.

  TeddyToldMe_ / 6y 108d 19h 3m 35s

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