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N a r c o t i c sweet talk until we have some t e e t h marks.

I don't think I've ever hated anyone so fast.

It happened very quickly.

The year is 2015 and I promise you that hardly a thing has changed. Your heroes from yesterday still continue to play today. Flying around in the air, shitting on the bad guys like always. Proud, are you? Everyone was. Then he happened: the hero with the fucking ego.

α м в ι v α ℓ ε η c ε

He called himself Vertigo. A dumb name, if you ask me. Sounds like some kind of crack Crayola color. I did use a dictionary, though, and found out that that means some kind of imbalance. It struck home when he killed the first of us, which certainly wasn't the last.

The first to go was Typhoid. He went quickly, but the word of Vertigo went around much quicker.

You see, I'm not really one of the good guys you might be used to by now. I was never really cut for it. You may have heard of me. I've been to jail more than if you count the years you've been alive. I may have stolen something from a few of the most heavily guarded places in the world. My face has been on TV, on pamphlets, on riot signs. People hate me, and I love it because I hate them too. I am here to cause you pain.

I am the very best in villainy.

Maybe that's why Vertigo is so after my blood.

ғ ℓ υ c т υ α т ι σ η

It was a town in California called Middleton that I wanted. I had to get Vertigo's attention somehow, right? If I killed him, I'd be the best of the very best, wouldn't I?

But she had that same idea.

We arrived at the same time, I think. She went to the mayor to threaten him and I went to the local media. We wanted the same thing: to kill Vertigo. We had the same thing in mind. I had never hated anyone so fast.

Vertigo came, all right. He came and he almost killed us both, powers or not. So now we're on the run.

Together, must I add? God, it feels so horrible knowing she breathes the same air that blows over my skin. Believe me, I tried to kill her six times already, but it hasn't worked.

If you f i g h t for nothing else, fight for the woman f i g h t i n g next to you.

"Enemy of my enemy is my friend" my ass. I just want to kill Vertigo so then I can kill her without being a sitting duck.


001. First of all, this was a homosexual female kind of thing. Don't mean to kill your vibe or anything, but hey. Just getting that out of the way.

002. Literacy, baby. I'm setting it at 1500 because I know I'm too nice sometimes. I want 2500, though. It honestly isn't too straining.

003. Lust, most definitely. Sociopaths, hello? Love, perhaps under the tons of hate. But also betrayal. I want pain and blood and begging. Gasp! Scandal. Don't forget violence.

004. Plot twists are great! How? you ask with doe eyes. The answer is simple: crazy shit. Blowing up a house, trying to kill one another, calling in the police even though that is the worst idea on earth. Anything goes, kids.

004. This is a 1x1. Sorry.

005. You'll be required to handle lots of minor characters. But you start with one and it's nice to pick up some.

006. Don't godmod. It sucks. It's a buzzkill.

007. Dynamic characters are in want. Don't know what that is? Good bye.

008. Don't rush me to post and I won't rush you. It would be nice if this was long-term. Just sayin'.

009. Spelling, grammar, punctuation.

010. Don't steal my idea. It'll really hurt my feelings, you know?

011. Yes, they have superpowers. If you're sitting there like omg, I'm gonna give her pyrokineses/ hydrokineses/ telekineses/ whatever! then you can promptly fuck off. Those are unimaginative powers and I fucking hate them. Choose something unique you won't find in those "kids with powers in an academy" roleplays. Wow me. A healing factor, however, is mandatory. Yeah, they're kinda gonna try to kill each other a bunch.

012. If you can't handle mean characters, get out. I want a sadistic, sociopathic, merciless bitch. You can't make that happen? It was nice while it lasted.

013. I like real pictures. Don't be afraid to ask if you need help or want it edited or whatever.

014. This is not a super futuristic world. We probably don't live on Mars yet. Settings-wise will be considered per episode. Episodes depend on where the two antagonists are staying. Example: church, hospital, cabin in the mountains. It's whatever.

015. Please, please don't be afraid of me. I'm not as mean as I sound. PM me with any commentary, huh? Questions are cool, too.

So join up, bitches.

Name: ll Public Name: If there's a difference. ll Age: 21+ ll Gender: ll Sexual Orientation: This could make things fun. ll Power:


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P a t h e t i c little child. I am e m b a r r a s s e d for you.

I hear the whispers of my name as I walk through the streets. They say it with their eyes, their tongues frozen at the sight of me. I smile at the cute ones, though, and see the looks of imminent death melt off their faces.

Hey, give me a break, okay? I'm a villain, not a prude. Being me doesn't stop me from banging whoever has a nice enough face to block my general hate of people.

