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We left off with us going to the market to get somethings for my house and equipment to rebuild the door that the bunny destroyed when he came rushing to deliver a letter that Tohru had sent me. As we are leaving, we bumped into the ex tiger and lamb. They are being mean to you, until the bunny tells them about the letter I received.


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Just as he began to dig into her breakfast, Rei thanked Kyo for making her breakfast, to which he simply gave her a small nod. As they ate in silence, he thought about his homework and projects, making sure that he hadn't forgotten anything. When he felt satisfied that he had finished everything early once again, he just focused on finishing his food and drink.

Soon he finished at the same time as his roommate, and gratefully picked up both their dishes, glad that the young female didn't try to wash her own plates. Going over to the sink, Kyo decided that he would just clean the dishes when he returned from school, and instead made his way over to the door, his bag already on his shoulders.

He stopped short when he saw Rei waiting for him at the door, her own school bag and shoes one. Looking down to put on his shoes, the red head spoke in a somewhat stern, yet confused tone. [+orange "I thought we agreed that you would be staying home today?" ]as he said this, he finished slipping on his last shoe then stood straight up again, looking at Rei with a raised brow.

[+orange "Look I can't make you stay home from school, but you're still not doing so hot so I think it would be better if you just stayed. Still, if you insist on going then you better make sure to come straight back home the moment you start to feel even a little dizzy or worse. Got it?" ]Just as he asked this, his tone registering that he expected the female to respond to his request, Kyo began to walk out of the house and towards the school. He knew that she would either go back inside, or close the door behind her before catching up with him so they could walk to the college together for once.
  Kyo Sohma / Okami_san_16 / 3y 100d 19h 7m 21s
She sat up more straight as she tucked in to the meal in front of her. "Thank you" She said softly as they ate, sipping gingerly at the tea - since it was still scolding. She then fell silent, her head bowed slightly as she focused on eating.

Once finished, she set her mug on her plate along with her chopsticks before she pushed them into the centre of the table some more, not even trying to get up to clean up. Assuming she would just get told off again. She ran a hand through her hair and finally rose to her feet, walking to her bag and shoes, ready to go to class. She waited for Kyo, looking over her shoulder at him as she stood just outside the front door. She wished things would go back to how they had been already, she hated these awkward conversations... She had to figure out a way to get him fully back onto her side...
  Rei / msbeautifulnightmare / 3y 101d 5h 54m 18s
Kyo didn't even flinch when Rei turned around to face him, the look on his face daring her to argue with him. When he only got reluctant acceptance, he continued to prepare their breakfast for them. [+orange "That's fine." ]

He still found it hard to really say a lot to the white haired female, but in his opinion he was doing a lot better then just two days ago. He made them mint leaf tea, which would help if Rei's stomach happened to be hurting otherwise it was still yummy as a drink. To go along with the tea, he made just some simple rice balls that would be alright for the both of them and maybe even help Rei feel a bit more better.

Setting up both their plates and mugs, the ginger walked over to the young female and placed her plate in front of her while he sat across from her. He looked down at his food as he dug in and eat so he could leave.
  Kyo Sohma / Okami_san_16 / 3y 175d 7m 53s
Rei jumped when she felt him behind her, spinning around, she stumbled a little before she looked over at him. She bit down on her lip, trying to judge his face before she hung her head and nodded.

[+red "I don't want to stay in... but okay... If I must."] She replied gently, deciding it was better to not annoy him any more, she was still working on getting him back to liking being around her... she didn't dare mess that up now.

She walked to the island and settled on one of the chairs as she watched him walking around preparing food for them. [+red "I'll go into the living room after I've eaten... Is that okay?"] She asked, looking up at him before she looked down at her hands and sighed softly. She really hated the idea of missing classes... She knew that one day could mean a lot of work and she hated the idea of having to play catch up, but there was little else she could do but do as he said. There was no need for another argument, besides she didn't have the strength to fight with him on this. She would let him win... For now.
  Rei / msbeautifulnightmare / 3y 175d 1h 46m 17s
Waking with a jolt, Kyo groaned as he hated that he had the same nightmare again. Ever sense Tohru left him for Yuki and ran of to a Univeristy with him, the young ginger had been having the same nightmare over and over again. It had only gotten worse after Rei had left to return home with her father, leaving him behind in the rain.

Rubbing his pulsing head, Kyo slowly got to his stiff feet as he pushed the nightmare to the back of his mind. Going through his usual routine, Kyo got ready for school sluggishly as he once again cursed himself for staying up so late and passing out at his desk. He would always tell himself that he would correct this bad habit of his, but never really did much to change it.

Finally he was dressed and had everything put away in his satchel, and he was now making his way downstairs to get a quick breakfast. Just as he stepped into the kitchen, he froze as he spotted Rei in there. He silently observed her movements, attempting to analyze and gauge how the female was feeling that morning. She seemed to be doing better, and though not as badly as the night before she was still stumbling around a little.

