elemental collision (need people)

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the elements are out of balence and several cases of bodys leaving their resting place, violent storms like massive hurricanesattack every know costal area to man , mountains and caves are crumbling, volcanos and wildfires are running wild everywere. the elementals are at war with each other because their emblems of power have been stolen

one day ryu ran into a old man who gave him a sword made entirely of steel but it wasnt normal steel it was red and the blade was always warm engraved with dragons running up the sword and the man tells him that with that blade he can control any kind of fire

normal rules

need a wielder of the weapons of:

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  Ryu komumaru / ryuunexros / 8y 167d 22h 32m 30s
May I join as the wielder of the Spear of Light?
  Ayame Phoenix / SquishyPanda / 8y 167d 22h 58m 23s
thats ok with me
  Ryu komumaru / ryuunexros / 8y 168d 13m 31s
A Katana like long sword of that okay with you.
  Kaji / StrifeX / 8y 168d 16m 4s
  Ryu komumaru / ryuunexros / 8y 168d 24m 21s
Hi mind if im water?
  Rayne / Alice-May / 8y 168d 26m 10s
ok what is the weapon ?
  Ryu komumaru / ryuunexros / 8y 168d 27m 47s
I'll play the role of darkness if thats okay with you.
  Kaji / StrifeX / 8y 168d 31m 27s
please join
  Ryu komumaru / ryuunexros / 8y 168d 37m 57s

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