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"Well, you can consider yourself incorrect," Amelia replied. "Im not an Angel," she added. 'Not anymore,' she thought to herself. But he didnt need to know that just yet. Besides, it would be awkward to explain it and he'd probably feel safer if he thought she did have the backing of Heaven.

"Come on, time to get up," Amelia said, tapping his feet. "Time to move you out of here," she added. It wouldnt take long. A few minutes max. She'd just pop them to her home on the other side of town. There she could protect him easily. Her home was already demon-proofed. A human angel was good for them. It was an angel that bleeds, that can be tortured for information. But she was more than your typical angel. She was an archangel.
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<Scratch That. I have a little more time to write due to a screw up by a colleague.>

Dolon was sitting there, absorbing all this information at once and trying to decipher it all when the Angel asked her question. At that moment he felt a little stupid, but also justified in his response. "Well you're not human. You appeared out of no where with a flash of light. You know about Demons who have been chasing me. And the demon killing gun doesn't seem to affect you. So...unless thousands of texts got it wrong and you are God, you have to be an Angel." He says reasonably as he snoozes on his bed.

Dolon had been tossing the question all day in his head. Was she really an Angel? She certainly looked Angelic...but that might be his hormones. He could never tell anymore. And she certainly walked and spoke Angelically. Perhaps she was a sanction of Angel sent here to guard men like myself. He would have to ask her he supposed as she still examined the gun.
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[I shall see you tomorrow then. And I am glad you accepted as well. Thank you for the compliment.]
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<I apologize, I must leave for the evening. I will return tomorrow and reply. As a side note, you are a very exemplary Roleplayer in my opinion. I am glad I accepted your offer.>
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Amelia looked over the gun with the kind of scrutiny only a fallen angel would have. They were hunter by both sides of the fence, so they had to be wary of everything. When she found what she was looking for, she had to resist the urge to hurl the gun through a wall. So she had been correct. Zachariah had been masking this man so she wouldnt feel the pull of the danger he was in. 'Asshole,' was all she could think.

Zachariah had been her superior in Heaven, and he had never liked her. Said he thought someone else would have been better suited to lead the garrison. And boy had he been smug when she had fallen. Like a kid getting just what he wanted at Christmas.

"Yeah, someone gave it to you," she replied vaguely, handing the gun back to its owner. "And what makes you think Im an Angel?" she asked. She hadnt mentioned it so she wondered how he had made that leap. She didnt know if he even wanted to know that Angels were real, and that most of them were sanctamonious assholes. She had been too until she had started thinking for herself and disobeyed.
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Dolon nodded. He handed Amelia the gun and began to scrounge around the floor for his only articles of clothing and his single book. It had always been his favorite, "The Pillars Of The Earth". He had read it so many times he memorized the 900 pages in it. He grabbed it, packing it in the same container as his clothes. For all his time spent here, his clothes were relatively clean, as was his suitcase. He zipped it up and then turned to find Amelia examining his gun.

"I take it someone gave it to me from Heaven? It kills Demons but, according to you, not Angels like yourself. Its a beautiful gift of machinery too...never heats up, never recoils, the perfect gun." He says in a mix of envy and pride at being able to use it. He smiled friendly at her even when she was examining the gun. He figured that he'd be nice...and maybe she wouldn't kill him if she were a demon. It was a dismal hope, but it was certainly worth it.

He lay on the bed, awaiting Amelia's orders and stared up at the ceiling. So much had happened in such a short time it was almost too hard to conceive.
  Tynanverlius / 10y 118d 4h 10m 34s
Amelia raised an eyebrow at his joke about somebody in Heaven liking him. He had no idea. Prophets rarely ended up believing their gifts were a good thing. "For starters, we're going to move you somewhere safer. Somewhere I can protect you without having to worry about protecting you," she replied, placing her hands on her hips. "Go ahead and pack anything you need to bring," she added, waving one of her hands in a gesture around the room.

"Oh, and let me have a look at that," she said, gesturing to the gun he had been weilding brazenly a few minutes ago. She wanted to see if whoever had given it to him had left their mark. That way she knew who to curse at.