Going over to her, he silently approached behind her and slid his hand over her forehead from behind her. Feeling her forehead, he felt that she was still slightly warm and frowned to himself as he let out a small sigh. Letting go of her head, he took a quick step back and went over to the tea kettle. [+orange "Either go lay back down in your room or in the living room, cause you aint't going to school today." ]

Without another word, Kyo filled the kettle with water and then placed it on the stove before going over to the fridge to prepare both of them a quick and easy breakfast. He wasn't going to take no for an answer, and really didn't feel like arguing with Rei if she tried to complain about staying home. He wouldn't stop her if she insisted on going to school, but would be greatly annoyed if she decided to do so anyway.
  Kyo Sohma / Okami_san_16 / 3y 199d 13h 7m 58s
The clock read six am when Rei woke. Seeing the note she pulled herself carefully into a sitting position and took the pills and water he had left out of her. Deciding she was feeling a little better, she got out of bed, turning on the light and blinking as it blinded her before she adjusted to it. She then got her laptop and homework and crawled back into bed. From there she decided to spend the time until she needed to start getting ready for class doing the work that needed to be done.

She still wasn't feeling 100% but she thought she was well enough to do work and then go to class. She finished most of it, sending it to print before she finally decided to try getting up. By then it was eight am and she needed to be awake soon anyway. Setting her laptop out of the way, she carefully pulled herself up and began to make her slow way downstairs, feeling less dizzy and unstable than the previous night, though she wasn't 100% yet.
  Rei / msbeautifulnightmare / 3y 227d 5h 7m 52s
Kyo was still picking up the mess, when Rei finally gave in and listened to him, making his shoulders relax a bit more with the knowledge that she would be going back upstairs to rest. He had looked up just in time to see her sticking out her tongue at him before turning and walking away. He only rolled his eyes at her childish behavior, before going back to cleaning.

Once he was done, he quickly scanned the floor once more, then he turned and made his way back upstairs as well. Opening the door to her room, he saw her laying there sleeping, so he quietly set down another two pills and glass of water with a note saying to take them in the morning only just in case she woke up too soon. Once back in his room, he continued to work on his homework, occasionally thinking back to how he had finally been able to speak to Rei in a more normal tone, and he nodded his head for how well he handled the situation. Every now and again he would stop what he was doing, just to listen out in case the young female was trying to sneak back downstairs again, before just going to back to his work.

Eventually he finished, but was once again too tired to go to his own bed. So, like usual lately, he just folded his arms over his desk and buried his head between them. Within a minute he passed out, the time on his alarm clock reading two in the morning again. He knew he needed to give himself a break, and that most of the work he did usually weren't due till the end of each week sometimes even not till the following month. Still he always finished his assignment early, and when he did them way too early, he would try and ask all his professors for the following weeks work. He did anything and everything to avoid having to deal with his problems, and even the the teachers at the college were beginning to notice.
  Kyo Sohma / Okami_san_16 / 3y 227d 23h 18m 46s
Rei frowns for a moment, biting down on her lip as she looks up at him, tilting her head to the side. [+red "But I want to help..."] she replies, but as he seemed to not want to give up on this, she finally- reluctantly rose to her feet again. [+red "Okay... Okay... I'll go..."] She said before she looked at him again, sticking out her tongue before she made her slow way back up the stairs and into her room.

Once there, she climbed into the bed and curled up, pulling the covers up over herself. It was nice to see Kyo getting a little more back to normal... at least he had spoken to her now... With that thought she closed her eyes, hoping to get a little more sleep.

She woke feeling hot and sweaty, pushing the covers off herself she lay on her back staring at the ceiling as she tried to work out what to do now. She was stuck in bed but she couldn't sleep... and she still felt too sick to go down stairs, Kyo would just tell her to go back up.
  Rei / msbeautifulnightmare / 3y 259d 3h 2m 9s
Kyo was in the middle of carefully picking up some of the broken pieces of a plate and cup, when he suddenly heard someone stumbling towards him. He had expected Rei to remain sleeping for a few hours at the very least, maybe even until the following morning, so when he looked up from his position on the ground and saw her quickly walking over to him he was more then surprised. He watched her as she spoke and attempted to pick up the mess, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open slightly.

If he was being honest, he was more then a little shocked and horrified at seeing the young female shaking and speaking so weakly with sadness evident in her tone. Kyo felt a pang of guilt, as he knew without a doubt that Rei was only acting like this because of him. He had every right to be upset with her at first, but at this point it was just his pride that was coming between their friendship.

