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"I wont." rin said. She curled up next to him and fell asleep as well.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 283d 13h 11m 45s
Ziino smiled and nodded, laying his head back on the couch. "Then I'm gonna go to sleep. I've been out almost all day," he yawned. "Don't even think about going anywhere. I don't want you hurt again."
  Ziino Alexi / Izaya-kun / 6y 286d 3h 22m 37s
Rin giggled and her ears flicked happily. "No thank you. She said trying to eurn the hug. but she was too small so she could really only hug round his arm.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 292d 14h 48m 46s
Ziino chuckled lightly and pulled the little neko girl into his lap. "Do you want anything?" he asked, ruffling her cute red hair. "My little neko," he added, giving her a small hug.
  Ziino Alexi / Izaya-kun / 6y 292d 15h 1m 40s
Rin smiled widely. "That's so cool!" She said in a cheerful voice. She was scared of humans more than anything because of what they had done to her through her lifetime. she had no reason to be afraid of a demon as the demon saved her from the cruel humans.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 292d 15h 5m 27s
"A neko. Well, then I suppose I should tell you what I am," he said. "I am a Cambion." Cambions were basically a half demon half human creature. On most occasions this occurred when a demon took on a human form and another human fell in love with it. But on rare occasions, such as Ziino, a demon may possess and intertwine their souls with a human soul.
  Ziino Alexi / Izaya-kun / 6y 292d 15h 8m 57s
"Im a neko! " She said childishly with a slight purr as she was petted. A neko was basically a creature that was half cat and half girl but there was different ways of getting neko. the most common ways was one of both of the parents were nekos themselves. But in rins case she was infused with the spirit of a fox when she was born then sold off to the higher nobles. She was a pure neko so she wasn't hostile and didn't know any different then her fox like instincts.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 292d 15h 39m 12s
"You're welcome," Ziino chuckled, scooting himself closer and petting her gently. "Ah, I hope this doesn't sound rude.... but what exactly are you?" His eyes flashed red for a moment before settling back to their original hazel.
  Ziino Alexi / Izaya-kun / 6y 294d 4h 50m 2s
She smiled up at him. "Thank chu!" She giggled. She pawed getntly at his hand with her small paw like hands. Her ears and tail twitched happily.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 294d 14h 43m 2s
He felt a bit saddened by her story and smiled softly. "Well, you could. Stay here as long as you need," he said, holding out a hand. He wanted her to come to him so he could trust him. "I won't bite," he added with a small chuckle.
  Ziino Alexi / Izaya-kun / 6y 295d 10h 25m 58s
"I don't know. Because im not exactly human a lot of people like that are after me. They ell me from person to person but at that point I escaped only to be cornered by more people wanted to do the same. " The young girl mumbled quietly.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 295d 13h 34m 17s
Ziino leaned back on his couch and nodded. "You're welcome. May I ask who that guy was and why he was after you?"
  Ziino Alexi / Izaya-kun / 6y 298d 14h 43m 6s
"Thank chu sir!" She chimed in a childish voice. The young Neko looked up at him with wide eyes "thank you for saving me!"
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 298d 17h 1m 30s
Ziino smiled and gently rubbed her head. "Well, you tell me if you need anything."
  Ziino Alexi / Izaya-kun / 6y 303d 9h 28m 52s
Rin smiled and giggled happily. She was quite lively despite what had happened. "No thank chu." She chimed in a childish voice as she looked up at him.
  Riri rouge / rinkokoro / 6y 303d 23h 14m 25s

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