By rights, he shouldnt have had the gun at all. It was her job to protect him, but clearly someone upstairs had thought she'd shirk on her responsibilities. And they had no doubt made sure she hadnt known of his existence until they couldnt hide it any longer.
  Amelia - Angel / Constance / 10y 118d 4h 20m 8s
Dolon sat down on his bed at her words. A guardian. The words rang in his head. He looked at the newly named Amelia. She looked Angelic...and thats when he smiled to himself. A Guardian Angel. Looks like the gun WAS a heavenly sign. And now this woman was another. He would not be too trusting however. Even in a situation like this coincidence plays a part...along with trickery.

Dolon spoke softly, slightly awed by the presence of his assumed Guardian Angel. "So, you are to protect me? A Guardian Angel? Someone in Heaven must like me." He says with a laugh, but notices the seriousness of Amelia and immediately quietens. He could be dead if not for this girl. He suddenly felt a pang of guilt at shoving a gun to her face. He had been half convinced to blow her head off...and doing so would of sentenced his own death.

"I apologize for my threats...I have been a little bent out of shape lately, in case you hadn't already figured out..." He spoke calmly, but inside he was a turmoil of thoughts. What had he done? Why him? Were there others? Could she really protect him? "Well then Amelia. I suppose as the one in charge now, you should tell me what is needed of me. I will take any course of action you wish."
  Tynanverlius / 10y 118d 4h 29m 52s
Amelia tapped her nails against the floor as the guy seemed to come to terms with the fact she was telling the truth. At least, thats what it looked like. Besides, Amitiel couldnt lie. She was the angel of truth after all. 'Stupid element,' she thought. It wasnt handy not being able to lie. She could ommit things and twist her words, but outright lying? Nope. And falling to Earth hadnt changed that. While she had been off in her cursing thoughts, he seemed to have made up his mind and offered her his hand.

"Ive been in worse," she said, but she took the offered hand nonetheless and stood. Her rear still hurt a bit and she made a mental note to punch Castiel next time she saw him. Brushing herself off, she smiled and offered her hand. "Im Amelia and Im here to make sure you dont get dead."

Amelia had already taken stock of the room she was in. She'd have to take him somewhere more secure for starters. The slums were like Vegas for demons. Too hard to defend against. Not that she couldnt take the demons, but she would be distracted by his safety. At least somewhere else she could do both without compromising.
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Dolon now was able to recover his composure and stand up. It seemed the demon-girl was still sitting as he himself stood, gun aimed directly at her head. Upon hearing her words, a slight panic rose to his throat. Perhaps she was telling the truth about not being able to hurt her...but not about not being a demon. If this were the case, his next moves would mean his death. He slowly put the gun down, ready at any moment to jerk it back up should she run at him. He let it fall to his side and, assuming she wasn't going to hurt him, placed it on the table.

At this point he figured if she wanted to have killed him she could of been a lot quieter. He always thought AFTER he did things. One of his design flaws he guessed. He looked at her mouth and confirmed she was no demon. Every single demon he had faced had a pair of fangs. He sighed, nearly dropping to the ground in exhaustion. "It wouldn't matter if you were sent to kill me or not, I'm too tired to hurt anything, especially a demon." He says.

He walks over to the girl, offering his hand to her. "If you want my help, grab my hand, if not, get up off your ass. The floor is not exactly the best place to sit, if you haven't noticed." He motions to some rat droppings and an actual rat scurrying along the floor.
  Tynanverlius / 10y 118d 4h 49m 13s
Amelia, who's rear end was still killing her from hitting the floor at angel speed, glanced over when the male in the room spoke. And she came face to face with his gun. She'd been right. Whoever had given him that was from upstairs. Probably Zachariah. He liked to poke his nose into other people's business all the time. Amelia was tempted to take the gun from him and shove it up Zachariah's ass, but he was training it on her so probably not the best idea right now.

"That pea shooter is not going to hurt me," she said, brushing off her hands. Sure, a bullet would sting a little, but it wouldnt kill her. They were born from the same thing, so why should it? "And Im not here to hurt you," she added. Yes, she was still sitting on the floor, but she didnt know if she could get up without her ass killing her.

"Im not a demon," she said, looking him straight in the eye. "See?" she said, opening her mouth and pointing into it. "No fangs."
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Dolon had been dozing off on his bed when he received a strange feeling. It began in his head, a buzzing of a small fly around it. Out of reflex he began swatting, hoping the bug would go away. In return, the noise grew louder. Here is where Dolon opened his eyes. The noise wasn't coming from his surroundings, but his head. He shook it, maybe thinking his hearing was acting up. He turned on the TV and heard the loud and clear voice of the News Man, covering a pointless story of gunshots in downtown Atlanta. He was hearing fine.