Knowing this, he shook his head in self loathing, before suddenly reaching out and gently taking her hands in his, making the porcelain that she had been holding fall back to the ground. [+orange "Rei..." ]It felt like it had been ages sense he had last spoken that name, those three letters leaving his lips so naturally that it only reminded him of how much of an idiot he was for holding onto a grudge that he had no reason to keep.

[+orange "Go back to your room..you need to rest, idiot.." ]Although it would have sounded like he was being harsh to the young female to anyone else who could have heard him talking, he knew that she would know better and easily recognize that it was his way of showing her that he was concerned about her, and that he was finally starting to letting go of his unwarranted anger towards her.

[+orange "Now go, I can clean this up. Besides, what are you apologizing for? Being sick? Nah, that's just stupid, so save it and do what I told." ]It was strange to him, to be able to begin talking to her like he use to somewhat, but it was also so easy for him. He knew he would still be a little distant from her for a little bit longer, but he also knew that he would not be treating her like she was a horrible person anymore. He cared too much for Rei to continue to let his pride get in the way of his last remaining friendship anymore. [+orange "You better do what I said, or Imma drag you back up to your room myself, got it, Rei?" ]
  Kyo Sohma / Okami_san_16 / 3y 269d 1h 5m 53s
Rei slowly came too, looking around groggily, she saw she was in her own bed and then spotted the medicine and water beside the bed. With her head spinning still, she carefully propped herself up with the pillows and gulped down the water. Her throat was sore but as the water began to sooth it, she felt somewhat better.

Hearing movement down stairs, she pulled the covers from herself and swung her legs off the end of the bed, pulling herself up and holding into the wall. She finished off the last of the water with shaking hands. Carrying it with her as she slowly made her way down the stairs, holding the wall the whole time.

Once on the ground floor, she stumbled a little but made it into the kitchen where she saw Kyo cleaning up. Her cheeks heated up as she set the glass down and hurried towards him.

[+red "I-I'm so sorry... Let... Let me clean up... It's my mess."] she said quickly as she tried to take over, but her hands were shaking too much. Tears filled her eyes as she tried to stop him, she knew he hated her... She knew she was a burden and all she had done was make that worse by being stupid and smashing the plate and cup.

[+red "I'm sorry I disrupted you... You should get back to what you were doing..."] she tried again, focusing on her shaking hands as she slowly picked up a few pieces of broken porcelain. She was terrified he would be angry at her as she moved away from him slightly to keep picking bits up.
  Rei / msbeautifulnightmare / 3y 361d 10h 22m 5s
Kyo had just sat his things down, his homework in front of him and his food slightly to the side, when he heard Rei step out of her room. He looked towards his door for a brief moment, the urge to go and just start talking to the young female again growing in his chest. However, with a long frustrated sigh, Kyo turned back to the work in front of him.

He was thinking over a particularly though question, his spoon full of soup still in his mouth, when he heard what sounded like various thing go crashing to ground. Getting to his feet in an instant, Kyo dropped his spoon and began to speed walkout of his room and down the stairs. Once downstairs, Kyo looked around, before going into the kitchen.

The moment he spotted Rei blacked out on the kitchen floor, Kyo felt a horrible jolt in his heart, and he bolted forward before falling to his knees beside his friend. Looking her over, Kyo felt himself instantly panic as he tried to shake her awake. [+orange 'Rei..Rei wake up! Rei!!!" ]As his pleas for her to wake failed, the redhead felt himself lose complete control.

Not caring how he had been feeling with the young woman that lay before him, Kyo quickly but carefully picked her up in his arms. As soon as she was in his arms, he could feel how hot she was, and he cursed under his breath. [+orange "I knew you were looking paler for a reason!" ]

With hurried steps, he took her up to her room and laid her down under the covers, before rushing back downstairs to get some medicine and a wet cloth. Once back in the room, Kyo placed the cold and wet cloth on her forehead,then he made sure to put some fever reducer into a needless syringe. Carefully, he made sure that Rei swallowed the medicine without choking, then he put the medicine and syringe on the end table.

Looking at the pale female, Kyo felt like the biggest ass whole in the world for being so neglectful towards the only friend he had left in the world. Shaking his head, he placed a glass of cold water on the end table, for when Rei woke up, then got off the edge of the bed and going to clean up in the kitchen.
  Kyo Sohma / Okami_san_16 / 4y 5d 17h 6m 35s
[h3 Rei]

Sleep hadn't gone well for Rei and she ended up laying awake, wrapped up under her covers. She heard the front door open, and her body tensed as she bit on her lower lip, listening for the sounds of him coming up stairs, wondering if he was still ignoring her or whether he would come in. Of course, he ignored her. When she was sure he was out of the way, she pulled on her dressing gown and padded slowly down stairs, into the kitchen.

