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Oh thank u god vuv ... They're l00d ono..

Stein: How are you so certan that I will enjoy it? he gains a small little amused glint in his eyes What makes you so certain I will? Ich hoffe, dass Sie irgendeine Art von Paddel Verfügung zu stellen, vielleicht werde ich mir sicher, Sie werden es genießen?

she gave a small little amused grin at the comment You can be both~

Stein ... 'blonde moment'?

whut? .... she shrugs slightly I don't mind -- I'm not picky x3 i seriously did make the living room of my house symmetrical just to please you -- much time consumption omfg.

Stein: he rolls his eyes just the slightest, gaining a small amused smile on his face before he gave a small gentle pat to the female's head

Si senora c:

Hm? o.o okay! I'll look for him later x3


Stein: Ich muss ein Interesse daran, Deutsch zu nehmen.
  Admin♓ / XxUniquexX / 6y 200d 19h 29m 13s
Kid: I won't don't worry. I really don't want to know what your mom would have to do with my teacher and trying out beds. No offense.

Das ist klassifiziert. Sie würden es genießen aber.

Kid: Goes a bit wide eyed and lightly pulls her hand away looking to the side I'm not cute though.. I'm handsome. Cute is so.. degrading. For a Reaper. Death isn't supposed to be cute.. you flatter me.

Oh okay I get it now, I was having a blonde moment.

Kid: Maybe I am, Maybe I'm not- the world will never know Slight smirk Good, your house or mine?

Yessss Nuzzles his leg >w<
Also- you sure about that Moo?

Kid: Chuckles amused I feel like someone of your style, would probably love meeting a scythe like Soul. I just have a hunch of it.

You also have a hunch of my daught- not gunna say it.

Kid: What??..

I am zee german.
  DTK / Echidna / 6y 200d 19h 50m 51s
Pfft ... I'm not going to question it -- don't do it. You may get a raunchy comment.

Stein: Du bist zu sprechen, mir zu sagen, um in sein Zimmer zu gehen. Was wollen Sie tun, um mich zu planen, sobald ich bin drin, hm?

she gently pinches his cheek and gives a small gentle pull on it Your face says otherwise~

Stein: Use English~ vuv

Whoa there, trying to get me alone and all to yours-- okay sure, I don't mind~ vuv

Stein: Sure vuv I plan on going next week~

Whut? I have no idea what you're talking about mum. o.o

Stein: Suure~

I'm being more cereal than ever --- I need some god damn milk to cool down on how serious I am. But that sounds like a good idea 83 Do you know who in particular I should speak to? I can probably seek them out~ X3
  XxUniquexX / 6y 200d 20h 10m 22s
Kid: Such enthusiasm~ It's really enjoyable. Pauses for a moment listening to the last part ... Trying out beds?..

Solch ein frecher Mann die Zustimmung zu Dingen. Sie sind geerdet, gehen Sie zu meinem Zimmer.
Ja, sagte ich meinem Zimmer.

Kid: Cute? Rubs at the back of his head nervously <//< I can assure you I am not cute.. ehehe.

Wait what IS that supposed to mean? XD

Kid: Maybe we should just.. abscond- I mean they're obviously enjoying themselves. We should go somewhere else to talk. Shakes his head

Pfff- Gets on her knees and clings to Stein's leg Oh mai gawd yes take me with you- what was that Moo? <<

Kid: Uhhh huh. Oh that's fine, you can meet Patty and Liz, you know. Talk to some weapons before you get some? I'm sure that will help, and you can meet Soul, Tsubaki, or any other weapon to help decide what weapon type you want.
  DTK / Echidna / 6y 200d 20h 37m 27s

Stein: he snickers just the slightest If you want to try out your new bed so badly then that's fine by me~

Whut. Oh god. she turs her attention back to Kid, a small amused glint in her eyes Oh no, I'm not bothered by it -- I find it quite... cute.

Stein: he quirked a brow slightly Oh, wirklich jetzt? Möchten Sie zum Essen gehen dann irgendwann?

God fucking damn it #Giveup

Stein: I doubt she'll do it for long though.

Wut? Wut's that supposed to mean... Pfft.

Stein: .... I heard there was a species of 'Capercaillie', an avian, going extinct in that area. he soon snickered slightly -- WHY WOULD HE EVER GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY TO DISSECT SOMETHING -- I MEAN PFFT GAWD. I planned on going to Germany -- you're welcome to come.

Plz do, I'd get the house to myself. Only con is I may starve because I'm fucking lazy. But it's fine, we have Nutella anyways. ouo... Hm? Oh... I may or may not have forgot hee hee. totes forgot lol
  Moo / XxUniquexX / 6y 200d 22h 1m 38s
Kid: Well then you're welcomed to join me and my father for tea, anytime you want~ We welcome you. Shakes his head at the other two Uh huh. Riiiight. Totally believe you.

If I wanted to hit on someone, I'd be like
Excuse me sir, you're clothes are making me uncomfortable, please take them off.
Jetzt? Ich bekam ein neues Bett-Set. Also warum nicht?

Kid: Twitches at the thought. Hmn... And you're welcome lovely, that's nice of you to say. My OCD doesn't bother you??

Wirklich? Weil du meine Aufmerksamkeit zu lange von einer Zeit gehabt haben.
Yeah see, your teacher agreed.

Kid: Okay we are in a place that speaks english. So just speak english. Please, if you're not saying anything naughty then why not say it in english. Lying jerks I heard sex and sexy. I agree with Moo here.