The streets seem to be swelling with suspense. Time halts itself for me as I light my cigarette, standing in front of the local news station. They all think they're some bigshots in there when really all they do is tell people whether or not to bring an umbrella and fabricate stories of how someone died. I remember this station. One of the reporters figures out my real name and I had to dispose of him quite quickly. It was a shame, though. He was cute.

I look up, peering into the windows. This is such a busy street. I don't think I ever took much notice of how many people walk up and down it before. It's like a small city in itself.

I've t o r n this world a s u n d e r .

I chat up some girl frozen in fear next to the door of the building. She's pretty and everything, so I kind of don't want to kill her on the spot. She stutters, though, and tries not to make eye contact with me. Sometimes that's the only reminder I have of who I am: people are constantly afraid. Don't they know that if I wanted to kill them, I would have already?

"Are you an intern?" I ask, puffing a cloud of cigarette smoke into the air. "You look a little young to be here."

"Y-yeah," she stutters, rubbing her foot on the ground, a physical distraction. "I'm nineteen."

"Ah. I remember being nineteen. Magical, right? That uncomfortable age between teen and adult."

"Yeah, but um... I'm just gonna jump to the point because I'm afraid of wasting your time. Are you going to kill me?"

I breathe in another cancerous cloud to build up the suspense pent up in her. "I like you, okay? You're really brave and everything. I'm not gonna kill you, kid. Is it really so hard to carry on a conversation with me? I'm a person, too. Somewhere, I think. I mean, I don't know anymore. It's kind of confusing. All I get is "Oh God, it's Plague!" and "Run for the hills, people!". I kinda like talking sometimes too, in between murdering people. It gets so monotone."

"So what are you doing here?"

"Talking to you. Duh."

I feel her gaze on the side of my face for a long minute. I refuse to look at her for that very reason. "You kn-know what I meant by that, um.... ma'am. Ms. Plague."

"I'm not 'miss' anything, I assure you." I flick the cigarette to the ground and slowly ground it out with my toes. "You should leave now. I'm giving you the rest of the day off and don't come back until next week. They're gonna need the CDC out here. I had a real fun time talking to you. Hope to see you again, Intern."

I turn on my heel and start my trek to the big concrete building. I ignore the young girl's shouts behind me. It seems she knows well enough not to run up and grab me. Good job, kid. I know right then I will most likely never see her again in my life.

The doors open warmly to me. I'm greeted by two security guards who instantly recognize my face from wanted posters all over the place and promptly begin to draw their guns.

I blow a cloud of black smoke into the air and hit one guard under the armpit, hitting his pressure point. He keels forward and I grab his wrist, the one with the gun, forcing it down. He gets a whif of the disease in the air and his skin start burning off his skull and arms. He screams in pain. The other guard had frozen at my performance and finally regains consciousness, aiming his gun at me. He pulls the trigger just as the smoke reaches him and takes on an acidic affect, burning him. Their screams join each other.

I dig into my shoulder where the bullet hit, gritting my teeth in pain and extract the bullet. Pesky little things, guns. They're so irritating. I drop the bullet next to the dying guard and continue on my journey.

A sigh escapes my list as I continue down the now surprisingly empty hallways. I assume most people fled the building by now and somebody has called the police.

I wonder if the hero that was assigned to me is going to show up. Or will it be Vertigo? I don't mind seeing my hero, but if that shitstick shows up, I will flip shit.

I whistle a song as I progress, smoke trailing from my fingers. The receptionist desk is very much empty and all the rooms I pass seem to be as well. I decide I'm too lazy for stairs and take the elevator to the fifth floor, where I know the main team is stationed.

A ding sounds through the halls as I arrive. My steps aren't slow because I don't have time for being a fucking snail. I move fast with my smoke behind me, which will kill or disable just about anyone who decides they want to be a fucking hero.

I look around the deserted news room. My whistling stops and I quit expelling the smoke. I need someone alive.

"Come out, come out," I taunt them. "Don't you want to get the juiciest story of the day? Come on, come on, little roaches."

There is no sound coming from anywhere. I creep towards the biggest desk, trying to be quiet. I know there's someone back there. There always is.

I'm right as hell. He cringes at realizing he's been caught, a tear slipping down his face.

I scoff at him. Disgusting creature. "You're a grown ass man crying when nothing has even fucking happened to you yet? Ugh. I should kill you just for that, you soft little bitch."

"P-please," he pleads, crawling out from under the desk and spreading his hands in a placating gesture. "P-please don't. Just t-tell me what you want. Please don't kill me."

"You say 'please' a lot. You're a pretentious bitch, aren't you? Get the camera running before I snap your neck. None of your colleagues are about to jump out of their hiding places to help you, so hurry up before I get impatient. I don't mind having to make a few heads roll."

I can see him shaking under his suit as he slowly goes over to the camera, pressing some buttons as a red light comes on. Tremors pass through his hands and a smug grin settles happily on my features. I like that.