Seeing the food, she helped herself to some soup and lemonade, sitting at the table she ate and drank slowly. Once finished, she got to her feet to wash up but everything began to spin around her, the plate and cup in her hands fell with a loud shattering sound and the spoon clattered across the floor as she blacked out.
  Rei / msbeautifulnightmare / 4y 65d 11h 35m 32s
As he walked around, Kyo let out a slightly annoyed sigh. He didn't know why he was always trying so hard to pick some where new to eat at during his breaks, sense he always just ended up gping to the same place either way. It was a little, yet homely, cafè.

As he entered and got in line, he didn't even bother to look up at the menu as he knew what he wanted. Getting to the front of the line, the lady that alway took his order smiled up at him knowimgly. [B "The usual, Mr. Sohma?" "]

The female spoke almost flirtatiously to Kyo, and it was more then evident that she had a thing for the young red head. However, he was always too busy or just too distracted to take notice. Nodding his head, with a small smile towards her for politeness, Kyo took a step back and waited for his order. Once he paid for his coffee and TLT, Kyo stepped out of the cafe and began to make his way to his favorite spot under a tree.

Just as he was about to get to his spot, he stopped as he saw Rei sitting there. He considered still going over there, seeing as he was just going to focus on his homework anyway, but then he just let out a deflated sigh and instead made his way to the library. He was annoyed with himself for being so stubborn and rude with the female, as his anger for her just about left him, but he knew he would likely continue his stupid fit.

The rest of the day went by in much the same way as it always did, except with him being even more immersed in his studies. Stepping through his door an hour after Rei had, Kyo tiredly dropped his bag off beside his shoes, before going straight for the kitchen. He was hungry again, and he had taken notice how Rei had become paler then usual, so he decided he would make a simply soup for them.

After he madethe soup, he bad also decided to make a simple lemonade, adding mint leaf ice cubes into it. He felt that this dinner wpuld help both himself and Rei to feel better, so with a small satisfied smirk he picked up his bag and took it upstairs to his room, a tray with his food in his hands. He may not be as angry with Rei anymore, but he was still upset with her enough to still need his space. Besides, he had a lot of work to do, or at least that was what he was telling himhimself now.
  Kyo Sohma / Okami_san_16 / 4y 112d 21h 17m 31s
[h3 Rei]

Rei silently went into class, sitting right at the back, as far away from Kyo as she could. She kept her head down and did the work she needed too, just trying to get through the day as best she could. She hated that Kyo wasn't talking to her... but she didn't really know what else she could do. She had apologized over and over, cooked and cleaned for him, made sure he ate, tried to show him she meant it. But nothing seemed good enough.

As the class ended, she got to her feet, shoving everything into her bag and hurrying out first, she went to the little café on campus to get something to eat, she wasn't particularly hungry, but she knew she had to eat something. Picking up a small salad and a bottle of water, she headed to a little tree out of the way of everyone and sat down at it. Beginning to eat slowly. She did homework once she was finished, but she began to feel unwell. Trying to push the thought away, she went to the next class, again sitting as far away from Kyo as she could, she was much paler and she felt nauseous, but she knew she couldn't skip classes so she pushed through.

The rest of the day went by in a blur, she just focused on getting through the day as she went to teach class and took notes, handing in the work she had to before she headed back to the house. Arriving first, she didn't bother staying in the way and went up to the spare room she had taken, crawling into bed and under the covers she went to sleep, hoping that would make her feel better, but she was plagued with thoughts of Kyo and how much he currently hated her and how unwelcome she was but she was too stubborn to go home.
  Rei / msbeautifulnightmare / 4y 203d 9h 53m 29s
Once at the college, Kyo stopped to take one glance back over to Rei who had stopped to meetup with some of her friends, before he again made a b line for his first class. Once he entered the room, he put his assignment that he had been working on till late that night in the turn in basket, before walking up to the seats at the top and furthest part of the room by the windows. He use to not be one who cared too deeply about his education back in high school, but after Rei had left, he had found that enrolling into the community college and fully amercing himself into it had been one of the only ways for him to really cope and even almost completely forget the world around him and his problems.

As he sat staring out the window, waiting for class to begin, he found himself drifting off into his own world again. Not liking the path of thought that his mind was going towards, he was more then glad to see that everyone was filling into class now along with the professor. He spent the rest of class concentrating on nothing but the days lecture, and that's the way he went about most of the school day, only being forced to stop once he had a break in between his last two classes for the day.

Making his way out onto the grounds, he thought about where to go to grab some launch and start on some homework so he wouldn't have to do as much that night. As much as doing homework and studying helped keep his mind off things, even he had his limits on how much he could handle staying up so late at night. He was reaching that limit, and seeing as he had skipped on breakfast for the most part beside the toast, he would be that much worse off if he didn't get a proper meal in his stomach and soon.
  Kyo Sohma / Okami_san_16 / 4y 204d 17h 54m 41s

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