Of course you do
And fine I'll speak your english language

Kid: You speak english mainly too...

Shhh I CAN DREAM HAROLD. One day I will go to germany QwQ

Kid: Who- ...Not going to ask. Moo did you ever find a weapon?
  TN / Echidna / 6y 201d 4h 3m 16s
Just be-- si. vuv she soon nodded her head mhm! I'm not picky with my tea, I enjoy the tea however it is~ ... Exactly. she shrugs a bit, snickering a bit because she is actually quite... filthy minded.

Stein: Perhaps some other time. vuv Or now, if you want. the male stated, a small little grin forming on his facial features

:DDDDD I'm not boring;; Everyone can now suck it. Go ahead, make a line. Oh thank you for sayin such a thing~! You're quite fun to be around as well~ x3

Stein: Well, your intentions are working at the current time. the male seemed to be in his office chair -- because yes. She didn't say anything bad, calm down. the male stated with a shrug

..... W-wait what? quickly changes topic to the other thing If you weren't being 'naughty' then you would have probably used English; just saying. vuv
  XxUniquexX / 6y 201d 4h 18m 43s
Kid: Satan? Why ever so? Do you have a mischievous side to you I haven't seen yet? How intriguing. Grins widely ...He's okay. You like Tea? I shall remember that. Sweet or unsweetened? Tilts his head slightly. Oh, how lewd. Eyes Tally then Stein How do we know? Hmn~?

Gets a mischievous look Schmutzig? Ich kann schmutzig sein.
Ich bin über Sex in der Biologie ... wanna Experiment lernen?

Kid: I heard sex and experiment. Not going to ask. Just. No. I'm fine dear, actually quite amused by you two. Not in a bad way, you just seem like a fun one to be around.

Ich bin nicht hier, um euch zu unterhalten, reaper Junge.
Meine Absichten lag mit dem sexy Professor.

Kid: Okay your mother is creeping me out. That's my teacher and I heard sexy professor.

No you didn't
Gawd Kid
shut up and date my daughter

Kid: ...What?

You heard me
You perverted little boy!
Thinking I said naughty stuff. Hmph!

Kid: ... More confused look
  TN / Echidna / 6y 201d 4h 42m 43s

.... Pft. xD ... snickers a bit Neh, I'm sometimes called Satan though heh heh. But your dad is amaze I wouldn't only be saying that since he has a burning passion for tea as much as I do. Nope. ... Cunninglings probably or something dirty like that. She's speaking in a native tongue, it'd make much sense omfg.

Stein: No, we are not speaking of anything of the sort. I'm flattered you think of me in such a way~

Nah, she coo she coo.

Stein: Probably a grammar nazi, if anything. shrugs vuv

.. Oh, fine. And how are you? c: x3
  XxUniquexX / 6y 201d 6h 13m 54s

Kid: Oh.. I totally knew that. Straightens his posture trying to act natural >_>' You're such a sweet daughter then, marrying your mom to save her. Can't say I'd do the same for my father... sharing what? o.o

Narrows her eyes. Wie kannst du es wagen meine Sprache sprechen.
Naja, eigentlich habe ich nichts dagegen, da Sie so attraktiv sind.
Sie gewinnen diese Runde, Professor Stein.

Kid: Slowly leans over to whisper to Moo What is she saying it sounds weird.. is that german.. Is your mom a nazi?

Ich bin ein Anti Nazi

Kid: So Nazi against Nazi's? How does that work?


Kid: Riiiiiight... So how are you, Moo?
  TN / Echidna / 6y 201d 6h 26m 52s


... busts out laughing I was kidding calm down! .... Oh I said it because some guy was going to take her hand if I didn't. vuv ... I feel like a good daughter wife thing -- We're not going to literally get married married. ... she quirked a brow Hm? What was that?

Stein: the male seemed to be quite casual -- nonchalant even I'm not really into sharing. he gave a small shrug

Prolly somethin le-- whut?
  Moo / XxUniquexX / 6y 201d 6h 38m 45s

You know it baby gotta keep the bloodline pure

Kid: .. Twitches Erm no thank you I'd rather not have boobs. <_< Inches away from Stein halfway creeped out. If you didn't take vows or anything how'd you marry? I'd only watch if you did it symmetrically

You guys could watch Oder mitmachen ~
Playful grin To bad you guys don't speak german.

Kid: I am worried on what she said.
  TN / Echidna / 6y 201d 6h 44m 41s
They r tho holy tit fucking shit lol

..... I hear that Incest is wincest

Stein: half tempted to watch omfg.

No we didn't take vows or anything, gosh Kid don't go... gains a small grin having a rack attack.

Stein: He doesn't even have breasts

I'm willing to donate.

Stein: .... I'll help with the transplant.

  Moo / XxUniquexX / 6y 201d 6h 50m 52s
Racks are nice though

Kid: Marriage? How c- ... Process it before slowly giving a confused and displeased expression. Wait.. your mom? You married your mom?

... Maybe
Licks the candy ring.

Kid: Is this a yo momma joke? I am not getting it.


Kid: What?!

  TN / Echidna / 6y 201d 6h 53m 22s
Oh thanks, sometimes I get a rack attack tho.

Oh, nothing big -- I got married to mommy vuv

Stein: .... What?

ono Leave her/mi alone
  Moo / XxUniquexX / 6y 201d 6h 55m 36s

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