"All d-done. You're live."

"Great." I sit down in the big leather chair and relax back, finding myself rather comfortable. I kick my legs up and settle back. "Come over here. I want a witness."

I see the tear escape him as he comes to stand next to me, pleading with his eyes to the camera. It's obvious.

"So go on. It's your job to tell people what's happening. Explain. Do it well."

"O-oh. I'm Ron Gimminy, and I f-find myself here with the superv-villain herself Plague. She killed t-two guards on the first floor and s-seems out for blood. P-please help--"

I kick him where I know it hurts and he collapses. "That's enough of your prolix shit." I direct my attention back to the camera. "Yeah, he's Ron, and yeah, I'm Plague. I'm sure you're all screaming your fucking heads off right now. Well I'm not here for you and I'm sure as hell not here for this Ron bitch. I want Vertigo. Some prick tried to kill me earlier. If Vertigo doesn't get his ass here as soon as possible, I will wipe this city off the map. Trust me on that. Ron, get up."

He stands very slowly, more tears wetting his cheek. "Ron, you've got a family, don't you?" He nods. "I hope they're watching." He says nothing. "They can blame your death on your fabulous fucking hero."

He opens his mouth to speak, but the smoke is too fast. It surrounds him, binding him, burning out his eyes and his skin. Blisters and boils appear and pop as he suffers. He screams as loud as he can, no doubt, but it's not a call that reigns in Vertigo.

I throw something at the camera to crack the lens and walk off screen.

"Time's up," I announce to the room. "Ready or not, here I come."

You just d o n ' t get it, do you? I'm n o t s t u c k here with you. You're s t u c k in here with m e .

wow one of my longest posts wow. songs include: Future Wars by La Dispute and Massacre and Bad Blood by Escape the Fate. <3
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It was no easy task getting here, Having to fly into a new country isnt an easy task these days when you are wanted dead or alive all across your homestead of Europe. Middleton, California, such a quaint place to be hiding for a blood thirsty hero don't you think?
Isis' mind drifted, swaying to and from each piece of evidence she had collected. Why would a super hero go out of his way to kill not the villain but to to create one? By slaughtering the only people she had to call her own. What purpose did it serve. Isis had never caused harm to anyone, but now she was know across the world by many names as she rampaged through the city trying to find her answers. They were all different, some laughable but the one that truly stuck was vendetta. How strange it was for a priestess of the light would develop a sense of revenge. Although even the holiest of us can give into that one we call Lucifer.. The ego That one human element not even the strongest of super human could escape. He knew what to do, the one button he had to push to bring out Isis' other side, the piece of her she had banished and bound to the dry place. And now that evil side had risen, locking away the once pure lightworker deep in the realm, guarded by Vendetta's ego.
She had truly lost her true self, I wonder if that is what Vertigo wanted. A disgusting man, his very name means disease a body and mind not balanced. Sounded of too sweet, Vendetta knew she could make him suffer if she ever got close enough. He deserved it. She nor her family did anything to him. Now, however, she was going to destroy every fiber of being, mind and soul. She will suck every inch of life force out of him.
At the though Vendetta smiled. Her lips curling. She hid in the shadows, in front of a house, where a more than abundant family got ready for dinner. She used her senses. The pretty blonde wife, wearing a velvet dress and her best pearls. A lace white apron hung around her waist. Why would she do such a thing? Why dress so elegantly to cook a meal? Why? Because, Laura Nelson, the wife of Middletons beloved mayor, was a whore. A dirty little whore, whom liked to be defiled. Oh yes, Mrs. Nelson would get up every morning and get her children ready for school, kiss her husband as he left for work, and then she would go to a pleasure den where strange men would sneak in and bind and gag her, make her feel helpless, and she would reach nirvana. Then she would return home and the guilt of betraying her husband would kick in. So she would become his servant as well, abiding by his every whim. Then realizing she is unhappy because of this, unaware that the universe is giving her everything she wanted, to made helpless, to be a slave of desire. How ironic. The anguish of this woman's soul vibrated at such a high frequency, the energy, no matter how negative was elating. It made Vendetta lick her lips.
Vendetta kept focusing, no other presence was in the home.

"Ah, Mrs.Nelson, children at your mothers are they, Husband late from the office..(r Perfect..."

Slowly Vendetta rose from her hiding spot and made her way to the house. Purple eyes glowing like fireflies as she made her way to the electrical box. This was going to be too easy. she thought removing her gloves she touched the box and black thick aura like material covered the metal, small electric bolts shocked here and there in the black matter, within a few seconds the entire electrical box dissipated. The lights flickered and then blackout. followed by a sheik of Mrs. Nelson. Vendetta just smirked.
"Now the games begin..."

