The new king of hell.

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The king of hell is dying after 500,000 years on the thrown. Now he needs a successor or his needs to regain his power. The four barons of hell hear the news and go out to find the mortal know as the elector.

The world know as hell is split in to four sectors. The custody of the sins you have committed during the time of your life would dictate what sector you would be sentenced. 1 being the worst and 4 being the lesser evils. Each sector is run by a baron and now needs to find the elector. If they find and convince the elector to choose them, then they will become the ruler of hell and the king would vanish. But if the king killed the elector before this happened then the king would live and rule hell forever.

Rin is the elector and the demons knew that. But she didn't know that. Rin was always a down to earth sort of girl. Unlike her best friend _____, who believed on all stuff like ghost, demons and black magic, Rin didn't understand, nor believe in that sort of thing. But Rin didn't have to. She didn't know but her butler was secretly and angel who vowed to protect her. If she died of natural causes before a new ruler of hell was chosen hell would be without a rule. Which would give the chance for the angels to destroy the demons inside

Sector one is ruled by a high level demon. This demon was born in to being a demon and was given powers at birth.

Sector two is ruled by a halfling. This is a creature who had the powers of nature. It would be half demon and normally half elf. Halflings were normally disgraced by demons.

Sector three is ruled by a fallen angel. An angle who had traded their power of light for the power of darkness. This made them to be banished to hell.

The final sector is ruled by a demon who once was human. The human gave up its soul to a demon and in order to have the great powers it did it was forced to kill humans, enough to fill the sea with blood.

- at least 300 characters per post
- anime pictures only
-no god modding
- no killing without the persons permission
- violence will happen and cussing is fine to an extent
- romance is allowed but no instant

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