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this is set in a ancient world called memoria were stuff like knights sqires and monsters still exist ,here the life is peaceful and content ...or it was the dark land of twilight that lies near memoria has become populated by creatures called ING (pic but as the twilight area has no way out there was none to be worryed about

the life of memoria was peaceful til a warror leading the ING attacked none know how he got to them but his attack was deadly many towns suffered from the assaults but it was as the creatures marched to the capital a young man and his friends stood up again the warrior and the ing defeating them and sending them back to the darkness they came

4 years later

the warrior has settled down and started his own family his friends and family always keeping an eye out if the ing were ever to return

here are the classes, characters ,and ING


ING tank

Ing incinerator

ing destroyer

Dark warrior

zeru staradder

his wife rose

his best friend drew ifret

drews lil brother razor

zeru's sister pixie

pixies boyfriend wave
the classes are any that are fantasy and medival style

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rose sighed continueing to walk to the food stalls."hmmm definetly apples!"she thought happily as she got to the fruit stand...
  rose / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 167d 13h 54m 58s
-the next day-

it was midmorning when the two came to the castle market place (so have spenmd some and get some good stuff for the house as he was walkin along side a old friend called out to him ZERU!!! IT WAS A ARMOR AND WEAPN SELLER I GOT SOMETHIN HERE YOU SHOULD SEE he shouts to him,so intrested he walks over
  zeru staradder / zerato / 10y 168d 10h 17m 41s
"thats great to here let me clean this mess up and then i will get to bed i promise"she promised cleaning all the dishes...

-after cleanng-
rose sighed as she walked in taking the ribbon out of her hair.after removing many complicated pieces of clothing and putting on a nightgown she got n bed to...
  rose / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 168d 10h 48m 19s
-later after dinner-

thats just great hun youdid outstanding like always we need to go to bed so we can get to the shops in the market early he sasys while hanging his lance and sword on the wall and puytting his clothes on the stool in there bedroom and hopped into bed
  zeru staradder / zerato / 10y 168d 10h 53m 1s
rose paused before saying"im sure there all doing fine with there lives to worry about"rose sighed also looking at the old picture...
  rose / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 168d 11h 1m 19s
zeru was looking at at picture that he was fond of it was of him,rose,and there friends its been so long since the war with the ing i wonder what everyone is doing
  zeru staradder / zerato / 10y 168d 11h 6m 21s
"thats sounds wonderful we have been getting low on food lately"rose smiled sweetly as she sat down at the table...
  rose / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 168d 22h 12m 45s
zeru had a idea suddenly how about we go into town tomorrow to shop for food and items i want to get you a gift as well
  zeru staradder / zerato / 10y 168d 22h 16m 30s

  rose / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 168d 22h 19m 40s
sorry for late post plug fell out
  zeru staradder / zerato / 10y 168d 22h 21m 0s
rose gasped as he handed her the roses"there beautiful thank you!"she smiled.rose paused before answering"hmm well fine from what i can tell"rose sighed putting the roses in a vase...
  rose / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 168d 22h 44m 10s
zeru came in sorry if i worried you ,here he hands her a bouquet of roses they remind me of you thought u might like them he then looks at her hows the baby doing?
  zeru staradder / zerato / 10y 168d 22h 47m 38s
rose sighed as she set dinner on the table."where in the world can that man be right now?"she thought as she looked out the window.
  rose / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 168d 22h 52m 34s
zeru was standing over near the lake by the side of the house that he and his wife rose lived in its been a long couple years and no ING have returned which im grateful for zeru had just found out that rose was with child so he was real proud right now should head back soon so as to not worry rose
  zeru staradder / zerato / 10y 168d 22h 59m 26s
okay you just go ahead and post first so i have an idea of what to do)
  rose / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 168d 23h 3m 29s

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