  ::Vendetta:: / AdReNaLYNN / 6y 252d 7h 11m 29s
Don't turn that t r a i t o r o u s tongue on me.

I stare, mostly unmoving at nothing in particular. Hardly a thing catches my attention anymore. I've been inside this old broken building, often considered a scar on the pretty landscape from the public eye, for near a week now. There's nothing here but my thoughts and the decaying corpses of little things I've killed in my mass amount of downtime.

Ever since Typhoid went down, I've been just the tiniest bit worried. What if this Vertigo dipshit decides it's a fair time to come after me? After all, Typhoid wasn't the most active of all of us. I had honestly thought he retired a long time ago, but no. Now he's retired and we're sure of it.

Vertigo. He thinks he's pretty hot shit, running around killing people. What do those Global Justice wannabes think about him, I wonder? How do they condone the killing of us, even if we aren't the greatest people to hang around? I never liked the heroes, but now I've got reason to go on a killing spree. I've got a hero more or less attached to my back most of the time trying to take me to the big house. Now there's one trying to stuff me six feet under? Are you fucking kidding me? I thought I had the damn ego. What, Vertigo was too tired to keep having to catch us? Jail is no place for a superhuman. They knew it in 1995, and I don't understand why they don't know it in 2015.

I stare at the wall until it seems to be staring at me. Before I know it, I'm asleep and my arm is falling in slow motion to meet the floor.

N i g h t m a r e s no longer wait for sleep; f a l l on the ground on both your hands and knees.

I think I've gotten used to the strange apparitions in my dreams after a while. I became friends with the monsters that were supposed to haunt me when I wasn't in the entirely waking world. I think I've lost myself on the front of whether or not anything is a dream or a nightmare. They both seem the same to me.

There is nothing but darkness everywhere I turn, so I eventually decide that running is fruitless and plant myself firmly on the ground in a meditating position. It is but a second before I am surrounded by none other than myself: different forms of me from different times, focusing on me with rapt attention and in the same position.

"You are going to die," says the one directly in front of me. Her hair is disheveled, all of her clothes ripped, her skin peeling off her skull. I remember that. "He is coming for you as he has come for everyone. You are no match."

"You wanna know something?" I ask, breaking the silence that pursued her statement. "You're kinda making me feel like a can of cream of chicken. Disgusting and useless. Ew."

"Is that not what you are?"

I'm still thinking of a witty remark to myself when my dreamscape shakes almost imperceptibly. To anyone else, maybe it would have gone unnoticed. To me, not so much. I stare up into the darkness, the blackness in wonder. I've forgotten where I am. I've forgotten whether or not I'm asleep anymore.

"You're slipping. This will be your end."

I heard the t r a i n shake the windows; you s c r e a m e d over the sound.

My wake from sleep is not delayed. I hear the shaking of the building; feel the screams of the collapsing structure under my feet as it explodes. I jump up and sprint in the opposite direction, towards a window that's half fallen in. The concrete floors of the building give way under me as I run, scaring the actual shit out of me. I know in movies, it's always been heroic t be doing something like this, but when faced with it in the real world, the shit is ridiculously terrifying, and there's hardly a thing that scares me.

I dive out the window the first chance I get, listening to the explosion take over the building in a fiery fight. I fall three stories onto the pavement.

I feel quite dead laying there with my blood making a nice little puddle around me. I'm not sure if I would be upset if I were to have died, because in all reality, this hurts a shit ton. My skull is bashed in, most of my bones broken, and my blood making a nice little pool for me to swim around in. I'm not having a fun time.

I had thought I was tired when I fell asleep in that building. I've never been more awake now.

The screams of passersby reach me and I decide it's enough of me laying here waiting for something else to crush me. There's still a heartbeat somewhere in me, so I suppose that means I'm supposed to continue on. I raise my torso up ever so gingerly, snapping necessary bones back in place. It hurts like a bitch and there's no way to get used to it, but I've learned to keep in my screams by now.

Call the p o l i c e ! This whole place is gonna b u r n !

I start limping down the street at first before it turns into a steady, meaningful walk. People stare at me with panicked and scared expressions. It might be because of the blood all over me or the bone popping out of my arm. Maybe they stare at the cigarette I stick in my mouth as I put my bone back in place.

California. Middleton, California. I'm about to be a star. I'm going to find out who the dipshit was that tried to kill me in that raggedy old building. I'm going to find Vertigo.

People love TV. So I'm going to make myself known. Just imagine! Plague is running loose in Middleton! We need help! Oh where is our savior Vertigo?"

I suck my teeth as I stop to take a breath. "Fucking bite me."

wow bad starter wow. anywho, Davery is in Middleton, so Isis should probably be making her way there, too. ouo songs quoted include I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous, Hold On Till May, and One Hundred Sleepless Nights by Pierce the Veil. <3
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