The buzz didn't go away for a few minutes. He began to become slightly annoyed. Grabbing his pistol, he walked back to the corner of his wall. This offered a very good view of the entire room, but left him vulnerable to be surrounded and taken. He cocked the pistol, ready for anything. Suddenly, a light flashed and the resulting force bowled Dolon over. Furniture was thrown back against him as one vase hit him in the head, stunning him. Dazed, he got up to find a woman appear in his room.

He was initially too surprised to even draw his gun at what could be another disguised demon. He fell back and then shook his head, realizing the danger of his condition. He held the gun level with his eyes, aiming directly at the demon's head. "What...coming home with me to attack now? Can't I receive a little reprieve?" He asked, sighing but aiming the gun nonetheless.
  Tynanverlius / 10y 118d 5h 4m 35s
Amelia was normally pretty adept when it came to tracking people down, but this person eluded her. For starters, it had been almost a century since she had had to track someone, and it hadnt been in a city. The hustle and bustle was confusing her instincts. So, for an ex-angel, she was pretty much screwed right now. Which meant she had no choice but to call in an old favour.

"Castiel," she called out, knowing the angel would appear. He owed her one and she was ready to collect. Not even a mooment later, a man appeared before her.

"What do you want Amitiel?" he asked, calling her by her true name.

"I need you to take me to somebody. He'll have residue of our father's power on him in the form of a gun," she replied, holding out the bullet she had picked up. Castiel took it, examined it for a moment, then vanished. Amelia wasnt worried.

A few minutes later, Amelia found herself landing on a hard floor, and a dusty floor at that, and pain resonating from her tailbone upwards. Quite literally, she'd been dropped on her ass. "A little warning next time Cas," she muttered, rubbing her behind. She failed to notice for a few seconds that she wasnt alone in this shack of a home. This must be the prophet. That or Castiel was going to get his ass kicked.
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Dolon climbed up the stairs to his apartment. It was run down like no other. Water seemed to drip from every orifice in the wall. Dolon even thought he heard rats crawling through the ceiling. He smiled a little to himself and let out a melancholy chuckle "Home sweet home." He spoke as he opened the door to his room.

It was not even worth looking at in his opinion. Everything was covered in a strange hue. If one looked closer they'd find a bright neon sight right outside his window. It always put him to sleep to stare at that large "Vacant" sign. He sighed in exhaustion, removing his cloak and shirt, leaving him only in his pants as he tucks his gun in them. He moves only five feet over to his disgrace of a kitchen. It was originally white, but now even green coated some sides of the molded place. He opened his fridge only to find a single can of Coke. He smiles still even in the desolate space of the fridge. "Last one. Must be my lucky day." He says sarcastically.

He replaces the door on the fridge, now more white then green, and sits down on the only clean surface of the place, his bed. If there was one thing he loved it was the bed. Every other item only reminded him of his poverty, but the bed reminded him of the foster home he used to live. It wasn't an extravagant bed, but it was the military style bed his foster dad made him sleep on all the time. The stiff boarded thing always reminded him of better times.
He sighed, sipping on his coke and laying his head back on the rock hard pillow. Would he ever get out of this hole? Perhaps if he figured out why these monsters attacked him, he would.
  Tynanverlius / 10y 118d 5h 42m 46s
It took her a few moments but Amelia eventually got her bearings again. She walked into the alley presented before her and, if her sense of smell wasnt decieving her, she could tell that the demon she had sense had vanished from here. But that was all. No body, no limbs, hell, not even any blood. So where was the prophet she had been summoned to protect?

Looking around, Amelia walked along the alleyway. Experience told her prophets weren't the richest of people, or neccessarily the cleanest if one thought about Luke, so her best bet was probably the lower end of town. 'It would really help if we got told names when we were assigned to them,' she thought, speaking to herself as much as Heaven above. Not that they listened. She was a fallen. Her words were nothing but blasphemy in their eyes.

Amelia paused halfway down the alley when something caught her eye. A bullet. Picking it up, the dark haired female frowned. She'd know that power anywhere. There were only traces of it, but that was power from the Heaven's that was. She was definitely in the right place. Now all she had to do was find her prophet, and hope someone didnt get to him before she did.
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